• Published 2nd Jul 2018
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Discord's mother comes to town - Foal Star

Discord's mom comes to Ponyville for a week. It's up to Discord to keep her in check and make sure things go smoothly.Although the number of incidents with chaos magic starts to increase...

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Chapter 2: Pastry Ponies

The next morning came like any other with Celestia raising the sun over Ponyville Mystique was up early that morning in Fluttershy’s kitchen humming a strange tune making herself breakfast. The draconequus was stirring batter in a bowl. When Fluttershy came in smiling. “Oh hello, Mystique. Did you sleep well?”

Mystique smiled, “Oh yes I had a wonderful night, I’m sorry you and Discord had to sleep in the living room.”

Fluttershy blushed, “oh it’s fine Discord had set up a nice comfortable bed.” She pointed to see Discord sleeping on a giant canopy bed in the middle of the cottage and Mystique giggled, “Well I have to say he’s quite resourceful.”

She then placed the muffin tin into the oven and Fluttershy both curious, and a little nervous whispered, "What is that?”

Mystique turned around and casually explained, “oh it’s a special muffin deary that’s all. I like making this recipe back in my dimension. Sadly this is not safe for mortals.” As she finished the oven dinged and she took the muffin out. Fluttershy smelt it the aroma reminding her strangely of caramel, oats and of an autumn breeze. Intoxicated by the smell she moaned. “My goodness that smells so good..”

Mystique smirked as she wafted the muffin around the pegasus for good measure. ”Oh, it tastes better than smells. But, don't worry I know a recipe that is safe for mortals as such as yourself.”

The draconequus then placed her muffin on the window sill, and Fluttershy turned to see Angel doing something quite odd. He was sitting in a little chair still wearing the toga with the halo over his head, as groups of bunnies went around him putting down bowls of carrots and fruits. Fluttershy blinked at the odd sight and whispered, “Uh...I don't think giving Angel that toga was a good idea.”

Mystique turned around seeing the bunnies worshiping Angel like some diety and giggled innocently, “Oh my he’s a little emperor oh don't worry I’m sure it’ll pass anyways how about I make us some coffee.”

She then set about humming as a pot of coffee appeared in her claws and poured into a mug. She then filled a muffin pan and slowly placed it into a mug and then took out two creamers appeared and she poured out a thick and luscious mix of French cream and hazelnut into her own cup. As the cream hit the black coffee, it created a pleasant aroma that sailed into Fluttershy’s nose making her sigh with relief. Mystique smirked watching the pegasus completely intoxicated by the smells and asked, “So Fluttershy what do you like in your coffee?

Fluttershy blushed and whispered, “Just some sugar please thank you.” Mystique took Fluttershy’s cup and poured in some sugar in not realizing she placed her own special coffee on the window sill.

Derpy was doing her morning route, and as she placed some letters into Fluttershy's mailbox, she noticed the coffee and the muffin on the window sill. The mare couldn't help it her nose filled up with the scent of the mysterious muffins. She slowly took it up to her mouth and took a deep bite moaning as she ate her muffin and savored the unusual flavor that came over her like a wave of euphoria. Her husband Dr whooves was also coming down the lane tired and weary from a long night of research and sniffed the air of the strange aroma of the muffin. He spotted his wife Derpy walking allowing chomping on her muffin with a gleeful smile. Dr. Whooves came up and asked, “Derpy where on earth did you get such a muffin.”

Derpy swallowed and blushed as she gave out a cup of coffee to him. He eyed her knowing she had the habit of stealing muffins without realizing it and took it and asked, “Look, darling, as much as I appreciate the offer if this somepony else's I rather not drink this.”

Derpy gave an apologetic look. ”Well it was just on the window sill I couldn't let it go cold.”

