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As a writer you ask yourself to dream while you're awake. As an editor you ask yourself how to change a story while leaving it the same.

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Don was never interested in MLP or anything, while his friend Samantha (or Sam for short) is a total pegasister. One day he caught her up, as she was watching "Call of the Cutie", he couldn't help but ask what all the fuss was about.

He was never a fan of someone's destiny being predicted beforehand and in result the whole cutie mark thing went totally against him.

Sam isn't completely against the idea, just wants to have a choice.

Now, let's throw two blank flanks into Equestria.

Edited: 02.09.2015

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The Mane 6's future offspring get stuck in the past and now their mothers must help them get back, or else be stuck in this time forever! With the help of the Royal Sisters, Doctor Whooves, Princess Cadence, and Shining Armor, can they do it? Hilarity ensues.

Supporting Cast: Princess Cadence and Princess Luna
Sorry, this is cancelled so don't bother reading it. Thank you!

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"Remember this, my dear ponies: A time has come for six to done the forms of feline. They will thwart the plans of an evil one, and thus save the clans.”

A prophecy has arrived through Crookedstar. There will be six of a kind that will save the clans from a terrible fate.

Issue is, he didn't realize who he needed to find. He left Starclan and walked over into the other world.

Now, it's up to the mane six to try and save these four clans, recently divided due to the aftermath of the battle with the Dark Forest.

Can the clans survive this trajedy?

Events take place after The Last Hope (I have not read Bramblestar's Storm). Cover art is by Twilight Raichu on DA, link is below:

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Vinyl Scratch, also known as DJ P0N-3, was performing in a club, when she saw a depressed mare sitting at the bar. In Vinyl’s eyes she saw the most beautiful mare in Equestria. That mare was Octavia Melody, a Cellist from out of town. Vinyl has fallen head over hooves for her, but how would Octavia take the news of what Vinyl really is?


I'm proud to announce the rework is OFFICIALLY underway, after years of hiatus. I WILL get this done.

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StormFlash was just a royal guard. He never thought that love could just suddenly strike the heart at will. When he falls for a Griffin, the two fight to stay together though all kinds of hardship.

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