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Supreme Overlord of the Dominion of Equestria.
Wonderful title isn't it?
Capture the Country, Marry the Princess, Take over the world.
Sounds like an Adventure story doesn't it?
Well this is no story.
How do I know? Well I'm not stupid for one.
All those other dolts that came before fell into too many simple traps.
They're all so easy to avoid.
That's why I work to rule.
The rules.
The Rules of an Evil Overlord.

Chapters (84)

Cloud Storm has finally gotten the promotion he's never wanted.
Plucked from his quiet life as a door pony and thrust into the leadership of a motley crew he must monitor the perimeter of the Everfree forest and protect the citizens of Equestria from what lurks within.
That's not his only problem though, Cloud also has to protect the small town of Ponyville from his own troop of of boisterous guards!
And just to round off his bad day, somepony has taken it upon themselves to take an unscheduled holiday to the country leaving his boss in a bad mood.

“This is going to be a long six months...”

The story inspired by the short story Rock, Paper, Scissors and following on from Pung!

Tie in to Collars and Cuffs Tailoring

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to Rock, Paper, Scissors.

In the dark and dingy parlours of Canterlot, guards ponies come out to play.
It's a fast paced game of strategy and quick thinking. A pastime as old as time.
An arena to settle all disputes and make any bet under the sun.

It's Mahjong.

A follow on from Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Next up, Outpost Everfree

Chapters (1)

When there's a problem with the royal sisters, somepony usually has to explain it to The Captain of the guard, Shining Armour.
How in Equestria do they decide which pony gets to take on this unenviable duty?
It's an ancient art, passed down from the senior ranks, taking years to master. Something no normal pony could ever hope to match and only the extraordinary ponies of the royal guard could possibly hope to pull off with rigour and discipline.

Why they play Rock Paper Scissors of course.

Inspired by a moment from my other story, Collars and Cuffs Tailoring.
Follow on story Pung!

Chapters (1)

There's a new tailors in Ponyville.
Cuff Links has just opened his new tailors shop, Collars and Cuffs, and hopes to make a shot at the big contracts in Canterlot and beyond. While good at what he does he's new to running a business and may need help getting off the ground.

Rarity has noticed there's a new shop in town. Can she cope with competition from this new master of fashion, or will the pressure of constantly being compared to him wear her down?

Pinkie has found a new pony in town. It must be party time.

Tie in, Outpost Everfree

Chapters (15)
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