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Love is Rainbow colored - The Hunter

Can Rainbow Dash help Scootaloo improve her flying and come to terms with her own emotions at the same time?

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Settling down

Chapter five

Settling down.

Over at Sugar Cube Corner a pink mare noticed that her tail was twitching, this was not a unusual sight here. Still the Cake family looked at Pinkie Pie with confusion,

"Pinkie! What's happening?" Asked Mr.Cake. The amount of twitching did worry him, something about it seemed to indicate that something big was about to happen. Pinkie Pie made several gestures signaling to prepare for a massive party. Mr. Cake nodded and started to preparing. Pound Cake came down the stairs and looked at Pinkie Pie. "It's a big one, isn't it dad?" His dad nodded. "I'll get sis."
Then in a flash Pinkie Pie ran out of the store. She bolted through Ponyville. Her destination was set, she was going to get Spike. His unique way of sending messages was perfect. Rarity was not prepared for the amount of force entering her shop.

"PINIKE PIE! What have I told you about this, please be more gentle next time!" Pinkie Pie promptly ignored her and rushed to the fashionista. "Where is spike!?" Rarity looked slightly confused.

"Calm down dear, what's the matter?"
Pinkie Pie was gasping for air, before she could react spike came down the stairs. He had begun walking on all fours, after all he had grown larger. Almost bigger than Big Macintosh. His wings was a thing to behold. Even bigger than the biggest pegasi, still they seem to fit him. Overall he was the same Spike. He saw the two and asked. "What's going on?"
He was rushed by a pink blur. fearing for his life he wrapped his wings around him, Rarity draged the pink mare of Spike. As spike drew back his wings, he noticed that Pinkie's tail was twitching. "It is something big isn't it?" She nodded. This motion was all he needed He gave a reassuring smile and gave her a big hug. "Just tell me what's happening."
Wiping her tears she said. "I think Twilight is having a baby."
Spike's eyes doubled in size and Rarity was about to faint. Quickly Spike caught her.
It was dead silent for some time before Spike said something. "Twilight pregnant!? How do you know this!?" Rarity was still too shocked to say something so Pinkie decided to continue her quest.

Both Spike and Rarity looked confused. The serious look on Pinkie Pie's face was real and it showed that this was important. Spike smiled and walked away to get his writing supplies. Meanwhile Rarity had one question on her mind. “If I may be so bold to ask you? What about Rainbow Dash?”
Pinkie Pie just smiled and said. “She is with Twilight silly.” Rarity just stood there with and said. "I don't even want to know how you know." At that moment spike came down with his writing supplies and started writing what Pinkie Pie Said.
After the letters had been written and sent, Pinkie Pie told them to come over to Sugar Cube Corner in about an hour. This was much to Rarity's dread, it meant that she only had roughly an hour to get ready.

On her way back Pinkie noticed a stallion with a light brown coat and green eyes walking down the road. She could see that something was wrong, he almost looked depressed. She had to help him, but the quest on hoof was of greater importance for now. “I will see you later don't you worry.” She thought as she continued.
When the doors to Sugar Cube Corner busted open the ponies inside jumped. Inside there was streamers and banners, even the famous party cannon was ready. The only thing missing was the oversized sign.
They where just about finished when the invited guests came in.
“Wow, you weren't joking when you said it was big.” Said Rarity.
Just behind her was Fluttershy, who simply nodded. Applejack came after her and remained silent. Big Mac who had followed Applejack nodded just like Fluttershy. Everypony greeted each other before a new voice was heard. "I hope i didn't miss anything?" All of them turned around to see no other than Princess Luna and next to her Princess Celestia. The Princess of the sun just shook her head. "Dear sister, i am sure that we haven't missed anything."

A short while later six ponies landed outside of Sugar Cube Corner, one of them noticed the darkness inside. “Oh no, it looks like Pinkie Pie has prepared a party.” Rainbow Dash said. Twilight looked at her and said. “But for which one of us? She have to know about you and Scootaloo” They both looked at each other and shrugged. “Can we please go in already!?” Came from behind. The two ponies looked back. They saw Scootaloo tapping her hoof on the ground, having a look of boredom.
Soarin' gave a light chuckle as he approached Rainbow Dash.

“Come on, don't let your daughter wait any longer.” He said. This resulted with him getting punched in his shoulder. “Don't be silly, she dosent need to call me that. Of coarse if she wants to I'm fine with that.” Rainbow Dash said. Scootaloo looked a little embarrassed about this. Even though she didn't want to say it in front of other ponies, she wanted parents. And parent that where members of the Wonderbolts was a big advantage.

As they opened the door they were showered with confetti, above them was a big banner saying congratulations Twilight.
Twilight brushed off the confetti from her mane. "How did you know? I mean i haven't told anypony beside Rainbow Dash and her family" Twilight asked
Pinkie just laughed and said "Well duh, my tail was twitching." Twilight just brushed off this comment, knowing that she had an ability to predict stuff it was to be expected. The mention of Rainbow Dash family haden't registred with Pinkie Pie at that moment but Rainbow dash walked up to Pinkie Pie. "I have a suprise as well." Pinkie Pie's ears perked up. Rainbow Dash cleared her throat and said. "I am adopting Scootaloo, so she will be living with me and Soarin' from now on." The room nearly exploded with cheers as Dash said that. Next thing that happend was DJ-PON3 appeard from behind a DJ table. Loud techno music filled the small but yet roomy sweetshop. Twilight had to ask the DJ to keep the music volume down a bit. She explained that she would get a headache from this volume. The party was fun but calm, this had to do with Twilight wanting everypony to keep it down.

