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Damn it, Twilight, I love you! - Sam Cole

Rarity tries to tell Twilight of her feelings, hi-jinks ensue

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The problem with eggheads

Damn it, Twilight, I love you!

By Sam Cole

Inspired by SigneTheSlaske of Deviantart.com

"Rarity sure was happy to see you today Twi," Spike said as he and Twilight trotted happily back to their library treehouse. "She never looks like that when I come over," The small dragon pouted.

“Well you don't bring her rare books on Saddle Arabian fashion she was trying to find. I'm just glad somepony donated a copy to the library today,and just in time for her birthday. I was tempted to hold it till then, but she was so looking forward to that book, I just couldn't resist getting it to her right away," Twilight hummed as she went. She was always so happy to see her friends taking an interest in books.

And what interest, Rarity had stopped in every day for a week reading everything she could about Saddle Arabia, and finally asked if Twilight could run over that specific book if it ever came in. And what luck, two days later, somepony anonymously dropped off the exact edition she needed, and in such great shape. Rarity was so happy to have it, she kept smiling and laughing. But Rarity did seem a bit lonely, the way she kept asking if Twilight would like to stay for tea or get lunch. Maybe Twilight would throw another sleepover for Rarity, that should cheer her up.

"Well I wish I was that book. Did you see how she was hugging it and stuff?" Spike asked as they walked through the door of their home.

"Yeah, she's really taken a liking to reading lately," Twilight sighed as she plopped down in the middle of the floor and began reorganizing the Arabian section. Rarity had torn it apart, must be a huge project Twilight figured.

"Ugh," Rarity pouted inside her shop, the Carousel Boutique. She threw her copy of the Arabian fashion book to the night stand. "That was a complete waste," Rarity sighed, flopping onto her bed and burying her face in her pillow. She had gone through every book Twilight had to spend time with her, yet Rarity could not get a solid handle on the lavender mare. She knew Twilight would be a bit naive when it came to love, but still, could she not put it together? Rarity had even dropped off the book to be given to her, just to see Twilight again, and even with the ball in her court, Rarity failed.

"Mmmph mrmm hmmph umph," Rarity pouted into her comfy pillow.

"Sis?" Sweetie Belle asked peeking into the room.

"Oh," Rarity said lifting her head, exhaustion painted all over her face.

"Again? Come on Sis," Sweetie chided from the doorway, "Just tell her you love her."

"I tried that, remember?" Rarity said, frowning. Two weeks ago, Rarity had burst into the Library, two shots of Applejack Daniels in her for courage, as the white unicorn shouted out 'I love you Twilight!' Twilight beamed and said, to quote 'Yay! I love you too BPFF!' Rarity had stayed for a bit after words, but found her new spot in the friendzone most uncomfortable.

"Ugh, I hope I never fall in love," Sweetie Belle said walking out again, shaking her head. "You need help sis," She cried from down the hall.

Little did Sweetie Belle know, her words had a far reaching effect, one that Rarity would not soon forget. "Help. Yes, I need help. I need somepony that knows Twilight like the back of their hoof!... But who the hay would that be?" Rarity said slumping down in deep thought. She had a new idea, and this time, it was sure to work.

Rarity busied herself around her shop the next day, just mindlessly throwing together a new masterpiece. She used to take such pleasure in her craft, but lately, it all paled in comparison to how she felt about the lavender mare without a clue. So she didn't even notice the sing song alert of the bell above the door, or the pitter patter of little feet, much less the dragon standing next to her, looking over her shoulder at her work.

"Whatcha working on?" Spike asked, making Rarity scream and spin, tripping over her measuring tape and falling over rather hard. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry Rarity! I didn't mean to startle you!"

"No no, it's alright Spike, really," Rarity smiled as she straightened herself back out. "So what brings you by today my little Spikey-Wikey?" Rarity asked in her songbird voice.

Spike smiled goofily before remembering himself and straightening up as well. "I came by to see if you need any help. Twilight said you have a huge order to fill," Spike said, puffing up a little, trying to look more like a help and less like a hindrance.

"That's very sweet Spike, but I think it's time we talked about something," Rarity said sitting down. Spike looked rightfully confused, Rarity never wanted to have serious conversations with him. Was he in trouble? Rarity inhaled as she faced the music, the sad symphony of letting down Spike. It had been a long time coming, and if her plans was to move forward, this was the first step. With no time like the present, Rarity set out upon her unsavory chore.

"Spike, you are a very sweet guy, and someday-" Rarity began.

"Oh no no no no. Please, don't do this to me Rarity," Spike pleaded, tears rimming his eyes. Rarity bit her bottom lip, knowing this was hard for him to bear, but it needed to be said. It was Rarity's first step to getting with Twilight after all, remove any guilt it might pose her.

"Spike, I'm so sorry, this is hard on me too. I never wanted to tell you like this, but I think it's time I stopped leading you on," Rarity said putting a hoof on the little guy's shoulder. He was so close to tears, just one word away.

