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Love is Rainbow colored - The Hunter

Can Rainbow Dash help Scootaloo improve her flying and come to terms with her own emotions at the same time?

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When words fail

Chapter two

When words fail.

*Knock Knock!*

The male Wonderbolt turned to the door with a cold stare.

"Knock it off Rapidfire!, i am not in the mood!"
The knocking resumed and Soarin' really didin't want anymore to do with Rapidfire. He walked to the door and shouted.

"I said! I am NOT in the mood!!"
He walked over to his bed and flopped down. Of all of the Wonderbolts, why did it have to be Rapidfire!? Several seconds went by before he heard a familiar voice.

"Soarin' it's me, can i come in?"
This was a suprise to him and he quickly rushed to the door.

"I am sorry i thought you were somepony else." The look on Soarin's face said it all.
Spitfire walked in and sat down in the middle of the room, she showed a face of concern. After Soarin' closed the door he walked over to Spitfire, he was about to open his mouth when she spoke up.

"I know that you aren't happy right now and that Rapidfire can be a pain in the flank sometimes."
They stared at each other before the room filled with light laughter. After the laughter had died down Spitfire stood up and walked over to his nightstand. On his nightstand was a picture of Rainbow Dash, she smiled at the mental image of her second in command being in love.

"She is brave, skilled and a bit weird. The perfect mare for you"
Spitfire spoke this word with utter confidence and Soarin' smiled.

Soarin' walked over and picked up the photo and smiled.

"You know, i have had a crush on her ever since i first saw her."
Spitfire couldn't contain the small chuckle.

"Can you promise me that you will talk to her? I don't want her or you to leave because of your feelings."
He put the picture back on the nightstand and smiled.

"Of course i will."

The two friends shared a hug and this time it more relaxed. After they parted Spitfire wen't towards the door.

"And remember! Report at the training arena at 0700."
Spitfire left and Soarin' could finally see that he had no choice. He had set his mind to speak his mind to her. It was not going to be easy for him, His shyness around Rainbow Dash was his first obstacle was talking to her about this. But he knew that if he could overcome this he could do anything!

Meanwhile in ponyville

Scootaloo was exhausted after her training with Rainbow Dash, so she took it rather slow through Ponyville. Her destination was Sweet apple acres where she was staying at the moment. The evening air helped to soothe her aching muscles. The thought of Rainbow Dash not being there to help her for some time was not easy to comprehend, she was slightly confused that her alltime hero had agreed to help her the day before she went back to the Wonderbolt HQ.

She soon decided to go to the local library and look for some books on flying.

"Have it gone this far? Reading?
After seeing the library just ahead she defied her sore wings and increased her speed. When she got there she gently knocked on the door. Even though she had been there several times before she didn't know what to expect.
Instead of the usual sight of spike opening the door, she was treated to an unfamiliar pegasus stallion. He looked at at Scootaloo with a smile.

"Hello what can i do for you? Do you need a book or are you here to see Twilight?"
Scootaloo was curious about this stallion she never seen before.

"Excuse me but who are you? I have never seen you around here before."
The stallion let out a small chuckle.

"You have not been to the library for a while?" Scootaloo nodded. "Well let me introduce myself, i am Flash Sentry. Twilight's husband"
Scootaloo's jaw dropped to the ground, had she not been to the library for that long? When did Twilight Sparkle get married?
Flash Sentry looked a little worried at the shocked expression on Scootaloo's face.

"I am sorry! I didn't know Twilight got married, when did this happen!?"
The resulting laughter from Flash Sentry caused a voice from the library to ask.

"Flash dear who is it?"
He turned to Scootaloo and asked.

"Sorry but i didn't catch your name?"
Clearing out her throat she awnswerd.

"Scootaloo, pleased to meet you!"
Rasing her voice made Flash Sentry to laugh, when he was finished he turned towards the voice from the inside,

"It's Scootaloo!"
There was a sound of something moving inside the library which Scootaloo could only assume was Twilight. Her suspicion was confirmed when Twilight Sparkle rushed forward and gave Scootaloo a big hug.

"O, Scootaloo! It have been to long!"
Struggling to breath and slightly embarrassed by the look Flash gave her she manage to break the hug before she passed out.

"Nice to see you too Twilight. I must ask, when did you get married?"
Twilight started to blush slightly when she recalled the wedding. She gave her husband a quick peck on his cheek before turning to Scootaloo.

"Well it was just over a year ago"
Scootaloo smiled at this before recalling why she was her for in the first place.

"Oh! I almost forgot, i was looking for a book on flying techniques!"
This made Twilights face to light up even more, she dove right back into the tree that housed the library and her home. Flash led Scootaloo inside. He knew that when Twilight was asked for a book or a spell for something, it was best to stay out of her way. Ever since Spike left to live with Rarity she had a bit more to do. Being both a princess and a librarian was sometimes a bit stressfull but Flash managed to help her when she needed to calm down.

"She tends to do this from time to time." Flash said
After a couple of minutes Twilight approached the young pegasus with a couple of books.

