Discord's mother comes to town

by Foal Star

First published

Discord's mom comes to Ponyville for a week. It's up to Discord to keep her in check and make sure things go smoothly.Although the number of incidents with chaos magic starts to increase...

It's been nearly a thousand years sine Discord left his dimension. But now his mother has come to visit him and Fluttershy in Ponyville bringing along her own brand of chaos. As Discord does his best to keep her from causing to many problems. Mishaps with chaos magic begins to grow out of control. Anything can happen and nopony is safe and Discord may be the only thing standing in the way of total chaos...

Chapter 1: Twilight the Tea Head

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Discord woke one morning in his house in his strange dimension. When he heard a loud bang. The draquenious burst up as he rubbed his head grumbling. “what the buck was that!?”

He went outside to see his mailbox stuffed with a giant package. He took it and saw the front in a fancy cursive style written in an elegant cursive font. To for cord, He looked down and gasped in horror. “Oh no! Th-the-this can’t be from her!?”

He ripped open the package and out poofed a giant letter written in a fancy font as a soft feminine voice spoke

dear dizzy

It's your mom Mystique, and I heard about you getting hitched with a mortal named Fluttershy! What a catch she looks so cute! Why didn't you tell me? Anyways to celebrate I'm coming down to see you tomorrow! I already know where to go, and I would love to look at your mare friend’s place.

Love and Kisses from your mommy

P.S can you make that first chaos black brew tea I like? I'm sure you kept the recipe

Discord groaned as he dragged a claw down his face and shouted, “this can’t happen to me!”

He tipped the letter to shreds shouting “how did she find me! Heck, how does she know Fluttershy and where she lives!”

He threw the pieces of paper into the depths of his dimensional crossed his claws and tapped his cloven hoof. "It looks like I don't have a choice. I need to endure her for a few hours. If I make her tea maybe she'll leave me alone.”

He went to his house and threw things from a cupboard and found a long scroll. It was a recipe for Chaos Black brew tea, and as he looked over the ingredients he scoffed, “You'll have to be an egghead to understand this!”

He then flicked a claw smirking “I know the most eggiest egg head in the known universe.” He then snapped a claw and poofed in a cloud of smoke

It was a late evening in Ponyville. Twilight was in her study reading a book peacefully when out of nowhere Discord burst into the room sending Twilight falling on her rump as he shouted, "oh Twilight thank Celestia your here!”

Twilight was stunned at the sudden outburst as she rubbed her and muttered, “what is it Discord?”

Discord sighed “my mother she’s coming to visit.”

Twilight blinked in surprise and giggled,”seriously your mother?”

Discord rolled his eyes “ I ’m not going to explain everything about my family. I need you to know that she’s very picky about her tea and I need you to make it and serve it.”

Twilight eyed him “tea huh? Why can’t Fluttershy do it?

Discord sighed“ look, my mother is like you when it comes to tea she wants it brewed to perfection. I know you have that super smart brain of yours to get the recipe right.” He then poofed a scroll into Twilight hooves.

Twilight blinked at it as she unfurled it “chaos black brew huh?”

Discord nodded, ”yeah its an old family recipe I never bothered making it, chocolate milk is more my thing.” He then poured some chaos magic into a vial and placed a cork on top and handed it over to Twilight and explained, “this is the main ingredient, please be careful. I don’t have to explain that chaos magic isn’t something that should be taken lightly.”

Twilight shrugged as she took the vial and sighed, “okay I'll see what I can do but um... your mother isn’t going to try to take over Equestria or anything right?”

Discord rolls his eyes. "Of course not, she already has her perfect little dimension.”

Twilight giggled, ”okay well sure I can help when is she coming.”

Discord sighed ”tomorrow.”

Twilight rolled her eyes. " your not giving me a lot of time to prepare"

She looked it over and sighed”wow this one complicated recipe. I ’m probably going to need Zecora’s help with this.”

She then rolled it up as she explained, “I'll have it ready by tomorrow. So I'm assuming the date will be at Fluttershy’s cottage?”

Discord nodded “yes it will be and be there. My mother is very punctual.”

Twilight shrugged, “alright Discord don't worry about a thing.”

Discord hugged the purple alicorn and ruffled her mane. ”Thanks, Twilight I owe you big time for this.”

He then disappears in a poof of smoke as Twilight reopened the scroll and shouted, “Spike! Get down here I need your help!”

Later that evening Twilight’s desk was now covered with flasks of bubbling potions, and dozens of cups of teas with a big teapot in the middle. As Twilight was going through the list of ingredients and trying to make sure she had the formula down. The mare then continued to write this down as she whispered, “so this tea consist of a cup of zap apple seeds, leaves from an ancient oak, tail hair of a unicorn which I had to borrow from Rarity, the smashed flowers of poison joke and water gurgled from a sea serpent. What a weird and dangerous tea.”

She looks at the vials bubbling all at a perfect 80-degree Fahrenheit and the mare and started pouring each bottle into the teapot and stirred the mixtures together. The mare then took out the vial of pure chaos magic and gulped “ok the recipe said to pour slowly.”

Twilight then slowly lifted the vial with her magic drifting it over the teapot with caution. But squeaked as she lost her balance and the bottle of chaos fell into the teapot. The collision created a massive explosion of color, and Twilight was enveloped in white light.

Spike ran down the steps upon hearing the explosion and found twilight on the floor. But what shocked him watch the fact that Twilight’s head was shaped weirdly. He came up to her and poked it with a claw and heard a clink as if he was hitting porcelain. The dragon was stunned seeing for what it was as a teapot. Twilight's eyes blinked as she rubbed a hoof on her head getting up she didn't notice what was going on asked, “hey Spike can you get me something for this headache.”

Spike was blinking in confusion. “Uh ...I don't know if there’s a cure for that!” He pointed a claw to Twilight's head, and she grabbed it and squeaked feeling porcelain and shouted, “What in the hay!”

She then heads the nose of her teapot steam and whistle. Spike burst into laughter, “oh wow you look steamed.”

Twilight growled as boiling tea gushed from her nose as she stomped out of her study with boiling tea spurting from her nostril shouting. “I’m going to kill Discord!”

Spike ran after her giggling. “Twilight your spilling tea on the stairs.”

She shouted with tea now gushing out like a geyser, “I could care less! Discord is going to reverse this stupid spell, or he’s dead!”

Spike couldn’t help but laugh some more but squeaked seeing the tea was rising over him like a flood and stepped back onto the stairs, “Twilight as much as I agree you need to calm down or you’ll flood the place.

Twilight looked down at her hooves in the pool of tea as she slowly calmed down and she sighed “your right Spike as crazy as this is I rather not flood Ponyville with tea.” She started walking back and forth as she explained with a crazed look in her eyes, I’m going to calmly go to Discord and tell him to fix this and leave as nothing happened.”

Spike smirked, “don’t forget to ask for a cup of sugar while you're at it.”

She growled as she started to steam a little. “Better stop with tea jokes Spike.”

The young drake giggled, “why not? Are you strained.”

Twilight scoffed, “whatever anyways I need to get going and give discord a piece of my mind!”

Spike shrugged, “more like a spot of tea.” He giggled at his stupid joke as he went to get a mop to clean up the mess.

As Twilight was running down the road towards Fluttershy's cottage Discord was fixing it up straightening out the place as Fluttershy blushed she never saw Discord so nervous before and asked, “hey Discord...um you doing alright?

He sighed, ”I’m fine Fluttershy just making sure everything is perfect as she would like it.”

Fluttershy rolled her eyes “discord as nice as it is to clean my cottage you’ve been up all night. I feel like your worrying way too much over this.”

Discord scoffed. “No way! I’m not for just uh…” he groaned and fell on the couch “who am I kidding my mom is crazy! She wants everything to be perfect and she loves messing with me.”

Fluttershy eyed him unsure of what to make of all of it and whispered. “like Perfect chaos?”

Discord nodded as he explained, ”she has this idea of making things better with chaos magic. Trust me I don’t even understand it.”

Fluttershy blinked still confused, and Discord explained, “I’ll put it this way, imagine if Twilight’s obsession in making everything perfect with magic and Rarity’s want of everything to be divine and fancy fused together that's my mom.”

Fluttershy squeaked “oh my! She sounds... um, difficult?”

He groaned as he dragged a claw down his face. ”She’s worse! She nags all the time when I was living in her dimension.”

He then flicked a claw poofing a sock puppet that looked like a dark green snake and started making it talk. “Dissy why don't you have a clean house? Dissy why is the garden full of muscle-bound bunnies? Dissy why is the teapot spitting tea in my face.”

He then threw the puppet away and sighed, “luckily I got out of there when I could. But hopefully Twilight made that chaos tea that would keep her calm.”

Fluttershy smiled, “oh I bet she and Zecora won’t fail you. Besides I'm quite curious, I never heard of chaos tea before.”

Discord madded a blah sound and grumbled, “my mom was addicted to the stuff I never liked it.”

Then they both turned as Twilight burst through the front door with her face a dark red and her spout bursting tea and steam shouting. “Discord! What in the hay did your tea do to me!”

Discord and Fluttershy turned to her, and they both burst into laughter seeing the porcelain teapot that was once Twilight's face flushed with anger.

Discord flew over and giggled, “what did you do drink the potion?”

Twilight growled with her nose steaming once again. “Of course not! So reverse this now!”

As she said that Discord took a teacup and caught some of the boiling tea and sipped the cup and made a gagging sound, “yep that's Chaos Black Brew Tea alright it’s perfect.”

Twilight rolled her eyes. “Thanks, but I would have rather not my literal head pouring it out!”

Discord sighed, ”look Twilight I’m sorry I didn't think the potion would cause this! But I need your help my mother is coming any second now!”

Twilight stomped a hoof “ I don't care! You turn me back to normal, or I’ll send a letter to Celestia to make sure you turned back to stone!”