"You're- you're not le-leading me on, Rarity," Spike heaved as he began to cry. Rarity sighed and cursed herself as soon as the little guy started, but it was for the best.

"Yes, I am Spike. I should have sat you down long ago and had this talk, I realize that, and I kick myself every time I've had the chance but let it slip past," Rarity said pulling the dragon into a hug. He sobbed harder, staining the white mare's immaculate coat as he did, but Rarity bared through it, with difficulty.

"W-was it s-something that I d-did?" Spike asked, looking up to the big blue eye he had loved for so long.

Rarity swallowed hard and tried to be brave, saying "No Spike, It's something I've done."

"What- what is it?" Spike asked leaning back to get a full view of Rarity.

Rarity now found it hard to speak as she inhaled and exhaled, summoning all her will to finish this now. "I- I fell in love. With- with somepony. Very special to me," Rarity said, whispering the more she said.

"You- you fell in love?" Spike asked, crying even harder.

"Yes," Rarity smiled, hoping the dragon would leave it at-

"Who is it?" He asked. Damn.

"It's- I love- Oh Celestia, this is hard. I love-" Rarity tried but found the words to heavy, there was no way to say them without crushing Spike. "A mare," Rarity settled on, smiling her kindest smile, hoping that would cool the little guy's curiosity.

"A mare?" Spike said no longer sad but rather confused.

"Yes. A mare," Rarity said letting Spike out of the hug and going limp with exhaustion again, this conversation taking its toll.

"I- I never knew..." Spike said taking his chin in his claw.

"Neither did I, till recently," Rarity said floating over a large pillow for her to lay on.

"So that's why I never see you with any colt. You always seem to hang out with other mare's almost exclusively actually..." Spike mused.

"Yeah, I guess I do..." Rarity thought, playing back her memories to see if that was true.

"And lately you've been spending so much time with Twilight and..." Spike said, then deadpanned, as Rarity did the same. Spike looked over to Rarity slowly, eyes as large as dinner plates. "No."

Rarity just smiled, a type Fluttershy called her Squee smile.

"Twilight! You're in love with Twilight!" Spike shouted, rising off the floor a tad.

"I'm so sorry Spike. I never meant to hurt you! It just happened. I tried to tell myself it was wrong, But it was hopeless!" Rarity pleaded now, talking with both hooves as she animated her conversation.

Spike made several false starts before he finally managed. "No. It's okay. I want you to be happy. And Twilight is a great catch, I'm sure you two would take great care of each other." It was hard for the little guy to say this, but he knew it was the right thing to do. He loved Rarity so much, he only wanted to see her happy, even if it cost him his happiness.

Rarity sighed, and hugged Spike as relief flooded into her for the first time in weeks. Now there was no turning back. "Thank you Spike, that means a lot to me that you're okay with this."

"So does Twilight know?" Spike asked, instantly undoing all of Rarity's joy in one shot.

"No. But it's not like I haven't been trying," Rarity said crestfallen.

"Well, what did you tell her?" Spike asked. Rarity cracked, and spilled the whole story to the dragon, how she had come to realize she loved the lavender mare, to how she had tried so many times to tell her.

"I even donated my copy of Saddle Arabia: Dress Like a Queen to the library so Twilight would bring it over. I had tried to tell her, but I just couldn't seem to get the words out yesterday," Rarity said in defeat.

"Well, I've never known Twilight to be that great at picking up on social cues. She probably doesn't even know you're interested in her," Spike said, leaning back as they continued on. Rarity was struck by a sudden realization then, that her prayers had been answered. She had the one pony that knew Twilight best, it just wasn't a pony.

"Spike! Oh bless you! You can help me find a way to get Twilight to notice!" Rarity cried hugging the small dragon.

"Yeah, sure. That's just what I wanted, to help the love of my life win over the only family I've ever known," Spike said rather dejected. Rarity smiled as she tried to seem upbeat about the idea herself. Really she didn't want to ask this of Spike, but there was no pony better for it than him. Fate was just going to make this hard on him today Rarity guessed.

"Oh, thank you Spike. I will never forget this," Rarity said hugging the dragon again, nuzzling him.

"So how can I help?" Spike said, though the words left a bitter taste in his mouth.

Rarity straightened up and breathed deep, "Well, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm an expert in reading about romance, but not actually..." Rarity professed, shifting her hooves about.

"Ah, I get it. You know how to be swept off your hooves, but have no clue how to do it, right?" Spike said smiling. He was taking a bit of pleasure in knowing that Rarity really had no clue how to get what she wanted.

"Ha ha, yes," Rarity slumped, her eyes pleading to the dragon for help.

"I dunno. I'm just a baby dragon, remember? I've never had a fillyfriend before," Spike said. Rarity mulled that thought over and got an idea.

"You're right. But lots of ponies here in town have. Surely one of their stories will inspire me on how to win the heart of Twilight," Rarity said standing and posing dramatically. Spike rolled his eyes.

"So where are you going to start?" Spike asked, and Rarity faltered again.

"I'll just ask the first couple I find," Rarity said, heading to her kitchen, knowing of one such pair in her own home.

