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As a writer you ask yourself to dream while you're awake. As an editor you ask yourself how to change a story while leaving it the same.

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Flurry Heart had continuously struggled to keep and maintain true friendships her entire life. Never knowing who to trust, she constantly looked for a place she truly belonged. Looking to challenge herself she reluctantly begins studying at Celestia's School of Magic, just trying to keep her options open.

Upon arrival she is met with new potential friendships and challenges. With the help of the Mane Six and some new friends (and acquaintances) she tries to gain a better understanding of friendship by looking at the history of Equestria itself.

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Dusty Clouds is a simple pegasus. She wakes up, she eats, she robs a bank with her posse, and then she sleeps.

One day, after what seemed to be a normal heist, Dusty finds a member of her crew has been captured by the sheriff. Upon going back to retrieve her, Dusty is apprehended by royal guards. She finds herself whisked away to Canterlot, where she meets Princess Twilight. Twilight tells her she has been chosen to act as a guinea pig for the new Criminal Reformation and Acclimation Program. She is far from interested, but she finds she has little choice in the matter. To make matters worse, she is stripped of her magic and partnered with the most annoyingly peppy pink unicorn. They have to learn to work together in order to get back what they lost and regain their freedom, and perhaps find something else along the way.

NOT beta read, we die like my free time.

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(Pre-season 9)

If a better world was in reach for you, if you could reach someplace that was better if it meant leaving behind everything you've ever known, would you take that chance?

A new pony arrives in Ponyville, someone kind of odd, but nice enough. At the same time, Twilight's discovered a disturbance in the fabric of reality. But these two events couldn't possibly be connected...right?

Cover art created by NixWorld

HOLY SMOKES, I GOT FEATURED! (4/30/20) Thanks, everybody!
(And again on 5/4/20!)
(Again on 5/14/20)

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Amanda was never a very popular girl. She was always too strange, too eccentric, and her obsession with a TV show from years ago certainly didn't help. She lived a fairly bland, lonely life, but she never would have said she was unhappy if you asked her.

That all changes when she wakes up to find herself transported into that very TV show. And she's not just in Equestria; She's at the start of it all, the very first episode. Knowing she can't afford to let the opportunity pass, she leaps into action, ready to join the adventure and help the Mane 6 along their journey!

Things rarely go so neatly, though, and before she can even meet Twilight, she runs into a pony who, by all accounts, shouldn't be there. Trixie is in Ponyville, and she can't believe what she's hearing. The story is just too unbelievable.

How could she be a villain?

Sucked into a reluctant alliance, Amanda—now a pony going by Starfall Sage—must try to steer Trixie towards a good ending, but as she'll discover, that's a lot easier said than done.

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Zipp braves a magical storm to save Maretime Bay, and meets two mares from a time lost to history.

A tribute (?) of sorts to https://www.fimfiction.net/story/465824/never-forever.

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It has been nearly sixty years since humanity witnessed the devastation of a World War, or any other kind of large-scale conflict. Equestria's abstinence has been even longer, with battles that rage across the entire land not being seen for centuries. Though both have seen their share of small-scale skirmishes, a duel of total annihilation across a large scale has been avoided by both sides time and again.

But peace is never lasting. For both sides, it lies on a cliff, requiring only one good push to send the participants into a plunge of death. Equestria's unexpected appearance may turn into that final push, as alliances, deception, and distrust threaten to launch a conflict that will lead both worlds to utter ruin.

This work contains characters and parts created and written by other authors. I am grateful to have become friends with each of them.
Captain Jack R. Williams of the U.S.S. Boxer (LHD-4) created and written by An A10 Warthog
Captain Wilbur Hart and the U.S.S. Tippecanoe (CG-74) created and written by Totallynotabrony
Captain Starry Skies and the R.E.S. Horseshoe Bay (CSG-2) created and written by The Grey Pegasus
H.M.A.S. Sydney created and written by An Iowa Class Battleship
H.M.C.S. Presence created by Sockeye101 and written by The Rainbow Brony
USAF Pararescue team Prancer Two created and written by CptBrony
Carter Jones of the 130th Engineer Brigade written by Routine Blast
1st LT. Silverglow and the Karalian Army created and written by Silverstein.
Sergeant Jeff Thompson of C Troop, Royal Canadian Dragoons created and written by Goldenarbiter
Junior Sergeant Korrector and the 115th Motor-Rifle Division created and written by Kalash93
(More may be added over time)

Rated T for violence and language.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust and owned by Hasbro.
Any and all other works belong to their respective creators.

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Hitch and Sunny have known each other for years, having grown up together along with spending their whole lives in Maretime Bay. It's no surprise that the two are close friends, a bond that hasn't been broken no matter what.

So imagine Hitch's surprise when Sunny stops by his office one day with a proposal: She wants to go on a date with him. And she's not taking no for an answer.

With no other options, Hitch agrees to the date even though he's extremely nervous. He doesn't want to jeopardize his friendship with Sunny if things don't work out, and he has no idea what Sunny has planned for him.

(Featured on 4/26/2022.)

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The Blue Angels: the greatest stunt pilot group on or above Earth. When one of their recruits is involved in a horrible mid-flight accident, the last thing he ever expected was being saved by a blue angel of his own...

^------------Inspired by this epic pic by johnjoseco.deviantart.com

WARNING: This story contains quite a bit of Applied and Theoretical Physics, so just a heads up! ^^;

Also contains strong language/suggestive content when appropriate
MAY become mature later on depending on reader feedback...which I do greatly appreciate and welcome :)

Further Story-related information may be found here:http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/92839

Ponyville Reference Map for this story: http://s938.photobucket.com/user/9moviefan/media/PonyvilleMap-1.jpg.html?sort=3&o=78

Song Playlist (warning, may contain spoilers!) :
Blue Angel Playlist

Blue Angel now has a TVTropes Page!

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This story is a sequel to A Dazzling Sleepover

The Human World is seen as the dumping grounds for Equestrian threats that are too much to handle. The biggest, most notable example of which was the Sirens who are now regular human girls trying to get by.

Thankfully, it wasn't that difficult.

After becoming more friendly with the other humans of this world, the Sirens are starting to comprehend strange new human traditions and values such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, as Equestria's magic starts to corrupt parts of the city, they have to weigh dealing with their own lives alongside defending against these threats.

Including anything else that just so happens to get left over from Equestrian conflict...

Landed on the Featured Tab on 3/7/2022 and 3/17/2022! Thanks everyone!

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After years and years of working for King Sombra, it was a surprise to see six new faces, desperate for her help. Nopony had ever asked her for help before...
This was a decision that she regretted immediately. The following series of events made the mare wish she could take it all back. Maybe if she didn't betray King Sombra, she wouldn't be here. She wouldn't feel useless.

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