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Love is Rainbow colored - The Hunter

Can Rainbow Dash help Scootaloo improve her flying and come to terms with her own emotions at the same time?

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Trouble ahead!

Chapter Eight

Trouble ahead!

The journey was uneventful to say the least, nopony had mentioned the incident with Luna and the Guard and most of the passengers where in fact asleep. Only Twilight and Chrysalis was awake. They where silently reading, not wanting to say anything.
In a couple of hours they should be home.
But Twilight could not stand the silence and the burning question she had in her mind had to be answered.
"How come you waited this long to negotiate a peace treaty?"
Chrysalis put down her book and looked at Twilight, she knew this question was coming. "If it was up to me i would have came to you sooner!"

This made Twilight interest rise. Chrysalis sighed and continued. "I know what you are going to say, no i am not the sole ruler. I have a number of changelings that keep things in order if i can't or won't. A sort of council of you like."

Twilight didn't know much about the changelings and her mind was working overtime recording everything.

"But what about the invasion of Canterlot? It's something none of us will ever forget."
The look on Chrysalis face changed to a pained one. Twilight noticed this. "Yes that! It wasn't the smartest thing i have ever done. But i don't really want to talk about it right now."
"But we certainly would hear it" The changeling and the alicorn turned to see Princess luna standing in the doorway. Her face was neither happy or angry, more one of determination. "Our sister never told us why you decided on peace, so hearing your side of the invasion would certainly help us ease our mind."
Chrysalis still looked pained about this subject matter. "Well if you insist! I have not been Queen long when the council talked me into attacking Canterlot to make sure we had a steady supply of love. As foolish as i was back then i went along with the plan. They where all power hungry, perhaps more hungry for power than love." Chrysalis sighed before she continued. "As for the reason for peace? I don't want my children to starve any longer, and one of them is already on his way there. He was the final straw. The way he spoke about his longing to live among ponies made me think. I decided that peace was the only option."

Chrysalis looked down, if Luna and Twilight could feel emotions as Chrysalis did they would feel her sadness.
"But i thought you said that changelings could survive on more than love?"
When Twilight asked this Luna looked surprised. "Yes we can survive on more than love alone, but it is what keeps our reserves of magic full. Yes i know that unicorns and alicorns get their magic from within, but not us changelings!"

Suddenly the doors opened and a very tired Rainbow Dash walked out. "Can you guys keep it down!? Someponys are trying to sleep."

"We are most sorry, but there was some things that needed clearing up." Luna said.
Rainbow decided she would stay up, the sun was about to rise anyway. Luna politely left.
"So when are we due in Ponyville Twilight?" Rainbow asked. Twilight looked at the passing scenery and turned back to Rainbow. "I would guess in about one hour. Why do you ask?" She returned with a smirk. Rainbow's wings flared up and a slight blush appeared on her face. "No reason!" She said a little louder than she intended.
Chrysalis giggled. "My, i think she wants back to her love. And it is more than one." As Rainbow managed to get her wings under control Twilight spoke. "I also want home to my love, he is so well behaved. He would never do anything that would upset me!"

The rest of the journey went by quickly and soon the train arrived at Ponyville station. A large group of ponies had gathered at the station platform because of the decorated train. When the steam had cleared the first thing heard was somepony shouting "CHANGELING!" Panic started to spread in the crowd. Ponies was runing back and fourth trying to get away, some even fainting on the spot while some of the stallions prepared to attack. However it all changed when Luna stepped out. "CALM DOWN MY LITTLE PONIES! DON'T BE AFRAID OF HER, SHE IS HERE PEACEFULLY!"
The effect of the Royal Canterlot Voice did what it was supposed to do, most of the ponies stopped running. And how could they not they were in fact knocked down by the sheer force of Luna's voice.
Twilight cleared her throat "Please let me explain, Chrysalis is here to live in peace with us, to learn of friendship with our kind and to someday be forgiven for what she has done!"
No pony would believe what they where hearing and some could not hear at all as of an effect of the Royal Canterlot Voice.
They all departed from the train and started walking towards the appointed house for Chrysalis, it was a modest house, not to small or to big and situated close to Twilight's house. They all said their goodbyes and started heading home. Chrysalis house had a pair of guards outside. Celestia had insisted that they where stationed there for security.

Twilight sighed and walked home, when she entered her home and also the town library she triped on something. Or rather somepony. "Flash!?" She stood up to inspect her husband, he was lying on the floor and stinking of last night's alcohol. The anger in Twilights eyes where enough to even make Discord shy away. "OH come on! Like i would be scared of her!?" Please Discord, don't interrupt the story!" "Fine, but i am telling you, i am not scared of her!"

