• Published 8th Jan 2014
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Love is Rainbow colored - The Hunter

Can Rainbow Dash help Scootaloo improve her flying and come to terms with her own emotions at the same time?

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Chapter Four


"I guess that the training with Rumble payed of." Rainbow Dash said.
Scootaloo looked over at Rumble, he no longer had a face of confusion but instead a warm smile. She looked back at her wings and noticed that they where more like Rainbow Dash's wings. Stronger and bigger. Although she could not understand how this could happen, was it the training? A blur of questions was racing in her mind.

"How is it even possible? I have never heard of something like this happening before." Scootaloo said
This time it was Soarin's turn to speak.

"I know of one time." He moved closer to Scootaloo and whispered. "It's a secret to everypony, promise that you won't tell anypony." Scootaloo nodded. "The truth is, i had weak wings when i was younger too, but things turned out ok anyways."
Hearing this made Scootaloo gasp. She gave Soarin' a big hug and after about a second she felt the other ponies join them, she decided that she could get used to this. When they parted Rumble gave Scootaloo a quick peck on the cheek.

"You know, Rainbow Dash asked me if i could help with your training. And since we are already here, do you want some tips?"
Scootaloo's face went blank for a moment and Soarin' looked concerned. She came to her senses and nodded.
Scootaloo thought to herself. "I must ask Twilight about my wings."

With the training from the two Wonderbolts her flying skills where increasing greatly.
However one thought was on Rainbow Dash's mind. Back at her house she was pacing back and forth while Soarin' was sitting on the couch watching her, he was worried about her and was about to say something when she charged at him.

"She can live here!" Soarin' looked at his marefriend not knowing who she was talking about. He looked in her eyes and asked. "Who?"

"Scootaloo of course! She can't live on Sweet apple acres forever and i have plenty of space." Soarin' could see both the logic and the flaws in her idea. He knew that Rainbow Dash had the space to accommodate the you pony, but what if Scootaloo didn't want to move in? It was a decision that could both hurt and help the young pony. He looked into her eyes and saw that whatever he said would not change her mind.

"So what do you think?" Rainbow Dash asked.
Soarin' was unconfortable with the answer he had. but it was important that he said it anyway.

"Have you talked to Scootaloo about this? Maybe she doesn't want to move in?"
Rainbow Dash backed away, the thought of Scootaloo not wanting to move in with her hero was foreign. She debateted with herself for a while before she turned to Soarin'.

"I guess i shall ask her."
Soarin' hugged her. He knew the words had made her think, but he also knew it was the right kind of thinking. He released her and gave her a goofy smile.

"Then lets go."
The two ponies flew off to Sweet apple acres. On their way Soarin' saw that Rainbow Dash was troubled. "Now is not the time to tell her." He tought to himselft. Rainbow Dash didn't notice that his face changed from a smile to a face of concern.
Sweet apple acres was fast approaching fast and they both landed at the barn. Knocking at the doors Rainbow Dash was expecting Scootaloo but instead she was suprised to see a sad Rumble.

"If you are looking for Scootaloo you are out of luck, she is not here."
Rainbow Dash looked confused. "What are you saying? Where is she?" Rumble started to tear up. "SHE BROKE UP WITH ME AND FLEW AWAY!"
The two Wonderbolts was startled, the sight of Rumble in tears was almost to much for Rainbow Dash. She was both angry and confused. Rumble was drawn into a hug by Rainbow Dash, her shoulder was getting soaked by his tears. Soarin' took the opportunity to ask the only question that needed to be asked.

"What happend?"
Rumble parted from Rainbow Dash and wiped his tears. "She....She told me that the Wonderbolts was more important than anything, i didn't agree. Apparently i was wrong"
Hearing this made Rainbow Dash boil with anger, she never thought that Scootaloo would say something like that. She have always been proud of her fan, but this was something unexpected.

"Where is she!" The anger was apperent.
Rumble looked at her. "I think she went to the lonley tree at the hills, why do you ask?" Rainbow Dash looked at him with eyes of determination. "I need to talk to her about something." She took off before somepony had anything to say.
Soarin' looked at Rumble and said. "Show me the way." The young gray pegasus looked down. "She doesn't want to see me right now." Soarin' put a hoof on his shoulder. "Listen kid, you know that isn't true. When Rainbow Dash have talked to her she will recognize the mistake she made." Rumble looked at the Wonderbolt. "You think so?"
"If i learned anything as a Wonderbolt, it is that if something is important then you pursue it!"
Rumble thought to himself. "He is right, Scootaloo is going to forgive me, i hope she can understand why i said what i said."
He looked at Soarin' and they both nodded. The Wonderbolt knew what he was going to do, Rumble gave a weak smile and took off.

At the lonley tree Scootaloo was filled with anger about what Rumble said. "Stupid Rumble, how dare he interfere with my dreams!!
She punched the tree, the thud was nice and she punched it again.

"What do you have to say young lady?" She knew this voice all too well. This made Scootaloo freeze in place. "How long have you been standing there?"
Rainbow Dash moved closer to Scootaloo. "Long enough. Care to tell me why you broke upp with Rumble?"
Scootaloo looked at her with angry eyes. "He told me that joining the Wonderbolts wasn't the most important thing!" The tears was streaming down her cheeks. Rainbow Dash sighed and looked Scootaloo in her eyes. "The most important this is the thing that makes us what we are. Friendship and love. I don't know why you thought that being together with somepony you love would hinder you from being part of the Wonderbolts. It didn't stop me." Scootaloo looked a bit confused at this. But in her mind i was too late, she and Rumble could never be together again. "Rumble will never forgive me, i must avoid him at all costs!"
Rainbow Dash sighed and out a hoof on Scootaloo┬┤s shoulder. "That isin't you Scoots. If you really believe that then you are right, but it isn't what you really believe deep down? That is what you need to ask yourself." The gears in Scootaloo┬┤s head was visibly turning, could Rainbow Dash be right. I didn't feel like it, something had to confirm if it was what she really thought. At this moment she saw two ponies approaching.

