• Published 2nd Jul 2018
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Discord's mother comes to town - Foal Star

Discord's mom comes to Ponyville for a week. It's up to Discord to keep her in check and make sure things go smoothly.Although the number of incidents with chaos magic starts to increase...

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Chapter 8: The Wedding

Discord and Fluttershy were both in the garden drinking tea together Fluttershy sighed sipping her drink and asked, “So how are you feeling? I know this whole ordeal with your mother has made you nervous.”

Discord shook his head and replied, “No not really…I just hate how she acts as she owns me. She is always doing that to me ever since I was a kid.”

Fluttershy continued with a light blush. “It’s alright, but I’m happy to see you giving her a chance. I mean as far as I can see nothing bad happened.”

Discord shrugged, “I’m not sure…I have had an odd feeling for a while. I can sense chaos magic is being used.”

He looked around and whispered, “Something is going on…something big…”

Then out of nowhere a chariot driven by two white-coated horses burst around the green field neighing and kicking their legs in the air. Suddenly an old mare came broken the carriage door and stepped down as she exclaimed, “hello my bride and groom the wedding is almost ready!”

Both Discord and Fluttershy turned around and shouted, “What did you just say!”

The mare fixed her glasses and continued, “we're having a wedding, and we need you to get ready.”

She then walked over to Fluttershy and looked her over and proclaimed, “My goodness! You need a makeover stat!”

She turned to Discord and scoffed, ”We're going to need a lake to get you cleaned.”

Discord got concerned and shouted, ”wedding! What are you talking about!?”

Fluttershy stepped back nervously and unsettled she asked, ”ye...yeah…Discord and I aren’t getting married?”
The mare fixed her glasses and scoffed, “don’t even darling, I didn’t spend all day getting everything ready for you to become a runaway bride now come on darling we need to get you to the spa right away.”

She leads the mare towards the chariot as Discord flew in front of the horses and growled, “stop right there! We’re not going anywhere!”

“Oh come now, sweetie? Don’t let Wedding Belle’s preparations go to waste.” Discord was surprised by his mother’s voice and turned around at the big female draconequus who stood over him with her claws crossed over her chest.

Discord reared up and pointed a claw to her as he protested, “no way! We’re not just going to get married because you want us to!”

Fluttershy gave and came up and explained, “Discord has a point. We told you many times were not even dating. This is beyond pretentious, I’m sorry you took a lot of effort setting up a wedding for us. But we're not going to get married.”

Discord crossed his claws and gave the nod. “That’s right now turned these horses back to normal been I can see their ponies you transformed.”

Mystique smirked as she flew over them and laughed, “you think that this is about you two!? No, you’re going to get married, or I’ll leave things as they are.”

Fluttershy gulped and asked, “wait…what you mean by that?”

Mystique tails whisked as she flew closer towards the scared pegasus. While we were out, I was transforming ponies left and right almost all your friends, and even the princesses are now under my power. If you fail to go through with the wedding, then I will just leave them in their states.”

Discord rolled up his claws and scoffed. “As if! I'll just change them back to normal.”

The female draconequus crossed her claws and smirked, ”go ahead try!”

Discord turned to the two white-coated horses and snapped his claw and the two horses were now Pinkie pie clones now with pink frilly manes jumping about shouting ‘fun!” Discord blinked in confusion and stammered, ”what happened?

Mystique simply snapped her claws transforming the Pinkie Pies back into the fancy white horses and with a smug grin explained, ”I spiked your hot cocoa this morning sweetie, now your chaos magic is completely out of control, you try to undo anything you're just going make things worse.”

Discord turned around and shouted, “you reverse this right now!”

Mystique scoffed, ”no, this is what’s going to happen you’re going to get married and sign a contract. You will own my house and will live happily ever after while I rule Equestria.”

Fluttershy came up and growled, ”no way! My friends will stop you!”

She laughed, “most of them were already transformed, Twilight is the last one I need to take care of, she can wait. Now we need you two lovebirds at the spa right now!” She then flicked a claw, and they all teleported in a puff of smoke.

Mystique entered the ponyville spa with Fluttershy and Discord following inside. Fluttershy turned to Discord and asked, ”can’t you do anything to stop this?”

