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I am a very mysterious person.


Being Pinkie Pie is single greatest rush of fun and sensory overload a changeling could ever experience. Getting addicted to a high octane lifestyle of parties and smiles isn't exactly difficult. And once you do get addicted, why would you ever want to go back?

It happened to one changeling, but how common could it possibly be?

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Chrysalis is comically super evil. Also, wonder how she knew to send someone to replace Pinkie as a foal and why Pinkie Two knew? Guess it was after the Rainboom.


I'm just thinking Pinkie was chosen at random as part of a random foal replacement program. But that also works.

Everything was very clever and enjoyable to read.



All things considered, I could see Chrysalis selecting Pinkie simply because its a trope that heroes tend to come from poor farms and rock farming from the outside looks like a normal farm that can't afford basic farming equipment or supplies.

Either that or she makes it a point to try and replace at least one child at every sizeable farm in the middle of nowhere. Got to have the web of informants set up after all.

Okay, I kind'a lost it when I got to the Element of Hiccups :rainbowlaugh:

The story got way more interesting than Pinkie Pie impersonators, but honestly I'd just love to read about Mane 6 impersonators scraping by and making a living.

Tackling identity issues in a comedy fic. YAY!!!

“Then you’re training starts tomorrow.”


I wonder if Pinkie will visit Pacific in a future, or maybe discover the cult of Pinkies

Spoiler in the cover, BTW

Gah, bamboozled again!


I think that would be a much more depressing tale.

Delightful stuff throughout. Let's just hope Pinkie Two doesn't find a way to pierce the dimensional barrier and spread the Gospel of Pink across the entire multiverse.


Well how depressing it is depends on how good they are at their job.

Knowing her, she (Pinkie Pie Prime lets call her) already knows about the cult, she just pretends not to notice.

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