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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety.


Princess Twilight Sparkle is expecting her friends to arrive in Canterlot. But when the train doesn't arrive on time she, naturally, starts to fear the worst.

Although Spike tries to reassure her that all is well with her friends, the nervous Princess can't help but think of a few reasons which could be to blame for the sudden and inexplicable delay.

When the train finally does arrive she learns the real reason for the delay — though it's not exactly what she was expecting it to be.


This story was written to celebrate me finally reaching 300 followers (what a journey that was).


Cover art by SonicRainboomGirl.

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INB4 somebody else posts this.

I'm actually relieved that this isn't another Inception crossover; we don't need the competition...

- Christian 'Doesn't know where this train will take him, because he doesn't have a map' Harisay


Could you elaborate on that? :twilightsheepish:


I wasn't aiming for an Inception-type thing. I've not seen the movie yet. :twilightsmile:

2460600 sorry, yes very good. Now I'm off to read your other stories, they seem interesting. I can't believe I've never seen you before.


I've just been hiding here, carving my own little niche into the world of Fimfiction. :twilightsmile:


Especially the Geoverse :pinkiehappy: One of the best storylines i've read in a long time :rainbowkiss:

what could possibly go wrong?

Then Luna sneezed and the moon crashed into the planet.

where the rest of the day passed by with the wonders of friendship.

Friendship, HO!

This was a pretty sweet and nice story...though personally I would've made the situations a whole lot crazier and more insane. Say like she thought that they were attacked by a random monster or something similar. However, I really love how this was a sweet way to show how much Twilight cares for the ones close to her, and how she will worry about them even as a princess. It was also nice to show how normal the girls lives can be later on in their lives and this can also work as an episode plot.Very well done

This would be better if somebody cut her wings off and then she was a unicorn again and not a princess and it would be like it used to be and then Pikachu showed up and then everyone was happy.


Thanks! :twilightsmile:


I hope I'm wrong too.

Well that was a lot more tame than I thought it'd be. Not a single apocalyptic scenario at all. Twi's losing her touch :rainbowlaugh:

Still enjoyed it, don't get me wrong. Sometimes we all need a good light read free of ridiculousness.

Awww. That was nice. I like reading happy stories like this.

And you've done it again Geo, Nice! Sigh... Someday I'll get featured then I too can have the massive praise (and criticism) of hundreds! Muahahaha! :facehoof:


I'm just as surprised as you are! :raritystarry:

And don't fret, you will get your time in the spotlight eventually. Your stories are good and deserve the recognition. :twilightsmile:

Twilight didn't seem to think about the possiblity of the train derailing or her friends missing it. But I guess she didn't have to think of everything.

Why is it that everyone is better than me at everything?


Don't be so hard on yourself! :raritycry: :applecry: :fluttercry:

I'm not being hard on myself when it's the truth. I can't make music, I can't ever finish my stories, and I'm a horrible artist. Plus the fact that I'm nowhere near good at ANY sport. So, not being hard on myself, just telling the truth.

Usually, I have a distinct rule of "I shall not read Twiliacorn stories if any kind". It's right up there with my "I shall not ship the Mane 6 as lesbians" rule.

However, this seems really funny. I'll make an exception to my rule.

Very good story. Who knew so many things could go wrong on a train journey


Take all my likes, sir. :pinkiehappy: You two, Author! :pinkiesmile:

2462508 Well, given the events of season 3, you may need to give that first rule a bit more wiggle room.


I'm glad to have changed your mind somewhat. Thanks for commenting! :twilightsmile:


Thank you!





Yeah, at least she looks bored in this one. :twilightsmile:

2460510 DAMN YOU!!! That was MY idea!:rainbowwild:

Wow...Really? Twilight, the fuck? I thought you were creative.
As soon as I heard the train was late, here's what I thought:
It had become a biological mess of flesh and blood slowly consuming each of the passengers.
It had derailed, tumbled into Ghastly Gorge, and now Rainbow Dash was the only one left alive due to flying out the window at the last second, but a falling thing cut one of her wings off.
That, and a mouse got on the train and ate all of them.



Damnit, you just ruined the sequel. :facehoof:

There is no sequel, I was trying to be funny.


2463247 You ruined the joke by explaining the joke.

When I read this story the first time, I saw a couple of edits, but I couldn't post from that computer. So now I'm back home, but I only could find one of the two again. Unless it was fixed already. Or I was just hallucinating the first time. Which I guess is possible. Anyways:

Twilight grumbled as he friends regarded Spike curiously. Counting on his fingers he rattled off what Twilight had shared with him.
Should be "her friends"

Anyways, this was a nice, fun, light read. Nothing boat-rocking, but perhaps that's good for this story. It's just sort of generally enjoyable.
(except I can't help but think that pinkie pie is at least as well armed as the train robbers. After all, she never goes anywhere without her party cannon. But hey, regular people pretty much would have/have had that kind of experience with train robberies, so...it's a story. Yeah. Sometimes I have a hard time with that)
But thanks for the read!

Man please dont hate me for this but this story sucked a hole lot ive been a fan of your stories for a while ive loved all the other stories you made but this one sucked:twilightangry2:

Oh GODS, this was perfect, you certainly have a way with creating a tale my friend, I very much enjoyed it, I laughed. You did seriously really well, I can't wait to see your future work,I shall now be stalking *cough, cough* I mean following you:ajsmug:

Great story. Sort of like treehouse of Horror from the Simpsons or tales of interest from Futurama. The hogtying of Rainbow was awesome.

Moon --> Planet.
Luna = Control of Moon.

Sounds iffy to me.

Celestia grows tired of the nobles pestering at a thousand years. She can't send them all to the moon at once. Instead brings the moon to them, blasting Canterlot to pieces and derailing the train Twilight's friends are on. It makes perfect sense.

That sounds reasonable enough, but why would nobles be on a train from Ponyville?

They wouldn't, but when a the moon hits Canterlot, there are sure to be some earth shattering repercussions.

I see what you did there.

:applecry::applecry::applecry::applecry::applecry::applecry::applecry::applecry::applecry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry: someone tell me how to o to bed

Comment posted by Moonbuttslover deleted Apr 22nd, 2013


And yet you haven't bothered to explain why. :flutterrage:


Fixed. :twilightsmile:


I could have sworn you were following me already, unless I've confused you with someone else. Oh well, thanks for the comment — and I'll gladly accept your stalking following of me!


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. :pinkiehappy:

That was a pretty good short comedy. Had me grinning the whole way.

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