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Cheerilee has been hospitalized. An unfortunate accident caused her to be in a dying state. Now, she is slowly waiting for the unevitable. Luckily, there is someone that might help her out one last time.

A certain red stallion is going to be with her, as long as it is needed. And he is not planning to let her go that easy. He is willing to do anything to make her feel better. Anything.

Art ----> BrianSucks, no seriously. That is his name.

Request from CallOfDutySoldier123. Sorry it took so long. MLP episodes. They took over me. The friendship! Also, the name is different to what it used to be. Sorry! On the other hand, if you can recommend this story to someone who suffered something similar or likes these kinds of things, much appreciated then.

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Now completed! (Comments may contain unmarked spoilers.)

A decade after Princess Celestia dies and names Twilight Sparkle her successor, Equestria splits along racial and partisan lines. Equestria's cities have declared independence and are at war.

The conflict engulfs Ponyville. Teenage Pound and Pumpkin Cake team up, using their talents of flight and magic to protect their loved ones. But the twins later join polar opposite factions of the war, and now their rivalry risks plunging all of Equestria into ruin...

The story complies with season 1-3 canon, but differs from the comics and season 4 onward.

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Starburst, the daughter of Princess Twilight Sparkle and Prince Flash Sentry, has about all she could ask from life: loving parents, her Little Brother Best Friend Forever, and despite her seriousness and disciplined mentality, she has group of friends close as family. She also has an ambitious goal in life: she wants to be the first mare ever to become the Captain of the Royal Guard, which she's been preparing herself for since she was a little filly.

So... what would happen if she were to meet a pony that is an exact opposite of her?

Covert art, the universe and most of characters by kilala
Edited by Lazygamer313
Proof-read by: Zaleros, Vrilix
Former proof-readers: Merchent343, TexPony

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Rainbow Dash has promised to help Scootaloo with her flying, but will Rainbow Dash's emotions be in the way?

At the same time at the Wonderbolt HQ somepony was having a hard time with his own feelings.

I am not really happy with the first chapter and a revision is planned.

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YouTube Reading by untamedwaters.

It's not easy being a child living with the knowledge that your mommy is never going to get to watch you grow up. But this was a young Rainbow Dash's reality. Despite her mother's cancer, Dash's family had still been a very happy trio of ponies. But all fairytales must end.

Rainbow Dash's father has come to terms with the approaching departure of the mare whom he called his 'angel'. When the time had finally come for her to say goodbye, would Rainbow Dash be able to accept that her mother will die?

"Mommy's going back to Heaven." It was such a comforting thought to Dash, but she didn't want her mother to go.

(Side-story to What's Really the Most Important, to shed light on what happened to Rainbow's mother. This is technically a prequel, since it takes place a good... 18 years beforehand!

Cover Art originally by TheToughestFighter


http://thetoughestfighter.deviantart.com/ )

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Sequel to Scootaloo's Painful Secret Now that Scootaloo is away from her abusive parents and in the custody of Rainbow Dash, she can focus on recovering from the trauma she was put through and getting on with her life. Delighted on getting to live with her hero, will she have the courage to work through her pain? Will Rainbow Dash be able to help her through this difficult time and get used to being a parental figure to Scootaloo?

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Scootaloo's mother dies after a terrible storm, now the little filly feels alone, sad, pain, friendships will be loss and friendships will be gained.

editor/proofreader Never2muchpinkie

backup Editor RaylanKrios

(Just to let everyone know, this story takes place at lest a week after Twilight's kingdom)

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This story is a sequel to MLDC Next Generation: Know Fear!

Anthea, in the wake of Starburst departure, wants nothing more than to find the mare she called friend, and reunite her with her mother, Twilight, and her newfound love, Golden Delicious. But Annie knows that in the face of the overwhelming power that Starburst possesses, she need power just as great to rival that of the Fear Lantern’s. Unfortunately, during a harrowing event, Annie’s plans may be skewed slightly when a delegation to the Mintoaurs takes a turn for the worst, to keep love alive, and to find the missing mare Annie must shine with violet light…

Nidra, having lost her best friend, and angered by the actions taken by her fellow Royals, seeks comfort in the dragon-pony stallion, Turquoise. Seeing that Annie is away on a mission with High Princess Twilight, Nidra sees this as an opportunity to show Turquoise Blitz just how much she loves him. But, when things don’t go as planned, Nidra will need a little help, and that help comes in the form of orange light. After all, avarice is just another form of love, right…?

Update: Now with its own TV Tropes Page, courtesy of DarknessRising.

It is highly recommended that you read "Know Fear!" to keep the continuity straight. Based on kilala97's Next Generation OC's and DC Comic's Green Lantern universe.
Anthea's Bio
Turquoise Blitz's Bio
Nidra's Bio

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When I was young, my dad,(my hero) took me to a lake. He wanted to teach me the wonders of nature.Okay, pops. But it was seriously a beautiful lake. I will forever remember it as a memorial to him. I would visit it every day, and a wonderful surprise was there once, one that would change my life.

This is a FlashLight shipping story. If you do not like FlashLight, please do not show hate or bother those that do. Please. Have a jolly good day!^.^

*Alternate Universe because EQG never happened. ^.~

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Escape Insanity: We all know how "The Rainbow Factory" ended... Or do we? This is the story of what happened after the ending. When Rainbow Dash comes to her senses after she loses her mind trying to catch Scootaloo. Now they must fight to get out alive. (Read "The Rainbow Factory" first if you haven't yet.)
Operation: Crimson Rainbow: Upon learning of the secret facility of the Rainbow Factory and what happens inside it's walls, Princess Luna dispatches a special task force to shut the facility down... For good.
(SPECIAL THANKS TO: DJSaltine for proofing this story!)

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