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This story is a sequel to A Guiding Flare

Queen Chrysalis, after having collapsed outside of Sire's Hollow, is recuperating under the care of Stellar Flare. Consigning herself to play nice, lest the townsfolk become suspicious. She begins to gain a better understanding of the village and its denizens, in particular the middle aged unicorn who was gracious enough to help her. The Changeling finds the mare curious, to say the least, and attempts to gain her trust. After all, the pony would make a valuable ally.

Kinks include: NO KINKS!

Artwork by Pencils

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Is that Zack Effron?

I'd very much like to see this expanded into a full size story. Fantastic work!

The one and only Zaffron
ALSO fantastic follow up story duder

Wait what that's it?

Oh hell no.

You've hit on something amazing, something that begs to be continued to a decent length!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Oh aye, this is but the tip of the spaghetti iceberg. I hope you liked it, and stick around, because I've got big, BIG plans for these two!

Don't think that Sunburst has been sending letters to his mom about everything that happened since moved to the Crystal Empire.

Judging from how he handled her correspondence with her in the show, it's doubtful

Oh dear, wait until she learns Starlight's father is also in town. But by then, perhaps it won't really matter...

Bravo, I really think this is a worthy story to continue at length. It is very well written and I'm curious on what the future holds for Chryssie and Stellar. Looking forward to when and if you expand this more.

This was really fluffy.

Welp, looks like she's been caught for sure.

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