"So let me get this straight pumpkin," Magnum, Rarity's dad, said over his lunch, "You're in love? Alright, who is it? I need to go scare this colt up something fierce."

"Oh, stop it Mag, honestly," Rarity's mom, Pearl, chided. "I think we should be happy for her. So baby cakes, who is he? Is it that nice Apple Family Stallion?"

"Um, no, it's definitely not any stallion in town. Look, the who doesnt matter. I just need help finding out how to get them to notice me," Rarity pleaded.

"Like bucking apples it doesn't matter young lady," Magnum said, putting down his lemonade and wiping his mustache clean.

"I don't want to push ya baby cakes, but I think we have a right to know," Pearl supplied. Rarity swallowed hard.

"It's- oh my- ahem, um..." Rarity floundered, blushing so fiercely the room was warming up. "T-Twilight. Twilight S-Sparkle."

Rarity's folks just blinked, not sure they had heard her correctly. "Pumpkin, did you just say Twilight? As in your friend Twilight, that runs the library?" Magnum asked. Pearl sat down hard, all the color absent from her already pale coat.

"Y-ye-yes," Rarity managed, unable to look her father in the eyes.

"But she's a she," Magnum said. Rarity could feel his eyes burrowing into her.

"Yes. I know Daddy," Rarity squeaked. She hadn't meant to come out, not like this. But in her overzealous attempt to find an answer, she accidentally put it out there.

"Well, um... Honey?" Magnum asked.

"Well, I guess we don't need to worry about you getting knocked up then," Pearl said, and she began to laugh, losing control as it rolled into full blown hysteria, confusing Rarity. Even her dad was joining in the laughter.

"What, pray tell, is so damn funny?" Rarity asked looking at them now with fire in her eyes.

"Oh pumpkin," Magnum said as he tried to catch his breath, "Your mom and I remember when you were little, you always boasted about how you would never love anyone outside the royal family where you belonged so badly."

"So, I've grown up, and I can recognize my feeling now as true and worthwhile," Rarity proclaimed, standing tall. "I refuse to be given that life now, I will make it on my own. And if that life includes Twilight, then I couldn't be happier."

"Baby cakes, you don't get it, do you?" Pearl asked.

"Get what?" Rarity asked hotly.

"You just fell for some member of the royal family. Twilight is a lady of the court, by position and her brother's marriage," Pearl supplied. Rarity blushed all over again.

"Oh. Oh I guess I have now, haven't I?" Rarity said, her light blush turning crimson again.

"Oh pumpkin, we love you no matter what, you know that," Magnum said walking over with Pearl and hugging their daughter.

"And we're glad you trust us enough to tell us and ask for our advise. That means a lot baby cakes," Pearl said.

"So, can you help me?" Rarity finally asked, so much stress she had never even expected melting away.

"Hmm, well," Pearl began, "Yes, I think I can, What won me over was your Dad's amazing Karaoke skills. It was a fun night, I was out with the girls, and there he was, standing tall on stage, singing that dumb song," Pearl said, smiling as the memory came back to her.

"Hey, everypony loves Folsom Stable Blues," Magnum interjected. Rarity and her mom laughed, imagining the stallion singing was quite new to Rarity. But on the plus, she had a plan.

That night, Rarity asked Pinkie and Twilight out for some drinks and songs at the new place, The Double Shoe Bar. Rarity had it all planned out. It was a deviation of her folks, but it should still work just fine. She just needed the moral support and possible distraction of Pinkie if things went sideways.

"Oh my gosh," Pinkie said as they walked in together, "I can't wait. What should I sing first?"

"Pinkie, you have to do these boots were made for trottin. That's your jam," Twilight said as they grabbed a table. Rarity was a bit lost in thought, and didn't even notice that all eyes were now on her.

"Rarity?" Twilight asked.

"Huh, what?" Rarity shook her head, joining the conversation.

"I asked what song are you going to sing?" Twilight asked with a smile.

"Oh, that. It's a surprise darling," Rarity smiled. She was trying to stay cool, calm, collected. But she was failing it miserably.

Twilight smiled though, and together the three had a fun night all around. Pinkie sang her heart out, and every pony loved it. Even Twilight got up on stage and sang, a wonderful time of Respect. Rarity was up next, her hooves refused to stay still as she walked out on stage. The music picked up, and Rarity let it carry her away. This was it, what she had been waiting for.

"Love is in Bloom, a beautiful mare, her dashing friend," Rarity sang. She had changed up the words to be a little more fitting, but hoped Twilight would catch on anyways. Everypony stared, then burst out in cheers. It was quite obvious to everypony in the bar who she was singing to, but Rarity only cared if one pony got the hint.

"Rarity," Twilight hugged her when she stepped off stage. Was this it? "I loved it! So catchy, so hip. You girls are just amazing!" Twilight said pulling Rarity and Pinkie into a hug. No, it's not.

After a full night, the three went back to their homes, Twilight being dropped off first, Pinkie and Rarity continuing on together, living in the same direction.

