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Love is Rainbow colored - The Hunter

Can Rainbow Dash help Scootaloo improve her flying and come to terms with her own emotions at the same time?

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Epilogue (part 1)

Author's Note:

Not proofread!
I wanted to release something for you.
So if you spot any mistakes or something like that, please let me know.

I will start on the next part soon.

Chapter Eleven.

Epilogue (part 1)






The sound of the EKG flatline startled Soarin'. Fearing the worst he looked over at Rainbow Dash.
It took him a couple of seconds to realize that the sound was caused by the nurse disconnecting Rainbow Dash from the EKG machine.
"I bet you got scared." Rainbow Dash said.
Even though she was still in bandages, there was no need for her to be connected to the machine anymore. She looked at him for a moment before opening her mouth. "How did we get here?"
In Soarin's mind images of him carrying her to the hospital appeared. It had taken some time to carry her all the way and the pain wasn't helping.
"I carried you." He replied.
After letting the words sink in he continued. "We almost didn't make it, if it wasn't for your friends..."
The sound of the door bursting open startled her. Had she still been connected to the EKG the nurses would have rushed in.
But instead of the nurses bursting into the room it was her friends. There was looks of concern from them, except for Twilight.
"What did I tell you? I told you not to do something stupid! And here you are!" Twilight said, not quite shouting but still quite loud.
Rainbow Dash flinched, but she did tell her to not do anything stupid. And something stupid she did. What was she thinking? Flying out into a fierce storm? Well she wasn't thinking, atleast not about the storm. The only thing on her mind at that moment was. Soarin'.
"I am sorry, but i had to find Soarin', I needed to tell him." She replied.
The expression on Twilight's face changed.
"I am sorry too. I tend to get a little moody from time to time, but you still did something stupid."
At that moment Soarin' decided to speak. "Well, atleast we are still both alive. Even if we both got hurt."
It was decided by all to drop the subject for now. Instead, get well presents where given to both Soarin' and Rainbow Dash. It was a mixture of balloons and get well cards.
Meanwhile Rarity looked like she was going to burst. Rainbow Dash saw this.
"Well i guess it's just fair to let you know now. I said yes!"

The cheers where loud and joyfull, but only for a moment.
"Can you please keep it down!? This is a hospital!" Nurse Redheart called from the door.
All of them gave a guilty look. When everything had calmed down and the noise level had been brought down, Rarity spoke.
"Well if I may ask, when is the big day?"
Rainbow Dash shrugged.
"As soon as we are back to form i guess."

It was no use for Rarity, she needed a date. And as much as Rainbow Dash gave vague answers Rarity kept asking. After some time it was decided that the wedding should be on the first day of spring.
"But i am due to have a foal close to that day, i am not sure i can attend." Twilight said.
"Come on, it won't be a problem. If the foal comes during that time we can just move to another day." Rainbow Dash replied.
"Or. You could get Celestia or Luna to conduct the ceremony."
"Twi, please. You are my friend, i really want it to be you. As i said, we can move it to another day."
Twilight groaned. "Ok i will do it. But if the foal comes then, you have to take me to the hospital yourself!"

Two weeks later, both Soarin' and Rainbow Dash were permitted to leave the hospital.
"Now remember. Don't try to do any flying for at least a month. You need time to heal. Here is some exercises you both can do to speed up the process and keep your bodies in shape." Nurse Redheart told them both as they where leaving.
Rainbow Dash did not like walking at all, she was to fly, as most of the pegasi. Soarin' on the other hoof didn't mind as much.
They both walked through Ponyville. Everywhere they looked there was some activity going on, there was always something going on, even in a small town as Ponyville.
Although Ponyville had grown in the recent, it still had the small town charm that Rainbow Dash really liked.
They stopped briefly at Applejack's apple stand to purchase a pie for later.
Normally Applejack would be selling, but not today.
"Hey Big Mac, where is AJ? I thought it was her day to be selling today." Rainbow Dash asked.
The big red stallion looked at her. "Eeyup."
Not satisfied with his answer she asked. "Why isn't she here then? I was hoping to talk to her."
Big Mac's face did a slight change and Rainbow Dash could swear that she saw him look annoyed. But she couldn't be sure. Big Mac wasn't know for expressing himself much.
"She's busy." Was his only reply.

Not wanting to press the matter further, she bought a pie and made her way home.
Soarin' was not dropping eyecontact with the pie and almost continued without both Rainbow Dash and the pie when she suddenly stopped.
"Hey! Why did you stop?" Soarin' asked.
Rainbow Dash didn't look him in the face when she answerd. "We are home."
The two of them looked up to see that they where infact home. Well nearly home.
It was atleast 80 feet up and none of them could get there.
"Great! How are we going to get up there?" Asked Rainbow Dash.
"Hey guys! Need a lift?"
Both of them turned to see Twilight and her balloon.
"I thought you might need this, seeing as none of you can fly right now and you live up there."
Rainbow Dash sighed.
"Yeah, thanks Twi."
The two friends shared a quick hug before Rainbow Dash and Soarin' climbed into the balloon.
Once home they where assaulted by Scootaloo. All the time they had spent in the hospital was torture to Scootaloo.
"Mom! Thank Celestia you are home!" Scootaloo called as she hugged Rainbow Dash.
Rainbow Dash smiled as the young pony hugged her. After a while she looked at Scootaloo.