Discord stepped back as Fluttershy came up to her friend. “look Twilight...he didn't mean for this to happen. honest, he's just worried about his mother coming...ca..can’t you serve tea to her?”

Twilight looked at the cowering draquenious and felt a pang of regret for yelling at him and groaned,“fine..but as soon as she leaves your turning me back to normal.”

Discord crossed his heart “of course I promise.”

She groaned as she asked, “so what do I do just serve the tea.”

Discord nods “that’s right she should be here soon.” But first, we need to set things up. “ He flicked a claw setting up a tea set with little purple cups and a sugar bowl. Fluttershy asked, “ could I try the tea?”

Twilight tilted her head pouring a cup as Fluttershy took it in her hooves she sipped at it and eeped it tasted strange like black licorice mixed with the bitter taste of a robust black tea. “It’s strange but good at the same time.”

Discord scoffed, “if you say so.”

Twilight watched with worry and asked, “wait it won't do anything to Fluttershy right?”

Discord shook his head. “I don't think so...”

Then there was a knock on the door, and the ponies froze. Discord got up slowly and flicked a claw dressing in a suit as Fluttershy was spit into a green dress, as Twilight was given a cute little maid's outfit. The purple alicorn growled, and Discord blushed, ”Sorry forget to say it was a formal tea party.”

He fixed his bowtie as he came to the door and opened it to see the strangest creature. It was like discord with a slick head of a horse, curved horns of a Stag with a long slick snake-like body with delicate white cloven hooves on the end of her back legs with two graceful eagle claws for her forearms. She wore a silky green sparkling emerald dress as she squealed, “aww my little dissy darling it's been ages!”

She pinched his cheek as he growled: “okay mom thanks.”

She went in and saw Fluttershy and cooed,”oh is this your mare friend dissy.” Discord squeaked in horror and whined “mom! “

Fluttershy blushed hard as she explained, “no Discord and I are just friends.”

Discord’s mother cooed,”oh that’s too bad I was hoping you would be engaged by now.” Both Discord and Fluttershy blushed, and they both looked away from each other unsure of what to say. Mystique threw a claw. “oh well let me introduce myself I’m Mystique.”

Fluttershy shook her claw still blushing. “Hello, Mystique it’s nice to meet you.”

Discord mother turned to Twilight and laughed, ”oh my did you try to make Chaos black tea?”

Twilight blushed as her cheek grew red with small steam came out and explained, “yeah I did as you can see, I ran into a complication.”

Mystique came over and asked, “may I?”

Twilight nodded as the draquenious titled Twilight's head and poured herself a cup of tea and sipped. “Nope, it’s perfect very well done.”

Twilight asked, “but how did it turn my head into a teapot!?

The draquinous giggled, ”well the recipe wasn't designed for mortals to make; such as yourself.But you must’ve gotten the mixture wrong somehow.” The purple alicorn stepped back remembering how she dropped the chaos magic into the concoction. Discord’s mother sipped the tea some more and whispered. ”my goodness it’s perfect.”

She sat down at the table as Discord sat across from her and Fluttershy stay beside him. The draquinous whispered, “so how are things here in Equestria? It seems you haven't turned it into your little playground.

Discord sighed, ”I’m reformed mom see Fluttershy, and I are best friends now.”

Mystique then with a flick of her claw lifted twilight's head from her body making the mare squeals as she poured the teapot into a cup and asked, “so Fluttershy how did you make my son finally behave?” As she placed Twilight's head back on her body. The mare checked her neck and body confused and bewildered.

Fluttershy giggles and shrugged, ”I just became friends with him that’s all.”

The draquinous giggled, “Friends sure, I'm still hoping it's more than that.”

Discord blushed harder looking down as his mom waved a claw “oh don't be so shy it’s.” She sipped her tea and sighed. “it's a little cold sweetheart.”

Twilight stomped a hoof. ”Hey, I’m the princess of bucking friendship! I shouldn’t be trea-!” Before she could finish her head was talked off, and Mystique poured another cup and stirred it a little she sipped it and giggled, “perfect much better.”

She then settled twilight’s head on the table making her bounced around spurting tea from her spout shouting, I’m not a bucking teapot!”

Mystique scooped her in a claw. “I’m sorry this so much more comfortable than tilting your head. Besides chaos magic will sustain your body.”

Twilight turned to her body seeing it surrounded by the magic shield and then looked up at Discord with a pleading look. She conceded to pour some tea into Mystique’s cup who smirked and placed her back down. She then spotted Angel hopping and cooed “oh a bunny!”

She lifted him up in her magic despite the little guy fighting and snapping at her. The draquenious asked,”oh my he's a feisty one.”

Fluttershy sighed ”Angel’s not fond of being picked up.”

Mystique smirked as she flicked a claw and placed a small halo on his head and
Angel squeaked and rolled around trying to remove the circle of light with no avail. Then a tiny toga and a harp poofed on him, and the bunny began strumming it making a lovely tune. Mystique clapped her claws. “Aww so nice to have some music with my tea.”

She then turned to Fluttershy and asked,”I know Discord isn’t fond of my special tea but why don’t you have some? I assure you once brewed it’s perfectly safe for mortals.”

Fluttershy giggled, and Discord rolled his eyes. Fluttershy then picked up Twilight who glared at her friend. The yellow pegasus gave her an apologetic look as she poured some warm into a cup and sipped it. “Thanks, Twilight.”

Mystique turned an giggled, “I told you so, in truth this tea can grow on you.”

She grumbled and hissed out some more steam as Discord asked, “so mom you plan on staying here or is this just a quick visit?”

Mystique shrugged “it seems that this Equestria is very lovely I might stay around for a few days.”

Discord squealed, “a-a-few days!?”

Mystique nodded as she slipped her cup and then lifted to the top of Twilight’s pot and dipped a tea bag inside. “Yes a few days I don’t see why I should leave? There really isn’t much going on in my dimension.”

Fluttershy asked, “so um you see you can’t use chaos magic whenever you want.”

Mystique then took the tea and poured some into Discord’s cup. “Well, I’ll abide by the rules here, besides I’m sure I can find ways to improve things here if ponies need me to.”

Discord eyed the cup and asked, “what's this?”

Mystique smirked, “it's a special tea chocolate milk flavored. Made it myself.”

He took the cup looking down at the dark brown liquid and sipped it and blushed as it tasted more like hot chocolate but it was creamy and creamy, and it was delightful. He looked up “uh thanks, mom.”

Mystique got up and explained, “now I must be off, I need to gather some things if I’m to stay here.”

Discord squealed, ”wait hold up! Fluttershy isn’t prepared for a guest you can't stay here! She has animals all over the place and trust me they're not very clean!”

Mystique waved a claw and cooed, ”it’s not a big deal. I love cute adorable animals.”

Fluttershy whispered, ”it’s alright she can stay here if she wants.”

Mystique kissed her on the cheek. “Thank you."

She then looked down at Twilight and cooed, “ thank you Twilight for the tea.” Twilight rolled her eyes then The draquenious got up and smiled, “well thanks again Fluttershy I’m sure I will enjoy this little visit.”

She then snaps her claws taking the alicorn's head onto the body and asked, "Oh um twilight darling let me fix you up.”

She flicked a claw and Twilight was poofed into a cloud of white smoke. She coughed and gasped as her body was adjusted and her head was back to normal. The mare touched her head feeling her fur and skin sighing in relief.“ oh thank Celestia!”

Mystique giggled “thanks again Twilight I think I’ll just have to make my special tea myself."

Twilight gave a sheepish smile and shrugged “yeah I rather not have that repeated...ever.”

Mystique giggled “at least you didn't mess up too much you could've turned yourself into a full porcelain tea set.”

Twilight gaped not even wanting to know what that would be like. Then in spectacular fashion Mystique flicked a claw and disappeared. Discord groaned and threw up his claws. “a few days! Just kill me now!”

Fluttershy turned to the angel who was now showing off his toga to some other bunnies making her giggle. "Oh she's not to bad I think I like this perfect chaos a little.”

Discord scoffed “you say that now.”

Twilight, however, got up and clopped her hooves together as she chirped, “well I had enough of chaos magic for a lifetime. I'll stay in my castle with a forcefield surrounding it.”

She then ran off as Discord scoffed, “oh what? Come on you can't be so black and white. Be a little earl grey?”

Fluttershy giggled “yeah, I didn't expect you to be so fragile. Do you need bubble wrap?"

Twilight growled, “enough with the stupid tea puns!” She then stomped out of the cottage.

Fluttershy came to Discord and snuggled him and asked, “so you think we handle your mom?”

Discord gave Fluttershy’s mane a ruffle. “If you can handle me I think we can manage her.”

Chapter 2: Pastry Ponies

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The next morning came like any other with Celestia raising the sun over Ponyville Mystique was up early that morning in Fluttershy’s kitchen humming a strange tune making herself breakfast. The draconequus was stirring batter in a bowl. When Fluttershy came in smiling. “Oh hello, Mystique. Did you sleep well?”

Mystique smiled, “Oh yes I had a wonderful night, I’m sorry you and Discord had to sleep in the living room.”

Fluttershy blushed, “oh it’s fine Discord had set up a nice comfortable bed.” She pointed to see Discord sleeping on a giant canopy bed in the middle of the cottage and Mystique giggled, “Well I have to say he’s quite resourceful.”

She then placed the muffin tin into the oven and Fluttershy both curious, and a little nervous whispered, "What is that?”

Mystique turned around and casually explained, “oh it’s a special muffin deary that’s all. I like making this recipe back in my dimension. Sadly this is not safe for mortals.” As she finished the oven dinged and she took the muffin out. Fluttershy smelt it the aroma reminding her strangely of caramel, oats and of an autumn breeze. Intoxicated by the smell she moaned. “My goodness that smells so good..”