"Oh Rarity, that was a blast. Thanks for inviting me!" Pinkie said, bumping Rarity who was lost in thought again. "Hey, are you okay?"

"Oh, yeah.. No. I don't know anymore Pinkie," Rarity confessed.

"Is it because of your love for Twilight?" Pinkie asked putting a hoof on the white unicorns shoulder.

"How did you know?" Rarity asked shocked.

Pinkie rolled her eyes, "You sang her song about love, and changed it to be about two mares. D'uh."

"Oh, hehe, yeah," Rarity blushed. This crush of her's would make her a fool before long if this kept up.

"Come on, I'll make you some coffee," Pinkie said bringing Rarity into her bakery. In the kitchen, Rarity and Pinkie found Mr. Cake, up late making some more bottles for the twins.

"Heya girls, have fun?" He asked.

“Oh I had a blast. But Rarity is a bit bummed," Pinkie said walking over and pouring the coffee grounds into the maker.

"Uh oh, everything alright there Rarity?" Mr. Cake asked, looking to her fondly. He tended to act like a dad to everypony nowadays, but Rarity didn't mind.

"I'm in love, and I can't get her to see that," Rarity pouted.

"Her?" Mr. Cake asked a little shocked.

"Twilight. You want a cup?" Pinkie supplied.

"Oh. No no Pinkie, thank you though," He replied.

"Mr. Cake? How did you get Mrs. Cake’s attention?" Rarity asked sinking into defeat yet again.

"Oh that old tale," Mr. Cake smiled. "Well I was a young baker here in town, and one day Cup just walked in to my shop. I was the counter colt on that fateful day, and I struck up a conversation with her. I tried like mad to get her to notice me, but no goings," Mr. Cake smiled, shaking his head a bit.

Rarity perked up. "That's my dilemma now. Please, how did you get her to take note of you?" Rarity asked rising out of her seat.

"He made me a cake," Mrs. Cake supplied from the doorway. "Hello Rarity. So as I was saying, I became a regular, and then one day, I came in for my order, and instead he gave me a big heart shaped cake, with the most beautiful icing roses I’ve ever seen."

Mr. Cake chuckled, "Yep. I was sweating bullets. But lo and behold, when she opened up that box and laid eyes on that bad boy, she was speechless."

"It was the single most romantic thing I had ever seen. Just looking, I could tell how much time and energy he had spent on it. I was sold. I looked up to him and said to myself 'I'm gonna marry him someday.'" Mr. Cake and Mrs. Cake kissed, thinking about everything they had been through. And Rarity was readying another idea.

The next day, Twilight gingerly strolled into the Boutique, getting a rather hasty summons from Rarity. Those were common though, Rarity tended to blow things out of proportion sometimes.

"Hey Rarity," Twilight smiled, "What's up, my BFF?"

"Oh Twilight, I've been working on something special lately, and I was wondering if you would like to get a sneak peek," Rarity said, gleefully.

"Oh Rarity, I would love to," Twilight said taking a seat as Rarity walked over to the pull cord for the stage curtains.

"Twilight, I present for you, my creme de la creme, the Nile Collection," Rarity said pulling back the curtains.

"Oh Rarity, it's beautiful! You really put that book to good use!" Twilight said, and already Rarity felt the moment was close, she had this planned to a tee. "Those colors though," Twilight said lifting a thoughtful hoof to her chin. Rarity perked up, waiting for it. Timing was everything. She had spent all night making this dress in Twilight's colors, to fit Twilight perfectly. It was a white and gold silk masterpiece, to perfectly complement Twilight's natural beauty. "I love it!" Twilight beamed. Rarity knew not to get too excited just yet. Things were going according to plan, but Twilight had a secret talent for ruining those best laid plans. The real test was in the fit.

"Here, try it on," Rarity said floating the dress off of the mannequin and wrapping it expertly around her heart’s desire.

"Oh my goddess Rarity, It feels fantastic," Twilight said turning this way and that looking at herself in the mirror.

"Keep it. I made it just for you," Rarity said, her ace in the hole. This is sure to work.

"I don't know what to say. Thank you Rarity!" Twilight said hugging the white unicorn, making her heart soar. "You're the-" Yes, yes- "best friend-” No, don't you dare Twilight!- “a mare could ever hope for," Twilight said with a smile that made Rarity's treacherous heart melt. Damn. It. All. Why does she have to be so damn cute every time she does that to me?

Rarity sat around moping, Twilight having just left, when a new customer walked in. "Hello, and welcome to Carousel Boutique, where everything is chic, unique and magnifique," Rarity said uneventfully. She didn't care anymore. Maybe she would go put on her fuzzy slippers, it was starting to feel like that kind of day.

"Rarity? Is everything alright?" Matilda asked.

"Hello Matilda, and no, I'm having love troubles," Rarity sighed.

"Ah, can't pick out which one?" Matilda guessed.

"Can't get the one to notice me," Rarity pouted.

"Oh hun, what you need to do is write them a heartfelt note. I'm sure the pen can get across whatever your lips can not," Matilda said.