Dr.Whooves shook his head. “No darling we can't be stealing now come on let's go see who this belongs to.” He took her by the hoof, but the mare suddenly realized that her body began to shrink. It was subtle as she looked up and saw her husband becoming bigger. Then her body began morphing into that of a sponge pastry-like substance with her head poofing outward like a muffin would, and she giggled seeing that a thin grey paper was now holding herself together and Derpy was just laughing out loud, “I’m a muffin!”

Dr. Whooves laughed thinking his wife was cracking a joke. “Yeah, you'll become one if you-” He turned and his eyes went view with horror at his wife now a literal muffin bouncing around. Dr whooves shook his head and whispered, “I must be dreaming. This can’t be real!”

Dr. Whooves took the coffee and gulped it down. He then looked back at his wife still a big grey muffin with little white seeds decorated on her top, with steam coming off her as if she was fresh from the oven. He knelt down scooping her up. “Oh my Celestia this is real! we need to get you to Twilight right away.”

Dr. Whooves was going to run down the street when he stopped looking down at his own body as it shrank. He was also confused at first looking down with awe and worry as now Derpy the muffin was now at his level! He squealed and stumbled over his paws...paws!”

He looked at his forearms seeing two little paws where his hooves should be. Then in horror, he gasped upon looking at his behind to see a long fluffy tail going over his body and squealed as he waved it around and squeaked,”what the buck iz going on!?”

Dr.Whooves blinked at the sound of his voice sounding like some pony from Prance. He then saw something strange on his little furry body. It was a blue military uniform with little gold shoulder pads with a long blue bicorne now sitting on his head. He got up and asked,”what in ze hay happened to me!”

He ran over to a puddle of after seeing his two black beady eyes and his strange military uniform with his lower body was clearly defined as a squirrel's standing on two bigger paws with a rounded light brown underbelly. Then he turned to other squirrels now entranced by the aroma that came off Derpy and they started to scuttle over with the muffin squeaking in horror, “honey help me!”

Dr whooves rushed over and held out a paw as he commanded, “Ztop right there! Thiz muffin iz not for eating!”

The squirrels all stopped as he gulped realizing that they can hear what he was saying and continued,”zhe iz a friend and iz not for eating, go find nutz or zomething.”

The squirrels all started talking amongst themselves as one female on came up. “Well I need food for my little ones back in our tree do you know where some nuts are?”

Another squirrel came up and whined, “yeah there’s no nuts around here were hungry.”

Then more squirrels came up to Dr. Whooves whining and complaining how’s there now food making him stomp about and shouted,”Ztop!”

All the squirrels clamped up and stood at attention as Dr whooves pause for a moment and explained, “I know where tonz of acornz are. If I show you them and you are zatisfied then you will stay away from the muffin, deal?”

All the squirrels huddled whispering amongst each other as Dr. Whooves watched with anticipation he could hear his wife whimper in fear. Then the female from before bounded over and exclaimed,”we reached a decision and decided that we will follow you to the nuts, and in return, we will not eat the muffin.” They shook paws as Dr whooves grabbed his wife placed her on his back and proclaimed, “Then follow me!” Dr. Whooves then lead the squirrels away as he thought to himself, The destroyed Golden Oaks Library for sure has acorns still around for these hungry squirrels. While they're busy eating, I can find Twilight and see if she can help Derpy and me to turn back to normal!”

As Fluttershy ate her safe muffin and sipped, her morning coffee Discord was getting up yawning as he scratched his head and asked,” So you and my mother getting along?”

The happy pegasi turned with a smile at Discord. “Oh yes, things are doing so wonderful she made a lovely breakfast.”

He eyed the muffin and grumbled, “You sure she didn't fuse that with chaos magic?”

Fluttershy giggled and shook her head. “Oh no she made this specifically for mortals as she puts it.”

Discord rolled his eyes, and Fluttershy then blushed and asked, ”So, don't take this the wrong way. But I guess in your world your like gods or something?”

Discord sighed as he sat down and explained, “In a sense yeah... Most draconequus I know take over other worlds and become their rulers. In all sense yes we act as gods, but I didn’t want to deal with that. I'm not good with responsibility.”

