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Love is Rainbow colored - The Hunter

Can Rainbow Dash help Scootaloo improve her flying and come to terms with her own emotions at the same time?

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Twists and turns

Chapter Six

Twists and turns

The trip to the Wonderbolt HQ was not far, at least not for Scootaloo. She was excited beyond belief. ”This is going to be so cool!” She thought to herself.
Both Rainbow Dash and Soarin' had to take it slow during the flight, both knew that Scootaloo still wasn't used to flying, even though she had improved a great deal since her new parents had helped with her training. As they continued their flight the destination came into view.

”Hey Soarin'! What do you think Spitfire will say about Scootaloo coming with us?” Rainbow Dash asked. She was a bit worried about what Spitfire would say.

Soarin gave Rainbow Dash a big smile. ”I don't think she will mind. Other Wonderbolts have brought their family members before.”
Rainbow Dash smiled.

The rest of the journey was mostly quiet besides the wind and various happy sounds from the young pony behind them.

Celestia was walking in circles in her meeting room. She was expecting a guest, but nopony had arrived yet.
"Guard! Why isn't she here yet?"

A lone guard stood beside the large door. He answered, but did not change his expression. "I do not not know your majesty!"
Celestia's face grew more annoyed. She did not expect her guest to be this late. As she walked to the large window at the back of the room she heard a familiar laughter.
"I am sorry, i had to see how long i could keep this up." Said the voice.

Celestia turned around with a annoyed look. Her guest had finally arrived. She walked towards a large table in the middle of the room. It had two chairs and was made with the finest oak. Celestia sat down in one and motioned her guest to sit in the other one.
"I thought you would not do that," Celestia said. The guest who was now sitting down on the other side of the table gave a fake look of heartbreak. "I thought you could take a joke." Came from the guest.

Celestia's expression grew more annoyed. "You should know that i don't joke about this particular subject. Especially after what you did to us."

Scootaloo looked at the ponies flying in the air, even though they where not performing it still looked impressive. "You like?" Came from behind Scootaloo, as she turned around she saw Spitfire. Scootaloo nodded.
Spitfire continued. "I am guessing you came here with Rainbow Dash?" Spitfire was awarded with another nod.
"Please tell me how you are related to her, as far as i know she doesn't have any siblings and our rules states that no outsiders besides family may visit during training."

Scootaloo pumped her chest out proudly. "She is my adoptive mother, so that’s why I’m here." Spitfire smiled.
"Then Soarin' must be your adoptive father?" Scootaloo thought for a moment. "I guess, but they aren't married."

Rainbow Dash saw the two talking so she flew down. After she gave a salute to Spitfire, she gave a smile to Scootaloo. "What are you two talking about?" Asked Rainbow Dash.

"So if i may be so bold to ask, why?" Celestia said, giving her guest an annoyed look. "You have terrorized my little ponies."
Her guest sighed. "Lets just say that i am desperate. I have no other choice than peace."

The room was quiet for a moment before Celestia spoke. "And how can i know that you won't try something like last time. You can probably see why i have my doubts."

"I can see that you have your doubts but i can assure you that no harm will come to your dear little ponies." Said the guest.

Celestia thought for a moment. "If i would say yes to this i want the elements of harmony with us. They can assure me that you wont try anything like last time."

Rarity was working on her latest creation for the Canterlot elite when she was disturbed by a loud belching sound. She grunted and put down the lavender fabric on the table. "Spike dear, i thought i told you to keep those obnoxious belches down. I have an important order to finish."

Spike did not hear his wife but instead looked at the piece of paper in his hands. As he read it his eyes grew big. "Rarity read this."

Rarity looked confused when she took the letter in her magic. When she had finished reading it she turned to Spike. "We have to get the others."
As much as she wanted to complete the order she knew that this was of greater importance. She and Spike decided to go to Sugar Cube Corner first.
The streets outside where crowded with all kinds of ponies, getting to Sugar Cube Corner would take some time. Spike lifted Rarity onto his back and took to the air, this was much faster than walking. Rarity still haven't gotten used to the idea of flying while on the back of Spike.
They landed outside the sweet shop. Spike opened the door, he was greeted by Pinke Pie and her usual friendly smile.
"Hello guys! What can i get for you today? Cupcake? Donuts? Cake?"

Rarity put her hoof in Pinke Pie's mouth. "Dear we have more important thing to do right now."

After they had gathered Applejack, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle. The Six of the where walking to the train station.
"you did send the letter to the correct address Spike." Twilight Sparkle asked. Spike looked at her and nodded.

"Captain! I have to go!" Rainbow Dash called out when she started flying towards the exit. Spitfire took flight after the new Wonderbolt blocking her path out. "Mind telling me why rookie?"
Soarin' caught up with the two. "I have to meet Princess Celestia, she probably needs my awesome skills. I don't know exactly why but sounded urgent." The Wonderbolt Captain sceptic until Rainbow Dash showed her the letter. Spitfire nodded and Rainbow Dash saluted.
"I will make sure Scootaloo gets home, don't worry." Said Soarin'. Rainbow Dash took of towards Canterlot.

