• Published 2nd Jul 2018
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Discord's mother comes to town - Foal Star

Discord's mom comes to Ponyville for a week. It's up to Discord to keep her in check and make sure things go smoothly.Although the number of incidents with chaos magic starts to increase...

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Chapter 7: The Calm before the Wedding

Sweetie Belle was deep in thought tapping a hoof admiring her handiwork. She held out before in her magic was a beautiful wedding dress with diamonds sewn in the fabric and purple frills outlying the white structure. Sweetie belle rotated it around admiring how it poofed out with diamond dust encrusted the bottom of the dress making it sparkle in the sunlight. She fixed her glasses and chirped. “Perfect, now we need a few more things…” She turned her attention to Big Mac who was making his golden tail whisked around him. Sweetie Belle cooed, “Big Mac won't do your name is now Golden Chariot, and I need you to pick up the bride and groom as soon as possible.”

He shrugged and explained, “alright that’s fine. But I don’t own a chariot.”

Sweetie Belle tapped her chin as she looked outside and spotted the wagon the apple family uses to store barrels of apples. She ran out and with a flick of her horn and shot the cart with a beam of light transforming the old beat up wagon into a magnificent sparkling white chariot with glistening silver spoked wheels, and two harnesses for two horses to be hitched too. Sweetie Belle fixed her glasses and proclaimed. “There it’s perfect! An excellent chariot for the bride and groom.”

Granny Smith came out with wide eyes and shouted, “what the hay did you do to my wagon!?”

Sweetie Belle turned around and chirped, “oh splendid! I found our second steed!”

She shot her with magic, and she was transformed into a white steed like Big Mac, but she had a sparkling silver mane and tail. She blinked and looked around at her rump spotting the silver chariot printed on her seat and asked, “uh...what the hay happened to me?”

She squealed hearing her voice sounding light and sweet. “I sound like some prissy princess!”

Big Mac came out bursting into fits of laughter. “Oh wow, granny you do look like a princess! You better be careful and not chip a hoof.”

“Who ya callin’ princess ya big pampered foal!”

Big Mac came over and scoffed, “I was just joking now calm down before your mane gets frizzy.”

Granny Smith scoffed, “my mane!? You think I’m worried about my mane ya big pampered prince!”

Big Mac smirked, “yeah! I bet you spend hours on it like a silly little rich mare.”

Granny reared up neighing and kicking the air. “Say that again!”

Sweetie Belle had enough stomped a hoof and growled “ enough you two!”

Both horses turned towards Sweetie Belle who ordered in a stern tone. “It’s urgent you two stop bickering and understand your role. Not only will you be bringing in the bride and groom to the wedding but other guests throughout Ponyville.”

Granny Smith rubbed her head and asked, “what in the what now?”

Big Mac turned around and slowly explained to his granny. “We need to take Fluttershy and Discord to Sugarcube corner where they’ll be married.”

The mare horse scratched her head blushing. "Oh wow I didn't know that Discord and Fluttershy were engaged."

During the conversation Sweetie Belle took the opportunity to hitchBig Macintosh and Granny Smith with harnesses to the chariot and ordered. “Now you two need to work together or so help me I’m gonna turn you into little princesses. Now, this chariot is enchanted and will help guide you to guests who can’t walk to Sugarcube Corner. So just let it do its thing.”

Without another word both Big Mac and Granny Smith quickly galloped off not wanting to be hit with Sweetie Belle’s chaos magic. The wedding planner gave a big sigh and grumbled, “time to fix the rest of the wedding.”

Celestia and Luna were both at the time of Derpy’s arrival sitting in the palace garden having cups of tea. Celestia saw that her sister Luna was groggy and cooed, “hey Luna you seem exhausted? Why don’t you go get some sleep?

The Luna princess gave a deep sigh, “it sounds like a good idea, but to be honest, I’ve been having these odd nightmares lately...I feel as if I need to be awake for something. ”

Celestia gave a deep sigh and asked, “come on tell me if something is bothering you? Were sisters aren’t we?”

Luna blushed and whispered, “yeah but... I’m still not sure if it’s something we really need to worry about.”

Her sister continued to press the issue. “Luna come on! Just spit it out. I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think it is.”

Luna sighed as she placed her teacup down and explained, “I felt a strange presence for a while, and I feel it getting stronger. I know it’s weird if something bad were happening we would know by now.”

Celestia looked around the garden seeing nothing but birds chirping and the wind blowing gently through the trees and whispered, “I don’t feel anything, maybe it’s just your nerves…” Then she spotted some odd looking grey bird flying through the trees. The bird was covered in grey feathers with a long break without a doubt it was a stork. The stork seemed not to notice the trees as it flew through the leaves and branches coughing and flapping its wings frantically as it fell to the ground. Derpy got up and groaned rubbing her head and gasped, “I finally found you two.”