Discord whispered, “I think I do, but I need to wait for my mother to lower her guard. It’s been a while, but I may need to transform my mother and make her reverse everything.”

Fluttershy gave a slight nod as Mystique turned to Aloe and Lotus Blossom. “Alright you two I need a full-on makeover for Fluttershy it’s her wedding day, and I want her perfectly primed up for her special day.”

Both mares were a bit confused ass Aloe came up and explained, “sure we can do…uh, that…but it’s going to be expensive.”

Mystique rolled her eyes and flicked a claw turning one of the spa pools into a pool full of bits and both mares chirped with glee. They both rushed over grabbed Fluttershy by the hoof and dragged the poor horse to a mirror to be attacked by brushes and combs. Discord turned towards his mother and asked sarcastically, “so what? Am I just getting a suit?”

The mare threw him into the mud pool and flicked a claw turning it into a tub filled with pink bubbles and foam which smelled like roses. Mystique flew over her son and cooed, “I’m going to clean you up like a little baby. Knowing you, you haven't taken a proper bath in the last millennia.”

After an hour of being hammered with makeup, mane spray, and perfume. Fluttershy looked herself in the mirror and blushed seeing how her mane was styled and perfectly groomed flowing down her back like a waterfall. Her eyes were thick with makeup, and her lips were glossy red from the lipstick. Her hooves were sparkling and pristine seeming to be perfectly smooth and sparkling. She turned around to see Discord with an angry pout being dried up in a big white fluffy towel as Mystique looked the bride over and chirped, “You look absolutely divine! Wedding Belle gets the dress out.”

Wedding belle took out the wedding dress and Fluttershy’s eyes filled with horror upon seeing the dress. The diamond dust is sparkling the edge of the skirt, the purple frills, the way it looked she whispered, “Is...Is that Rarity?”

Wedding Bell fixed the dress over her and chirps, “Yep she is! Now come on its time for you to be changed!” She placed the dress over Fluttershy and fluffed her mane. “You look absolutely stunning! I’m so jealous.”

Fluttershy just looked down at the dress and whispered. ”I...I’m so sorry Rarity. I’ll try to be careful and not ruin you.”

She turned to see Discord with his claws crossed over his chest pouting as he was dressed in a fancy tuxedo. Mystique pinched his cheek and cooed, ”there’s my baby boy all ready for his big day.”

Discord glared at her thinking of everything he wanted to transform her into. But Fluttershy gently coming up and giving him that adorable sheepish smile made him blush and pause seeing how pretty she was and whispered,”F..Fluttershy? That’s really you right?”

She blushed and scratched the floor with a hoof. “Yeah it’s still me...you um...look handsome too.” Discord turned away now that his face turned a bright red color.

Mystique clapped her claws together, “enough of that! now come on you two we have a wedding to get to!”

As Mystique led Discord and Fluttershy to the wedding Twilight’s mouth was wide opened with a look of confusion and horror after Rainbow Dash explained what happened to her. The alicorn princess rubbed her eyes and asked, “okay, so you're saying you were just transformed into an ostrich by some cloud of magic?”

Rainbow dash bobbed her head up and down as she continued, “yeah, I think I saw another draconequus she looked weird with a horse head.”

Zecora rubbed her head. “Another draconequus oh dear, just with Discord is enough to fear.”

Twilight just groaned rubbing her head. “I know who you're talking about, her name is Mystique, and she’s Discord’s mother.”

Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but crow and laugh out loud. “Seriously! Discord has a mom!” She continued to squawk until a giant egg popped out from underneath her making Rainbow squawk in surprise. Twilight rolled her eyes and continued. “Yeah and she seems to be a lot like him. Trust me there was a reason I was hiding here all day.”

She blushed to relive the morning when she had her head turned into a teapot. She shivered then continued, “so I guess we need just to find Mystique and have her turn you back to normal.”

Rainbow dash squeaked as she flapped her tiny wings and shouted, “no way! On the way here Zecora had to lie and say I’m a pet if they see me with you it’ll look too obvious that I’m Rainbow Dash!”