"Darling, you're a genius!" Rarity said shooting up and heading for the door.

"Rarity! My order?" Matilda asked, making a very sorry Rarity come back and tend shop for a while.

Rarity knocked on the library door. Her stomach full of butterflies, her head swimming. This is it, she thought to herself. The sound of hoofsteps neared the door, Rarity’s anticipation growing larger and larger. This was-

“Oh hey Rarity,” Pinkie exclaimed, throwing Rarity for a loop. But it was mute, Twilight could have visitors, this changed nothing. At least it was the friend that knew already.

“Hello Pinkie. Is Twilight home?” Rarity asked, letting her hopes swell again.

“Hey Rarity. What’s up?” Twilight asked peeking around the door frame.

“I have this for you,” Rarity smiled, shaking slightly. She floated the sealed letter across, letting Twilight take it and open it.

“Dear Twilight,” The lavender mare read, “I love you, more than I could ever hope to tell you. I want to be with you.Please, let me have you for a very special evening, on the 8th. 7 o’clock at Sugarcube Corner. I promise this night will change your life,” Twilight smiled, looking up. Yes, yes. She began to look to Pinkie still smiling. No! Damn it Twilight! “I guess she figured out our surprise birthday party, huh?” How? Every damn time? I mean, really!

“Your what?” Rarity asked, now confused.

“Yepperunnie, that’s why I’m here right now!” Pinkie said, bouncing slightly. “How did you figure it out?”

“Pinkie! Remember what we talked about last night after the bar?” Rarity prompted through gritted teeth.

“Pinkie! You blabbed?” Twilight laughed.

“No I-” Pinkie began but Rarity’s glare halted her. “Yeah... I guess I did?”

“Oh well, no harm no foul,” Twilight said. “See you there Rarity.” Twilight’s smile was so infuriating right now, yet it still filled Rarity with happy bubbly joy. As Twilight retreated into the library, Pinkie stepped up, blushing.

“Sorry Rarity. I know what you were trying. Maybe your note wasn’t big enough?” Pinkie ventured.

“Maybe. I’ll try something else,” Rarity pouted.

“Oh, Send her a singing Pinkie-gram!” Pinkie exclaimed, bouncing a bit. In theory, it was foolproof. Pinkie’s blunt nature along with her infectious singing would surely do the trick.

“I think that might work. I’ll double tap this one. You get the song ready, and when you see the new note, let it rip,” Rarity smiled.

“How will I know you made the note?” Pinkie asked. Rarity thought, and looked up to inspiration.

“Look to the skies Pinkie!” Rarity exclaimed, trotting off to find her friend.

“Rainbow Darling,” Rarity called looking to Rainbow’s favorite napping cloud. A sleepy mare poked her head over the side.

“What? Can’t it wait?” Rainbow called.

“I need a favor,” Rarity hollered back.


“If you help me, I might just lose a Wonderbolts official uniform next time I fill an order,”

Rarity said looking at her hoof as if checking her hooficure.

Rainbow was instantly in front of Rarity, eyes wide. “Whaddya need boss mare?”

“I would like to have a message spelled out with clouds if you don’t mind,” Rarity smiled. She had come too far now to let a silly thing like nerves stop her. Besides, Pinkie knew, how secret could it be?

“You got it! What’s the message?” Rainbow said saluting.

“Twilight, I need you more than-” Rarity began but a hoof stopped her.

“Whoa whoa,” Rainbow said with a frown.

“Ugh, yes, I love Twilight. I have for a bit, and if you don’t like that fact then tough,” Rarity said turning her nose up.

Rainbow blinked, and shook her head, “No no Rarity. I get that, Pinkie told me, and it’s all cool with me. What I’m saying is this takes a lot of energy and clouds, so make it short.”

“Oh... He he,” Rarity chuckled, blushing again.

"Sis, I'm home!" Sweetie Belle cried out as she arrived from School.

"In here," Came the weak reply from Rarity's bedroom. Sweetie rolled her eyes and went in to find Rarity face down in her fainting couch.

"So what was it this time?" Sweetie asked.

"I tried a note, but Twilight thought it was an invite to my birthday party. I asked Rainbow to write a love note in the sky, but Twilight thought it was a prank. I tried a singing Pinkie-gram, but that's my own fault, I should have known better. Oh horse feathers, I'm out of ideas," Rarity cried.

"What about asking her brother for help? I thought of that while at school," Sweetie said, stroking Rarity's mane. There was an arrogant tone there that normally Rarity would have corrected, normally. But right now, it was fitting.

"Sweetie that's perfect! Thank you!" Rarity cried hugging the filly.

"No- prob- Rare. Need- air!" Sweetie managed.

"Wait, what?" Shining Armor said as Rarity greeted him the next day in Canterlot.

"I love Twilight, with all my heart. But everytime I try to tell her, to let her know, it just... backfires," Rarity unloaded, crestfallen.

"I don’t even- I don't know if Twily likes mares though," Shining said, trying to be polite about it.

"Honestly, I don't think she has ever thought about love one way or another," Rarity said taking a seat.