She dug her beak into the bag dragging out two pink presents wrapped in white bows and placed them on the ground then chirped. “I have invitations to Fluttershy and Discord’s wedding at Sugarcube Corner with two presents.”

The princesses both blinked as the stork stumbled about on her stilt legs as Celestia looked down at the white spots on the bird's feathers. The princess blinked in astonishment, and Celestia asked: “ Derpy are you a stork?”

Derpy took a wing and scratched the back of her head as she explained, “yeah...uh long story short I got turned into a stork by Discord’s mother to deliver invitations.”

Luna blushed and asked, “wait...Discord has a mother?”

Celestia was a bit more shocked then Luna shouted, “Discord has a mother!?”

Derpy blushed and explained, “yeah uh...she’s been fixing up the wedding for Fluttershy and Discord.”

Luna got up and asked, “wait...when did Fluttershy and Discord decide to get married?”

Derpy shrugged, “I have no idea, but I was told to give you these presents and invitations.”

Both princesses starred down at the presents, and they both eyed them with a sense of uneasiness knowing that something was off. But before either princess could do anything, the presents exploded, and a bright light enveloped both princesses.

Sweetie Belle was busy getting things ready in Sugarcube Corner. Apple Bloom was talking to Pinkie about shooting fewer flowers seeing that dozens of bouquets covered the ground. Many ponies were there talking and enjoying the snacks and drinks. Applejack who was now a statue of cupid, with pegasus wings and wearing a toga shooting a bow with a heart tipped arrow was in the middle of the room spitting out water from her mouth. All the while Angel played her harp nearby she was even more elegant and graceful than before. It was perfect, and Sweetie Belle was looking around with scrutiny and sighed, “alright now we need a wedding cake…”

Then out of nowhere a giant wedding cake poofed in the middle of the snack bar. It was a three layer white frosted cake decorated with candied suns and pink, pink frosting lining each layer. On top of the pristine cake was cute suns made of icing pasted on the top was a small figurine of Discord and Fluttershy holding a hoof to a claw. Sweetie Belle came up to the cake and looked it over. “This is perfect and extraordinary, who would've made such a marvelous cake?”

The cake turned around with two big purple eyes and squeaked, ”please don’t eat me!”

Sweetie Belle squeaked and fell back. “Oh my goodness who are you?”

The cake exclaimed, “I’m Princess Celestia! Where am I?”

Sweetie Belle sighed and explained, “your uh...at Sugarcube Corner where we're getting ready for the wedding of Discord and Fluttershy…”

Celestia groaned and asked, “should've known, but uh…” She looked the strange mare over and asked, ”you look familiar do I know you?”

Sweetie belle fixed her glasses as she explained, “I’m Sweetie Belle I was uh transformed into a wedding planner.”

Celestia growled, “Discord has gone way too far you need him to stop this nonsense!”

Sweetie Belle shook her head. “I can’t the wedding is in full motion, and I...I’m being compelled to see it through...now I can’t change you back but,” she placed a glass container over the cake and placed a note that said, “do not eat.” “There, That’ll keep you safe I even put a magic lock so nopony can sneak a piece.”

Celestia shouted and hopped about but couldn't do anything in her glass prison. Then another poof exploded through Sugarcube Corner and standing before everypony was an elegant dark blue coated earth pony maid with a cute black frilly dress and a white apron draped over her. She fixed a little white bow on her head and asked, “Uh...what...where am I?" She looked down at her maid's outfit and squeaked in embarrassment. "What...what am I wearing?”

Sweetie Belle trotted over and instructed, “Oh thank goodness a maid, your at Sugarcube Corner where the wedding of Discord and Fluttershy is about to begin. I need you to serve the guests as they arrive keep everypony happy.

Luna instinctively performed a curtesy and whispered, “yes, uh...um...but...”

Sweetie Belle smirked as she fixed her glasses and chirped, “call me Wedding Belle and I promise after this is over I’ll reward you.”

Luna blushed and performed another curtsey as she squeaked, “okay Mrs.Wedding Belle but I'm princess Luna. Im not a maid.”

Sweetie Belle blushed and asked,"oh dear, uh Luna look would it be alright if you just worked as a maid for a little bit. I really need your help to make this wedding a success."

Luna looked around seeing the ponies happily eating snacks or admiring the lovely music flooding the place. "Well alright it doesn't seem like things are too bad. I assumed with Discord's mother involved this place would be a lot worse." She turned around and exclaimed, "However, don't call me Luna I don't want anypony to know I'm a maid."

Sweetie Belle smirked and cooed, "okay Starry Night its a deal nopony will know of your true identity."

Luna blushed ruffling her frilly back dress and smoothing out her apron. "Alright, well I better get going many ponies to serve." The princess of the night trotted off as she whispered under her breath. "I know stranger things are going on here. Ill just stay under cover until its the right time to strike."