Realisation then dawned on her, Scootaloo called her mom. A word she had never been called before.
At least not in this way.
If Applejack had been her daughter and said it, she would not belive it. But this was coming from Scootaloo.

"Scoots? Did you just call me...Mom?"

Scootaloo looked at Rainbow Dash. "Yeah. It just felt natural."
At this moment, Rainbow Dash could not feel prouder.

"I get to use the balloon today!"

"No way! I need it more!"

Why!? Visiting Rarity is more important!?"

"YES! She is designing my wedding dress!"

"Well i have to report to Spitfire!"

"How can that be more important than my wedding dress!?"

"If i don't tell her what happened then we will be kicked from the team!"

"Fat chance!"

"There is a big chance, because two of the best performers are not able to fly suddenly."

"Well i still need it more!"

"No i do!!"

"Does not!"

"Does too!"

"Does not!"


Both Soarin' and Rainbow Dash looked and saw Scootaloo standing on the stairs. Both of them had been fighting over which had the best use of the balloon today.
"Why are you fighting? Who gets to use the balloon? Come on! Why don't you both ride it down to the ground and then go to whatever place you need to go to."

Scootaloo had a point.
Rainbow Dash only needed it to get down to the ground so she could go over and visit Rarity. And Soarin' needed it to get to the Wonderbolt HQ.
So it was only logical for Scootaloo that they both went down to the ground and then Soarin' could use it.
"Sorry Scoots." Rainbows Dash said.
"Yeah, sorry kiddo." Soarin' replied.
Scootaloo gave them a harsh glare. "Good, now get going. I need to go and meet Rumble soon."
Rainbow Dash's ears picked up the words. "Meet. and "Rumble."
She didn't dislike Rumble but she was a bit over protective.
“And what are you two doing might I ask?”

Scootaloo facehoofed. “Like I have told you a thousand times before. We are training!”
She stormed up to her room and slammed the door.

“Heh teens.” Rainbow Dash said
Soarin' looked at her.
“Look Soar, I am sorry. I shouldn't overreacted. Can we go? I don't want to be late. You know how Rarity gets.”
“Yeah. And I am sorry too Dashie. It was silly to fight over something this stupid.”

They both calmed down and took the balloon to the ground.
When they had landed Rainbow Dash walked out and said goodbye to Soarin'.
Her next target was Rarity, even if she for once wanted a dress made she was still nervous. Rarity was know for her insatiable hunger for gossip.
She knew that she was going to be asked a lot of questions about her and Soarin's relationship.
Unkown to her as she was deep in thought she had arrived at the destination.
She took a deep breath and opened the door.
The inside could only be described with one word. Chaos.
Had it not been for Raindbow Dash's knowledge of how Rarity worked then it could be blamed on Discord.
Looking around the room she could see fabrics of diffrent colors and varieties everywhere. Maybe it was Discord after all.
"Rarity! You in here?" She called.
From the other room she heard the voice of Rarity.
"Rainbow Dash?"
In i a split second Rarity was in front of her, she could swear that Rarity was faster that she was.
"Ah there you are darling. I was waiting for you." She led Rainbow Dash to the main room. "I have been quite busy working on your dress."
The main room where Rarity did most of her work was even more disorded than the other room.
"Have you?" Rainbow Dash said. But the sarcasm was lost on Rarity as she levitated some diffrent colored fabrics to Rainbow Dash.
"What was that? Oh never mind, Which of these do you like?"

After what seemed like hours to Rainbow Dash, the dress design was finally finished. It was decided on a white dress with gold and light blue features.
When they where finished Rarity had insisted that Rainbow Dash stayed for tea.
Rainbow Dash accepted the offer even though she was certain that Rarity was after something.
But it would seem that she was wrong. The conversation was mostly about her time as a WonderBolt and her wedding.
Just when Rainbow Dash thought that she was in the clear. Rarity asked a question.
"So how is Soarin' in bed?" She asked calmly
If Rainbow Dash had any tea in her mouth, she wouldn't anymore.

"So you are telling me that you went out in a middle of a storm. And that Rainbow Dash was struck by lightning?"

"Yes Ma'm."

"And why is that?"

"Well. She was looking for me."


"She ran away from me."

Spitfire looked at Soarin', there was something he wasn't telling her.
"Anyway, how long untill you both are fit for service again?" She said.
Soarin' thought for a moment. "Atleast a month, maybe more."

"I see. Lucky you then, we don't have any shows for three months. But when you two are ready to return, you are going to practice twice as hard."

Soarin' didn't mind the extra training and he knew that Rainbow Dash didn't either. He gave Spitfire a quick salute and turned around towards the door. But before he exited he turned his head. "By the way, make sure the schechule is open on the first day of spring."