Sweetiebelle and Applebloom walked up to Scootaloo and gave her a big hug. "Ah can't belive it, you finally have a family!" Appleboom said, Scootaloo gave her a look that reminded of the look Applejack had given her when she asked about her own parents, "Ah am mighty sorry, i didn't think about it."
Scootaloo shaked her head. "Don't worry, i know you didn't mean to say that." She let out a happy sigh and continued. "This is everything i have wanted. I have a wonderfull coltfriend and the coolest parents in the world." Sweetiebelle looked at her. "Coltfriend?" Scootaloo looked at her friend and said. "Yeah, Rumble and me are going steady. How about you and that nerd?" Scootaloo awnswerd. The blush on Sweetiebelle told her averything she needed to know but still she was told off. "He is not my coltfriend! And Button Mash is not a nerd!" By this time Applebloom was rolling on the floor laughing. Both Sweetiebelle and Scootaloo looked at her. "Where is your coltfriend then?" Scootaloo asked. Applebloom stopped and looked at them both. "Well he is busy. Some adventure in the mountains." She told them.

As the young ponies where talking Celestia walked up to her former student. "Hello Twilight." Celestia's voice was calming as always. Twilight almost immediatly shifted her attention to her former mentor and gave her a hug. "This is a big step for you, but i am certain that is nothing you can't handle." Celestia said with a motherly smile. Twilight gave her a nervous smile. "I hope i am ready for this, i mean it is a big step and i want a foal of my own. But what if i can't handle it?" Celestia gave a smal nuzzle and smiled. "I know you can handle this Twilight." This made Twilight calm down a bit. She gave her former mentor a small nod and proceded to enjoy the party. As a matter of fact so did most of the guests there. Rainbow Dash was bragging about her being in the Wonderbolts infront of the younger ones. Spike and Rarity was sitting by themselfs having romantic conversation. Fluttershy was quiet as always, but still couldn't keep her eyes of a certain red earth pony. Pinkie Pie ran around serving everypony and Applejack was making polite conversation with Princess Luna.

Congrats and good luck's where made during the party and soon it came to a close, most of the guests had left and it was time for Rainbow Dash and her new family to say goodbye. "Well Pinkie, it was a nice party but i need to head home." She yawned. "Soarin' and i have training tomorrow." She noticed Scootaloo by her side. "I hope you have a room prepared for me, i don't want to sleep on the couch." That question was a mixture of both surprise and happiness. Rainbow Dash had already prepared a room for Scootaloo and decided that she could watch her and Soarin' train. She smiled at her and said. "Of course!"
As they left they left as a family. Scootaloo could not be more happy. But Rainbow Dash was deep in thought.
When they got home Rainbow Dash showed Scootaloo her new room. It was decorated with Wonderbolt posters of both Soarin' and Rainbow Dash. Scootaloo was in awe over the posters, but one thing caught her eye. It was a picture on her nightstand. When she walked up to it she saw that was a picture of Rainbow Dash, Soarin' and her. This simple thing was enough for the tears to start flowing. She rushed to her new guardian and gave her a big hug. "Thank you!" She shouted.
Rainbow Dash happy to hear this. "I am glad you you like it, but it is time for bed." Scootaloo looked up at her and looked a little sad, she had wanted to stay up. Rainbow Dash simply smiled and said."If you want to come with us to the Wonderbolts HQ then you need to wake up early." The young pegasus nodded and darted for her new bed in her new home. Both Soarin' and Rainbow Dash smiled and walked out towards their bedroom. They haven't been together long but still Soarin' had decided to move in.

The alarm was sounding loudly, both Soarin' and Rainbow Dash forced themself up. Soarin' was kinda used to get up this early but Rainbow Dash could never get used to it. "Can you get Scootaloo ready?" She said to Soarin' as she went into the bathroom not expecting a no as an answer. Soarin' yawned and walked out of their bedroom.
Rainbow Dash's house was quite large even for her new family, it had room for atleast three more ponies.

The hallway only had two more doors and the one on the oposite was Scootaloo's. Rainbow Dash had insisted that she had a nearby room much to Scootaloo's joy. Soarin' walked up to her room and knocked. The return was a muffled sound of somepony saying something. Soarin' waited but after a while he knocked again. "Come on Scoots, we have to leave soon, you don't want to miss the trip to the Wonderbolt HQ?" Soon after he said it a loud noise was herd from the room and the words. "Ok, i am up!"

Smiling to himself he returned to the room he came from. Meanwhile in the shower, Rainbow Dash was thinking.
The soothing drops of water did little to calm her thoughts. "I want one." she thought.
Soarin' walked downstairs to the kitchen. Scootaloo was already prepared to go so she dashed after Soarin'. "You sure seem eager." Soarin' said as Scootaloo appeard like a flash in the kitchen. Her smile was almost to large for her own face, it was almost like Pinkie Pie was in the room. "Everypony is going to be suprised and specially Rumble!" Scootaloo said with a small blush forming on her face.
The breakfast was quick but efficient and in no time the three of them was ready to head of to the Wonderbolt HQ.

Author's Note:

Ok, first off. I am sorry to give you false hope. I did press the publish button instead of edit. But here it is! The new chapter.

I have been working a bit more on it, trying to get my grammar and spelling correct. Still if you find anything wrong with those, please tell me.

Let's just hope the next chapter come out soon. I like to writing it and i like it when others enjoy it.

Keep calm and read on.

BTW. A new fic is on the way and it is connected to this.

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