Luna trotted off and went delivering a platter of small sandwiches to some ponies who arrived. Sweetie Belle tapped a hoof on her chin and asked, “Now we need a Pipe Organ and some music for the dance floor.”

Just then both Octavia and Vinyl walked throughl the front doors. Sweetie Belle clapped her hooves together and squealed, “perfect their perfect for what I have planned!” She came over and asked “hello I'm Wedding Belle and I need assistance from both of you two. I need a D.J and a pony who can play the organ. I assure you will both be compensated after the wedding.”

Both of the mares blinked, and Vinyl shrugged, “uh...okay? I don’t mind doing a gig as long were paid.”

Octavia gave a sheepish smile and explained, “ I don’t mind either, but unfortunately I’m great at the piano, but I don’t know how to play the Pipe organ.”

Wedding Belle smirked and explained, “oh don't worry I have a solution to that.” She hit Octavia with a spell transforming the pony with long golden pipes growing out her back. The mare's body were now made of rich slick wood interlocked together making her look like a puppet. She looked around and was confused by the strange magic organ music that piped from her back. The mare was furious as the music sounded out a scary, ominous tone and shouted in anger, “What the hay did you do to me!?”

Sweetie Belle just scoffed and explained, “you're a pipe organ pony and can play any song you like, all I ask is you play "here comes the bride" when Fluttershy arrives.”

Octavia paused and thought about the tune, and soon it started to blast from her body as she squealed cluttering back with her wooden hooves striking the ground and gasped. “This is so weird how are you doing this!?”

Sweetie Belle cooed, “chaos magic sweetheart now the transformation will only last for a little while so just go and practice while I fix up the dance music.”

At the sound of that Vinyl stepped back and whispered, “You know what I’m going to change my mind."

Sweetie Belle looked around and smirked, “not so fast you already agreed!!” She hit Vinyl with magic turning her into a flat black record with “best wedding hits” written in the middle of her. She shouted, ”hey what gives! This isn’t how I do things!”

Sweetie Belle giggled into her hoof and cooed, “oh don’t worry, as she placed her on the turntable and started to play fun sounding dance music. “Now you can play and think up any music within this record and as long as you keep the guests happy you’ll be paid handsomely.” Vinyl’s eyes glare at the wedding planner and she shouted, “fine! But that doesn’t mean I might sue you later!”

Sweetie Belle smirked, ”oh trust me, I bet before today’s over your going to be famous!” The mare turned around and watched as more guests poured in with Luna serving them with Carrot Cake as a platter giving them anything they desire. She turned to see mares and stallions alike swooning to Angel’s harp, foals laughing as they played with the wedding cannon, Octavia blasting her pipes from her back, Even ponies began to go on the dance floor as Vinyl the record blasted music and shouting, “you know what this is kind of awesome!”

Sweetie Belle clapped her hooves. ”Yes, everything is almost ready except the bride and groom!”

She skipped outside to see Dr. Whooves in a snazzy tuxedo checking invitations and letting ponies inside. Sweetie Belle looked up at her pink banner hovering over the front doors that spelled, “Happy New Weds Fluttershy and Discord!”

She smirked, ”this is going on better than I hoped Mystique is going to be so pleased.”

Big Macintosh and Granny Smith were coming back with a bunch of ponies stumbling out of the chariot and heading into Sugarcube corner cooing and whispering how it was about time the two were finally getting married. Sweetie Belle clapped her hooves and cooed, “splendid job this wedding is really coming together! Now we must go out to find Fluttershy and Discord!” Granny Smith rolled her eyes. “Alright! Alright! We’ll go get the two lovebirds!” The wedding planner then entered into the chariot, and the two steeds reared up and rode off at full speed towards Fluttershy’s cottage.

Mystique was flying through the air and could feel Sweetie Belle’s energy. “Oh I just know Sweetie Belle...or I should say Wedding Belle has done her job. Now I need to see how things are doing in Canterlot.”

The drac found Derpy in Canterlot busy handing out invitations to everypony she came across. Mystique chuckled as she landed near the Stork and asked, ”hey how’s it going Derpy? I assume you delivered the presents I gave you.”

The stork looked up and proudly proclaimed, “I’m doing great! Yes, Celestia and Luna have the presents as requested."

Mystique chuckled, ”I see that good work! Now that everypony I want at the wedding has an invitation. I need you to do one more thing for me before I turn you back to normal. In fact, it’s going to be your most important delivery.”

Derpy gaped in surprise and bounced up and down on in excitement “what is it!?”

Mystique flicked her claw and Derpy blinked with confusion as her, but mail sack turned into a cute white cloth as Mystique cooed in a sweet but ominous tone, ”I need you to deliver a baby to our newlyweds...

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