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Cheerilee has been hospitalized. An unfortunate accident caused her to be in a dying state. Now, she is slowly waiting for the unevitable. Luckily, there is someone that might help her out one last time.

A certain red stallion is going to be with her, as long as it is needed. And he is not planning to let her go that easy. He is willing to do anything to make her feel better. Anything.

Art ----> BrianSucks, no seriously. That is his name.

Request from CallOfDutySoldier123. Sorry it took so long. MLP episodes. They took over me. The friendship! Also, the name is different to what it used to be. Sorry! On the other hand, if you can recommend this story to someone who suffered something similar or likes these kinds of things, much appreciated then.

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This story touched my soul and even made me cry :raritydespair:

Thanks for the feedback! I actually see this story as a one of the best I have written in a while. Perhaps of all. :trixieshiftright:
It's.... funny? Why? :rainbowhuh:
I bet you experienced something similar, didn't you? :pinkiesad2:


5083374 :twilightoops: Well someone is happy about my work.
:rainbowkiss: Oh, who am I kidding?

5264963 There is nothing wrong with liquid pride. Let it out man. Let it all out. :ajsmug:


5326380 Then I'll be damned. It'll be my eternal curse for days to go on. I ACTUALLY LIKE CURSES. CURSE ME WITH ALL YOU GOT!

Also, I appreciate the positive feedback.

5327401 :rainbowlaugh: no problem, man. In all actuality, great story!!!

You know, I saw this one day many months ago and thought. "Oh, this looks interesting, I'll put it in read later and make sure I get around to it soon."

Obviously I just now got done reading through it.

And hot damn, this was an emotional fic. This really felt like a lot of effort was put into this, and it's definitely underrated if you ask me.

I'm not much of a crier, but you got me pretty close to. :pinkiesad2: Well done.

6412548 It was meant to those who lost a family member in the worst way possible. :pinkiesad2:

This fic wouldn't even exist if my mother hadn't fallen victim to cancer in the first place. Underrated or not, this fic is a masterpiece for me, despite what the featured box says, so thanks for the feedback man.

I... really appreciate it. Never forget those who went ahead of us.

I've never experienced much pain before, so I couldn't truly connect with the story. But I could still feel the emotion in it, it feels very real.

I'm sorry for those who have to live through this.

I enjoyed the fic, and it was very well written.

Wow. This was definitely a sad story. I mean, it seemed her injuries were going to be survivable, but that tumor just threw a curveball on the entire story. Well done.

6514157 Aw... thanks!

6515509 Thanks a lot.

Still, you don't have to go through this situation to experience it at its maximum capacity. Even if somewhere in the future it might happen (hopefully it won't), doesn't mean it should. But you can never be too careful.

I wish this story could be seen by more people out there to let know they are not alone.

6515896 I appreciate it. The request was the reason this story began in the first place. Were it not asked for, it would have never appeared. Maybe it would have appeared under a different writer?

I just know that this is one of my masterpieces so far.

Y-your mother..? :fluttercry: I'm so sorry! *Hugs* I hope you slowly start to accept it. It won't go away, I know that firsthand, but it should become less painful... :fluttershysad:

This story touched me. While I've never had a lover pass, my grandfather and great uncle passed from cancer, my mother got cancer, but survived, my grandmothers passed from other diseases, my sister passed from a crash, and my other grandpa passed. All in the span of roughly ten years. (With a few outliers.) I just wonder how Mac was able to accept it so quickly. Most people I know can't move on in three days... Maybe you should extend this to be a multi chapter fic? To show how Mac copes..

Thank you for this story though. It brought many tears, both sad and happy. :heart:

God freaking damn it! I already shed a lot of tears after seeing the story beginning and ending of Deemo, and now I'm shedding even more thanks to this! :fluttercry: AAAAAGGGHHHH! My heart just screams for the feels to go away, but I'm drowning in them! :raritycry: I need some tissues right now, because I read a fantastic story that deserves my like and favorite. Take them, just take them and let me wallow in my tears! :pinkiesad2: As much as I like your music of choice, I think this is better...


Moving on from the shocking truth of yours, Mac didn't actually cope that easily. Just like in the show, he doesn't show his emotions just to anyone. Deep inside, he feels impotent, overwhelmed and destroyed. Even if time heals scars throughout experiences, it is an unbelievable pain to suffer. Not only from lovers, but any person who you become attached with. Friend, uncle, boyfriend, even a stranger can become attached to your heart with enough kindness.