"Because i am getting married on that day!" Soarin' said as he exited.

"RARITY! How can you ask something like that?"
Rainbow Dash could not belive what her friend had asked her. To her it was something you simply didn't ask.
"Well you can't blame a one for being curious. Besides, I am not afraid to tell you about Spike and me." Rarity said.
For a moment Rainbow Dash just looked at Rarity. She had never wanted to know something like that.
"Ok, one. I don't want to know and second. What me and Soarin' do in private is private."

Rarity continued to probe Rainbow Dash about her relationship Soarin' but it was no use. Even when she tried to steer it gently to that direction Rainbow Dash always caught her intension.
Eventully it was time for Rainbow Dash to leave.

She cared about her friend, but sometimes she could be a little to much.
The next stop was Twilight. She wanted to know that she was availeble on the day of her marrige.
Some part of her was worried that she had pushed it a bit to far when it came to the wedding date. Sure it was the day she wanted, but it was also just about the same time Twilight would have the foal. So she had decided on a backup date just in case.

Normally she would just have entered through the opened window on the second floor, but because of her inabillty to fly she had to enter the door like everypony else.

*Knock, Knock.*

She waited.


"Maybe she isn't home?"

Just as she was about to turn around and leave, the door opened and right in front of her stood the Queen of the changelings.
"What do you want?" Chrysalis said.
Rainbow Dash stood there for a moment before she shook her head and glared at Chrysalis.
"I am here to see Twilight, what are you doing here?"
There was clearly anger in the changelings eyes.
"I can ask you the same."
But just then Twilight appered.
She was walking down the stairs with a towel around her head.
"Chrysalis please, Rainbow Dash is always welcome here."
Rainbow Dash gave Chrysalis a smug look when she entred.

The months went by and Rainbow Dash was finally allowed to fly again, it had been a nightmare for her. Flying was what she was born to do, not being able to do so was agony for her.
Scootaloo and Rumble was a common sight at the house, even though Rainbow Dash was a bit overprotective, she had started to warm up to the thought of the young colt dating her adoptive daughter.
Soon it was time for her to return to the Wonderbolt HQ.
Rainbow Dash and Soarin' both stood in front of Spitfire's desk.
"So you two are finally back?" Spitfire said.
Both of the wonderbolts nodded.
Spitfire acknowledged that and stood up. "Both of you are to report to training room three, Rapidfire will be your instructor today, just to make sure that you are ready for regular practice."
Soarin' groaned. Rapidfire wasn't the best at instructing and constantly got on Soarin's nerves.

They both walked in silence towards the training room, it was at the far end of the building.
Most of the training rooms where situated in the middle. But the room three was special, it had padding that absorbed most of the impact. It was designed for the rookies, most of them needed the padding because most of them fell.
Rainbow Dash did not like this, not only was she forced to use the rookie room, but also with Rapidfire.
She hadn’t had much time to train with him, but she knew that he was the sort of stallion that often tried to get into bed with the mares on the team. Most of the time he was turned down, but that didn’t stop him.
Soarin’ meanwhile didn’t mind the fact that he had to use room three, he was infact glad. Doing hard flying maneuvers after an accident was dangerous.

Before they reached the room Rainbow Dash started to lose her balance.
“Hey are you ok?” asked Soarin’
Rainbow Dash quickly straighted up.
“Yeah I’m fine.”

The training wasn’t hard for either of them, but after about an hour Rainbow Dash landed.
“Excuse me, i need to *urp* go!”
She flew out at record speed.

Soarin went after to look for Rainbow Dash when he heard a noise from the room next to him.
“Dashie!?” He called.
The only sound he got was the sound of somepony vomiting. He gently opened the door to see Rainbow Dash being emptying her stomach contents into the toilet.
“Soarin’, help me get to the doctor. I feel like crap.” Rainbow Dash said.
Concerned with her health, he helped her to the doctor on the HQ.

Luckily the doctor’s office wasn’t far.
When they entered a unicorn stallion with a nametag, acording to the nametag he was named Healing Touch.
Soarin’ told him what had happend and watched as Rainbow Dash and the doctor went into the examination room.
Healing Touch had been the resident doctor for the Wonderbolt’s for a long time. Long enough for the cloud walking spell he needed to be permanent. A pegasus doctor would have been easier, but the fact that unicorns had magic meaned that it was easier to diagnose what was wrong.

It took some time for Rainbow Dash to come out. When she did, Soarin’ embraced her in a hug.
“What did the doctor say!? Are you ok!?” Soarin’ almost shouted.
Rainbow Dash looked him in the eyes for some time before she answered.
“Soarin’...I am pregnant.”
He stood still for a moment before he looked her in the eyes and said.
“Are you sure?”
Rainbow Dash nodded.
“Yeah, the doctor was sure. We are going to be parents. It’s a bit sudden but i am happy.” She said.
Soarin’ said nothing.

End of chapter eleven.

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Nice. It looks like there is going to be a wedding in the future. Great chapter. Thanks for the update.

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