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Love is Rainbow colored - The Hunter

Can Rainbow Dash help Scootaloo improve her flying and come to terms with her own emotions at the same time?

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Life changes.

Chapter Nine.

Life changes.

Soarin' flew as fast as he could. Nothing was going to slow him down, he just wanted to get away from the Wonderbolts right now.
"Stupid rules!"
Spitfire was right, she didn't make the rules but it still seemed a little harsh to suspend him. Years of loyal service and now, suspended for a little hangover! Secretly he had hoped that Rainbow Dash followed him, but he knew that she could be suspended as well and being part of the Wonderbolts was her dream after all.

And what about Wave Chill!? He have been known to practice while hungover! Why was he not suspended?
Soarin' thought about why Wave Chill wasn't suspended yet and the only thing he could think of was...Spitfire!
His past relationship with Spitfire had ended with a mutual agreement, but it seemed that he was replaced by Wave Chill. His own brother!
He decided against flying higher to avoid the many pegasi that where out on a Saturday flight, his head was mostly clear, but the high altitude and his speed would not help his hangover. Instead he flew lower until he touched the ground.
Most ponies thought that the Wonderbolts almost never walked anywhere, but that wasn't true. Leg strength was as important as wing strength.
After a walking for a little while, he came to Ponyville. He decided to visit Sugar Cube Corner. If something was going to cheer him up, it would be something with more sugar than was deemed safe. The building always seemed odd to him, a candy building? That's crazy!

Soarin' push the pink menace of him and stood up. "First. What!? Second. What!? And third. I need something with sugar."

Pinkie Pie smiled at him. "Okie dokie lokie! One 'Sorry you got suspended from the Wonderbolts Cupcake' coming' right up!"
Soarin' was about to question her how she knew that but remembered that Rainbow told him to not question how.
He was given the cupcake and sat down, as he was eating it something Pinke had said was on his mind. 'But you aren't married yet?' It was something he had been thinking about sometimes when he and Rainbow Dash was sitting on a cloud and watching the sun set. He finished the cupcake, which was delicious.
Because he had moved in with Rainbow Dash, he decided to go home.

"Rainbow Dash! Not like that! It's straight up, loop, barrel roll and then straight down!!!" The voice of Spitfire never really needed the aid of a megaphone and it was fierce.
Rainbow Dash was practising a simple maneuver for the next Wonderbolts show. Because Soarin' had been suspended she had to fill his part. But she was distracted by his suspension from the squad.
She landed in front of Spitfire. "I'm sorry, I won't make the same mistake again"
Spitfire looked at the rookie Wonderbolt for a moment, she could see that she was suffering from the things that has happened earlier. "Look, Rainbow. I know that you are hurt. But you can't let that mess with your focus! Even if he is gone for a little while you have to push through!"
Rainbow Dash sighed. "I know, but I promise you. I will get this right!" She then took off.

The place which Soarin' called home was quite large, with several floors and a rainbow waterfall. It was as Rainbow Dash would describe 'awesome!'
Scootaloo could hear the door open, this was surprising to her because both Soarin' and Rainbow Dash wasn't due for a couple of hours. She zoomed down only to see Soarin' standing there. "What are you doing here this early?"
Soarin' decided that holding on to the truth wasn't the best idea right now so he told her what happened. After about ten minutes later of explaining what has happened Scootaloo spoke. "So you are going to be around allot now?" Soarin' nodded. "So if that's the case. It wouldn't be a problem for you to train me?" She said with a smirk.
Although he wasn't surprised with that question, it did shock him a bit. He hadn't thought about it. He did almost see Scootaloo as his own child, so training her wasn't that odd of an idea.

A smile appeared on his face. "Yeah sure!"
He knew that she was a huge fan of the Wonderbolts and Rainbow Dash, but he wasn't prepared for the almost bone crushing hug he received

They both spent a few hours training, he was giving her instructions how to maximize her wing-power, and although she did make some mistakes he was forgiving. He decided that it was time to go home when he noticed that she was almost asleep when she was flying. "Hey! how about we go home, you look like you need some rest?" Scootaloo looked at him and said. "No way! I have the ener.." She fell asleep, But Soarin' was quick to catch her and placed her on his back and headed home.