My mother was one of many to fall, and nowdays, 4 years later, it still hurts to know the absolute truth. But I can't cry until I run out of tears. I have to move on, not only for me, but in honor of her memory.

6523338 Yes. It's the best way, but not always the easiest. I'm glad you're moving on. :pinkiesad2: You've gone from: :pinkiesad2: to: :pinkiesmile:. :raritywink: That's the hardest part; getting your hair to spring back up isn't the easiest. Pinkie's hair being a loose metaphor for not staying sad... *Facepalms* I'm bad at this. :rainbowlaugh:

6520697 It is fit. I shall see this song enters the story!

Secondly, wow. I just googled Deemo and I got... one heck of a depressing story. It wasn't the greatest, note that, but it definitively really sad. Poo Deemo and her brother...

I suggest you get a rain of tissueboxes. It has been a wild ride. Liquid pride.

6523483 It always is. Some nights I dream of what would have happened if she never left. Then I remember what this experience made me go through.

Honestly? I think it was for the best... if she hadn't left... I wouldn't even be here. I would probably be in some dumb videogame marathon and pretend it was okay no matter what they said. I suppose I HAD to endure this for my own growth.

Screw Pinkie's hair! It is always a mystery that thing of hers! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

6524542 Technically the little girls' name is Alice and Deemo is the black being who now is Hans, her deceased brother. At least you got the sad part of the Deemo storyline, no arguing there. :twilightsmile: Rains tissues Thanks, I needed this because I'm still wallowing in my own tears! :raritycry:

I'm glad to share the music, I rarely ever find people who know of the game Deemo and I'm just glad you took the time to look up the story :twilightsmile: I recommend listening to the songs the game offers as it uses the piano as the main instrument, my favorite out of all the instruments. Songs I'd recommend would be Wings of Piano and Pure White, maybe Magnolia and Myosotis if you can deal with the dubstep, but those are the songs I recommend! Danke again for such a wonderful story :raritywink:

6524853 Thanks! The piano is an amazing instrument after all. I play it as well.

Well, used to play it.

You know, in this site, everyone says Thank you at least once. Weird isn't it?

6524880 Eh, I guess it's just a thing that everyone one does now... Also, did you seriously like my Neo Fantasia: Rise of a New Evil fanfic? I saw with you that you liked so that completely caught me off guard...

6524551 Aww.. You need a Flutters hug. :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you've looked at the situation in this way. :pinkiesmile:
....:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::trollestia: Dat last sentence doh.

6524930 Nooo... Not possible... Umm... Maybe. Who knows.

Just maybe.

6526941 You denying tells me yes you did like my story. I'm glad you like the story though I ask why since it's my first story I ever written, also you may not know but I'm continuing that book with a series...

6527574 Well, I have a thing for stories that began a journey of someone. Even if you had the most horrible grammar, I would have enjoyed the story nevertheless. Don't get me wrong, there are stories that make me cringe hard, but yours didn't! Gratz!

6527834 Well, it was my first time writing a story so grammar is not a surprise... I was self-taught when I started it and I've gotten better at the grammar for the most part :twilightsmile: Thanks for the like again and in case you didn't know, I just started a sequel after the events of the first that starts during Season 5 after the defeat of Tirek but before meeting up with Starlight Glimmer. Here's the link here! Neo Fantasia: Lost Memories

Eh, kind of boring. Did you really need to even use Romeo & Juliet?

6604757 R&J? Come again?

6607308 Refresh. Though it's more a statement than a question.

6607581 Well, it was a request, so.... Yeah. I used that. If the story wasn't to your liking, that's fine. There are plenty of stories out there for you to read after all.

6611295 *are. 'is' is singular. The story is fine. The r&j bit just seems shoehorned in.

6612693 Then tell it to the guy who requested it. I was just doing my voluntary job.

Thanks for checking the error.

Reads through the whole book again just because I want to feel again when I discovered a link within a phrase. Clicks on it and sees it linked to the song I suggested You...! You actually did...! Oh am I so happy I could ride a kart on the Rainbow Road right now! You actually did it! EEEEEEEEE! :pinkiehappy:

6727321 No problem. Anything for a friend. :ajsmug:

.... Now I feel like playing Mario Kart again. Great. :applejackunsure:

I'm not much for emotional or sad stories but this was good.

7761016 Aw, shucks. Thanks!

I had to login just to show my love for this story. I'll always be a cheerimac lover so this story was a real treat. This story has actually helped get me back into the mlp fandom after being gone for so long, it was that amazing! Thank you so much for writing this and i hope your mother rests in perfect peace.
Thanks again friend.

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