• Published 2nd Jul 2018
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Discord's mother comes to town - Foal Star

Discord's mom comes to Ponyville for a week. It's up to Discord to keep her in check and make sure things go smoothly.Although the number of incidents with chaos magic starts to increase...

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chapter 9: A New Draconequus

The cloud of mist dissipated and crowds of ponies gasped upon seeing what happened to the two draconequuses. Discord was standing victorious over a baby draconequus, she was pudgy with a foal like body with a thick diaper strapped around her rump. Discord was rubbing his claws together as he snickered, “I was thinking of a way to stop your chaos magic, but I never expected this.”

Fluttershy looked at herself seeing she was still a draw she then looked down to see that Rarity was still a cute bunny pawing at her in desperation. The still shocked Fluttershy looked around and saw that the wedding decorations and everypony that was transformed were back to normal, Applejack was rubbing her head groaning about what happened, Rainbow Dash was shouting in delight seeing she was back to being a pegasus again, Twilight was checking herself over sighing in relief, Celestia and Luna were sitting amongst the crowd completely dazed and confused. Pinkie Pie was grumbling irritably, “aww I miss being a wedding cannon.”

Mystique got up on her pudgy back legs and tried snapping her finger but nothing but little sparks came out. As she shouted “ho..how did I miss! I wanted to turn you into a baby draconequus!”

Discord shrugged, “I have no idea how your spell was blocked.”

Then they both heard a little filly ask, “Uh I don't mean to interrupt but can somepony help me!?”

Everypony turned to see Derpy Whooves was now a chubby foal no older than one with a thick diaper around her rump. Sitting next to her was Princess Cadence who was now a young school filly wearing a toga with a bow and a quarrel of arrows strapped around her back. She looked around confused and asked, “What’s going on here? Where am I?”

Mystique turned around with a angry glare and shouted, ”how the buck did you deflect my magic!”

Derpy shrugged as she explained, “I did as you said I went to find Princess Cadence…”

Two hours earlier

Derpy the stork was flying through the sky over The Crystal Empire. Many of the crystal ponies looked up in awe and were stunned at the Stork and whispered amongst each other. The legends of storms being the ones to deliver babies persisted even in the Crystal Empire. Derpy Whooves blushed to feel the gazes of thousands of awestruck ponies. She eventually fluttered down in front of the front doors of the Crystal Palace and pecked at them with her beak. The door slowly opened as two guards came out blinking with confusion upon seeing the stork. Derpy squawked nervously before asking, “I’m Derpy and I'm here to deliver an invitation for a wedding to Princess Cadence.”

One of the guards eyes her suspiciously and responded in a gruff voice. “Sorry but Derpy Whooves is a pegasus.”

Derpy rolled her eyes and explained, “Yeah but I was turned into a stork and I need to see Princess Cadence. It's very important.”

Then as the guard was going to shut the doors. Princess Cadence came out and asked, “What's going on here?”

She blushed to see the stork. “Oh my, I thought legends about storks delivering foals were just in fairy tales.

Derpy laughed and shook her head. “No, you're not getting another foal.” She then took out an invitation and plucked it into Cadence's mane. “There an invitation to Discord and Fluttershy’s wedding.”

The invitation glowed and Princess Cadence began to shrink before them. She squeaked as her body grew foal fat and her face became pudgy. Her wings grew out and her mane grew shorter until it was a little curly crop of pink and yellow. The princess whimpered with a scared and confused look. She gazed up at Derpy and asked, “wh..what's happening to me?”

Derpy dawwed seeing how much the baby Princess Cadence resembled Flurry Heart. The stork picked the foal princess by the seam of her diaper and tied her up into the white bundle as she explained with a apologetic look. “Im so sorry but you're the new baby Discord and Fluttershy ordered.”

She then flapped her wings flew off with the guards standing at the entrance dumbfounded at what just occurred.

one hour later….

Derpy was hovering over Ponyville now where it seemed mostly empty with very few ponies milling about. The stork lazily flew through the air clam and peacefully. Princess Cadence whoever was not calm and was fussing and shaking the bundle about making throwing Derpy off balance. The little foal shouted through the bundle, “You let me go this instant! turn me back to a big pony!”

Derpy swayed about grunting trying to stay her course as she explained, “I will, but I can't at the moment. I promised Mystique I'll finish delivering you to Discord and Fluttershy!”

Cadence still shaking the bundle shouted back, “First of all there's no way i'm going to be raised by Discord! Second, why can't Fluttershy and Discord make babies the old-fashioned way? Is one of them sterile?”