Fluttershy blushes as she continued, ”Oh well...I think your just fine the way you are.”

Discord smirked, “Yeah I know that I'm just saying that look my mother may seem nice but she’s very manipulative I’ll be careful around her.”

Fluttershy got up and looked Discord straight in the eye. “Okay, but you need to stop being so rude to her she is your mother after all.”

He shrugged and groaned, “Fine guess so, doesn't mean I have to like it.”

Then mystique came on the kitchen breaking their conversation. “Oh sorry if I’m intruding I was hoping we could visit Sugarcube corner I have a cake I would love to have baked there.”

Fluttershy confused asked, ”Uh cake? What for?”

Mystique giggled and cooed, “That’s a secret.”

Discord shrugged, “Fine why not, I guess we have nothing else planned.”

Discord’s mother clapped her paws together. “Perfect well what are we waiting for let’s move along shall we?”

Fluttershy got up and cooed,”yes we shall.” Discord rolled his eyes following behind the two ladies as he thought up himself, she’s up to something, I just know she is.

All the while Discord was still pouting as he followed his mother out of the cottage with her sliding along the road with ponies gawking in awe or disbelief. Fluttershy snuggled Discord and whispered, “Guess ponies are still getting used to you draconequuses walking around.

He shrugged, “Well it’s not every day you see a snake with a horse’s head sliding by.”

Fluttershy shook her head at Discord’s lack of respect towards his mother and just trotted along, I don’t think Mystique is that bad, but Discord seems to distrust her. I wonder why?

She continued thinking about the issue until the three made their way into Sugarcube Corner and came upon Mrs.Cake and Mr.Cake both not really busy and turned with smiles at the new customers. Mrs.Cake chimed, “Hello dear-“

Before she could finish, the mare was stunned at Discord’s mother who slithered into the main room of the bakery with a welcoming smile. “Hello, I’m Discord’s mother Mystique."

Mrs. Cake laughed nervously and took out a hoof. “Hello, Mystique. I’m Cupcake, but you can call me Mrs.Cake for short.”
Mystique cooed, “Oh what a lovely name.” She then turned her attention to Mr.Cake who was trying to spoon feed the Cake twins who were both giggling and babbling in their highchairs. Mystique squeaked, “Oh just look at the little dearies.”

She picked them up and snuggled them. “Hello, I’m auntie Mystique.”

They both giggled and tried touching her nose and then she turned back to Mrs. Cake. “You have just lovely foals, they remind me of my own little Dissy when he was young.”

Discord scoffed, “I was never as chubby as those two.”

Mystique pinched his cheek. “Yes you were, and I got the baby pictures to prove it. “ She settled the foals back down in their highchairs as Fluttershy giggled and asked, “Oh can I see them?”

Mystique turned around and cooed, “Of curse, but right now I need to order a special cake from here seeing you two seem to know your stuff.” She took out a recipe and a jar of a strange liquid and gave them to Mr and Mrs.Cake.

Mystique turned to Carrot Cake and lead him back to the kitchen where she got out the supplies, and she gave them to him and helped set up the ingredients flour eggs sugar etc... Mystique turned to the two ponies and explained, “Now this is a wedding cake I want to be baked for Discord and Fluttershy, and I need it made precisely to the letter.”

Mrs.Cake looked the recipe over and whispered, “Well we have most of these ingredients but does it really need pure chaos magic?”

Mystique sighed, “Yes, the chaos magic will make the best wedding cake of all time. Sadly my baking skills pale in comparison to yours.”

Carrot Cake smiled, “Well don’t worry we can have this done...but uh you sure about this? I mean I know Discord and Fluttershy are close, but they’re not even engaged yet.”

Discord’s mother gave a smirk and twirled her tail around the two earth ponies. “Trust me, I’ll have those two married before I leave or my name isn’t Mystique. Now just as a warning don’t eat the cake batter before it’s baked. ” She then flicked a claw and poofed in a cloud of pink smoke.