"If you think it'll work then, as weird as this is for me to say, you have my blessing. How can I help?" Shining asked finally. He really had nothing against it in principle, it was just the thought of Twilight, in love with somepony, that he struggled with. Mare or stallion, they were still talking about his little sister damn it.

"Thank you. That means a lot to me. As for how to help, what would Twilight notice as a symbol of my love for her?" Rarity asked, at wits ends.

"Hmm, oh I know! Try giving her a small piece of Canterlot, her old childhood. I know she gets homesick a lot, though she would never say it," Shining said with a smile.

"Anything ideas?" Rarity asked, not even able to think long enough to try.

"Well, I just happen to have her old favorite book back at our folks. Why don't you come with me?" Shining asked, and lead the way.

At the House of the Family Star, Night Light and Twilight Velvet greeted the two surprise visitors heartily. "Hey there son, what brings you by?" Night asked warmly.

"Well, Mom, Dad, this is Rarity," Shining said.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Star. I'm a friend of your daughter's," Rarity smiled.

"We've heard all about you Rarity, Twilight loves writing about all of her friends. What brings you by?" Twilight Velvet asked.

"I've, um..." Rarity started, but realized what exactly she was about to say and froze.

Shining, living up to his name, stepped in, "She has, feelings, for Twilight."

"Oh? Oh. OH!" Night and Velvet said in harmony as those words sank in.

"So you and our little Twilight..." Velvet asked, smiling awkwardly.

"Not exactly. I love her dearly, But I just can't seem to get her to notice. I've been blunt, I've been coy. I am at my wits end, so I come seeking any help I can get," Rarity confessed. "And it would mean the world to me if you were okay with me dating your daughter," Rarity finished. She was too tired to even get worked up right now, just letting the events unfold.

"Miss Rarity, I thank you for asking our permission. Twilight is a young lady though, her actions are hers," Night said taking his wife's hoof into his own. "But I also realize how much my blessing means to you, and I gladly give it to you."

"Thank you, Mr. Star," Rarity said with a small bow.

"I don't think we could have asked for a better partner for our daughter, Miss Rarity. Your respect is well received here," Velvet said with a more genuine smile. "But you said she fails to notice your advances?"

"Um, yes," Rarity said with a sheepish smile.

"That's our Twinkle," Velvet laughed, and Rarity too hearing Twilight's foalhood nickname. "You probably weren't blunt enough, dear."

"I'm afraid if I am any more blunt though, she will have blunt force trauma," Rarity said as Shining walked out.

"Well just between us," Velvet said whispering a bit and leaning forward, "That's how Night here was. I just had to walk up to him one day and say 'Night, I love you!' Been together ever since."

Rarity felt the crushing agony of defeat again. "I tried that. She thought I was saying I love her like a friend," Rarity confessed.

"Really?" Velvet asked, and Rarity nodded, "You weren't kidding."

Shining walked back in, a small book in his magical grasp. "Here ya go Rarity, Twilight loved this book. It's the first one she ever read actually, all by herself. 'Mystery on Windigo Plateau,' She'll love it."

Rarity took control of the book, placing it in her saddlebags. She said her farewells and thanks, and boarded the train for Ponyville, ready to try again.

Back in Ponyville, Twilight was musing over a recent predicament. She heard the tell tale groan of the heavy wooden door, the scratching sound it made as it dragged across the floor. Spike was home, as no pony else (besides Rarity lately) visited the library unexpectedly.

“Spike?” Twilight called from the kitchen. The dragon had been avoiding her lately, and it was really starting to bug the spell caster.

With a grumble, Spike called out his guardian, “Yeah Twilight? I’m kinda busy...”

Twilight snorted. She hated when the dragon lied to her, “You are not. I’m your employer. Now what is it?” Twilight demanded.

Spike swallowed hard and came over to her, taking a seat, but avoiding her gaze. “Twilight, I’m sorry. It’s just a friendship thing...” Spike said.

Twilight’s eyes lit up as she smiled, thinking she had a new letter to write. “Oh Spike, let me help. I would love to see you happy and carefree again.”

“I don’t think you’re the one I should ask though...” Spike said solemnly.

“What do you mean I’m not the one? What is it?” Twilight asked, but in a way conveying that there was no other options besides coming clean.

“It’s about love...” Spike said.

“Oh, Rarity turn you down again?” Twilight said placing a hoof on the little guy’s shoulder.

“Big time,” Spike said, holding back the truth somewhat.

“Spike, sometimes a friend is just a friend, no matter how much you want them to be something more,” Twilight said softly.

“How would you know? No offence, but you don’t think about love? Have you ever even considered dating?” Spike asked, looking to her, hoping the answer was no. It was selfish, but the heart will not be stopped.

“Well, Rarity talks a lot about it lately,” Twilight smiled. “And I will start dating, Spike. Stop worrying. You’re just like my mom. When I meet somepony that ignites that Spark in me, then I will plan and consider dating them as a romantic excursion.”

“You just made dating sound like a chore,” Spike huffed.