Twilight got up and explained, “I’m sorry, but I don’t see how else we can fix this.”

Rainbow whimpered as Zecora gave her head a pat. “Don’t feel ashamed Rainbow Dash, Twilight will get you to Mystique in a flash.”

Rainbow rubbed her face into her feathers and sighed, “fine guess I don’t have a choice.”

Twilight took her by the wing. “Come on then. We don't have any time to time to lose.”

Rainbow Dash, the ostrich, was led into the streets of Ponyville with Twilight leading the way, The mare blushed looking behind her seeing how Rainbow walked with an adorable strut using her tiny wings to help with her balance.

Rainbow Dash didn't notice as she whimpered and continuously ducked her head behind her wings. Hoping nopony will see her. Then as they neared Sugarcube Corner, both mares saw something was off. There a mix of dance music and classical music that flowed from the building with a line of ponies outside with a big brown coated horse was standing near the doors checking the invitations of each pony. Twilight shook her head and growled, “We don’t have an invitation.”

Rainbow Dash looked around nervous hoping no pony would see her and looked down and saw the chariot come up and out came Discord grumbling as Twilight ran over towards him and asked, "Discord what’s going on? Are you getting married!?”

He turned and gulped as he explained, ”well…yeah…um, Fluttershy and I decided to tie the knot as they say.”

Mystique flew down and cooed, “oh Twilight and um…”

Rainbow Dash squeaked as a giant egg popped from her bottom again. Twilight couldn’t help but burst out laughing and snickered. “This is Rainbow Feathers Zecora’s pet ostrich.”

Mystique smirked knowing already that the ostrich was Rainbow dash and cooed, “oh …I see…is she trained? Because I rather have her not laying eggs during the ceremony.”

Rainbow gave Mystique a mean glare and was going to run over and peck the draconequus. Twilight took a leash and snapped it around Rainbow’s neck and explained. “I’ll keep an eye on her and in any case, we came here because you’re the only one who can help with her egg laying problem."

Rainbow Dash turned to Twilight with a glare and squawked as she tried pecking at her. Mystique just snickered, “of course, but after the wedding is over. It’s about to begin and I need to escort my son to the podium.”

Twilight turned to Rainbow Dash with a sheepish smile, and she rolled her eyes giving a nod seeing they really didn’t have a choice in the matter. They then both walked through the front doors and gaped upon the inside seeing a bunch of ponies in suits and fancy dresses laughing talking dancing, many have started taking their seats in the aisle. Twilight lead Rainbow Dash along who was still fuming. They sat on one of the benches as Mystique took Discord to the front of the aisle as she proclaimed, ”now everypony settle down and take your seats.”

Many of the ponies began doing as Mystique said and took their seats. They whispered amongst each other excited about the wedding to actually start. Twilight looked around noticing a maid that looked familiar going about giving ponies snacks from a platter that kept poofing desserts of all kinds into existence. Twilight spotted the mare playing the harp near the bizarre statue with striking features resembling Applejack. She then turned to see the wedding cake and how it jumped about on the table in the middle of the room with a big sticky note on the glass surrounding the pasty that read “DO NOT EAT.”

Twilight had a tingle and felt like as if the cake was alive…She turned back to the pedestal where she saw Discord nervously shuffling about, and her horn lit up. “Something is wrong, very wrong.”

Rainbow Dash who is ordinarily brave and fearless shuffled her feathers and looked around nervously feeling something was off as well. Then something confirmed their suspicions. Octavia came out looking as if an organ was morphed into her body as she started to play “here comes the bride” at full blast. Apple Bloom came down the aisle first throwing bouquets of flowers at everypony. They all turned to see Fluttershy in a beautiful wedding dress coming down the aisle as well blushing and seeing very timid. Twilight watched closely seeing that the dress looked odd, and she gaped having a sudden thought come through her mind. "Is that Rarity!?”

Fluttershy eventually made her way to the podium facing Discord with a nervous look on her face as Mystique cooed, ”well now today we came to see these two married finally, I mean how long they have been “friends” five years? I think it’s about times these two finally got married don’t you agree?”

Many ponies nodded Roseluck scoffed, ”yeah I mean they Clearly were dating for so long.”