Both Mrs. and Mrs. Cake looked at each other with confused looks. Mr. Cake then asked in a nervous tone, “so you sure about this honey?”

Mrs.Cake smiled, “Yes I think we can do this. Now come on let’s get baking.” They then turned to the attention to the recipe while Mrs.Cake pouring in some flour and Mr.Cake broke eggs into the mixing bowl.

As the Mr.Cake was busy mixing the batter and saw that it frothed and was well mixed, he turned to his wife prepping the oven. “Hey, honey I think it’s ready.”

Cupcake turned around with a smile. “It’s perfect I’ll put this in the oven.”

She took the batter and poured it into a cake pan and placed it in the oven. Carrot Cake was entranced by the leftover batter in the mixing bowl and while his wife wasn't looking, the curious picked up the spoon covered in cake batter. The stallion began to lick the spoon and moaned at how good it was and then all of a sudden his body started to sag and droop he squeaked as he felt his legs formed together panning out like soup. He could see his fur turning into pasty brown with white frosting lining around little candy carrots lining the bottom. This continued as each layer shaped upward and lined with white creamy frosting and candied carrots. Eventually, his coat and mane morphed into it and on the top of the cake formed with a giant carrot with the long green steam coming down the side appeared on top. He looked around the kitchen now as an anamorphic white frosted carrot cake unable to do anything and whispered, “Uh honey I need a little help?”

Mrs. Cake didn't hear her husbands please as she placed the real wedding cake in the oven she accidentally splattered some of the batter on her fur. She squeaked as she tried to scrub it off and it formed into her body as it turned it into a spongy blue substance. Mrs.Cake screeched in horror as she fell into the oven. But her body was morphing into a mold of bread, and she melted within it as she baked alongside the wedding cake utterly unaware of how this all happened. The mare stayed there cooking not feeling the fires, and in fact, they felt welcoming as she whispered, “Oh dear I know what’s going to happen.”

Her body hardened, and she felt herself rise from the pan alongside her wedding Cake now forming beside her. All the mare could do was blush thinking back to what ponies used to tell her when she was pregnant with the cake twins. ”Guess I really am a bun in the oven now.”

Mystique was in the main room laughing as she drank a cup of her famous black brew tea and Pinkie Pie bounced downstairs and chirped, “Oh is that the tea that made Twilight’s head into a teapot?”

Mystique smirked and asked, “How do you know of that?”

The energetic pink coated mare giggled, ”Oh I just do, anyways I'm Pinkie Pie!”

Mystique blushed, "hello Pinkie I'm Mystique Discord's mother."

Pinkie Pie gasped putting her hooves to her face. "Discord has a mother! that means he has a birthday!"

She bounced over to Discord and asked, "So! what do you want to do for your birthday party!?"

Discord crossed his claws over his chest and scoffed, “How about we turn you into that party cannon you love so much.”

Mystique laughed, “Oh doesn't sound like a bad idea?!”

She then snapped a claw and pinkie pie’s body grew and became barrel-shaped, her forehooves slammed stayed the same but her back legs morphed into two wheels with her cutie mark printed on the wood appeared on the sides of the barrel. Her tail poofed out the back of the cannon like a giant pink whisk and her eyes moved on either side of the cannon. She squeaked in surprise and glee as a ton of confetti exploded from her top and shouted in an echoing tone. “Oh my gosh! You actually turned me into a party cannon!”

She started shooting streamers and confetti out making the other patrons in the room laughed at the antics, and Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake both giggled and babbled at Pinkie loving all the pretty colors flying through the air. Fluttershy smiled seeing how much fun everypony was having. She then turned to Discord and cooed, “See your mother isn't bad? You were just worrying yourself about nothing.”

Discord rolled his eyes. “Oh you just wait for Fluttershy I bet she’s already caused real chaos and we haven't noticed.” He looked around and asked, “Speaking of which has anypony seen Mr. and Mrs. Cake?”

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