When he got home he went up to the bedroom assigned to Scootaloo and gently placed her on the bed. Looking at the clock on the bedside table he realised that Rainbow Dash would be home soon so he went down to start dinner. Something he liked doing.
He was almost finished when he heard the door open, the next sound wasn't what he expected to hear. The sound of a pony collapsing onto the floor.
Rushing to the hallway he found Rainbow Dash lying on the floor. "Hey Dashie are you OK!?" She groaned a reply. "I am so tired, thanks to you I have to work twice as hard!"

Soarin' had forgot that Spitfire had planned a show for next month and that he was one of the main performers.
"I am so sorry Dashie!" Was all he could say before Rainbow Dash stood up. "Where is Scootaloo?" She asked.
"She is upstairs sleeping. It seems that you weren't the only one to have a though day!" Normally Rainbow Dash would have punched him hard for that comment, but she didn't have the strength right now. "I took her out for some training today, she fell asleep after a awhile." Soarin' said. She Could not ignore that act of kindness, she knew that most of all, Scootaloo wanted to be a part of the Wonderbolts. And Soarin' helping her was one of the things she loved about him.

He gently helped her to the kitchen and finished the preparing the food. It wasn't anything special. But still it was just what Rainbow needed. After eating they both settled on the couch, Soarin' was massaging her to help her relax. He had learned that if something was going to relax somepony after a hard day's workout it was a good massage.
"Mmm that feels nice." said Rainbow Dash
Soarin' smiled and bent down to give her a kiss. If it wasn't for the massage she would have returned the kiss and then some.
"You do know how much I love you?" Soarin' said. She nodded in silence.

The massage continued for a little while before Soarin' stopped. Rainbow Dash turned her head. "Why did you stop?"
He looked uncomfortable when he answered. "Well I was thinking. Can we go out some time? Just the two of us?"
Rainbow Dash looked at him for a short while. "Well I kinda busy until after the next show, how about then?"
"That sounds perfect." Soarin' said before he gave her a loving kiss.

Soarin' woke up later than usual, he had the whole day planned. "Oh this going to be perfect." After having a light breakfast he went to Ponyville, one place in particular was of interest today. Carousel Boutique.
The building came into view fast, he had been there a couple of times before with Rainbow Dash. When he opened the door the first thing he saw was Spike working on something. "Hey there big guy!" He said. Spike turned around, almost dropping the gem he was working on. "Hey there Soarin', what's up?" Never in his life had Soarin' thought that he would be friends with a dragon.
"Well I was wondering if you could help me with something?" Soarin' replied. Spike had become a real expert on gems and in particular the cutting them. Not only was he very good in finding them, but his claws was almost made to carve the gems too.
"Sure what do you need?"
Soarin' walked up to Spike and whispered. "I need something special." He paused. "A special rainbow colored gem inserted into an engagement ring."

None of them was prepared to the squeal from upstairs and soon Soarin' was confronted by a very excited Rarity.
"Are you going to propose to Rainbow Dash!? Oh my Celestia! I have to tell everypony!" She shouted before turning to leave the Boutique but was grabbed by Soarin'. "Please don't, I want to keep this a secret to everypony! Promise me you won't tell a soul!"
Soarin's plea was exactly what Rarity didn't want to hear, she wanted to rush over to all of her friends to tell them the good news.
"But..." Was all Rarity could say before Spike started talking. "Dear listen. Of course Soarin' wants to keep this a secret. Think about it, if you tell all your friends then the surprise would be ruined. Applejack could never lie, Pinke Pie would throw her a huge party and nothing could stop her. Fluttershy is one of Rainbow Dash's oldest friends and would be incredibly uncomfortable. And lastly Twilight, i have known her for as long as I can remember and she would start researching everything there was to help with the wedding. Just remember how her wedding was." Rarity shuddered at the memory of Twilight's wedding. But she could see the logic in what Spike said.
"Your right, as always." She turned to Soarin' "I promise not tell anypony as long as I can design the clothes." Soarin' chuckled. "I don't think that Rainbow Dash would have it any other way."

