Flash Sentry is the best kind of friend a girl can talk to about her heartfelt crush... ... ...which will never be him.

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It is something is the environment though. Just not what you think it is.

Rainbow is giving me Call of Duty flashbacks. My friends were never out skilled, only out hacked.

“There's a girl,” Flash Sentry said, absorbing himself into the distance. “A girl that I have never met. And yet... I've no doubt that I would fall in love with her the moment I saw her.” A deep breath. “Which is precisely why she'll never exist. She's just too perfect. She's everything I want and fear all at once. I would love for you to meet her—all of you—if only so she'd be real to someone. And maybe—just maybe—with her around... everything would make sense. Everything would be as it should be. Even if... even if I can't be there to admire her. I think... I think I would be okay with that. If she was here and I wasn't anymore. It would be just right. Or—at least—it would be way less st-stupid than it's always been. It would be less stupid th-than it is right now...”

I know I'm missing something here, because all I'm getting from this is either pen pal or narcissistic cross-dresser. And I doubt it's either.

Oof. I know what it's like to be the nice guy and still be single. =/

Edit: That sounded way less self-centered in my head. XD

“My thoughts exactly! Why—Flash Sentry, are you psychic?”

“No,” Flash exhaled. “Just here.”

Great line.

Fluttershy giggled again. “And you're also so delightfully funny. It mystifies me why Sunset ever stopped going out with you.”

Flash exhaled long and hard, staring into the hard turf of the soccer field. “The truth only gets funnier...”



I don't think you could make me love Flash Sentry any more than you already have, Skirts. Like, god damn.

"... You guys do know you're on team chat, right?"

I'm...not sure what to say about this. It's...different.

Hey, if he didn't vent some of it, he'd explode in a massive cloud of confessions and confidences.

I'm not entirely sure where you were going with that last soliloquy, but this was still a very nice tale of ships and sadbois. Thank you for it.


He's expressing his absolute loneliness and despair.

Flash: "The plan worked out as predicted, Master"
Cadence: "Gooood."

Forget the frogs, they're turning the freaking ponygirls gay!

I'm missing something too. He's got over his love of the Princess, obviously, so this girl he's thinking of... is it Felicity? Probably not, but I don't quite follow.

Whatever, it's surprisingly moving. Pinkie's ability to make the lonely and depressed smile, to take a bit of that sunshine out of her heart and put it into theirs, sometimes feels like it's coming from somewhere deeper and more important than MLP or EG ever are on the surface. This is one of those times. So much more could be done with her, and I like seeing people write a 'redemptive love' Pinkie. I wish that was the vision of Pinkie Pie that predominated in the fandom. (Damn you, Cupcakes.)

It's a hypothetical girl.
His ideal.
He's expressing his loneliness.


Just your average online conversation

I like the interaction between these two. Pinkie is always the one who gets to Flash. I’d love to see more, they could be besties.

I always enjoy the way you portray Flash. He's a genuinely nice guy who's the for his friends.

As for his romance woes, I hear Timber is single...

Everyone has their breaking point I suppose. Good show.

You don't have to be lonely by yourself, I guess

Hm. Not a bad read. Awfully short though.
Wish there was more to Flash than what was presented.

Not bad so far.

How the heck did Flash get suckered into painting the Sparkles guest room...?

With Applejack, honesty really is the best policy.


Well, unlike the others Rarity didn't say keep it secret....

That doesn't make sense to me. I'll have to read the whole thing again.

I think you're talking about different things, Poeme is talking about how Pinkie cheers up Flash after he talks about the hypothetical girl.

Adore that last paragraph. He might not ever meet his ideal, but that doesn't mean he can't enjoy what he has now before they inevitably all go their separate ways in the future. Hop to it Flash!

I can't stop laughing. "Screw it, I'm just gonna tell her that Rarity's in love with her."


I wasn't sure if it was that or he was wishing he... was... that girl? I dunno?

Maybe I'm extrapolating too much from Skirt's previous Flash stories where he wants to dress up in dresses and stuff. I mean, not that necessarily has anything to do with being a girl; and I'd... sort of assumed it actually didn't and that if Flash wants to be a dude that dresses up in princess dresses and stuff, more power to him, y'know, but the way he said here that he'd almost this hypothetical her rather be there than him made me wonder? Kinda?

He's being a very helpful volunteering nice guy. Fortunately, it seems he's not falling into the 'nice guy' trap of that making him feel entitled to something. Unfortunately, he might not be getting enough out of it to avoid a substantial degree of frustration.


Actually, it's match chat, and Fluttershy is on the other team.

It's hard for a girl to have a crush on someone who can rock a skirt better than they can.


I'll show myself out now.

I think I'm asking more along the line of him and SciTwi never seeming that close. So, the idea that he ever would have been asked in the first place seems weird to me. Not a big deal, just weird.

a grown man powerful to a bubbly friend's tug

Powerless instead of powerful?

... I'm not sure if "buxom" is the right word to describe someone's arms. It's more, ah ... torso based.

Still, cute shipping all around. I can't hate Rarijack shenanigans.

It's a statement that is literally about your internal experience. Of course it's going to be self-centered, but that's okay in this context.

You can NEVER go wrong with Lynard Skynard.

Sure you've met her Flash. Name's Muffins. :derpytongue2:

And you've patiently stuck it out all this time by her side while she dated Timber Stupid.

I'd have gone with Timber Skeeve or possibly Timber Sleaze, but that works too.


You know, looking back at the last chapter, Rarity never did swear Flash to secrecy like the others, so... I think he's safe here.


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