Derpy shrugged and responded, “I don't know! but maybe this is just for fun?”

Cadence threw another tantrum shaking about and shouted “I don't care if this just for laughs! Turn around and take me back to the Crystal Empire!”

Derpy seeing Sugarcube Corner replied back “But we're here now come on stop fussing.” She then was now hovering over the building gaging how to enter. But somehow Cadence threw herself from the bundle. The little foal squealed in delight at first and tried flapping her wings. However, sadly she realized too late that In her foalish state she didn't know how to fly. The little foal screamed in horror as she fell towards the roof of Sugarcube Corner. Depry quickly bent down and did a nose dive snapping her beak around the seam of Cadence’s diaper. But she was falling too fast and plunged straight through the roof. Just as a big blast of magical energy hit her.

“...That's how I ended up here.” Derpy patted her cute diaper as she finished her story.

Everypony was silent unsure of what to say. But Fluttershy broke the silence and burst into laughter. She took Derpy into her paws snuggling her. “Oh, you adorable little filly you just saved all of us!” She threw Derpy into the air making her squeal.“Yay, I a hero!”

Everypony rose up clapped and cheered. Discord laughed and poofed a little red cape around the filly's neck. Cadence blushed as she got up hearing the crinkling of a diaper luckilly the toga was hiding her diaper. The embarrassed princess stammered. “Well...I’m glad things are getting resolved here. But can somepony help me turn back to normal? I need to get going Shining’s probably worried sick.”

Fluttershy turned around and cooed, “Uh, yeah I'll do that…” As Fluttershy was going to snap a paw.

Mystique stomped her paws on the ground like a toddler shouting. “No! No! No! I was supposed to win, you were supposed to be a baby!”

Discord picked her up by the seam of the diaper making her dangle about kicking her chubby little legs frantically. The draconequus scoffed, “I don’t think so, now I'm going to propose a new deal. You will leave Equestria forever or I leave you like this forever.”

She crossed her claws and scoffed, ”as if, I rather stay like this and wait a few years for my chaos magic to mature.”

Fluttershy went over to the baby draconequus and bumped her nose. “Well there is one other option, we change you back to normal and we even let you come to visit Equestria, but you will never be allowed to use chaos magic in Equestria ever again.”

The draconequus looked up and pondered the deal for a few seconds and Discord turned around and shook his head. “There’s no way I'll agree to that, after everything she did to your friends? She can't be trusted even without her chaos magic.”

Fluttershy turned around towards Discord and gav him a stern look as she explained, “when everyone abandoned you and thought you would never change. I believed in you and look how much better you are now. We need to do the same for your mother and give her a second chance.”

Discord paused and looked down in shame knowing she was right but didn't want to admit it. All the draconequus could do was a growl, “fine, you have a point.” He took the contract snapping his claw adjusting the writing. Fluttershy took the baby Mystique and lead her claw over the paper and helped her spell her name cooing. “Good job what a big foal.”

Mystique growled under her breath. "Do that again and see what happens." As she finished scrawling her name then Discord took the contract and cooed, ”it’s settled.” He snapped a claw and in a puff of smoke turned Mystique back into an adult. She instantly got up and tried snapping her claw but nothing but little sparks shot from her claws. Discord smirked, ”the contract is signed and sealed you can't perform any chaos magic here.”

Mystique scoffed, ”well I still have one thing over you, Fluttershy is never going to be turned back to normal.”

Fluttershy turned around and shouted, “what do you mean! The wedding contract was void!”

Discord reluctantly tried snapping his claw trying to turn Fluttershy into her pegasus form but nothing worked she just stayed the same.

Mystique turned around with a smug grin. “Maybe for Discord but you signed it sweetie and now even if I failed to capture Equestria at least you two can live happily ever after.” She flew over to Discord and cooed, “I really did want to see you happy.”

Discord narrowed his gaze and snapped his claw which opened a portal to his original dimension. He pointed towards it and shouted angrily, “go! Before I change the contract!”

Mystique left with a humpf as she strolled through the portal and Discord snapped a claw again making sure the portal closed. Fluttershy who was sadden and distraught by the news looked into empty space for a few moments pondering her new life as a draconequus. Seeing how distraught her friend looked Rarity hopped over and nuzzled Fluttershy's feet. All the draconequus could do was give a sadden but sweet smile at the little bunny and hugged Rarity close to her chest. Fluttershy then burst into tears.

As Fluttershy cried her heart out everypony began to leave soon all that was left was Celestia, Luna and Fluttershy’s friends all watching her unsure of how to console her. Discord flew over and moved the pink mane back and whispered, ”come on, I’m sure I’ll find a way to turn you back to normal. But we should help these other ponies first.”

