• Published 2nd Jul 2018
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Discord's mother comes to town - Foal Star

Discord's mom comes to Ponyville for a week. It's up to Discord to keep her in check and make sure things go smoothly.Although the number of incidents with chaos magic starts to increase...

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Chapter 4: Flightless Birds

Discord was dying on the inside as he has to endure listening to his mother drone on about how cute he was a foal. Or how he and Fluttershy make a cute couple. It was driving him crazy, as he thought about having himself and Fluttershy on a beach sipping glasses of chocolate milk as his mother was a million miles away still droaning on at two clones. But he knew Fluttershy would have a fit and a half if he did something like that.

Mystique turned to Discord and cooed sweetly, “Oh what’s wrong sweetheart? You seem preoccupied?”

Discord shook his head and grumbled. “ I was having a fun little daydream until you ruined it.”

Fluttershy scoffed, “well your mother was just explaining how pretty the birds are, they seem to be quite cheerful this morning.”

Discord rolled his eyes looking around the place seeing birds flying and chirping “yes birds, not something you can’t seem to miss here. Not mentioning all that bird poop getting everywhere.”

Discord’s mother chuckled and threw some sparkling dust into the air and cooed, “Well this should help attract some more.”

As if on cue, birds flew through the mist did begin to chirp more sweetly, and they fluttered over the three instead of just zooming over. Some Landed on Fluttershy and started to nuzzle and sing to her. Fluttershy dawwed laughed as they snuggled the birds and Discord just swatted them away and asked, “What did you just put in the air?”

Mystique explained with a sly smile. “Oh, nothing more than a scent that attracts birds.”

More birds flew down from the sky and nuzzled her as she giggled and cuddled them back. Mystique stroked the birds and snuggled them and looked over the place and was asking, “Oh Discord how do you not like cute animals yet? Fluttershy’s place is packed with them.”

Discord rolled his eyes and growled, “As I say, I’m not going to married to Fluttershy.”

Fluttershy blushed as she turned to Mystique and explained, “yeah I have to say that we don’t really see each other in that way.”

Mystique just chuckled and waved a claw. “You two are such a cute couple.”

The draquenious then got up from her chair and asked, “Now, I think a good walk around this lovely town should help digest that lovely food.”

Discord rolled his eyes but got up as well with Fluttershy. As they left the restaurant Discord eyed the cloud flying into the air.

Rainbow Dash, Soarin, and Spitfire were racing across the sky at top speeds towards Ponyville seeing who can reach Ponyville the fastest after a long day training the ponies were all tuckered out. But they continued to speed through the skies anyways without any hesitation. Rainbow Dash was ahead of the other pegasi and looked behind smirking at the other wonderbolts releasing how fast she was now compared to her idols and shouted, “Come on slowpokes!”

Both Spitfire and Soarin both a little embarrassed being outpaced by a rookie went all out as they burst through the sky at top speeds. Rainbow Dash laughed and continued her way through the air then she suddenly passed through a dense blue fog and coughed and gagged as she crashed down into the ground. Soarin and Spitfire were both caught off guard and were coughing as they went through the mist and the two both flew off blinded by the strange dust.

Soarin crashed into a fountain and groaned as he kicked about as his hooves turned into two webbed feet he squeaked and bucked in horror but his coat started to burst into a plumage of feathers. He tried to get from out of the fountain but couldn’t as he realized that his forehooves and his legs are giant feathers and then he felt his muzzle shorten and with his webbed feet pedaling through the water. He turned to see some ponies walking by and tried to ask them to help. But he gave out a loud squawk instead, and the other ponies giggled and some dawwed. He blinked confused and looked into the water to see his beak and saw how he had a long neck and he had a beautiful plumage of light blue feathers he blushed feeling awkward being a swan and asked, ”wait how did I become a swan?”

Spitfire was going through her own changes as she groaned with feathers running down her chest and was coming around her with where forehooves started to turn into winged feathers, and she looked down to see that her back hooves stated to turn into webbed feet. She honked flapping her wings releasing she was turning into some sort ofwater fowl, but it was definitely less pretty as Soarin who was clearly turning into a beautiful, graceful swan. He laughed honking more seeing how Spitfire was a light orange goose. She honked and squeaked at Soarin then slapped his face with a wing. “Shut it !”

Soarin blushed as he nuzzled her, “oh what’s wrong? Are your feathers ruffled mother goose.”

She squeaked and pecked back at him. “Look at yourself Swan Princess!”

Soarin blushed as he peddled backward, “ow get off me alright you win!”

The goose honked back. “I’ll stop when you stop pestering me!”

Soarin ruffled his feathers and growled, “I was just messing with you, Geez you always were an angry goose.”

Spitfire honked loudly as she took her wings flapping splashing water at Soarin. He honked back and splashed Spitfire back. Soon the two were splashing water each other not releasing they were drawing a crowd of ponies to the odd spectacle of the exotic waterfowl honking and fighting each other.