Mystique smirked as she wafted the muffin around the pegasus for good measure. ”Oh, it tastes better than smells. But, don't worry I know a recipe that is safe for mortals as such as yourself.”

The draconequus then placed her muffin on the window sill, and Fluttershy turned to see Angel doing something quite odd. He was sitting in a little chair still wearing the toga with the halo over his head, as groups of bunnies went around him putting down bowls of carrots and fruits. Fluttershy blinked at the odd sight and whispered, “Uh...I don't think giving Angel that toga was a good idea.”

Mystique turned around seeing the bunnies worshiping Angel like some diety and giggled innocently, “Oh my he’s a little emperor oh don't worry I’m sure it’ll pass anyways how about I make us some coffee.”

She then set about humming as a pot of coffee appeared in her claws and poured into a mug. She then filled a muffin pan and slowly placed it into a mug and then took out two creamers appeared and she poured out a thick and luscious mix of French cream and hazelnut into her own cup. As the cream hit the black coffee, it created a pleasant aroma that sailed into Fluttershy’s nose making her sigh with relief. Mystique smirked watching the pegasus completely intoxicated by the smells and asked, “So Fluttershy what do you like in your coffee?

Fluttershy blushed and whispered, “Just some sugar please thank you.” Mystique took Fluttershy’s cup and poured in some sugar in not realizing she placed her own special coffee on the window sill.

Derpy was doing her morning route, and as she placed some letters into Fluttershy's mailbox, she noticed the coffee and the muffin on the window sill. The mare couldn't help it her nose filled up with the scent of the mysterious muffins. She slowly took it up to her mouth and took a deep bite moaning as she ate her muffin and savored the unusual flavor that came over her like a wave of euphoria. Her husband Dr whooves was also coming down the lane tired and weary from a long night of research and sniffed the air of the strange aroma of the muffin. He spotted his wife Derpy walking allowing chomping on her muffin with a gleeful smile. Dr. Whooves came up and asked, “Derpy where on earth did you get such a muffin.”

Derpy swallowed and blushed as she gave out a cup of coffee to him. He eyed her knowing she had the habit of stealing muffins without realizing it and took it and asked, “Look, darling, as much as I appreciate the offer if this somepony else's I rather not drink this.”

Derpy gave an apologetic look. ”Well it was just on the window sill I couldn't let it go cold.”

Dr.Whooves shook his head. “No darling we can't be stealing now come on let's go see who this belongs to.” He took her by the hoof, but the mare suddenly realized that her body began to shrink. It was subtle as she looked up and saw her husband becoming bigger. Then her body began morphing into that of a sponge pastry-like substance with her head poofing outward like a muffin would, and she giggled seeing that a thin grey paper was now holding herself together and Derpy was just laughing out loud, “I’m a muffin!”

Dr. Whooves laughed thinking his wife was cracking a joke. “Yeah, you'll become one if you-” He turned and his eyes went view with horror at his wife now a literal muffin bouncing around. Dr whooves shook his head and whispered, “I must be dreaming. This can’t be real!”

Dr. Whooves took the coffee and gulped it down. He then looked back at his wife still a big grey muffin with little white seeds decorated on her top, with steam coming off her as if she was fresh from the oven. He knelt down scooping her up. “Oh my Celestia this is real! we need to get you to Twilight right away.”

Dr. Whooves was going to run down the street when he stopped looking down at his own body as it shrank. He was also confused at first looking down with awe and worry as now Derpy the muffin was now at his level! He squealed and stumbled over his paws...paws!”

He looked at his forearms seeing two little paws where his hooves should be. Then in horror, he gasped upon looking at his behind to see a long fluffy tail going over his body and squealed as he waved it around and squeaked,”what the buck iz going on!?”

Dr.Whooves blinked at the sound of his voice sounding like some pony from Prance. He then saw something strange on his little furry body. It was a blue military uniform with little gold shoulder pads with a long blue bicorne now sitting on his head. He got up and asked,”what in ze hay happened to me!”

He ran over to a puddle of after seeing his two black beady eyes and his strange military uniform with his lower body was clearly defined as a squirrel's standing on two bigger paws with a rounded light brown underbelly. Then he turned to other squirrels now entranced by the aroma that came off Derpy and they started to scuttle over with the muffin squeaking in horror, “honey help me!”

Dr whooves rushed over and held out a paw as he commanded, “Ztop right there! Thiz muffin iz not for eating!”

The squirrels all stopped as he gulped realizing that they can hear what he was saying and continued,”zhe iz a friend and iz not for eating, go find nutz or zomething.”

The squirrels all started talking amongst themselves as one female on came up. “Well I need food for my little ones back in our tree do you know where some nuts are?”

Another squirrel came up and whined, “yeah there’s no nuts around here were hungry.”

Then more squirrels came up to Dr. Whooves whining and complaining how’s there now food making him stomp about and shouted,”Ztop!”

All the squirrels clamped up and stood at attention as Dr whooves pause for a moment and explained, “I know where tonz of acornz are. If I show you them and you are zatisfied then you will stay away from the muffin, deal?”

All the squirrels huddled whispering amongst each other as Dr. Whooves watched with anticipation he could hear his wife whimper in fear. Then the female from before bounded over and exclaimed,”we reached a decision and decided that we will follow you to the nuts, and in return, we will not eat the muffin.” They shook paws as Dr whooves grabbed his wife placed her on his back and proclaimed, “Then follow me!” Dr. Whooves then lead the squirrels away as he thought to himself, The destroyed Golden Oaks Library for sure has acorns still around for these hungry squirrels. While they're busy eating, I can find Twilight and see if she can help Derpy and me to turn back to normal!”

As Fluttershy ate her safe muffin and sipped, her morning coffee Discord was getting up yawning as he scratched his head and asked,” So you and my mother getting along?”

The happy pegasi turned with a smile at Discord. “Oh yes, things are doing so wonderful she made a lovely breakfast.”

He eyed the muffin and grumbled, “You sure she didn't fuse that with chaos magic?”

Fluttershy giggled and shook her head. “Oh no she made this specifically for mortals as she puts it.”

Discord rolled his eyes, and Fluttershy then blushed and asked, ”So, don't take this the wrong way. But I guess in your world your like gods or something?”

Discord sighed as he sat down and explained, “In a sense yeah... Most draconequus I know take over other worlds and become their rulers. In all sense yes we act as gods, but I didn’t want to deal with that. I'm not good with responsibility.”

Fluttershy blushes as she continued, ”Oh well...I think your just fine the way you are.”

Discord smirked, “Yeah I know that I'm just saying that look my mother may seem nice but she’s very manipulative I’ll be careful around her.”

Fluttershy got up and looked Discord straight in the eye. “Okay, but you need to stop being so rude to her she is your mother after all.”

He shrugged and groaned, “Fine guess so, doesn't mean I have to like it.”

Then mystique came on the kitchen breaking their conversation. “Oh sorry if I’m intruding I was hoping we could visit Sugarcube corner I have a cake I would love to have baked there.”

Fluttershy confused asked, ”Uh cake? What for?”

Mystique giggled and cooed, “That’s a secret.”

Discord shrugged, “Fine why not, I guess we have nothing else planned.”

Discord’s mother clapped her paws together. “Perfect well what are we waiting for let’s move along shall we?”

Fluttershy got up and cooed,”yes we shall.” Discord rolled his eyes following behind the two ladies as he thought up himself, she’s up to something, I just know she is.

All the while Discord was still pouting as he followed his mother out of the cottage with her sliding along the road with ponies gawking in awe or disbelief. Fluttershy snuggled Discord and whispered, “Guess ponies are still getting used to you draconequuses walking around.

He shrugged, “Well it’s not every day you see a snake with a horse’s head sliding by.”

Fluttershy shook her head at Discord’s lack of respect towards his mother and just trotted along, I don’t think Mystique is that bad, but Discord seems to distrust her. I wonder why?

She continued thinking about the issue until the three made their way into Sugarcube Corner and came upon Mrs.Cake and Mr.Cake both not really busy and turned with smiles at the new customers. Mrs.Cake chimed, “Hello dear-“

Before she could finish, the mare was stunned at Discord’s mother who slithered into the main room of the bakery with a welcoming smile. “Hello, I’m Discord’s mother Mystique."

Mrs. Cake laughed nervously and took out a hoof. “Hello, Mystique. I’m Cupcake, but you can call me Mrs.Cake for short.”
Mystique cooed, “Oh what a lovely name.” She then turned her attention to Mr.Cake who was trying to spoon feed the Cake twins who were both giggling and babbling in their highchairs. Mystique squeaked, “Oh just look at the little dearies.”

She picked them up and snuggled them. “Hello, I’m auntie Mystique.”

They both giggled and tried touching her nose and then she turned back to Mrs. Cake. “You have just lovely foals, they remind me of my own little Dissy when he was young.”

Discord scoffed, “I was never as chubby as those two.”

Mystique pinched his cheek. “Yes you were, and I got the baby pictures to prove it. “ She settled the foals back down in their highchairs as Fluttershy giggled and asked, “Oh can I see them?”

Mystique turned around and cooed, “Of curse, but right now I need to order a special cake from here seeing you two seem to know your stuff.” She took out a recipe and a jar of a strange liquid and gave them to Mr and Mrs.Cake.

Mystique turned to Carrot Cake and lead him back to the kitchen where she got out the supplies, and she gave them to him and helped set up the ingredients flour eggs sugar etc... Mystique turned to the two ponies and explained, “Now this is a wedding cake I want to be baked for Discord and Fluttershy, and I need it made precisely to the letter.”

Mrs.Cake looked the recipe over and whispered, “Well we have most of these ingredients but does it really need pure chaos magic?”

Mystique sighed, “Yes, the chaos magic will make the best wedding cake of all time. Sadly my baking skills pale in comparison to yours.”

Carrot Cake smiled, “Well don’t worry we can have this done...but uh you sure about this? I mean I know Discord and Fluttershy are close, but they’re not even engaged yet.”

