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This story is a sequel to Big World! Big Adventures!

It is a hard day in Canterlot. After the loss of a loved member of the community, the funeral is today. As the rain falls and the clouds gather, the people of Canterlot wave goodbye to one of their own for the last time.

Partly inspired by One More Light, by MorpheustheDream, as well as She Changed my World, by Beanzoboy, and a tribute to the recently-deceased MythrilMoth. Rest in Peace, buddy.

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Okay, you know what I have to do...


RIP, Robert Morrison...

May his memory live on in the friends he has made and the people who's lives he helped. RIP Robert Morrisson.

I'm just being curious here but HOW ?!?!?!?!?!

How are you notified of his passing ?!

Can you link both of what you mentioned in the description

There were several Blog posts by some close friends...

Indeed. Still a little hard to believe, even now...

so true... honestly it stunned me into a writters block I think... working on fixing that now

i may not have know him personally, but i shall also miss the man

Robert may be gone, but his world will keep on spinning

The only way I could think of breaking it was writing a tribute.
As will I. I really enjoyed his Out of Context Screenshot Theatre.
Always. And we shall help to keep it spinning.

I've done it, something simple, in one of my stories...

Oh? Please do send a link.

Ouch. That's a lot of downvotes.

People didn't like it, But it's more a repository for One shots... and Stories with few Chapter (up to 5)

This is a good story. Rip Robert Morrison.

Thanks. May he rest in peace.

His best friend who he considered a brother posted about a thousand words in a blog post about it.

It was the first news I got of it.

rest in peace dear friend may your soul find rest and happiness.

Rest in peace borny comrade ;(

May he rest in peace.

May he rest in peace. He passed away too soon, but he left a legacy for us to remember.

A legacy that we must continue.

....uhh.....no offense but i must be a little (scratch that very) uneducated, but who is Mythril Moth?
https://www.fimfiction.net/user/46614/MythrilMoth This guy, or someone else?

That MythrilMoth. He passed away about a month ago.

Oh, i see. Well apologies for sounding disrespectful.
May he requiescat in pace

"Don't cry because it's gone. Smile because it happened."

Dr. Seuss.

R.I.P. Moth. I've added all of the stories I liked to my Creme de la Creme folder as a tribute.

Very good. He will be missed.

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