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Greetings World. You may call me Nyronus. I write stories, among other things. My hobbies include existential ennui, being Princess Luna, and Saving the World. Feel free to hit me up on Steam to chat!

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Tavi is gone. One day, she packed up all her things and left. Now I'm all alone, and I don't know what to do with myself. There's an ad in the newspaper promoting an experimental program called Project Rita. It says that it allows ponies to see the future of their relationships in alternate realities. Perhaps I could use it to see Tavi again?

1st place winner of the Right Back At It Again! - 2020 Shipping Competition.

Recommended by Seattle's Angels

Edited by MissytheAngle

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There's a crime wave gripping the sleepy town of Apple-Morepone, and nopony on the City Watch seems to care. Corporal "Rainbow" M. Dash naps through her patrols, her partner Dobby is an infamous kleptomaniac, Captain Rhymes is a drunkard, and the entire Watch is a group of burnt-out misfits.

They're about to meet a batpony (adopted) by the name of Carrot, visiting town to return an overdue library book.

And none of their lives will ever be the same.

A crossover/homage to the "City Watch" books of Terry Pratchett's Discworld, written to be readable without any familiarity with the series (though they're excellent, and if you do read them you'll catch my Pratchett in-jokes).

Winner of Aragon's "Comedy Is Serious Business" Contest! "I was quoting this offline for days, forgetting where I was remembering the lines from. … This story made me legitimately jealous, both of its cleverness and of its funniness." –Contest judge MrNumbers

Rated ★★★★★ by Louder Yay! "The best comedy I've read in a long time."

"Highly Recommended" by Super Trampoline! (Video review here @ 09:17) "It's 13,000 words long, but it doesn't feel long, because so much fun stuff is happening."

Other reviews: Present Perfect | City of Doors

Thank you to Themaskedferret and Caliaponia for prereading, and GaPJaxie for motivation/inspiration!

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Twilight Sparkle and her best friends have been sent to the paradise islands of Iluikatliltik for over a month so that Twilight can learn the secrets of the ancient Iluikatliltik ponies—a tribe who have mastered Earth Pony magic like no other culture has.

Each of her companions has a role to play... although it just might not be the one they wanted.

But really, what else could Applejack's role be?

**This is a commission for GaPJaxie
*Additional thanks to The Masked Ferret for moral support and The Abyss for combing through the mess of words for mistakes.

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Princess Luna is delighted to learn of her dear friend Fluttershy's crush on Big Macintosh, and enlists the "aid" of Rarity and Applejack to make their romance a success.

Five-star feature on Equestria Daily!

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There are certain obligations to be fulfilled by the Canterlot Elite when duty calls. One must never back down from assisting others when to refuse aid would shame the entire aristocracy, one must never complain about assisting others, and one must never ask for aid when they can physically manage to avoid getting other court members involved. It's not a standard that many nobles are able to hold themselves to, but it's certainly expected, particularly for strapping young up-and-comers like Blueblood.

Still, Blueblood wasn't expecting to have to conduct a tea ceremony for a foreign delegate, particularly when he knows nothing about the delegate or the ceremony itself.

It's a seemingly impossible task, but when the alternative is publicly losing face, Blueblood might not have a choice at all...

Chapters (1)

Princess Twilight and Rarity are dating.

The other Rarity in Twilight's life isn't quite sure how she feels about any of this.

Chapters (1)

In a miscommunication gone awry, Starlight Glimmer has killed Twilight Sparkle with a fork.

Luckily for Twilight, Starlight's already acquired a resumé in doing the impossible.

She's totally got this.

Coverart created by Lord Destrustor!

Chapters (1)

When Twilight Sparkle was four years old, her mother bought her a tombstone.

Dedicated to Regidar. He's a real one.

Edited by MrNumbers and R5h.

Chinese translation by Hehelover

Russian translation by Repitter.

Patreon. Ko-fi. Picture of me looking handsome

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The crazy, crazy adventure of two journalists as the whole of Canterlot falls to the worst, possible thing.

Warning: Features my wild, runaway imagination :pinkiegasp:

Written for: The cuddle maniac's contest

Prompts used: All of them!

Edited by The Best Dasher
Preread by Burnt Bread

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It's Hearth's Warming Eve, and Rarity is FAR too busy to go save Equestria. Luckily, there's one pony she knows she can count on.

A story for Olden Brony, written for Jinglemas 2017.

Inspired by the kindness of Princess Derpy

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