Discord’s mother gave a smirk and twirled her tail around the two earth ponies. “Trust me, I’ll have those two married before I leave or my name isn’t Mystique. Now just as a warning don’t eat the cake batter before it’s baked. ” She then flicked a claw and poofed in a cloud of pink smoke.

Both Mrs. and Mrs. Cake looked at each other with confused looks. Mr. Cake then asked in a nervous tone, “so you sure about this honey?”

Mrs.Cake smiled, “Yes I think we can do this. Now come on let’s get baking.” They then turned to the attention to the recipe while Mrs.Cake pouring in some flour and Mr.Cake broke eggs into the mixing bowl.

As the Mr.Cake was busy mixing the batter and saw that it frothed and was well mixed, he turned to his wife prepping the oven. “Hey, honey I think it’s ready.”

Cupcake turned around with a smile. “It’s perfect I’ll put this in the oven.”

She took the batter and poured it into a cake pan and placed it in the oven. Carrot Cake was entranced by the leftover batter in the mixing bowl and while his wife wasn't looking, the curious picked up the spoon covered in cake batter. The stallion began to lick the spoon and moaned at how good it was and then all of a sudden his body started to sag and droop he squeaked as he felt his legs formed together panning out like soup. He could see his fur turning into pasty brown with white frosting lining around little candy carrots lining the bottom. This continued as each layer shaped upward and lined with white creamy frosting and candied carrots. Eventually, his coat and mane morphed into it and on the top of the cake formed with a giant carrot with the long green steam coming down the side appeared on top. He looked around the kitchen now as an anamorphic white frosted carrot cake unable to do anything and whispered, “Uh honey I need a little help?”

Mrs. Cake didn't hear her husbands please as she placed the real wedding cake in the oven she accidentally splattered some of the batter on her fur. She squeaked as she tried to scrub it off and it formed into her body as it turned it into a spongy blue substance. Mrs.Cake screeched in horror as she fell into the oven. But her body was morphing into a mold of bread, and she melted within it as she baked alongside the wedding cake utterly unaware of how this all happened. The mare stayed there cooking not feeling the fires, and in fact, they felt welcoming as she whispered, “Oh dear I know what’s going to happen.”

Her body hardened, and she felt herself rise from the pan alongside her wedding Cake now forming beside her. All the mare could do was blush thinking back to what ponies used to tell her when she was pregnant with the cake twins. ”Guess I really am a bun in the oven now.”

Mystique was in the main room laughing as she drank a cup of her famous black brew tea and Pinkie Pie bounced downstairs and chirped, “Oh is that the tea that made Twilight’s head into a teapot?”

Mystique smirked and asked, “How do you know of that?”

The energetic pink coated mare giggled, ”Oh I just do, anyways I'm Pinkie Pie!”

Mystique blushed, "hello Pinkie I'm Mystique Discord's mother."

Pinkie Pie gasped putting her hooves to her face. "Discord has a mother! that means he has a birthday!"

She bounced over to Discord and asked, "So! what do you want to do for your birthday party!?"

Discord crossed his claws over his chest and scoffed, “How about we turn you into that party cannon you love so much.”

Mystique laughed, “Oh doesn't sound like a bad idea?!”

She then snapped a claw and pinkie pie’s body grew and became barrel-shaped, her forehooves slammed stayed the same but her back legs morphed into two wheels with her cutie mark printed on the wood appeared on the sides of the barrel. Her tail poofed out the back of the cannon like a giant pink whisk and her eyes moved on either side of the cannon. She squeaked in surprise and glee as a ton of confetti exploded from her top and shouted in an echoing tone. “Oh my gosh! You actually turned me into a party cannon!”

She started shooting streamers and confetti out making the other patrons in the room laughed at the antics, and Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake both giggled and babbled at Pinkie loving all the pretty colors flying through the air. Fluttershy smiled seeing how much fun everypony was having. She then turned to Discord and cooed, “See your mother isn't bad? You were just worrying yourself about nothing.”

Discord rolled his eyes. “Oh you just wait for Fluttershy I bet she’s already caused real chaos and we haven't noticed.” He looked around and asked, “Speaking of which has anypony seen Mr. and Mrs. Cake?”

Chapter 3: A magic eight ball

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A few minutes later as Mystique came out of Sugarcube corner with her son and Fluttershy. Pinkie Pie the party cannon kept on exploding confetti all over the place squealing “thanks Mystique! This so awesome!”

Mystique waved a claw “alright sweetie well you enjoy yourself I’ll be back later to turn you back to normal.”

Pinkie laughed as she wheeled around and exploded a burst of confetti into Mystique’s face. “Don’t worry I don’t want to ever turn back to normal boring Pinkie Pie!”

Discord scoffed, “you're crazier than me if you want to stay like that.”

She laughed, “well I guess I am then dissy! Woohoo!” She wheeled off exploding out more confetti.

Fluttershy laughed hugging Discord “oh your such a worry wart! Come on! We have been around your mother for hours, and nothing has bad happened!”

Discord blushed “okay I’ll admit maybe I’m overreacting, but still we haven’t seen Mr. and Mrs. Cake for some time.”

Fluttershy looked around and shrugged, ”maybe they snuck off for some alone time.”

Discord chuckled as they went back down the street they met up with the cutie mark crusaders running along. The three little fillies gasped in surprise upon seeing Mystique who gave the three fillies a sly smile.

Scootaloo was the most surprised and exclaimed with excitement in her tone. “Yo-your a dracoquness like Discord!?”
She nodded slowly eyeing the three fillies. ”Yes, I am indeed I came to visit my son and see how things were in this dimension.”

Sweetie Belle looked her over. “Well, you clearly look like a strange and odd. Are you Discords’ mom then?”

She nods “yes and you three must be the cutie mark crusaders. I heard you help ponies find their destinies.”

Apple Bloom blushed to brush her hoof into the dirt. ”Well, we just help ponies find their cutie marks. We help some ponies even learn what their cutie marks mean. Not exactly finding destinies.”

Mystique cooed, “oh well I do have a little toy that can do just that.” She took out a magic eight ball with a little triangle in the depths of water in the ball. All three fillies gazed at it, and she cooed, “this magic eight ball will show you your true self just look into it and it will come true.” The cutie mark crusaders looked down with awe as Mystique flew off as she cooed “so Fluttershy is there a place we can eat?”

She giggled “oh yeah there is, it’s a nice restaurant down the way.” As they walked off Discord eyed the magic eight ball and thought to himself, I think my mom made me play with that thing a long time ago..problem is I don’t remember what happened?

All the while as the three walked off to a restaurant for lunch and the cutie mark crusaders looked down at the small black magic eight ball in their hooves.
Scootaloo eyed the ball and took it first and shouted, “I’ll go first!” She took it and shook it about as the little triangle floated to the small pane with the words. “sorry but your just a chicken.” The filly scoffed with disgust and shouted at the eight ball. ”chicken! I am not a chicken!”

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom both burst into laughter as Scootlaoo scoffed, ”not funny this thing is stupid!”

She threw the ball, and Sweetie Belle caught it and sighed “uh am I mature like my sister?” She shook it about, and the triangle appeared on the pane. “nagging old mare.” Sweetie Belle whined, “ugh your right Scootaloo this is stupid.”

She threw the ball, and Apple Bloom caught it giggling as she shook it about “uh am I gonna be stronger than my sister?” She watched the triangle appear on the front, and it said: “sorry you're as soft as a doll.” Apple Bloom scoffed “what an odd toy.”

She threw the ball into the dirt. Scootaloo scoffed, ”come on, let’s just go to the treehouse we need to discuss how to help with our new blank flanks.” They then scampered off down the road.

Scootaloo was first to notice something was odd as she came down the road her body felt weird as her body began to grow out some odd orange feathers. She stopped seeing them popping all over her body. She stopped in the middle of the road with her heart thumping in her chest. She started to try pulling them out, but they started to run down her entire body with a plumage down her neck and upper chest she squealed feeling herself shrink and could feel herself sink to the ground. Her friends were still running down the road unaware that their friend was missing. She tried to call out for the two, but she could only give a strange bawk. She paused in confusion and threw a wing up to her voice and bawked again completely amazed that she couldn’t even speak anymore.

Scootaloo tried to move her hooves, but she found that her forehooves were gone she bent down and saw two bony feet now attached to a big plump feathery body. She blinked in surprise as she had a feeling that she knew that strange magic eight ball has turned her into a chicken!”

She bawked and ran down the road seeing ponies eyeing her others laughing, and she just continued bawking trying to tell them to help. But of course, none of the ponies could hear what she was saying. Scootaloo paused as she whispered to herself, “okay what do I do, I’m a chicken and nopony can understand me…” She then had a thought “Fluttershy! she can understand me and help me!”

Scootaloo looked towards the restaurant where Mystique, Discord, and Fluttershy were all sitting down with plates of salad drinking glasses of wine. Scootaloo started to waddle down the road but squeaked as she was picked up by two purple claws and a voice cooed, “hey little guy what are you doing out here.”

The chicken bawked and flapped her wings at Spike who stood there with his claws outstretched trying to keep the withering chicken from falling. Then out of nowhere Scootaloo squeaked feeling something come out of her bottom and plopped onto the ground with a splat. Spike laughed. ”Excuse you! alright come on let's get you back to your pen.”

Scootlaoo squeaked and pecked at Spike’s as he growled irritated. ”Hey stop that! No bad chicken.”

Fluttershy looked over at the commotion seeing a strange orange chicken fighting Spike and cooed “hey Spike what’s going on?”

Spike growled as he tried to keep the orange chicken under control. “I’m sorry for bothering you Fluttershy, but one of your chickens must have escaped.”

Fluttershy eyed the chicken. “I know all my chickens, and I have never seen this one before...is it one of Applejack’s?”

