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The Blue EM2

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This story is a sequel to The Perils of Parties

Easter has arrived in Canterlot, and the Crusaders are going to be apart for a while. However, they come up with a plan to maintain their railway interest; visit a line in each place they are going to! Truly will this be a great adventure...

My first attempt at an anthology story; each chapter will focus on each member of the Crusaders visiting a different preserved railway with their family.

Warning: Contains diesel locomotives, girls getting extremely excited over machines, irresistably cute tank engines, and steep gradients.

Updates weekly.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 12 )

Bluebelle Railway huh? Perhaps a Little yellow engine with the number 55 and a name that starts with s will be seen?

Wait and see, good sir,

Let's go, go, go!


And who better to do it with than in the company of friends?

They'll just be a train ride away.

Unless they are separated by an ocean, like myself and Jimmy Hook are.

So you're saying your ride on the Skunk Train stunk? :pinkiehappy:

.... I'll show myself out now.

That's the problem! It wasn't even a skunk!


Don't you mean Saluda? ^^;

Thank you for a great story so far!

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