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Spike has been abandoned by his friends at the Grand Galloping Gala. While wandering the halls of Canterlot Castle, he finds himself stumbling upon a peculiar pony.
(Season One Finale Alternate Ending)
(Originally Written As A One-Shot)

Chapters (2)

When Rainbow Dash was a young filly, she enjoyed a strange, but powerful connection to a supposedly legendary being from a distant land, one only achieved in slumber. Unfortunately, as time marched on and the two grew into stronger individuals, the link, in turn, began to grow weaker, eventually disappearing entirely. Of course though, nothing like that is truly lost forever. Now, with both fully grown and fighting on distant battlefields, the connection is reemerging when both need it most. With it, Rainbow Dash will soon learn of a dark conspiracy that will put her element to the test and the fate of everything in her hooves.

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Twilight was expecting to have a nice, relaxing morning bath. What she did not expect, was for Rainbow Dash to interrupt her by crashing through the window. Twilight, instead of yelling at Rainbow, invites her to take a bath together.

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[Second-person romance fic starring "you" and Lyra] Months have passed since you, a human, have appeared in Equestria and were taken in by a pony by the name of Lyra Heartstrings. Now, you and her are the best of friends, being nearly inseparable.

But what happens when you begin to develop more romantic feelings for the musical mare? Will you face rejection and ridicule? Or does Lyra have some secret feelings of her own?

NEW! Internet Reading!

Chapters (14)

Alone and far from home, Luna has sought out the changelings. Completely in their power Luna is entirely at the whim and mercy of the Queen of changelings, but what has prompted this strange encounter?

Chapters (30)

[Second person fiction between you and Luna]This story is a more realistic take on a pony X royal sister fiction in the sense of how it would actually happen. After a spell cast by Princess Celestia goes awry.....you, a simple brony, have been sent directly to Equestria. No, no instant cutie marks or instant shipping is in this fiction. Trust me, I know what I'm doing. However, if you don't like human in Equestria stories OR steamy scenes, then stay away from this fiction. Simple as that.

Chapters (3)

Rarity has fallen hard for the lavender mare from Canterlot, but there is just one problem, that certain mare from Canterlot is completely oblivious to it all. Thus, Rarity does everything in her power to escape the dreaded friend zone, from skywriting to asking Twilight's parents for help. But will it be enough? Probably not. After all, Twilight is rather naive, but a mare's gotta try.

The pic that inspired this story, and the cover pic credit goes to ~SigneTheSlaske of Deviantart.com, check them out for more great artwork.

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Audiobook/Readalong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIljqBNLhtg. Very professional and well made. Voices for each character, sound effects, and background music. Highly Recommended.

After being touched by the great story My Little Dashie written by ROBCakeran53, I wanted to give the story an ending, something that would bring closure to all. Rainbow has finally returned back to the lands of Equestria, but things did not go as well as the ponies were hoping. Meanwhile, Dad is having a brash confrontation with magic and other-worldly situations.

UPDATE: EpicBG has decided to continue on with my continuation (lol), but in his story, my Epilogue never happened, so go into his story knowing that. His is about the adventures of Dad and Dashie in Equestria, go check it out, its quite good. Here is the Link!

Chapters (16)

Getting a college roommate is random chance.
Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you get a pony.

Rainbow Dash enrolls at an Earth university.

Update: and then some other stuff happens.

Chapters (27)

Two stabs were all it took for Equestria's best young flyer to fall.

She was all alone that night, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but then it happened.

Cover image is not mine, that belongs to whoever it belongs to.

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