She estimated if her friends took the train then she would arrive at the Canterlot station at the same time as the others.

Scootaloo looked at Rainbow Dash as she flew past above her head. Wondering why she suddenly took of. Soarin' landed beside her.
"Don't worry kid, she was summoned by Princess Celestia." He turned and smiled at her. "I am sure she will be back in no time at all, you don't need to worry."
Scootaloo looked at him still not sure why Princess Celestia would need Rainbow Dash on such short notice, she saw her new adoptive parent getting smaller and closer to the horizon.

Soarin' told once more that she did not need to worry.

Rainbow Dash flew almost as fast as she could, the journey would be long so she needed to conserve her strength. What ever Princess Celestia wanted it had to be important, otherwise would not the request of her presence would come by regular mail not through Spike.
After about one hour she could see the train station, the train from Ponyville had already arrived.

The five ponies and one dragon departed the train. Twilight Sparkle was the first to say something.
"Where is Rainbow Dash? I thought she would be here by now!? Did you send the letter to some pony else Spike!" Twilight's anger was only slight but Spike was still hurt by her words. "I did not send the letter to anypony else than Rainbow Dash!" Spike responded.
Rarity watched ha fierce battle of words until she couldn't take it anymore.
"Please don't yell at my husband!, I never yell at Flash!" Rarity said as she stepped between Twilight and Spike. Twilight looked at her friend. "What about the time you told him his suit and i quote 'You look dreadful, This won't simply do, come here and let me fix this mess'. I thought he looked perfect!" Twilight said while imitating Rarity's voice.
The anger in Rarity's face made it self visible. "I never said that! And besides did he not look better afterward!"
While the two ponies continued to argue Rainbow Dash landed, she looked at the with confusion. They did not notice her standing there. After a while Fluttershy tried to get their attention.
"Um...Girls? Her voice was so quiet that it would be hard to hear it in complete silence. She continued to get the attention of the two ponies in their fierce word battle until Applejack couldn't take it anymore.
She walked up to the two and shouted. "WHAT IN TARNATION ARE YAH TWO DOIN'!!!" Both Rarity and Twilight fell silent, Applejack decided to continue. "Ah thought you where friends. And are we not here for somethang more important than this."

Twilight and Rarity looked at each other.

"Um, did i come at a bad time?" Asked Rainbow Dash.

The Wonderbolt training was over and Soarin' walked with Scootaloo to the exit. "Are you sure she will be back soon?" Scootaloo asked.
Soarin' looked at Scootaloo and saw that her face was full of concern. "Yeah I'm sure. it probably is just some charity of some sort."
The young pony did not look entirely convinced but still nodded. They both took flight towards their home.
On the way over there Scootaloo could not shake the idea that something wasn't as easy as she was led to believe. They both landed at the front door and Soarin' unlocked the door. "Come on, I'll make you something to eat."
The mention of food did distract Scootaloo from her worries. Soarin' made something quick for them both, after they both had finished eating and putting away the dished Scootaloo walked to the front door. He noticed this. "Where are you going?"
Scootaloo stopped. "I am just going out to see my friends."

Soarin' gave her small nod and she went out.
The late afternoon air was calm but yet warm, down below the streets was still populated by a small number of ponies.
She knew that applebloom was working for at least one more hour and so did Rumble. She decided to visit Sweetie Belle instead.

Sweetie Belle had moved out of her sister's house a year ago, but it still looked like Rarity's house. She landed and knocked.The door opened and revealed a brown earth pony. "Hello Button, is Sweetie Belle here?" Asked Scootaloo.
Button Mash shook his head. "She left a little while ago, i think she was going to Sugar Cube Corner."
Scootaloo thanked Button Mash and turned around.

When she was on her way to Sugar Cube Corner she saw Diamond Tiara walking alone, not wanting to talk to her she flew faster. However it wasn't enough. "Hey look! There flies the blank flank!" Scootaloo stopped when she heard those words.

Diamond Tiara still teased her about not having a Cutie mark yet, Silver Spoon had grown tired of this, after that the two best friends no longer talked to each other. That and the fact that Silver Spoon started dating a blank flank.

"I don't have time with this Diamond Tiara, i just came home from the Wonderbolts and i want to see my friends. Not that you would know what having friends is like." Scootaloo said.

Her former and still current bully's ears shot up. "Did you say Wonderbolts!?"

The castle gates opened slowly as the group of ponies and one dragon walked into the castle. They have visited the castle many times but they where still amazed by the beauty of the ornate windows and walls.
Four royal guards led them to a large oak door and motioned them to wait. It didn't take long for Princess Celestia to approach them. They all bowed.
"No need for that now my little ponies." She cleared her throat. "I know you all wonder why you are here, if you would please step inside." Celestia said.

When they stepped inside they where greeted by a familiar voice. "Hello little ponies, long time no see."

Rainbow Dash prepared to attack and Twilight shouted when she recognized the voice. "YOU!?"

Author's Note:

What happend? A new chapter already?

Yes. I had this idea and it all started to come to me.
I do jump around a bit but i hope it still makes sense.

Hopefully this will take the story on a new road.

And who can this mystery guest be? Cilffhanger!

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