"Do you want The history of flying. Flying 101. Tips, tricks and miscellaneous stuff when it comes to flying or Flying for dummies?"
Twilight held the books in her magic waiting for Scootaloo to choose.

"I think the third one will be perfect!"
The book was levitated into a bag and then to Scootaloo who took it with her teeth. After Twilight made a note about who borrowed what Scootaloo was making her way out.

"Please be careful and return the book within a months time!" Said Twilight sparkle.
Flash Sentry drew Twilight into a kiss. After they parted Flash spoke up.

"These books meen a lot to you don't they?"
Twilight smiled.

"Almost as much as you!"
When Scootaloo was outside she jumped on her scooter and raced towards Sweet apple acres.

The next morning.

The alarmclock was sounding it's call, that was barely enough to wake Rainbow Dash from her sleep. Almost on routine she got out of bed and went to her bathroom. As usual, the coffee was the only thing that could wake her up. After that she packed her saddlebags and left for the Wonderbolts HQ. The cold morning air sent a shiver along her spine, this did wake her up a bit. It took only 20 minutes to reach her destination.
Rainbow Dash landed at the entrance and casualy walked in. She walked straight towards the locker rooms.

"Might as well change now!"
When she opened the door to the locker room she saw Spitfire talking to Fleetfoot.

On the other end of the corridor in the stallion locker room Soarin' was changing into his Wonderbolt outfit when Rapidfire approached him.

"What do you want!?" Soarin' snarled
Rapidfire felt guilty and couldn't look Soarin' in his face.

"I just want to say i am sorry for teasing you."
Soarin' was a bit surprised about this and gave him a confused face.

"It was wrong of me to tease you, heck i haven't done much good in the mare department myself!
Taken aback, Soarin' chose to remain silent.

"Perhaps i am jealous, but i know you and her are made for each other."
Rapidfire was begining to tear up, Soarin' smiled at the pony with tears in his eyes.

"Thanks for being nice for once."
For that he received a light punch to the shoulder.

"Hi there Rainbow Dash, we where just talking about you!" Spitfire called.
This made Rainbow Dash to give a puzzled look as she made her way over to the Wonderbolt captain. When she came closer she saw that Spitfire gave knowing smile.

"Yeah, what was the word? My awesomeness!?"
Neither Spitfire or Fleetfoot could help themselfs and both started laughing. Rainbow Dash was not amused about this.
When the laughter had died down, Spitfire sent Fleetfoot away and turned toward the remaining Wonderbolt.

"Well we where not talking about that actually, but i want to tell you something." Spitfire leaned to Rainbow Dash. "Soarin' has a big crush on you!"
It took a while to register the words being said, when they did Rainbow Dash turned away with a blush on her face.

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because i know you have one on him!"
The tension was high in the lockerroom and Spitfire giggled. Rainbow Dash soon regained her composure. She had a crush on Soarin' for some time now, ever since she joined the Wonderbolts she and Soarin' had become good friends. But there was always some awkward tension between them. She had always secretly hoped that Soarin' would ask her out.

"So what are you going to do?" Spitfire asked.

"Nothing, if he want to ask me out he has to ask me because i won't ask him."
Raising a eyebrow the Wonderbolt captain looked at Rainbow Dash with a confused look.

Scootaloo was racing at full speed through Ponyville, at those speeds she barely had anytime to recognize anypony. But she saw a familiar colt with a light grey coat. The sight of him made Scootaloo stop her scooter.

"Hi Scootaloo!"
She hopped of her scooter and smiled at rumble.

"Hi rumble what's happening?"
The colt smiled and went over to Scootaloo, he could see a light blush appear on her cheeks.

"Nothing much, i just thought i would take a walk."

"A bit early if you ask me. but i could join you if you want."

"Any reason for wanting to take a walk with me?" Rumble's smile indicated that he knew. Scootaloo's blush increased.

"Lets talk about that later!"

"OK! Lets wrap it up for now, you all did great!" Spitfire yelled
The Wonderbolt's landed in front of their captain. It was a real workout this time and everypony was glad to get some rest.
Most of them walked to the locker rooms except for Soarin' who was walking towards Rainbow Dash.
She noticed him and gave a sincere smile.

"Hey Rainbow Dash you did really good today."
Rainbow Dash let out a small giggle. She had started becoming more open about her feelings but still retained her tough exterior.

"Thanks, you were quite good yourself!"

"Um, Rainbow Dash i want to say something."

"Yeah what's that?"
Soarin' looked down, not knowing what to say he had a small conversation in his head.

"This is it, if don't do anything now i will never get another chance!"
He took a deep breath and kissed Rainbow Dash, this startled her but she did not resist it. She knew that Soarin' liked her and she liked him, she had been fantasizeing about him asking her out. It was not what she expected.

It was better.

End of chapter Two

Author's Note:

Well here it is, chapter two.

I was going to have it finished a couple of days ago, but i got drunk and watched Wheezy Waiter instead. Sorry about that.

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