Spike shrugged as he continued to fight with Scootaloo. ”I have no clue but she’s a feisty one, I've been pecked a dozen times already.”

Fluttershy came over and took the chicken into her hooves as Mystique watched with a sly smile. Scootaloo seeing her chance tried to shout, “Fluttershy I'm…” For some reason, she forgot her name. Her mind started to draw a blank on why she was fighting Spike in the first place. All the while Fluttershy gently stroked her feathers making her clam as she nuzzled into the warm fur. The calm yellow coated pegasus held the chicken close snuggled deep in the cradle of her hooves and cooed, “that’s it hush now.”

Scootaloo lowered her head into her fat feathery body and fell into a deep sleep. Fluttershy placed to orange chicken into Spike’s claws, “how about you put her into my coop when I get back I’ll see where she came from.”

Spike nodded, “sure can do Fluttershy…” He blushed a little and asked, “also is it okay if I take some eggs, I mainly came out to get some groceries.”

The pegasus laughed “of course you can.” He giggled and continued on his way smirking. Fluttershy went back to her lunch and whispered, “I apologize for the intrusion Mystique.”

She threw a claw, “it’s quite alright, anyways I was just saying if you two do get married why not have the wedding in Canterlot?”

Discord groaned and growled, “like I said before, were not royals and I would never wear a suit. besides, we're not getting married.”

Fluttershy blushed as she sipped her wine. “well...I wouldn’t mind just being married in my yard with my bunnies and birds... I’m not fond of big crowds.”

Mystique laughed, “oh you two are just perfect for each other just wait. Before I leave were going to have a wedding.”

While Scootaloo was being laced into a chicken coop, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle noticing their friend’s absence were now looking all over Ponyville. Sweetie Belle shouted “Scootaloo! Where are you!”

Apple Bloom came over and asked, “Hey Sweetie Belle I’m going to see if she came over to my farm. Maybe she thought we left her and she’s looking for us.”

Sweetie Belle nodded and replied, “okay you go to the farm I’ll go to the boutique.” They both nodded, and the two fillies split off as Apple Bloom ran to Sweet Apple Acres and then she began to feel odd. Her body began to turn soft and squishy. Apple Bloom shook her head thinking maybe she was just a little tired from running around. The filly soon came upon the trees of the apple orchard, and she felt herself slowly softening as she could feel stuffing growing inside her. It fell soft and cotton like as she slumped down near the tree. Apple Bloom began to turn into a doll and could feel herself slump down unable to yell or scream as her mouth was sown with a smile. She felt her mane spin into a red yarn and her tail as well. She stood there near the tree scared not sure of what to do. Her mind eased unable to think unable to breathe everything went silent.

Big Macintosh on the other hoof was coming through the trees after bucking for hours. He was panting coming upon the strange doll on the ground. It was bright yellow in color with big red eyes and a stitched smile. She had a cute little red bow fixed to her mane which was made of red yarn. He eyed it seeing that the doll resembled his little sister Apple Bloom. He looked around the orchard seeing nopony...and feeling his heartstring pull. He took the doll into his mouth and trotted off with a gleeful smile.

Big Mac strode through the door of their home where he squeaked upon finding Applejack holding an odd looking magic eight ball. She chuckled looking up at Big Mac “oh hey Big Mac!”

The stallion quickly strode the doll into his mane and stammered, “H-hey Applejack how are ya doing?”

She shrugged, ”doing alright, just was in town when I spotted this odd toy.” Applejack threw it to Big Mac who caught it as she snickered, “it told me I’m as flat as cardboard.”

Big Mac took the orb in a hoof and shook it about and looked down at the message he got. “You're as kind as a sweet filly.” Big Macintosh scoffed “it is an odd toy.”

He placed it on the table and turned to see Applejack going to the kitchen getting out a bowl of apples. She set them on the table and then she felt her boy slim out things felt coarse and strange she then suddenly felt her entire body thin out as her body was placed into a white piece of cardboard with her hat high over her head. Applejack was utterly stunned and instantly fell to the ground with a thump; now nothing more than a piece of cardboard she was unable to shout or do anything. She watched Big Macintosh enter the kitchen and not noticing her placed a small doll on the table.

It looked a lot like Apple Bloom and Big Mac was humming as he got out a simple tea set from above the stove. He then began boiling some water in a tea kettle. Then as the water began to steam the big stallion sighed stretching his muscles from the hard days work that was when he felt something odd his body becoming a bit slimmer. He looked down at his hooves were now thinner he felt his body lean, and face grew pudgy and soft. His mane grew out and flowed over his shoulders, and the tail softened and swirled around his legs.

Big Mac squealed flailing backward and crawling away from the mirror seeing that somehow his hitch has turned into a beautiful gold necklace and a frilly pink dress with white satin wrapped around it appeared on his body. He blushed to cross his legs feeling nothing between them knowing now he was now a mare. Big Mac got up as he or I guess she now brushed her dress and looked back at the mirror seeing herself as a slim and lovely looking mare with a soft, beautiful mane and tail her soft and lovely pink dress rippled around her. Big Mac blushed feeling so giddy and giggled hearing the tea boil and skipped over pouring the tea into the porcelain teapot. She took the tea tray and plopped it down on the small wooden table and hugged the doll, “oh your just so cute little dolly, I can’t wait for you to meet my best friend Smartypants.”

She quickly skipped upstairs feeling giddy and happy she found Smartypants in her bed. Big Mac giggled with joy hugging her favorite doll then skipped back downstairs. The stallion turned mare gasped as she came to see Applejack now as just a cardboard cutout with her surprised expression and hat printed just above her head. Big Mac burst out laughing and cooed, “oh sister what happened to you!”

The mare took hold of the cardboard with Applejack gaping in a surprised expression, and she cooed looking her over. “Oh dear, I’m not sure if I can cut you out.” She gasped, ”but Rarity could she can be really precise.”

Big Mac quickly scooped the dolls into a wicker basket and cooed, “you just stay here Applejack I’ll go get Rarity she can cut you out! I’ll be back!” She then skipped off out of the door humming a silly tune.

Chapter 4: Flightless Birds

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Discord was dying on the inside as he has to endure listening to his mother drone on about how cute he was a foal. Or how he and Fluttershy make a cute couple. It was driving him crazy, as he thought about having himself and Fluttershy on a beach sipping glasses of chocolate milk as his mother was a million miles away still droaning on at two clones. But he knew Fluttershy would have a fit and a half if he did something like that.

Mystique turned to Discord and cooed sweetly, “Oh what’s wrong sweetheart? You seem preoccupied?”

Discord shook his head and grumbled. “ I was having a fun little daydream until you ruined it.”

Fluttershy scoffed, “well your mother was just explaining how pretty the birds are, they seem to be quite cheerful this morning.”

Discord rolled his eyes looking around the place seeing birds flying and chirping “yes birds, not something you can’t seem to miss here. Not mentioning all that bird poop getting everywhere.”

Discord’s mother chuckled and threw some sparkling dust into the air and cooed, “Well this should help attract some more.”

As if on cue, birds flew through the mist did begin to chirp more sweetly, and they fluttered over the three instead of just zooming over. Some Landed on Fluttershy and started to nuzzle and sing to her. Fluttershy dawwed laughed as they snuggled the birds and Discord just swatted them away and asked, “What did you just put in the air?”

Mystique explained with a sly smile. “Oh, nothing more than a scent that attracts birds.”

More birds flew down from the sky and nuzzled her as she giggled and cuddled them back. Mystique stroked the birds and snuggled them and looked over the place and was asking, “Oh Discord how do you not like cute animals yet? Fluttershy’s place is packed with them.”

Discord rolled his eyes and growled, “As I say, I’m not going to married to Fluttershy.”

Fluttershy blushed as she turned to Mystique and explained, “yeah I have to say that we don’t really see each other in that way.”

Mystique just chuckled and waved a claw. “You two are such a cute couple.”

The draquenious then got up from her chair and asked, “Now, I think a good walk around this lovely town should help digest that lovely food.”

Discord rolled his eyes but got up as well with Fluttershy. As they left the restaurant Discord eyed the cloud flying into the air.

Rainbow Dash, Soarin, and Spitfire were racing across the sky at top speeds towards Ponyville seeing who can reach Ponyville the fastest after a long day training the ponies were all tuckered out. But they continued to speed through the skies anyways without any hesitation. Rainbow Dash was ahead of the other pegasi and looked behind smirking at the other wonderbolts releasing how fast she was now compared to her idols and shouted, “Come on slowpokes!”

Both Spitfire and Soarin both a little embarrassed being outpaced by a rookie went all out as they burst through the sky at top speeds. Rainbow Dash laughed and continued her way through the air then she suddenly passed through a dense blue fog and coughed and gagged as she crashed down into the ground. Soarin and Spitfire were both caught off guard and were coughing as they went through the mist and the two both flew off blinded by the strange dust.

Soarin crashed into a fountain and groaned as he kicked about as his hooves turned into two webbed feet he squeaked and bucked in horror but his coat started to burst into a plumage of feathers. He tried to get from out of the fountain but couldn’t as he realized that his forehooves and his legs are giant feathers and then he felt his muzzle shorten and with his webbed feet pedaling through the water. He turned to see some ponies walking by and tried to ask them to help. But he gave out a loud squawk instead, and the other ponies giggled and some dawwed. He blinked confused and looked into the water to see his beak and saw how he had a long neck and he had a beautiful plumage of light blue feathers he blushed feeling awkward being a swan and asked, ”wait how did I become a swan?”

Spitfire was going through her own changes as she groaned with feathers running down her chest and was coming around her with where forehooves started to turn into winged feathers, and she looked down to see that her back hooves stated to turn into webbed feet. She honked flapping her wings releasing she was turning into some sort ofwater fowl, but it was definitely less pretty as Soarin who was clearly turning into a beautiful, graceful swan. He laughed honking more seeing how Spitfire was a light orange goose. She honked and squeaked at Soarin then slapped his face with a wing. “Shut it !”