Scootaloo was in her bed, the smell of food woke her up. The only thing that really could wake her up was either food or training, today it was both. She hurried down to the kitchen, Soarin' had provided a high energy breakfast.
"Morning kiddo." He said to the young pony who was currently stuffing her face with food. "Are you excited for today?"
She swallowed the food and nodded.
The breakfast was a quick one and soon the both of them was in their usual training field.
Soarin' had decided that endurance training was best for her right now, it was important that she built up her stamina.
After a couple of hours Soarin' called. "Hey kiddo, lets take a break!"
"But I am not tired!" She called back.
He did not take a no for an answer and pointed to the ground. She reluctantly flew down panting hard. Even though she was tired, she didn't want to seem weak. But unknown to her, Soarin was actually impressed by her stamina.
"You did really good! Soon there will not be a pegasus in your age that can outfly you!" Soarin' said. Scootaloo pumped out her chest proudly. He continued. "But there is something i want to tell you and i want you to promise me that you will not say this to anypony ESPECIALLY Rainbow Dash!" She nodded. "Good. The thing is." He leaned closer. "I am going to ask Rainbow Dash to marry me after the show next month."
Scootaloo blinked a couple times before falling over.

Meanwhile at the Wonderbolt HQ.

Rainbow Dash was training. Hard. But she did manage, she was after all Rainbow Dash. Spitfire called for the squad to assemble.
"Ok i going to be straight with you all! Good work!" The squad looked proud. "But i need more from you guys, especially from you Rapidfire! I know you can do better! Have you got anything to say?" Rapidfire shook his head. "Good, take a 10 minute break then get back to training."

The Wonderbolt was held just outside of Ponyville this year. The reason was that it needed the space, this year promised a spectacular show. And it was the first show with Rainbow Dash as a main performer.
All of her friends had gotten VIP tickets of course, except for Scootaloo and Soarin'. They where in fact down with the other Wonderbolts. Scootaloo was jumping with excitement and Soarin' had to tell her to calm down or she would miss the show.
"As if! I would never miss this!"
Rainbow Dash smiled when she heard this, but truth be told. She was terrified, what if she screwed up? What if something went wrong. The whole of Ponyville was there and more importantly, her friends. The announcer called and the rest of the squad getting.
She glanced over to Scootaloo and Soarin', Scootaloo was smiling so hard that Rainbow Dash was certain that it was hurting. Soarin' meanwhile gave her a look that said. 'I know you can do it.'

The show was a complete success and it was finished with Rainbow Dash doing a Sonic Rainboom.
Occasionally Rainbow Dash would cast a glance at Scootaloo, she was stunned with awe.

When they all where finished there was a gathering in which the fans had a chance to talk with the Wonderbolts. Most of them went up to Rainbow Dash. It was only natural, she was a local celebrity even before she joined the Wonderbolts. Soarin' decided to wait until the fan gathering was over.
"Great show Dashie!" He said as she walked over to him.
"Yeah i know, kinda awesome don't you think?" Rainbow Dash replied.
Scootaloo was standing there with her mouth open almost paralyzed. When she finally regained her senses. She shouted. "OH MY GOSH!! That was awesome!!"
Rainbow Dash's heart melted when she heard this. She was about to say something when Soarin' spoke. "Anyway, would you meet me at the hill in 10 minutes?" Rainbow Dash looked confused but remember that Soarin' wanted some time alone with her, so she nodded.

Soarin' had prepared a blanket and some food when Rainbow Dash arrived. "So this is what you where thinking of, a picnic?"
Rainbow Dash said when she landed. "Yes, i wanted to spend some time with you alone and i could not think of a better idea." He replied.
They both enjoyed the food and after they where finished they both sat and enjoyed the sunset. Soarin' had his wing wrapped around her back. Unknown to Rainbow dash he made a signal with his other wing. She noticed somepony singing. And before she could say anything. Soarin' looked her in the eyes and said. "Rainbow Dash since the first time i met you, my life has become better in ways i can never understand. Every waking hour i remind myself how lucky I am to have you. And now i want to make it ever better." He took out a small box and opened it. "Rainbow Dash. Will you marry me?"
Rainbow Dash was in utter shock.


End of Chapter Nine.

Author's Note:

At last here it is. Sorry for being so late, i have had problem writing. Don't know why.
And the longest chapter yet.

Yes it is another cliffhanger, i am evil.
The next chapter could take some time to come out. I want to finish the next chapter of A change of scenery before i finish this. And hopefully after the next chapter of this is finished. Maybe i can finish the first Chapter of a new fic i am working on.

This is what i had planned from the beginning.

I hope you enjoy the story and please comment.
---///The Hunter\\\---

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