Discord rolled his eyes and Fluttershy hid her face with her wings. Mystique smirked and continued, “Well I sadly don’t know much about Fluttershy but Discord was always a crazy boy, he seemed always to be trying to cause as much chaos as possible. Heck, he still has trouble controlling his magic."

My ponies laughed, and Twilight scoffed. Discord wanted to say something but held his tongue knowing the only way he can reverse what his mother did to his chaos magic was to be patient. Then Discord’s mother produced a scroll. “But I think it’s about time they sign this contract and say their vows. So Fluttershy do you take my crazy son as your husband?”

Fluttershy sighed taking the quill and writing her name then whispered meekly, “I do…”

She turned towards her son and asked, ”discord do you take this adorable little Fluttershy as your wife?”

He rolled his eyes and scribbled his name on the document and grumbled. “I do.”

She took the scroll and held it up for everypony to see and shouted, “now I pronounce you draconequus and wife.”

They both gave each other looks of uneasiness, Discord slowly bent down with his lips puckered up and Fluttershy leaned forward nervously as well. Then their muzzles both connected and the place erupted applause. Discord looked towards his mother seeing she was distracted as she tried to tell the crowd to settle down. He took out a claw and was going to use his chaos magic on his mother. But suddenly out of nowhere, Fluttershy began to transform. She grew taller with her body elongated with a long snake-like body, she had yellow feathers going down her back, as two big eagle-like wings sprouted from behind. She shuffled backward as two deer-like antlers grew from her head, and her pink mane grew out all the way down to the floor. Fluttershy squeaked and tripped on the flowing mane slamming into the wall behind her. The yellow pegasus was still to shocked to help herself up only being able to look down at her hooves which have turned into soft lion paws. The mare could only look at the paws in horror as she stammered. “What’s happening to me!”

Discord came over to help Fluttershy up and saw that she was without a doubt she has turned into a female draconequus. The only thing that came out of his mouth was. “Fluttershy you’re like me.”

Twilight gaped with wide eyes unable to comprehend what was going on, as Rainbow Dash just gulped as she nervously laid another egg. Fluttershy still in shock by the sudden transformation was helped up by Discord. She paused and looked down to see that the wedding dress also grew with her body and gave a sigh of relief, “Oh thank Celestia Rarity is ok.”

She then pulled the starred at one of her paws moving the digits that were her weird looking claws. She whispered: “Can I turn Rarity back to normal?”

She slowly bent down with the paw and with a snap, The dress poofed with a puff of smoke. When the white smoke cleared, the dress was gone and instead there was a little white bunny with a purple diamond on her forehead just giving Fluttershy a blank stare while twitching her nose. Fluttershy blushed and apologized, “oh sorry Rarity. I guess I need to get used with this chaos magic.”

Discord gulped with sweat coming down his face and asked, ”mother..what did you do?”

She just gave her son an evil smile while taking the contract. “Well the only way for the marriage to work is to have Fluttershy become a draconequus and now you two can live happily ever after forever. Isn’t this what you always wanted?”

Discord stared at Fluttershy with tears in his eyes and pulled down his claw as Mystique smirked, but Twilight came out and shouted, “hey Discord don’t listen to her! Mystique is just using you! Both of you need to fight the-“ Before she could finish Mystique flicked a claw and turned Twilight into a purple porcelain teapot with her cutie mark painted on the side of it and scoffed, “I think I liked you better this way.”

Fluttershy eyes narrowed and shouted, “that’s it! Even if you did this to me I won't just leave with Discord! Besides Discord wrote his name wrong, so the marriage is void.”

Mystique shouted in anger, “what! She looked down at the contract and saw that he spelled. “Disscord” on the contract.

She looked up at her son and gave him a sneer. “Well then I didn't want it to come down to this, but you leave me with no choice.” She took out a claw with her fingers ready to snap. Discord did the same raising his claw and growled, “I haven't had a proper chaos battle in ages. Never imagine I would be battling your mother.” The tension was high as they both glared at each other and the crowd of ponies just looked up at the podium with anticipation. Then in a split second both draconequuses snapped their claws at the same time, and a giant white flash flooded the room.

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