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Pinkie Pie turns another page of notes, alone in the basement of Twilight's library. She hears a crash upstairs and then a sound like a flame being ignited. She hears him hesitate at the bottom of the stairs, then speak. "Chrysalis is going to be angry you're influencing the process."

Where do Pinkie's loyalties lie? With changelings or with ponies? How big of a difference is there?

Made for PI day Speed Run

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this year was the ultimate pi day. 3/14/15 at 9:26:53

5738935 Oh yeah, that's why I wanted to do a story.

But I didn't prepare it before PI day so I had to speed run it!

I had two kinds of pie for dinner, though so it all balances out... somehow.

5738933 This fic really really confuses me plus its rushed like hell.

. hen we're accepted into culture

Acceoted into culture? As in they dont have? Also why is Celestia hunting indescriminately?

5738965 Changed to

accepted into pony society

for clarity. Celestia hunts changelings indiscriminately after they attacked Canterlot.

Sorry if the pacing is a little off. I did it as a speed run for PI day to see if I could get it written and published in one day.

5738983 Well i unserstood most past the pi magic and if Pinkie Pie was a changeling.

5739653 Yep. Sounds like you got it.

5740499 I still don't get what the pi magic is what humans have to do with this and whats this whole thing they're preparing and why Chrysalis had to toy with them.


PI magic is transferring mathematical theory into reality. For example, it's one thing to say if you add all the pieces of a broken vase together, it will make a whole vase - that would be fractional math. But it's another to add all the pieces together and fax the vase - it wouldn't be possible without some form of adhesive. With PI magic, that can be done without adhesive, taking solely the theory of adding it together and making it reality, a fixed vase.

Humans have nothing to do with this. That was a typo for 'ponies'.

The changelings are waiting for Twilight to finish PI magic so the ponies are advanced enough for he changelings to have peaceful relations with them, sort of a 'Prime Directive' thing.

Chrysalis had the attack so they could check if the ponies could withstand it, something Pinkie doesn't agree with.

He raises a hoof. "It was testing to see if they could withstand an at-..."

5740575 That makes much more sense. The thing is however that I kinda had to know stuff from Star Trek like the Prime Directive. I didn't.

5740957 Glad it makes more sense. I don't know if knowing about the Prime Directive is required, though. I just used that as an example. The concept is they're not advanced enough to be worth trying to negotiate with them, that's all.

5741082 Right but there was so much information to swallow that I got really confused.

I like it! I also would love to see a sequel, but it's awesome as a stand alone! Congrats on writing an amazing fic!

5752802 Thank you so much! I'm not too sure what I'd do for a sequel, but I'll definitely take it under consideration.

This needs expansion badly.

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