“And you're 15 bucko. Old enough for a pony, but still a baby for a dragon,” Twilight shot back.


“So what’s up with Rarity?” Twilight asked, still looking to help the little guy.

A normal pony would be torn by the thought of loyalty to family or love, but Spike was not plagued as such. He chose love like he was asked to pick between ice cream or a dentist appointment. “Nothing, she said she wanted to stop leading me on,” Spike said, a half truth.

“That’s probably why she has been so odd lately. Do you realize I’ve seen her everyday this week so far? And she keeps saying the strangest things...” Twilight mused, putting a hoof to her chin,deep in thought.

“Like she wants you to realize something?” Spike asked. He knew Rarity would break through eventually, and he wanted to know if he would be devastated, or if she would. He hated that those were his options, but they were, so cruelly and so sickly, they were.

“Like what?” Twilight asked genuinely.

Spike sighed and shook his head, “Different kinds of love I guess.”

“Oh Spike! I’m so happy you found the right solution to your Rarity problem!”

Spike blinked. Surely she was not this hopeless. No pony, ever, could be this hopeless. It was impossible... “No, she is,” Spike said confusing Twilight and heading upstairs. Before he even reached the top step, Rarity walked in, all smiles.

“Good luck, you’ll need it,” Spike said, his voice full of unnoticed venom.

"Rarity?" Spike called out as he walked into the boutique. Besides his quick glance as she came in the library yesterday, he hadn't seen her at all. But he was relieved to see she was sleeping, out cold on her favorite fainting couch. Sweetie Belle was in the room working on school stuff though.

"Hey Spike. Got a minute?" Sweetie called to the dragon.

"What's up?" Spike asked taking a seat. He looked at the project of Sweetie's, and recognised the problem, long division. But after a few minutes of careful guidance, Sweetie was dividing like a champ.

"Thanks Spike," Sweetie said hugging her friend.

"No problem Sweets. So what's up with Rarity?" Spike replied.

"She's run herself ragged with this whole thing lately," Sweetie said rolling her eyes.

"The Twilight thing, huh?" Spike said.

"How did you know? Wait let me guess, she asked you for help too?" Sweetie pondered.

"Yep. No luck huh?" Spike guessed. Unknown to them, Rarity had woken up, and just stayed there, faking sleep. She took a little joy out of eavesdropping every now and then.

"Nope. She tried giving Twilight a copy of her favorite book, and Twilight was like, really happy, then started reading. Rarity couldn't get Twilight to budge, and finally headed back here in defeat. She's running out of ideas," Sweetie said.

“Yeah, I was there, but didn't stay for that part. Still, you would think Twilight would've noticed something by now...” Spike said.

"I had hoped so," Rarity said, startling both kids.

"Sorry we woke you," they said.

"It's okay, I needed to get up. But maybe Twilight would like to teach me a few spells. She loves to teach after all," Rarity said getting up and fixing her mane before heading out to test this new idea. Rarity had a good feeling about this.

"Okay, so the first thing to remember is focus," Twilight said, sitting with Rarity. She was smiling like crazy, so happy Rarity wanted to try the teleportation spell.

"Focus," Rarity nodded.

"Keep the target in mind," Twilight said, her horn glowing as she teleported up to her bedroom nook. "And execution," Twilight said looking down to Rarity and smiling. Rarity was lost in that smile, those perfect violet eyes, even how cute she looked showing off. So Rarity focused on her target, and teleported, inches away from Twilight's face. Twilight's eyes went wide, her mouth played at a smile. Then a look of shock overcame her, along with a falling sensation for Rarity. The white unicorn had not taken into account that Twilight was standing over the edge of her nook, a good 6 foot drop onto the couch below from where Rarity had teleported herself to.

"Rarity!" Twilight cried running down the stairs.

"I'm fine, just hurt my pride," Rarity said as Twilight helped her get up. This could work, Rarity thought, please let it work.

"Well I'd hate for my best friend to hurt herself right before her birthday party," Twilight smiled. Or not.

It was about an hour til the party, and Rarity was in no happy mood. She had struck out every single time. What would it take?

"Hey sugarcube?" Applejack asked as she and Fluttershy began setting up the decorations in the Sugarcube Corner, "Wanna talk bout what's eatin ya?"

"It's a long story," Rarity said nudging a cupcake with her hoof. She was not supposed to be here yet, but she was bored, and just wanted somepony to talk to.

"The Twilight dilemma?" Fluttershy guessed as she placed another streamer.

"How did you know?" Rarity asked.

"Everypony in town knows, except Twilight," Applejack said.

"Do you have any ideas then?" Rarity asked.

"Sing her a song?" Fluttershy guessed.

"Skywritin?" Applejack said.

"Tried them both."

“Ah know. Ah thought that one was cute,” Applejack smiled.

Rarity slumped back to her spot, her energy well and truly spent. Everypony just let her be, and soon the party was underway, Rarity only moving when a certain lavender unicorn came in.