"Scootaloo, please can we talk!?" Her ears picked up the voice of Rumble and was preparing to fly away but was grabbed Rainbow Dash. "Scoots you are going to talk to him."
Rumble landed infont of Scootaloo and there was a long silence between them. Scootaloo and Rumble both had tears in their eyes. After what felt like hours Rumble was the first to speek. "I am sorry. I know that the Wonderbolts are your biggest dream and that me thinking that i can intrude on that was dumb."
Tears was now streaming freely down Scootaloo's cheeks. "No Rumble, i was wrong. The Wonderbolts is my dream but i know that there is room for you." She hugged him hard. "Can you ever forgive me?" Rumble just moved away from her and smiled. "Of course."

"I wonder how her training is going? I haven't talk to her for some time. What do you think Flash dear?"
Flash Sentry looked up from his book he was reading. "I don't know, why don't we go and have a look?"
The thought never occured to Twilight since she was studying but it seemed that Flash had a valid point. She looked at her workload and decided it was a good idea. Flash Sentry had no time to put a bookmark in his book before Twilight draged him outside.
They both took the air, knowing where Scootaloo usually trained.

The four ponies was training when they where interrupted. "Twilight! What are you doing here?" Rainbow Dash asked.
Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry landed and where greeted with the usual hugs. "Well we wanted to see how Scootaloo was doing." Twilight said. Flash looked at the four ponies in front of him. "I was dragged here."
Rainbow Dash withheld a small laugh and said. "That really sounds like twilight, but still. It doesn't explain why you are here. You can always visit her at Sweet Apple Acres." Twilight gave an awkward smile. "Well i thought a fieldtrip was in order and what better way to study pegasus growth than Scootaloo." Rainbow Dash looked annoyed.
"Rainbow Dash don't be angry, you know how she is." This time it was Twilight's time to look annoyed. "I don't mind her studying my flying, it is special after all."
The alicorn smiled and Rainbow Dash nodded. "If you want i can try some tricks with Rumble." He looked shocked at this but still flew after Scootaloo. Rainbow Dash flew after them closely followed by Twilight Sparkle. Soarin' walked to Flash Sentry. "She has become quite a flier." Flash smiled. "And Scootaloo too." They both laughed.
Rumble and Scootaloo was preforming simple tricks infront of Rainbow and Twilight, althought these tricks where simple by the standards Rainbow Dash was used to she was still impressed. Not long ago Scootaloo couldn't even fly and now she was doing loops and barrel rolls. The pride was enough but it was something other that made Rainbow Dash stop the young ponies.
"Scootaloo, Rumble can you stop? I need to talk to Scootaloo about something." They both stopped, Scootaloo was a bit nervous, Rainbow Dash seldom called her by her full name. She followed Rainbow Dash to a nearby cloud. It wasn't to far away from the others but still far away for them to have some privacy.
"Listen Scoots... I was wondering about something... Do you want to come live with me and Soarin'?" Scootaloo blinked, did she really just ask her to live with the two greatest Wonderbolts of all time? "I..I..I don't know what to say!" Rainbow Dash saw that Scootaloo was thinking overtime, she decided to lay down the biggest question. "And i wan't you to be part of my family."
Scootaloo didn't quite understand what she was hearing. "But we are already sisters?" Rainbow Dash sighed. "No Scoots i was thinking of something closer, like a family."
Down below Rumble was trying to hear what they where talking about, once in a while he started to hover closer to them but was pulled down by Soarin'. "What do you think they are talking about?" Soarin' leaned closer to Rumble. "If i know Rainbow right you will know soon enough."

"Now listen Scoots, i have always loved you and felt that you where a part of my family but i want to make it official. I want to adopt you." Scootaloo's face went blank, after some time she came to her senses. "You mean like i am your daughter and you'r my mom?"
Rainbow Dash blushed and nodded. "Kinda, but i know you are a little to old to be thinking about that and you don't need to call me that. Still i want you to have a real home and family." She was suprised at what happend next as she was assaulted with a great big hug from Scootaloo. "OH MY CELESTIA YES!!!"
The other noticed this and all but Soarin' looked confused. For he knew what was happening on that cloud, still he decided to play it cool. It wasn't long before the two returned to the others, both sporting great big smiles. "Hey guy guess what?" asked Rainbow Dash. Because of the looks on the others she decided to tell them. "I am going to adopt Scootaloo!" This was met with looks of both confusion and joy, the first one to speak was Twilight. "Are you sure about this? I have read that it is a lot of work." Rainbow raised an eyebrow. And how come you know this? I mean it isn't something anypony reads about without reason." Asked Rainbow. A small blush was starting to appear on Twilight. "I needed information on the subject!" This wasn't enough for her and gave a look that demanded an answer, Twilight noticed this and decided to continue. "Well i was researching because i am...Pregnant." Flash put his arm around Twilight. The look on the others was of shock but it quickly turned to joy. They all started to cheer loudly.

"Well that is quite the news! Lets all go to Sugar Cube Corner to celebrate! My treat!" Rainbow Said knowing that Pinke Pie would be there to throw them a new foal party.
They all left towards Ponyville and Scootaloo thought. "Best day ever!!".

Author's Note:

Sorry about the delay, i had a bit of a writers block. So this chapter is kinda rushed towards the end. I will be working on the next chapter but i don't know how long it will take to write it. That being said, i did enjoy writing it and seeing the nice responses.

So to conclude. Please keep reading and commenting.

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