Fluttershy looked down at Angel trying to give flowers to Rarity. The fashionetta scoffed as she took the flowers and chomped on them. Fluttershy gave a nod and sighed, “yeah but let me try again first…”

She aimed her paw at Rarity as Discord coached,“concentrate think about what you want then let go. Don’t think about anything else but an adult mare who loves fashion.”

Everypony cringed as Fluttershy snapped her claw and the bunny poofed into a puff of smoke. The smoke cleared and revealed a big sheep with a thick coat of wool. She gave the inexperienced draconequus a angry look and shouted, “What the buck Fluttershy!” She bawwed again breaking the tension. With everypony laughing as Rarity bawwed and shuffled about with her big poofy coat bouncing up and down. Fluttershy blushed and squeaked, ”I'm sorry let me try again.”

Discord shook his head and came over. ”Look your new at chaos magic. Let me fix this before you turn Rarity into a sweater.”

The fashionista's face went blanche with horror and bawwed, “you better not! Being a dress was bad enough!”

Fluttershy pondered for a few seconds. She was nervous about screwing up but she wanted to get better with her chaos magic. She shook her head and with determination responded, “No I'll try again! I need to do this.”

Fluttershy slowly raised her paw and snapped the claw a second time. The sheep poofed into a cloud of smoke and Rarity stood before them but she was a little school filly with a stubby little body and horn. Rarity sighed looking around at her blank flank and grumbled, ”well it’s closer.”

She squeaked hearing herself. “Dear Celestia I sound like Sweetie Belle!?”

Fluttershy snickered but raised her paw one more time and gave a deep breath concentrate think about Rarity the fancy mare who love dresses and fashion come on Fluttershy! The draconequus closed her eyes and snapped her paw one more time. White mist surrounded where Rarity stood and all the ponies watched with anticipation as the young white coated mare stepped forward in her original pony form. She looked herself over and squealed, “my goodness darling you did it!”

She rushed over to Fluttershy and hugged her close The draconequus looked down and hugged Rarity back. Celestia sighed in relief but looked at Fluttershy's new form with concern and asked, “look Discord, is there really no way we can turn Fluttershy back to normal?”

Discord pondered for a few seconds and responded. “I’ll read through the contract Fluttershy signed and see if there’s a loophole.”

Fluttershy looked up overhearing the conversation looked over and asked, “well Discord can you help me at least learn how to control my chaos magic? I mean I could be like this for awhile.”

Discord gave Fluttershy a longing gaze seeing her long slim body. How her long mane wrapped around her shoulders, the two cute antler poking above her head, the scruff of yellow fur near her chest and the cute lion paws that seemed a little to furry. The surprised male draconequus admired how stunning Fluttershy looked and whispered, ” yeah...why not?”

Fluttershy flew over and nuzzled him making Discord blush a little before he took his claws and hugged her. All of Fluttershy's friends began to exit Sugarcube Corner giving the two draconequuses their space.

But a tug on Fluttershy’s tail broke the draconequus turned around with a smile and cooed, ” oh hello Derpy?”

She blushed sweetly and asked, “uh Fluttershy I don't mean to interrupt again. But could you turn me and Cadence back into a big ponies please?”

Fluttershy looked over at Princess Cadence hugging her toga trying to hide her noticeable diaper bulge underneath. The lovely female draconequus cooed, “of course, now hold still sweetheart.” Discord winced as Fluttershy took out her paw and snapped a claw.

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Comments ( 14 )

I feel a sequel is coming


There does need to be a sequel.

I’m disappointed. This chapter did not end like it was the last chapter of the story. I was honestly trying to find the next chapter. I don’t feel this story is anywhere near complete. You didn’t even write if Fluttershy turned back or not. Even if she couldn’t, you should’ve still written about Discord or anypony else attempting to at least try. Or what I really wanted to see was discord and Fluttershy getting married for real because they love each other, not because of a contract.

So, Flutters is stuck like that for now? Oh my. :twilightoops:

This was a good story. Very original twist. You read through it thinking that Mystique is just being mischievous only to find out she is planning a takeover! I like the hints of Discord and Fluttershy's relationship taking off after this.:twilightsmile:

I know, Im sorry. Alot of stuff came up and its been quite busy. I have summer coming up so I should have more time to write and get more done.

I Really like this story, but the mental manipulation just pisses me off.

hey this was a really fun read! Great job :)
I hope you continue with the sequel. I love this story :heart:

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