"Hi Rarity," Twilight said with a light hearted laugh, her new dress making the mare look like a goddess, "It's good to see you. Thank you for being such an awesome friend lately. I wanted to get you something special, but I kind of gave you that book already." Twilight laughed. Goddess she was perfect, her laugh, her voice, everything. Rarity had come to know Twilight better this week than she knew herself it seemed, and it only made her love the lavender mare more. The fact that Twilight got homesick, she loved cheesy mystery novels as a foal, and still did apparently. That she can recognise love, but never even bothered to think about her finding it for herself. All these reasons, flaws and strengths, made her who she is, Twilight, the one Rarity wanted more than her next breath.

"So what would you like for your birthday?" Twilight asked. Rarity remember the words Twilight's mom had said, not blunt enough. Buck it, Rarity decided.

"You," Rarity said reaching out and pulling Twilight in. Rarity closed her eyes as she pressed her lips into those perfect lavender ones. Twilight was shocked, she was being kissed! And by her closest friend! It was so unexpected, Rarity just stealing a kiss like that. Twilight lost strength, her knees gave out, and she sat down hard on the floor, her mouth still firmly pressed into her friends. Rarity's tongue pushed against Twilight's lips, and out of instinct Twilight opened her mouth enough for Rarity's tongue to dance inside her mouth, their tongues playing together in a beautiful display. Twilight's eyes fluttered, and her front legs gave way, her weight pulling her into the kiss even more. For such a small action, it made Twilight feel utterly, for lack of a better word, fantastic. This kiss was something else. It was alive, it was energy. It was Electric. Rarity's hoof on the back of her head eased, and then slipped down to her shoulder. Twilight felt Rarity's teeth on her lip, pulling it out slightly as the kiss finally ended.

"You," Rarity said breathlessly, "I want to be with you. Damn it, Twilight, I love you."

"I-I-I, R-Ra-" Twilight muttered, her lips twitching, and it began to sink in for Rarity that maybe that had been too much. Blunt force trauma, population, Twilight. Rarity backed up a step, tears flowing freely.

"I'm so sorry," She cried as she turned tail and bolted out of Sugarcube Corner.

Rarity cried and cried, hugging her pillow tight and sobbing harder than ever. "She hates me! She was so appalled she couldn't speak! Of all the possible outcomes, this is the worst possible one!" A knock went unanswered, as the white unicorn didn't care anymore.

"Rarity?" A familiar voice asked. Twilight's. Rarity wanted to speak to her, apologize, but she couldn't. Not now, not ever. "Rarity, can I come in?" Twilight asked, and after a second she came in anyways.

"Oh- T-Twi-Li-light," Rarity sobbed, not even carring how she looked.

"You left before I could say anything," Twilight said looking around and pacing the room.

"I'm so sorry," Rarity cried.

"Did you know that was my first kiss ever?" Twilight asked, examining a little trinket. Rarity's quite sob was an answer in itself.

"I was wondering," Twilight said sitting on Rarity's bed, coming nose to nose with the white unicorn, "Did you mean to take off before I could get my second kiss ever?" Rarity made the fastest recovery in pony history, snapping to, and looking into the beautiful eyes yet again.

"You- You don't hate me? You liked it?" Rarity asked, hope rising uncontrollably.

"Yeah, I did. A lot," Twilight said leaning forward and kissing the white unicorn. Not a damn thing on Celestia's green world was more important than this, right now. A kiss that was special because it was theirs, and no pony else even seemed to exist. There were no prying eyes, no friends milling about. It was just them, as it should be.

Rarity cleaned up, and went back to her party now, full of joy and contentment with her best- no, her marefriend, walking tail in tail.

"How did you know what to say anyways, Darling?" Rarity asked as they stopped outside the Sugarcube Corner.

"Oh, Fluttershy gave me a script. Apparently everypony in town knew how you felt about me," Twilight said with a mock glare.

"Ha-ha, yes, I think I asked everypony in town how to get you to notice. I even went to Canterlot and talked with your brother and parents. They approve by the way," Rarity said as they kissed again briefly.

“Did you ask the Princess?” Twilight joked.

Rarity playfully tapped her forehead, “That’s who I forgot. Silly me.” They shared a laugh, all the stress just gone.

"I'm happy, Rarity. The fact that everypony is behind us helps, and seeing how hard you tried just to let me know how you feel, it's beautiful," Twilight said.

"We will have our challenges, but together, we can handle them," Rarity said as they stepped in together. And though everypony had already been watching them out the windows, it was still their special moment.

Dear Princess Celestia,

A friend's love is valuable, irreplaceable, unique. But the love that lays beyond that is even more so. Forged in your trials and tribulations, tested by time already, A friend that loves you, may very well become more than your friend. Rarity also learned a valuable lesson about never giving up, trying all possible solutions, and no matter how daunting the path ahead, never lose sight of your goals. Because of that, I am happy to report to you now that Rarity and I have taken our friendship to new heights, and are now marefriends. It's different, but also very, very nice.

Your faithful Student, Twilight Sparkle.

PS: Singing Pinkie-grams are not the way to ever let somepony know how you feel about them. Period.