Soarin blushed as he nuzzled her, “oh what’s wrong? Are your feathers ruffled mother goose.”

She squeaked and pecked back at him. “Look at yourself Swan Princess!”

Soarin blushed as he peddled backward, “ow get off me alright you win!”

The goose honked back. “I’ll stop when you stop pestering me!”

Soarin ruffled his feathers and growled, “I was just messing with you, Geez you always were an angry goose.”

Spitfire honked loudly as she took her wings flapping splashing water at Soarin. He honked back and splashed Spitfire back. Soon the two were splashing water each other not releasing they were drawing a crowd of ponies to the odd spectacle of the exotic waterfowl honking and fighting each other.

Rainbow Dash, however, crashed into the road and luckily braced for impact as she slid across the ground but as she did her body began morphing she groaned rubbing her head as she saw her body rising above the ground on two stilt-like legs with a surprised look. She squeaked in horror trying to flap her wings only to see how small and useless they were at her sides with her head now slowly rising up as the pegasus bawked. The mare knew that she turned into some giant bird but of what specious she had no idea. Rainbow Dash looked around to see dozens of ponies stopping their business whispering, and some were cooing at her trying to get her attention. The pegasus stepped back with her big stilt-like legs as she stumbled over rocks and dirt she couldn't help but feel embarrassed and terrified. All Rainbow Dash could do was turn and run as fast as she could into the Everfree Forest.

Fluttershy Mystique and Discord were coming by the fountain as they laughed and talked then she turned to see the crowds of ponies surrounding the fountain. What it looked like were an orange goose and a light blue swan. The two were honking and splashing each other with their wings it seemed like the two were arguing. Discord eyed the odd scene and asked, “So uh are those birds normal?”

Fluttershy was also curious and came up to the two odd birds and cooed, “Come on enough of that.”

The two waterfowls looked over and started squawking at her about how he started it, or she started it, and Fluttershy eyed them and scolded the birds, “hey stop that now! What are you doing here bickering for?”

They both looked each other and scratched their heads with their wings as they both had their minds clouded as they seemed to have forgotten. The orange goose squeaked, “we don’t know! We were flying then we hit some smoke and ended up here.”

Discord pointed a claw at the birds and shouted, “ha see Fluttershy! I knew my mother was up to no good her smoke caused these poor birds to crash!”

But before he could do anything Mystique flew over to the two waterfowls and nuzzled them as she cooed. “Oh, you poor dears I’m so sorry!”

They both squeaked and flapped their wings as the goose whined, “Hey stop that! Let me down!”

The orange goose squeaked as she felt an egg plop out from under her and splattered on the ground.

Fluttershy laughed out loud. “Oh my goodness!”
Spitfire blushed as she ruffled her feathers and Soarin couldn’t help but laugh and squawk at her. She got flustered and started to nip at Soarin who flew his wings up and honked back. Fluttershy and Mystique kept the two waterfowls from getting into a fight and Fluttershy explained. “We should get going back to my place. I would also want to see how that orange chicken is doing.”

Mystique chuckled “sure why not? Besides, I think these two are in love.”

Both birds raised their heads and began to honk and flap their wings at Mystique as Discord chortled “oh yeah and I bet we could fix something up for these lovebirds.”

He flicked a claw as the two birds were dressed in a cute little pocket vest and the goose was in a simple white wedding dress. Fluttershy burst into more laughter and squeaked, “oh they look just so adorable.”

Mystique gave the nod. “right they do, and I think that they should have their own little wedding."

Fluttershy burst into laughter. “Oh, that would be adorable. But let’s take these two back to my cottage. I would rather care for them there.”

She then leads the two waterfowls through the town as they waddled along adorably shaking their small tail feathers.

Zecora was going through the Everfree Forest humming as she collected herbs. Then out of nowhere, she turned around to see a giant blue bird running down the forest. The creature had a short chubby body with an elongated neck with a short head and an orange beak with rainbow feathers going down the back of her neck. All Zecora could do was blink in surprise and whispered, “Is that what I see? A bird from my land beyond the sea?

The zebra waited as the odd ostrich got closer to her and as it heaved up and down it asked, “hey Zecora thank Celestia it’s me Rainbow Dash! I need your help!”

Zecora looked the Ostrich up and down she looked around it pressing a hoof into her feathers and rubbed the bird’s head seeing the odd rainbow feathers. At the conclusion of her looking around the zebra squeaked out in surprise. “What has been said by you. Rainbow Dash, has turned into an ostrich is true!”

The ostrich gave a sigh and rubbed a feather over her face, “I have no idea what an ostrich is. I was just having a race with Spitfire and Soarin, and then we accidentally went through a weird cloud of magic. I crashed, and after getting up, I turned into some giant bird!”

Zecora scratched her head and laughed, ”What happened to you since last we spoke? Did you fall into some poison joke?”

Rainbow Dash blushed and shook her head. “No, I told you! I said I ran into some cloud of magic now can you fix it!”

Zecora shrugged, “I’m sorry to say that with curses I'm not sure. We should find Twilight and see if she has a cure.”

Rainbow shakes her head and whined. ”I can’t! I don’t want any pony to see me like this!”

Zecora patted her on the head for a few seconds then an idea popped into her head as she exclaimed. “I forgot to mention, no talking just honk if you need to get my attention .”

Rainbow practiced squawking as she did so blushing at how odd it was. All the embarrassed pegasus could do was sigh and mumble, “Well alright guess that works. But you need to call me something else that's not Rainbow Dash.”

Zecora rubbed a hoof down her chin as she giggled, “I have a name for you? Would Rainbow Feathers do?”

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes and exclaimed, “fine whatever! But you better not ever call me that after I'm turned back to normal.”

Zecora smirked, ”who knows maybe I will? Now come, we have a curse to kill.” She then led Rainbow dash through the Everfree forest. After a while they went through the woods they came up over to the outside of the Everfree forest and back into Ponyville.

Chapter 5: The War of the Pastries

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Dr Whooves who was still a small squirrel wearing his ridiculous french officer outfit, was leading the rest of the squirrels of Ponyville through the streets. He was bounding along towards Sugarcube Corner at breakneck speed all the while Derpy was bouncing on his back entirely mystified by the fact she was still a muffin. He turned to see Sugarcube Corner as a female squirrel came up and explained, “hey you think that the talking muffin will be safe in there? Isn’t that where muffins get eaten!?”

Dr. Whooves chuckled, “well most poniez ztay away from ze kitchen and I’m zure that we can ask Mr. and Mrz. Cake to protect her.”

He then proceeded through the open front door peeking into seeing Pinkie Pie as a sentient Party Cannon showering the guests inside with confetti and having a blast. Dr. Whooves ran through the back of the main counter with Derpy laughing, “Pinkie is a party cannon that’s so cool!”

Dr. Whooves blinked in astonishment at what he was seeing and whispered, “what in the hay iz going on here?”

The female squirrel came up to Dr. Whooves and asked, “monsieur Pawz is that what I think it is?”

The pony turned into a squirrel slowly nodded and as he scurried back through the kitchen door. He then came upon an odd sight a fancy looking carrot cake, and a Blue colored loaf of bread was arguing over a burnt black wedding cake. The loaf of bread shouted, “Dear Celestia! You're such an idiot! Even if I was turned into a loaf of bread doesn't mean to take both me and the wedding cake out. Now it’s ruined, and we became talking pastries for nothing!”

The fancy looking carrot cake shouted back, “I was trying to save you! Why are you getting at me for anyways? I didn't turn you into a loaf of bread!”

Dr. Whooves recognized the voices immediately the blue loaf of bread was Mrs. Cupcake and the fancy decorated carrot cake was Mr. Carrot Cake. Dr Whooves gaped with a look of utter bewilderment at how in the world things like this could happen in real life. He quickly scurried up onto the table and in a fearful tone asked, “what in ze hay happened to you two!”

The two talking pastries turned around at the talking squirrel and blinked with utter bewilderment as well. Mr.Cake then got up and explained, “we're not sure, we were trying to bake a wedding cake for Discord's mother, but the batter turned us into this.”

Mrs.Cake watched as derp bounced around laughing at the whole situation and asked, “Dr. Whooves how did you turn into a squirrel and how did Derpy turn into a muffin?”

Dr whooves replied, “well...Derpy found a wonderful cup of coffee and an odd muffin zhe ate the muffin and I had ze coffee. After that, she turned into a muffin, and I zome Zquirrel from Prance I azzume. But in truth, we came here to ask if Depry can ztay with you two while I find Twilight. Zhe may be the one who can fix thiz.”

Mrs. Cake gave the nod and continued, “yeah my husband, and I thought about that. But we can’t do anything heck all we can do is hop around.”

Mrs. Cake rolled his eyes big blue eyes. “We can do more than that. I pushed the button on the oven and got you out of there.”

Mr. cake’s wife scoffed back, “You also ruined the wedding cake in the process.”

“Not this again! It’s like you want to stay in that oven!” Mr. Cake shouted back.

This time Dr. Whooves rolled his eyes. “Alright I get it, anyways I’m going to leave Derpy here with you two also…” he turned around, and the Cake turned in his direction to see a dozen other squirrels on the ground as he asked, ”do you have any nutz for them? They won’t leave me alone.”

Mrs. Cake cooed, ”oh uh we have a bag of peanuts in the back.” She hopped to the edge of the table and showed them a big sack of peanuts and the squirrels ran over and started gnawing holes and taking the nutz and devouring them. Dr. Whooves shook his head “zorry about thiz.”

Mrs. Cake chuckled “it’s alright reminds me of when Fluttershy came in with a dozen squirrels this isn’t the first time our nut supply was ravaged.”

Mr. Cake rolled his eyes. “Just wonderful, it’s not like we just restocked a few days ago as well.”

