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I like things that are spooky or cute. Now with kofi.


Being Pinkie Pie is the single greatest rush of fun and sensory overload a changeling could ever experience. Getting addicted to a high octane lifestyle of parties and smiles isn't exactly difficult. And once you do get addicted, why would you ever want to go back?

It happened to one changeling, but how common could it possibly be?

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Chrysalis is comically super evil. Also, wonder how she knew to send someone to replace Pinkie as a foal and why Pinkie Two knew? Guess it was after the Rainboom.


I'm just thinking Pinkie was chosen at random as part of a random foal replacement program. But that also works.

Everything was very clever and enjoyable to read.



All things considered, I could see Chrysalis selecting Pinkie simply because its a trope that heroes tend to come from poor farms and rock farming from the outside looks like a normal farm that can't afford basic farming equipment or supplies.

Either that or she makes it a point to try and replace at least one child at every sizeable farm in the middle of nowhere. Got to have the web of informants set up after all.

Okay, I kind'a lost it when I got to the Element of Hiccups :rainbowlaugh:

The story got way more interesting than Pinkie Pie impersonators, but honestly I'd just love to read about Mane 6 impersonators scraping by and making a living.

Tackling identity issues in a comedy fic. YAY!!!

“Then you’re training starts tomorrow.”


I wonder if Pinkie will visit Pacific in a future, or maybe discover the cult of Pinkies

Spoiler in the cover, BTW

Gah, bamboozled again!


I think that would be a much more depressing tale.

Delightful stuff throughout. Let's just hope Pinkie Two doesn't find a way to pierce the dimensional barrier and spread the Gospel of Pink across the entire multiverse.


Well how depressing it is depends on how good they are at their job.

Knowing her, she (Pinkie Pie Prime lets call her) already knows about the cult, she just pretends not to notice.

well, according to pinkie 2, there are pinkie's from other universes in the cult.

yes, very likely, after all she is pinkie pie

“Oh, my little pony I have so much to teach you.”

HA! She said It !

“Yep! But the training is intense. One hundred pushup, one hundred sit-ups, one hundred cupcakes, followed by a ten-kilometer pronk every day! You gotta train till your hair become non-Euclidian and you can ignore gravity at will!”

Hmm... That sounds familiar. Where have I heard that before?

“That’s another thing,” said Pinkie 1665. “I was thinking maybe all of us being named Pinkie Pie is a little confusing and 1665 is a bit of a mouthful. Maybe I should pick a new name for myself? I was going by Bubblegum Lollipop, though maybe I should pick an even newer one so it’s harder for Chrysalis to track me just in case.”

I've been calling her Piggs (P 1ggs, Get it?).

This is cute :pinkiesmile:

“Really?” Bubblegum felt like she was meeting a celebrity, tough not one as good as the original Pinkie.


Now she just needed a gran escape plan.


“It’s been years since I was excited

Missing a word or seems to end in the middle of a sentence?

Pacific Smiled wide and- stopped right there. She realized what that meant.


Now I’m just thinking of universal paperclips but with pinkie clones


I think I'd prefer the pinkiepocolypse.

“Well if that’s your attitude then make it nineteen!” She shouted back. “You don’t honestly think you can just slack off and get away with it. You don’t work half as hard as I do! I deserve a vacation! I deserve a yacht! You need to get a smaller apartment so you’re spending less money! Get one of those beer helmet things and fill it with protein shakes so you don’t need anymore lunchbreaks! You need to find something productive to do in the bathroom too! Maybe you can fill out paperwork or something.”

Chrysalis gets the muffinless reeducation room when the Revolution comes.

Pinkie put the thought out of her mind before her mane could deflate. She just needed to forget Gear Grinder existed. It was the only way to be happy.

Oh dear.

“Exactly. I’m queen because I’m smart enough to know these things. Orphans are the most likely to become badass heroes. I need to take them out now before they become a threat. It’s a long-term plan, that sort that you need brains to come up with.”


Except for this one guy. Risky Flask was one of those ponies. While everyone else was miserably dragging their feet, he was picking up all the slack, working through break, never loosing (losing) hope for the project.

