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Love is Rainbow colored - The Hunter

Can Rainbow Dash help Scootaloo improve her flying and come to terms with her own emotions at the same time?

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The start

Chapter one.

Love is rainbow colored

Rainbow Dash awoke with a groan.
The morning sun had awaken her.
She had been up late last night planning for her Wonderbolt training.
But this was a morning she needed to be awake for.
This was the morning se would be teaching Scootaloo to fly properly.

"I have to stop staying up so late"
Climbing out of bed she went to the bathroom to freshen up.
Despite of what other ponies thought she did spend som time on her looks.
When she feelt presentable she went downstairs to the kitchen, after putting on some coffee she made a quick breakfast. After the food was finished and the coffee was finished she looked out of the window and let out a soft sigh.

"How will i help her?"
She knew that Scootaloo's wings where underdeveloped even at her age.
After a while she finished her coffee and put away the cup in the dishes.
Opening the front door she took in a deept breath of fresh air.
The sky was clear and calm.
In secret she was proud of this, before she left the weatherteam she had picked the replacements.
The new weather captain was perfect for the job.
Opening her wings she let out a silent sigh.
Before long she was on her way to the meeting point where she would meet up with Scootaloo.

On the other side of Ponyville Scootaloo was racing through the town.

"Watch out!" Yelled a rather angry looking Lyra

This was the first day of flight training with Rainbow Dash, her parents didn't have the time to learn her to fly properly before the accident that took both of her parents.
This made Scootaloo the primary target to bullies at school.

"I will not fail at this!" Scootaloo yelled! Loud enough for most of the ponies in Ponyville to hear.

"If both Sweetie belle and Applebloom have their cutiemarks why dont i have one?"
It had been a couple of years since the other crusaders had their cutiemarks, but still Scootaloo didin't.
This troubled her greatly, if she ever wanted to fit in she needed that cutiemark no matter what the cost.
She passed Sugarcube corner and noticed her old cursader friends.
Stopping almost instantly she rushed in to her friends.
Hearing the loud noise of her scooter Applebloom turned her attention to the frontdoor.

"Scootaloo can't yah be a little more subtle?"
Sweetiebelle huffed.

"That is not how a lady should behave!" she said as she turned her head upp like Rarity.
This made the others laugh a little.

"I am sorry girls, but i am so exited to start training with Rainbow dash." Scootaloo blurted out.
Both Applebloom and Sweetiebelle looked at Scootaloo in shock before the news hit them.

"O MY CELESTIA!, that is so cool, this is what you have wanted for years." shouted Applebloom.

"Yeah, Rainbow Dash have been quite busy with her Wonderbolt training." The pegasus said.
"Does this mean you would get your cutiemark after all those years?" Sweetiebelle asked.
The smile on Scootaloo's face dissapeared in an instant. The girls noticed this and quickly went over to Scootaloo's side and wrapped her in a big hug.

"Sorry Scoots, i didin't mean to open old wounds."
Scootaloo smiled at Sweetiebelle.

"I know Sweetiebelle." Scootaloo said.
The three of them laughed as the memory their days of crusading came to mind.

"The crazy stuff we did!" Applebloom said as she wiped some tears of joy from her eyes.

"She is late, why!?" Rainbow dash thought to herself, being a Wonderbolt she was used to everypony being on time.
After a while she saw a famliar orange pegasus.

"You are late!" said Rainbow dash with a smirk.
Scootaloo stopped to the right of Rainbow dash.

"Sorry, sorry!" she pleaded. Rainbow dash looked at Scootaloo and sighed. The look on Scootaloos face where that of apology.

"If you want to be a proffesional flyer you got to arrive in time, i can't wait for you every time." The tension was high but it was lifted when Rainbow Dash smiled and said.

"OK Scoots, lets try ten laps around Ponyville as a warmup." Scootaloos jaw dropped when she head that.
Rainbow Dash noticed this and said.

"Don't worry this is easy!" She took of in a blur of rainbows, leaving Scootaloo blinking, shaking her head she quickly chased after the Rainbow blur.
After ten laps Scootaloo was dead tired.

"Please Rainbow Dash i can't take it anymore!"
Seeing Scootaloo this tired made Rainbow Dash a little sad.
She knew that this was a hard task for her and decided that a short break was in order.
When they had rested for a while Rainbow Dash got up and looked at Scootaloo.