Then he heard the sound of what was chariot wheels with the sounds of it was odd and what made it stranger was that there were squeaks that sounded like they came from...bunnies. Dr. Whooves eyes went wide with wonder, and he turned to the kitchen door seeing a dozen rabbits bounding through, and he growled, “Angel is hear!”

He jumped down from the table the same time as the kitchen doors swung open. Angel hopped in with two other bunnies on either side with sticks with carrots on top of them like spears. Dr. Whooves scurried over and with his fluffy tail ruffled he asked with a glare, “Angel what are you doing here?”

The bunny in his stupid toga and circlet of leaves placed on his head smirked, “Hello Monsieur Pawz I heard from my scouts you came in here. On top of that there was also a delicious carrot cake as well.”

Dr whooves scoffed and growled, “well first off, I ztill decline your offer to take what little the zquirrels have to you. Zecond, your not getting the carrot cake, it’z actually Mr.Cake and he iz off limits.”

Angel growled and stomped a big paw on the ground as he shouted, “then I challenge you monsieur Pawz! If you get in my way I’ll have to destroy you, I swear upon my title as emperor of the bunnies!”

The bunnies behind him all burst into cheers, and Dr. Whooves laughed holding his paws to his white underbelly and squeaked, “oh yeah, ze emperor of bunniez iz zo frightening. What are you going to do whack me with that cute fluffy tail?”

Angel grew red in the face as many squirrels and bunnies snickered. The bunny then shouted in rage, “how dare you mock me! If I win the battle not only will I have you as my perosnal slave! But that carrot cake will be devoured in front of you!”

Dr. Whooves crossed his fore paws as his big fluffy tail stood up and scoffed, “Good luck with that becauze I’m not going to go down without a fight.”

Angel scoffed and looked up at Mr. Cake and smacked his lips. “Just wait soon you’ll be in my stomach.” The carrot cake squeaked in horror and bounced back a little quivering with fear. The bunny gave an evil laugh and bounced off. Dr. Whooves then scurried back to the group of squirrels as he asked. “If I may can you all lend me your earz?”

Every squirrel turned around as dr whooves explained the situation. “Look I know all of you don’t know me well. But I need your help. My friend Carrot cake is threatened by Angel the same bunny who has been taking over the place. If we don’t ztop him, he will take what little you have left.”

The female squirrel bounded over and smiled, ”of course not were with you. But...what’s your plan this Angel is pretty smart and has a lot of bunnies following him.”

Dr whooves was scratching his chin when Pinkie burst into the kitchen and chirped, ”there you all are! I saw those weird squirrels come in and what do I find Mr. and Mrs. Cake turned into cakes!”

She shoots more confetti at them as Mr cake shouted, “stop that Pinkie! You're going to bury Sugarcube Corner with all that confetti!”

Dr whooves eyes went wide and shouted, “Pinkie! I need your help!”

While Dr. Whooves was defending Mr. Cake from being devoured by bunnies. Mystique watched as Fluttershy was dotting over the two waterfowls in her garden. She has the orange goose nuzzled in a nest of reeds as she seemed to be busy laying eggs. The blue swan was swimming in the pond ducking his head in every so often to catch fish. Fluttershy just smiled and dawwed at the cute scene and turned to watch the orange chicken strutting around the place pecking at the ground. Fluttershy happy with her birds and still a bit curious asked, “my goodness where are all these odd birds coming from?”

Discord crossed his claws and scoffed. “Probably because of my mother. She has a thing for birds.”

Mystique shook her head and sighed, “I still don’t get why you distrust me so much.”

Discord rolled his eyes and grumbled, “who do you think taught me how to take over worlds?”

Fluttershy shrugged as she responded, “well I haven’t seen anything too out of the blue, and she has been really nice so far.”

Mystique blushed, “oh Fluttershy you're too kind.” She gasped placing a claw on her face. “Oh dear, I almost forgot about the cake!”

Discord groaned as Fluttershy blushed to have a feeling she already knew the answer bust asked anyways, “cake? What do you mean?”

Mystique laughed and waved a claw as she explained, “oh well that’s not something to worry about at the moment. Anyways I better get going to see if it’s finished.” She then flicked a claw and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Angel waited outside with a bunch of bunnies with staffs with carrots placed on top of them. They were in rank and file with ponies looking down at the odd scene with Angel wearing a toga at the front in a golden chariot and playing the harp as many of the bunnies looked up at him with wonder in their eyes. Angel watched as Dr. Whooves lead the few squirrels out of Sugarcube Corner they all had little mini party cannons as they looked down at each other. They both looked down at each other then soon they started the attack. They both roared as they chased at each other squirrels shot peanuts from the little party cannons with small bits of confetti flying out, as the nuts bonked the bunnies on the head. All the while the rabbits whacked the squirrels with their carrot spears, and on both sides, the weapons did nothing more than to irritate each other. It was an adorable little scene as the bunnies and squirrels whacked at each other with nuts and carrots. Then out of nowhere Pinkie Pie burst through the doors and shot confetti down on every creature. Angel eventually broke through the colorful paper a dozen squirrels came from the sides and attacked as they grabbed Angel and he was down. Dr. Whooves came over and looked down at Angel bunny who was cursing and smirked as he proclaimed, “looks like you lost.”

Then Mystique a powerful and majestic draconequus flew down from the sky and shouted, “What is going on here!?”

They all looked up as Pinkie Pie chirped, “oh hey Discord’s mom we were just having a furry fun animal party!”

She scoffed and flicked her claws, and the waves of motley colored paper disappeared as she asked, ”so what happened?”

Dr. Whooves pointed down at Angel. “Thiz one tried to eat Mr. Cake, and waz trying to take over both ze bunniez and ta squirrels!”

Mystique chuckled, ”my, my looks like Angel wasn't being very angelic.” She flicked a claw as Angel was wrapped in long white tendrils of magic. His body elongated as his shaped grew into that of a pony, but the transformation didn't stop there as two white-coated wings sprung from his back. His face became more round as a long and wavy mane and tail of a light yellow color. Then a bright pink toga grew over Angel’s new graceful body as she saw on a bench with a golden harp in her hooves and begun to play a lovely tune.

Angel struggled squirming around but he couldn’t do anything as his body seemed to now have a mind of its own. But he continued to play with his harp as if it was second nature.

Dr whooves couldn’t believe it the angry, and bitter Angel bunny was now an angelic looking pegasus playing the harp humming without a care in the world. Mystique cooed “there, I think that will do.”

All the other bunnies shrugged and bounded off as Angel squeaked. ”wait don’t go!” he squeaked and clutched at his throat, “my voice! why do I sound like Fluttershy!”

Mystique laughed and clapped her claws together as she explained, “I thought it would be a good added touch and now that’s completed now onto my next project.”

Angel tried to protest more but couldn't as he begun to play his harp again. Angel's face turned a deep red seeing how in his new form he became more mellow and shy.

Discord’s mother then turned to Dr. Whooves.” well thanks for making sure things didn’t get out of hoof here. it would have ruined my plans as for that I’m promoting you.” She flicked a claw, and he was wrapped in tendrils of magic as well. Dr. Whooves body grew back into a equestrian like body, but it was bigger and stockier than a pony. His face grew out as his dark black mane into a horse with his uniform still. He blinked looking around to see a big chestnut was printed on his rump. She cooed, ”I thought you would look great as a horse named Chestnut.”

He blushed as he ground a hoof into the dirt. ”I uh...don’t know what to say...Can you just turn me back to normal?”

Mystique couldn't help but daww and patted the doctor on the nuzzle. “Oh don't worry, I just need your help. I need you to play an important role later today. If you do this, I promise to repay you.”

The doctor looked around seeing many ponies gaping at him with awe and wonder. He raised his head high in pride liking the attention and shrugged. “Sure why not? I think I can stay in this form for a bit longer.”

Mystique swatted his rump making him neigh, and Mystique burst into laughter as she cooed,” oh you're so cute, just stay out here sweetie and await my orders.”

Dr whooves whisked his long tail and scoffed, ”fine, but turn my wife back to normal too she’s a talking muffin at the moment.”

Before Mystique could respond, Pinkie Pie rolled over. “Hey what about me! Don’t I have an important role?!”

Mystique cooed, ”oh I have a significant role for you later, as I think I’m going to host a special wedding here at Sugarcube Corner and i’m going to need your help decorating the place.”

Pinkie gasped in surprise, ”really you mean that!”

Mystique nodded as she explained, “that’s right and if you can do mean extra favor keep an eye on Angel and make sure she doesn’t do anything.”

Pinkie burst out a flurry of confetti in response. “You can count on me! We’ll keep Angel in line!”

Angel grumbled, ”ugh! I’m getting fed up with this already I could just scream.” She then pulled in a deep breath and with everypony watching the mare gave out a small eeep! Making everypony in the vicinity burst into laughter. Dr. Whooves himself clopped his hooves onto the ground giving a cheerful neigh. Mystique smirked at her handiwork and cooed,”perfect, now I need to see about this talking muffin and to see how my wedding cake is doing?

Dr whooves winced and turned towards Discord’s mother with a sheepish smile and whispered nervously, ”uh Mystique about that...

Chapter 6: Wedding Preperations

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Mystique watched the three talking pastries bouncing around her and chuckled, “oh my goodness what happened here?”

Mr. Cake sighed, “we screwed up the wedding cake I’m sorry.”

Mystique shook her head. “No, it’s my fault I shouldn’t have mortals make things from my dimension. Anyways I guess then we’ll need a replacement.” She scratched her chin and snapped a claw, “I have a perfect idea. But I’m going to need your help.”

The drac pointed a claw at Derpy. “If I turn you back into a pony would you deliver some invitations for me?”

Derpy blushed and chirped “sure I wouldn’t mind.”

