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Greetings World. You may call me Nyronus. I write stories, among other things. My hobbies include existential ennui, being Princess Luna, and Saving the World. Feel free to hit me up on Steam to chat!

Red Stories 90 stories
  • Red Stories 90 stories A story which was meaningful and impactful, but only in the short term. Its charm fades over time. Breezier stories which while amusing or touching in the moment, move on with the wind.
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  • Gold Stories 18 stories A story with both high meaning and impact. A story whose themes resonate with me deeply, whose observations carried great meaning in my life, and whose flaws do not drag these down. My personal best of the best.

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  • Red Stories 90 stories A story which was meaningful and impactful, but only in the short term. Its charm fades over time. Breezier stories which while amusing or touching in the moment, move on with the wind.

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Twilight Sparkle has been abandoned.

After an expedition into the badlands is torn to tatters by an unprecedented monster attack, Twilight finds herself stranded in a hostile environment with no safe way back home. With no supplies and no survival training, It all seems hopeless for the scholarly unicorn until she is discovered by a type of creature she has never seen before. A changeling named Thorax, a native of the badlands.

With Thorax's knowledge of the environment, he is Twilight's best chance of getting home safely. And by that same token, perhaps Twilight is the best chance the timid, pacifistic drone has of discovering something he has lived his entire life without.

Set well before the Season 2 Finale.

Cover art was drawn by me.

This is a spiritual successor to The Bug in The Herd, and The Bug in The Basement.

Edited by Mister Hypothetical.

Chapters (26)

The Monarch of the Sun has, after a long and glorious life filled with joys and hardships, finally stepped off the mortal coil. As ponies gather for the state funeral to say goodbye to the longest ruling, beloved ruler of Equestria, Princess Twilight Sparkle starts the procedings with an announcement that Celetia requested delivered on her death bed.

This story is based on the following internet comic: Follow after reading the story.

Chapters (1)

Darkness holds dominion over the world. Cinders of Sun and Moon gathered from a long-forgotten catastrophe are all that remain to shelter the village from the consuming void. But their power wanes. Lanterns of Sun and Moon held close against his chest, a stallion takes up the mantle of light bearer and forges into the abyss to return light to a world that has all but forgotten it.

Beyond the safety of the village gates, he will meet a voice of shadows and starlight, and many are the revelations it has of the world he thought he knew so well.

7/10/19 update: This story has been completely remastered to meet my 2019 writing standards! Enjoy!
Love this story? It's available in hardback and paperback!

[Cover art by Ventious]

Chapters (16)

Eric, easygoing local human, is winding down for the night when he receives an unexpected visitor.

He is a good host to them.

Chapters (12)

Shortly after her coronation as the new Princess of Equestria, Twilight is visited by a creature she never expected to see in person. What's even more unexpected than the identity of this petitioner, though, is his reason for coming.

Maintenant en Français grâce à la traduction merveilleuse d'Acylius!
(Now available in French thanks to the wonderful work of Acylius!)

Partially inspired by the Imposing Sovereigns II contest under the prompt "Twilight/The Old."

Chapters (1)

Sunset wants to practice using her empathy magic and her girlfriend, Twilight, offers to help. Twilight seems unexpectedly excited about the idea.

Through Twilight's memories, Sunset learns just how much she means to her girlfriend. How much she always meant to her ever since they became friends.

Thank you to my beta readers: Nyronus, Pwnego and especially JWolfSilver

Chapters (1)

Rarity is good at making dresses. In fact, she's the best. But even she didn't know that her latest dress would be more than the fashion sensation of the season.

Now she was going to have to add wing-holes to all her outfits, and everypony seems worried about her latest creation.

Chapters (1)

Twenty years. Twenty years spent sitting on a stone plinth, with birds getting absolutely everywhere. That kind of experience can change a pony, or a changeling. As long as she stays ahead of the newspapers and mail service, that story might even hold up.

A story about grudges, love, and the power of unremitting hatred.

No particular reason for the T rating, just covering my bases with how much Chrysalis teases ponies.

Special thanks to everyone who reads my works, follows me, or just happens to look at this -- you deserve to be happy too buddy, just like all our little buggy friends and even Chrysalis herself.

Written as my entry in FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns II contest.

Chapters (1)

Flash Sentry is the best kind of friend a girl can talk to about her heartfelt crush... ... ...which will never be him.

Chapters (7)

The School of Friendship is burning down.

Happy holidays.

Written for GaPJaxie as part of the Jinglemas 2018 event. Edited by MrNumbers, Pearple Prose, Undome Tinwe, and R5h

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Chapters (1)