Rainbow Dash, however, crashed into the road and luckily braced for impact as she slid across the ground but as she did her body began morphing she groaned rubbing her head as she saw her body rising above the ground on two stilt-like legs with a surprised look. She squeaked in horror trying to flap her wings only to see how small and useless they were at her sides with her head now slowly rising up as the pegasus bawked. The mare knew that she turned into some giant bird but of what specious she had no idea. Rainbow Dash looked around to see dozens of ponies stopping their business whispering, and some were cooing at her trying to get her attention. The pegasus stepped back with her big stilt-like legs as she stumbled over rocks and dirt she couldn't help but feel embarrassed and terrified. All Rainbow Dash could do was turn and run as fast as she could into the Everfree Forest.

Fluttershy Mystique and Discord were coming by the fountain as they laughed and talked then she turned to see the crowds of ponies surrounding the fountain. What it looked like were an orange goose and a light blue swan. The two were honking and splashing each other with their wings it seemed like the two were arguing. Discord eyed the odd scene and asked, “So uh are those birds normal?”

Fluttershy was also curious and came up to the two odd birds and cooed, “Come on enough of that.”

The two waterfowls looked over and started squawking at her about how he started it, or she started it, and Fluttershy eyed them and scolded the birds, “hey stop that now! What are you doing here bickering for?”

They both looked each other and scratched their heads with their wings as they both had their minds clouded as they seemed to have forgotten. The orange goose squeaked, “we don’t know! We were flying then we hit some smoke and ended up here.”

Discord pointed a claw at the birds and shouted, “ha see Fluttershy! I knew my mother was up to no good her smoke caused these poor birds to crash!”

But before he could do anything Mystique flew over to the two waterfowls and nuzzled them as she cooed. “Oh, you poor dears I’m so sorry!”

They both squeaked and flapped their wings as the goose whined, “Hey stop that! Let me down!”

The orange goose squeaked as she felt an egg plop out from under her and splattered on the ground.

Fluttershy laughed out loud. “Oh my goodness!”
Spitfire blushed as she ruffled her feathers and Soarin couldn’t help but laugh and squawk at her. She got flustered and started to nip at Soarin who flew his wings up and honked back. Fluttershy and Mystique kept the two waterfowls from getting into a fight and Fluttershy explained. “We should get going back to my place. I would also want to see how that orange chicken is doing.”

Mystique chuckled “sure why not? Besides, I think these two are in love.”

Both birds raised their heads and began to honk and flap their wings at Mystique as Discord chortled “oh yeah and I bet we could fix something up for these lovebirds.”

He flicked a claw as the two birds were dressed in a cute little pocket vest and the goose was in a simple white wedding dress. Fluttershy burst into more laughter and squeaked, “oh they look just so adorable.”

Mystique gave the nod. “right they do, and I think that they should have their own little wedding."

Fluttershy burst into laughter. “Oh, that would be adorable. But let’s take these two back to my cottage. I would rather care for them there.”

She then leads the two waterfowls through the town as they waddled along adorably shaking their small tail feathers.

Zecora was going through the Everfree Forest humming as she collected herbs. Then out of nowhere, she turned around to see a giant blue bird running down the forest. The creature had a short chubby body with an elongated neck with a short head and an orange beak with rainbow feathers going down the back of her neck. All Zecora could do was blink in surprise and whispered, “Is that what I see? A bird from my land beyond the sea?

The zebra waited as the odd ostrich got closer to her and as it heaved up and down it asked, “hey Zecora thank Celestia it’s me Rainbow Dash! I need your help!”

Zecora looked the Ostrich up and down she looked around it pressing a hoof into her feathers and rubbed the bird’s head seeing the odd rainbow feathers. At the conclusion of her looking around the zebra squeaked out in surprise. “What has been said by you. Rainbow Dash, has turned into an ostrich is true!”

The ostrich gave a sigh and rubbed a feather over her face, “I have no idea what an ostrich is. I was just having a race with Spitfire and Soarin, and then we accidentally went through a weird cloud of magic. I crashed, and after getting up, I turned into some giant bird!”

Zecora scratched her head and laughed, ”What happened to you since last we spoke? Did you fall into some poison joke?”

Rainbow Dash blushed and shook her head. “No, I told you! I said I ran into some cloud of magic now can you fix it!”

Zecora shrugged, “I’m sorry to say that with curses I'm not sure. We should find Twilight and see if she has a cure.”

Rainbow shakes her head and whined. ”I can’t! I don’t want any pony to see me like this!”

Zecora patted her on the head for a few seconds then an idea popped into her head as she exclaimed. “I forgot to mention, no talking just honk if you need to get my attention .”

Rainbow practiced squawking as she did so blushing at how odd it was. All the embarrassed pegasus could do was sigh and mumble, “Well alright guess that works. But you need to call me something else that's not Rainbow Dash.”

Zecora rubbed a hoof down her chin as she giggled, “I have a name for you? Would Rainbow Feathers do?”

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes and exclaimed, “fine whatever! But you better not ever call me that after I'm turned back to normal.”

Zecora smirked, ”who knows maybe I will? Now come, we have a curse to kill.” She then led Rainbow dash through the Everfree forest. After a while they went through the woods they came up over to the outside of the Everfree forest and back into Ponyville.

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