The single buzzing lightbulb hanging overhead filled the room with more noise than light and threatened to fall down on his aching head at any moment. The dim lightning did have the advantage of making it harder to see just how dingy the apartment really was. A broken stove, broken dresser, broken stove and a mattress decayed to the point of being a clump of springs was all he had in his apartment and yet it left him with only a few feet of floor space. The place didn’t even have a bathroom, instead the building had a public restroom downstairs he had to use.

“Oh, hey Bubblegum!” A friendly voice called out to her. Pinkie looked over to see Mrs. Cane, he(her) favorite asparagus-flavored candy stand pony int (in) the world, waving at her from her asparagus-flavored candy stand. “How are you today? I haven’t seen you in days. I missed you.”

“Yeah!” Bubblegum continued on for her. “And everything not-Pinkie related just seems to grey and boring. When I’m not pinkie (capitalize) everything is just so horrible. It was always horrible, but now that I know what it’s like to be Pinkie it’s even worse.”

“Really?” Bubblegum felt like she was meeting a celebrity, tough (though) not one as good as the original Pinkie.

Pinkie Two gave the barrel of radioactive was (waste) a hard buck, sending it off the roof and landing in the dumpster down below.

“But I realized that wasn’t enough,” Pinkie Two said. “To make up for my past crimes, I decided to devote my life to helping Pinkie Pie from the shadows. Spreading her ideals of laughter and fun, finding Pinkies (apostrophe) lost baking utensils for her, beating up villains and occasionally helping her save the world and stuff.”

“Book, book, pamphlet, book, leaflet, the past eighty-three issue (issues of) the Pinkie Inquirer, a few of the more important newsletters, three more books and a bumper sticker!” Pinkie Two slapped the bumper sticker across Pinkie’s forehead, which of course meant Pinkie 1665 couldn’t see what it said. “You don’t actually have to read the bumper sticker. The joke on it’s not that funny.”

Bubblegum slowly backed away from the bar before turning and running outside. Now she just needed a gran (grand) escape plan.

By the time she found the real Pinkie’s house, it was a bit passed (past) midnight and everything outside was still. Bubblegum didn’t dare move through the streets for fear of running into another pony, but stalked through the shadows. She climbed up to Pinkie’s bedroom window and peered inside to find the pony fast asleep in her bed. Other ponies lived here, she knew, so the door was out of the question.

“Spectral rainbows made entirely of light,” Pinkie Two said proudly, “generated by our advance rainbow generator technology built in our own rainbow factory. And before you ask, it’s a vegan rainbow factory. No need to worry.”

Hope the cupcakes are vegan too...:pinkiecrazy:

Once u go pinky ... You get a binky?

“Yeah! See? You can be like me without actually being me. It’s as simple as pink, e and pie.”

Probably inadvertent, but somewhat fitting when you know A) that Pacific Glow's fan-name (before an official name was given) was "Molly", B) what "molly" and "e" can both refer to, and C) what those pacifiers were (at least originally) there for (and it wasn't just for looks...).

(Edit: Now that I think about it, while I've never tried the stuff, from what I've read, coming down from the stuff basically takes you from a state of serotonin overload to a state of serotonin depletion, which given the description of what going from "being Pinkie Pie" to "being not Pinkie Pie" is like... yeah.)

Is it weird that that I feel geninuely happy for her? Pacific Glow finds her own identity, and a place where she feels happy without borrowing it from just being Pinkie pie.
It just kinda makes me smile. This started as a mostly silly story, but it became kinda feelgood at the end.

Also for the club beat this song started playing in my head:

This story was Fun! Fun! Fun! Fu- *cough* I mean to say, this story was quite enjoyable. Yes.

Rave on, Pacific Glow!

You probably remember me from my comments on your FiO story.

It was the change of avatar that got me.

Wow, the opening with Gear Grinder feels miserable, just as it should. I love the ridiculous over-the-top-ness of all the Pinkies!

I love this story! Thank you for sharing this!!

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