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This story is a sequel to Seven Girls, Nine Hundred Forty Three Miles, and One Minivan.

After all the waiting and all the hype, Sunset Shimmer is convinced Tirek's Revenge is going to be the greatest video game she's ever played. Sadly ... this doesn't seem to be the case.

Written for Aragon's Comedy (Is Serious Business) Contest!

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This story is a sequel to Rich Estate Open Day

After a long day, the Crusaders and their friends are watching TV when the news tells them of a train robbery in their region. Can they stop the thieves making off with their ill-gotten loot?

Based on The Great Train Robbery of 1963, as well as Diamonds are for Apples by Sonicfan05.

Chapters (6)

On Valentine's Day, Button Mash is flattered by the attention showered upon him by a certain Crusader, but is there a truly more romantic evening in the cards?

Contains light innuendos and ship teasing.

"It's awkward in the funniest way I could describe. 7/10"

"The short version: I howled. 8/10"
~The Bricklayer

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Being Captain of the Canterlot Royal Guard is a tough job be it from dealing with the public or, more often than not, the boredom. In those times, one's own past and thoughts may be a greater adversary than any attempt on the Princess's life.

Gallus comes home after one such mental battle, hoping to find refuge in the one place he knows the enemy can't touch him.

Spoilers for Season 9 Finale and Epilogue

Chapters (1)

Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara have been dating for over a month. Diamond has finally decided to come out to her parents in a well thought out and elaborate plan, Apple Bloom has other ideas.

This story takes place 5 Years after the Season Finale, the CMC and everyone in their age group are around 16 Years old. Cover from the DiamondtotheCore Ask Tumblr Blog

Featured 12/6/2019!

Thank You to PoisonClaw and Night-Shade for editing

Warning: Contains Cute.

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Fluttershy has long had a crush on the pretty magician. But she made a plan to tell Trixie only after a perfect show. At the time that bet wasn't a risk as Trixie was a klutz. But now after a perfect show Fluttershy has to stick to her deal with herself. If she didn't stick to her plans she'd chicken out of literally anything she tries to do.

More in my short exactly 1k words kick! Enjoy!

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Long journeys to destinations full of happy memories are not always as enjoyable as they should be. But Sunset and Rainbow have weathered the good and the bad on road trips and in life.

My entry to the Sunset Shipping contest "Journeys"

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This story is a sequel to Finding Home

Short stories that expand on ideas I didn't fully explore or ended up cutting from Finding Home. Sequels, prequels and expansions to Finding Home. Mostly short stories.

Cover art is by reiduran.

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Vice-Principal Luna recycled her old metal rock band outfit for this year's Costume Carnival... an outfit that gives her a passing resemblance to another world's Nightmare Moon.

Then, when she leans against the wrong mirror, that resemblance becomes more than passing.

Just more magical shenanigans at Canterlot High.

(Top of the Featured list, 10/23-25/18! Thanks!)

Part of the Remember Fort Libris print anthology, thanks to our Kickstarter supporters!

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