Rainbow Dash had nice slow flight back home, she wasn't due for training for atleast two hours. As she landed at her front door she was greeted by Scootaloo. "Hey kid miss me!?"
Scootaloo couldn't look her legal guardian in the face.
"What's wrong kid?" Rainbow asked. Scootaloo was about to say something when Rainbow spotted something on the couch.
The sight that greeted her was Soarin' lying on the sofa. He did not look like he normally did, it was a more troubled look. Almost as if something was wrong. "What happened?" Asked Rainbow Dash as she walked over to her coltfriend.
"He passed out drunk just outside, me and Rumble had to carry him inside." Scootaloo answered.
Rainbow Dash stopped and turned around. "When did you find him?" Scootaloo thought for a moment. "I would say about 10 pm."
Anger was filling Rainbow Dash. "You mean that you had Rumble over here at 10 pm!? You are not to bring Rumble over that late! Don't do that again if none of us is here!" Scootaloo whimperd."But Soarin' was here. He just happen to be asleep."
The anger that Rainbow Dash had felt was quickly disappearing.The sight of Scootaloo being scared of her was something she never wanted to see. she knew that Scootaloo never would do something stupid with Rumble at home. But if she did, she would find Rumble and make him regret it!.
"Scootaloo, i am sorry. I didn't mean to shout at you. I only want to protect you, both of you are still young." Rainbow dash said.

Scootaloo ran to Rainbow Dash and gave her a hug. "I am sorry, but i promise you! Nothing happened between us last night." This was not a direct lie but Scootaloo didn't feel it was the right time to mention what happened earlier. Just as the two ponies seperated from their hug Soarin' groaned. "Ow my head!" Rainbow Dash turned and looked at Soarin'.
His eyes where bloodshot and his mane was a mess, more than usual. He was an absolute wreck.
"Soarin' what the hell where you thinking!? Don't you know we have a training session soon?" Rainbow Dash said.
He slowly sat up before he answered. "Relax Dashie. Training isn't today." Rainbow dash pointed at the calender. "Yes it is, today is Saturday! You know we have training on Saturdays! Spitfire is going to kill you if she sees you like this. Go up and take a shower now! I will make some strong coffee."

Flash Sentry was lifted into the air by an angry Twilight. "Please Twilight please put me down! I think i am going to be sick."
Twilight looked him in his eyes. "Only if you explain why you where out drinking last night! I remember clearly that we had a discussion about this. You promised to not drink while i was pregnant." Her words where a mixture of anger, sadness and disappointment.
He took a moment to collect his thoughts, which was not easy due to his hangover. "I am sorry! I only went out to have one drink, but then i met Soarin' and before i knew it i was on the floor." Twilight gently put him down and looked away from him.
"Can you promise me that you will never do this again while i am still pregnant?" Flash smiled and nodded. "No Pinke Promise!" She said.
He tensed up a little, he knew what would happen if he didn't keep the promise. It was almost as if Pinke Pie was watching.
"Of course i'm watching! How else would i know if somepony breaks the promise?" "Not you too? Can't i write this in peace?" "Okie dokie loki! If you say so! I'll leave you alone!"
Flash did the little chant that came complete with gestures. Twilight hugged him hard when he was finished, he could feel his coat getting damp. "Honey are you ok?" Twilight released him and looked at him with teary eyes. "I can't believe how lucky i am to have you!"
They soon engaged in another hug and stay like that for some time. When they finally parted Twilight felt it was time for a question she had on her mind for some time. "Flash dear? What shall we name our little colt?" Flash was surprised but still happy. "How do you know it's going to be a colt?" She looked down at the floor. "I went to the doctor and she told me it was a colt." He smiled at his wife before he answered. "Well in that case i think we shall name him...Night Sentry!"
Twilight was about to kiss him, but backed away when she smelled his breath. "Ok. Night Sentry it is, but you need to take a shower and brush your teeth!"

The extra strong coffee did help Soarin' to clear his head from last night's adventures but was still reminded about it with a headache. Rainbow Dash had told him to concentrate extra hard so Spitfire wouldn't notice.
If it where that simple.
"SOARIN' What the hell is wrong with you!? It's the third time you messed up today!" Soarin' gently glided down to Spitfire. "Sorry captain. My mind was somewhere else." He said, not wanting to tell her about last night.
However. Spitfire recognised the bloodshot eyes and the lack of concentration. "Where you drinking last night!?" She shouted.
He had trouble looking his superior in the eyes. "Yes, i am sorry. It won't happen again!"

Spitfire walked up to him. "I am sure of it. Soarin'. You are hereby suspended without pay for three months!" Rainbow Dash heard this.
She flew down and yelled. "You can't do that!" Soarin' couldn't say a thing.
"Rainbow Dash please. You know the rules, every member has to be able to preform at their best at all times. That includes training, breaking of that rule is serious. But because i know Soarin' i was being nice. Normally the punishment is suspention for six months without pay and a permanent mark on the records."
Soarin' finally snapped back to reality. "Spitfire i am sorry." He took of and Rainbow Dash was about to go after him. But she was stopped by Spitfire. "Rainbow Dash please don't. I know you want to go after him, but your duty is with the Wonderbolts and if you leave now you could be suspended or worse. I am sorry but i did not make the rules."

Author's Note:

Well here it is! The next chapter. It took a little longer than i wanted to write this. But it is here at last.
I wanted to this chapter to be mostly about Twilight and Chrysalis. But because this fic is mainly about Rainbow Dash and Soarin', i decided to end with them. And with a slightly sad one.
The changeling that Chrysalis was talking about is the main character in another fic i am working on. It will hopefully be ready soon.
And what about the name of Twilight's son? Good or bad?
Please let me know in the comments and don't be afraid to ask if you have any questions!

---///The Hunter\\\---

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