"If you want to be like me and be a part of the Wonderbolts!" She said with small smirk, her face turned more serious as she took to the air.

"You need to train your wings as much as possible and more!"
Scootaloo nodded.
Hearing this made Scootaloo swallow.

"Rainbow Dash is right i have to be strong!, if only my wings where normal." The thought in of it self made her ill, Rainbow Dash noticed her sad face.

"Hey scoots if it helps ill ask Soarin' if he will help, ok?" Scootaloo looked up with teary eyes and gave Rainbow Dash a quick hug.

"Promise?" she asked.
Rainbow Dash looked att the teary eyed Scootaloo.

"Of course!"

At the Wonderblot academy Soarin' was just finishing his exercises.

“Good Work Soar!” Spitfire called.
Turning around, Soarin' saw his Wonderbolt captain and saluted.

“Yeah i was kinda awsome!”
After about ten seconds he sighed.

“I don't know how to tell her.”
Spitfire walked over and put a hoof on Soarin's shoulder.

“You will find a way, i know you will.”
Soarin' looked at his captain and smiled, he knew she ment it and that Rainbow Dash was the mare for him.

“But what am i to do?"
Spitfire smiled at her commrade

“You will figure something out.”
He said nothing but instead hugged Spitfire.
She felt a little awkward about this, The sounds of laughter from Wave chill did not help.

As the day turned to evening, Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash was finishing up some basic flying manouvers.
When they landed Scootaloo was panting greatly.

“Please tell me that was the last exercise for today?” Scootaloo manage to say between pants.
Rainbow Dash answered with a smirk

“Yeah, and you did great today.” This made Scootaloo's mood improve.

“But i can't help you for some time as i am returning to the Wonderbolts tomorrow.”
Scootaloo sighed and turned to Rainbow Dash trying her best holding in the tears.

“Yeah i know.” Scootaloo said.
Rainbow Dash smiled.

“Maybe you could ask your coltfriend for help?”
Scootaloo's eyes went wide as she quickly answered back.

“Rumble isn't my coltfriend!”
Immediatly Rainbow Dash started laughing and causing Scootaloo to blush.
After what felt like an eternity for Scootaloo she stopped laughing and wiped her eyes.

“Ok Scoots i need to get home and get some sleep, see in two weeks!”
Rainbow Dash said as she went and hugged Scootaloo.
Scootaloo Waved at as Rainbow Dash took off.
While she was flying she suddenly realized what she said erlier.

"I can ask soarin' for help if you like"
A blush formed and she picked up speed.

"I can't belive i said that out loud!"

Soarin' paced around his room at the Wonderbolt HQ.

I will tell her tomorrow!
He had been trying to ask Rainbow Dash out for a date for some time now, but he could not muster up the courage to do that.

Some Wonderbolt i am!? I can't even ask her out, i have battled against dragons but can't ask a mare out?
His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a knock on his door. Opening it he saw Rapidfire standing outside with a huge grin on his face.

“What do you wan't?” Soarin' asked knowing that Rapidfire would probably try to tease him for not having the courage to ask Rainbow Dash out.

“I just thought i'll drop by to check on the Number one charmer!” Rapidfire said.
Soarin' facehoofed.

“I will have you know that i am going to ask her out tomorrow."
Rapidfire answered with a chuckle.

“If i had a bit for every time i have heard that i would be rich!”
Soarin' groaned and slamed the door shut, he could hear the laughter outside.
While Rapidfire was laughing he didin't notice Spitfire approach.

“I don't see you trying to ask somepony out.” Spitfire said with a serious voice.
As he heard her voice he immediately stopped laughing, turned around and quickly gave a salute.

“At ease Rapidfire.” She said with a smirk.

“Can you atleast try to be nice to him.” She continued.
Rapidfire felt a little guilty and simply stared down at the floor.

“Sorry.” He said.

“I will tell him i am sorry tomorrow before training."
Spitfire smiled when she heard that.

“Good, now remember that i will be watching” She said and gave him a quick salute, he immediately did the same and then turned and went to his own room.

“See you at 0700 Spits!”
As he walked towards his room he coulden't stop thinking.

Maybe i should try and get a marefriend, i am quite the catch afterall!
He let out a small chuckle as he got to his room.

Spitfire turned to Soarin's door.

End of chapter one.

Author's Note:

This is my first fic and English isn't my main language. Please be gentle, comment and enjoy.

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