Mystique flicked a claw and transformed Derpy back into a long bird-like body. His body grew plumages of grey feathers down her entire body. She also became a long yellow beak. A mailbag full of letters was magically draped over her body. The mare blinked and asked, “uh...so who am I delivering these invitations too?”

Mystique cooed, “oh you’ll know, the bag will guide you to many ponies throughout Equestria that I want at this wedding.”

The drac then took out two boxes wrapped in pink wrapping paper and white bows and stuffed them in the mailbag. “When you’re done delivering all the invitations send these boxes to Princess Celestia and Luna as well. “

Derpy blushed and gave a salute with her right wing. “You can count on me!” She then flew off into the sky.

Mystique looked around Sugarcube corner and cooed, “Alright let’s spruce this place up.”

She flicked a claw, and the drab floor turned into a pristine white tile and the walls were painted white. The cashier’s counter turned into a lavish bar with a long marble table with the seats carved out of marble with satin pillows fixed atop of each seat. The center of the shop had benches now lining up down a long aisle with a stand where the bride and groom will make their vows. A dance floor was poofed into existence near the back of the shop with a LED lighted tiles blinked multi colors and a disco globe hanging overhead. Near the back, Angel sat on a stool playing her harp without a care in the world. Mystique turned to Pinkie Pie and flicked a claw as the barrel of her cannon turned into a pure white color with pink roses painted all over it as Mystique asked, “Okay shoot out your wedding cannon!”

The sentient cannon squealed, “wedding cannon!?” Pinkie then burst out bouquets of roses from her barrel and laughed, “this is awesome! When I become a pony again, I’m making my own wedding cannon!”

Mystique smirked, “good now that we have this place spruced up.” She turned to Carrot Cake, and Mrs. Cupcake asked, ”So if I turn you two back to normal can you do me a favor?”

The two pastries looked up blinking with wide, confused eyes. Mystique blushed “I need you two to help with the refreshments during the wedding. Now seeing that you two both had an unfortunate run-in with chaos food. I trust that what I’ll have you make is normal.

Both of the pastries blinked, and Carrot Cake shrugged, “I guess…we do owe you since we ruined the wedding cake.”

Mystique smiled, “Good now let’s start with food.” The draconequus flicked a claw and Mrs. Cake was morphed into a giant silver fancy serving dish with her pink eyes on the silver dome overhead. She blinked in confusion as Mystique cooed, “Now think of something to bake anything.”

Mrs. Cake stood there unsure of what to do she closed her eyes and squealed upon feeling something pop into existence within her. Mystique removed the lid and saw a dozen white frosted cupcakes with red rose decorations on them. Mrs.Cupcake blushed and squealed, “oh wow that’s amazing!”

Carrot Cake blinked with astonishment and whispered, “oh my gosh!”

Mystique flicked a claw as Carrot Cake morphed into a crisp white punch bowl with little carrots decorating the outside of it as she chuckled, ”there now, can fill yourself with any drink.”

He blushed as he thought about punch and Mystique watched the bowl fill with the red liquid. She nodded in approval as she placed both of them near the snack table and exclaimed, “You, two just make sure as the guests come in to give them what they desire and I promise you will be rewarded beyond your wildest imaginations.”

They both shrugged and nod. Then Mystique turned to see pinkie has decorated the walls with beautiful ropes of rose chains and have sprinkled bouquets of flowers all over the place Mystique sighed, ”this is so perfect now I need a few more things before the wedding begins.”

Rarity was busy sewing up a new sparkling dress for a client in her workshop when all of a sudden she hears odd banging noises come from downstairs. Rarity slowly went down to see that an old mare was walking through her boutique grumbling angrily. The horse asked, ”uh hello may I help you?”

“Yeah, you can shut your trap and make me some lunch.” The old mare snapped back.

Rarity gasped in surprise at how rude the mare was and scoffed “excuse me!?”

The old mare spat back, “ya need to pee!? Then go pee! Geez!”

The strange old mare walked off grumbling as she opened the fridge and started to make a sandwich. Rarity watched and noticed that this mare had a faded pink and purple mane tied in a bun as her tail was tied in the same conservative way. Rarity scratched her head. “Odd she reminds me of my sister… she even has some features like my sister…”

Then the bell rang again as another mare entered the boutique. She was red-coated mare with a cute wicker basket hanging from her teeth with a doll inside that oddly looked like Apple Bloom. She placed the wicker basket down as she blushed and asked, “Hello Rarity I need to ask you a favor?”

Rarity came over and asked. “sure but uh who are you?”

The mare blushed and looked down and whispered under her breath, “I’m Big Mac…”

Rarity blinked in surprise looking over the mare with a red coat the long blonde mane and tail she seemed quite adorable but the big green cutie mark still on her rump proved without a doubt what this mare said was true. She then squealed, “Oh my…are you!? What happened!?”

Big Mac sighed as he dragged a hoof on the ground, ”it’s a long story, but I need your help. Applejack was transformed into a piece of cardboard, and I need you to cut her out.”

Rarity placed her hooves and squeaked. ”wait for what!? Applejack is a piece of cardboard!?”

She then slowly turned to the doll and asked, ”wait…is…is that Apple Bloom!?”

She then turned around and looked at the old mare sitting at her table and munching on a sandwich and shouted. ”is that Sweetie Belle!”

Sweetie belle perked up. “Huh? Who rang a bell?”

Rarity dragged her hooves down her face. “What is going on!?”

Big Mac giggled and shrugged, “I’m not sure, but we should all go to Applejack now! Celestia knows that cardboard can be easily ruined.”

Rarity growled and dragged a hoof down her face. “Ugh! fine! “ She looked around and shouted, “Sweetie Belle! We're leaving!”

The old mare looked around and asked, ”huh? I am eating?”

Rarity got closer to her sister and shouted again, “I said we're leaving!”

“Singing?! I hate singing! Why does everypony say I like singing?” The old mare shouted back.

Rarity got close to her sister’s ear and screamed, “I said we're leaving!”

The mare got up and grumbled, “Leaving? Why didn't you say so?”

Big Mac couldn’t help burst into a fit of adorable sounding laughter, ”Oh my gosh she reminds me of Granny Smith!

Rarity just growled, “come on! We need to get Applejack then find Twilight before I lose my mind.”

They all left the boutique with Big Mac skipping along humming a soft tune while Sweetie Belle grumbled and nagged her sister about another sandwich.

Rarity was now walking down the road with Sweetie Belle growling and slowly trotting along as Big Mac skipped by waving at the ponies on the way. With many stallions blushing seeing how cute the mare looked. Sweetie Belle was grumbling and trotting along behind them spitting and muttering under her breath. Rarity was walking with her down completely embarrassed by the situation. She walked on with a faster and eventually, they came upon the Apple family’s old farmhouse. Rarity gave a sigh of relief, “thank Celestia were here.”

Sweetie Belle rubbed a hoof in her ear. “Eh? What’s wrong with my ear?”

Big Mac gave a cute giggle behind her hoof as Rarity screamed and ran into the house and burst through the front door. Rarity gasped upon seeing Applejack in the cardboard cutout with her surprised expression and her hat flying overhead and sighed, ”Oh dear, hopefully, I can get her out of there.”

Big Mac skipped into the house and clapped her hooves with delight. “Oh, I bet you will! Your the best with scissors!”

Rarity got down taking out a pair of scissors from Big Mac’s wicker basket and gulped, “I hope your right but I need everypony to be quiet I don’t want to mess this up.”

Sweetie Belle was the last to enter the house. “What do you need a cup for?” She then went straight for the fridge to fix herself another sandwich. Rarity rolled her eyes and began to slowly cut her friend from the cardboard being extra careful to cut on the dotted line that outlined Applejack’s flat body. Bg Mac watched with intensity biting her hoof as Sweetie Belle seeming unaware of what’s going on just sitting down at the table munching on a sandwich. But Rarity did it cutting out her friend and the hat and adjusting it on the earth pony’s head. She gave a smile of triumph. “Finished! Now we need to find Twilight and get her back to normal!

But before any pony could do anything Mystique suddenly flew through the door and saw everypony giving her surprised looks. The draconequus blushed and asked, ”oh hello is this bad time?”

Rarity turned to see the drac and asked in an angry tone. “Who the buck are you!?”

Mystique blushed, ”my name is Mystique I’m Discord’s mother, and I came to see if you can make the best wedding dress ever!”

Rarity rubbed her eyes and looked around at all the transformed ponies making her face glow red with anger as she shouted at the top of her lungs, “You did this! I won’t make you a bucking thing until you turn my friends back to normal!”

Mystique blushed to look for the place and cooed, “oh my, looks like things got out of hoof as you would say…but it was all by accident, and honestly, I had nothing to do with this. Now, I will help turn all your friends back to normal, but I also need help with a wedding.”

Rarity eyed her suspiciously and asked, “wedding?”

Big Mac looked up with eyes full of wonder and chirped ”A Wedding!”

Mystique nodded, ”that’s right a wedding for Discord and Fluttershy, I need a few things from you to help make sure it’s a success.”

Big Mac looked up with wide innocent eyes and asked, ”what do you need?”

Rarity turned to Big Mac with a glare. “Were not helping her with anything until she fixes her mess.”

Mystique rolled her eyes she turned to Sweetie Belle grumbling and munching on a sandwich and flicked a claw. The mare was enveloped in a bright light and was regressed a bit as she became younger to a mare in her late fifties. Sweetie Belle’s mane and tail were still tied in buns, but now she was wearing a sharp purple dress with black heels and sharp purple glasses over her eyes. Her cutie mark poofed into a clipboard with a heart over it. Sweetie Belle fixed her glasses and mumbled, “Uh what’s going on?”

Mystique cooed, “Oh I need your help with something you need to plan the wedding for Fluttershy and Discord they’ll have a rehearsal done soon.”

Sweetie Belle looked up with a confused look, “huh? A wedding planner? But…” She looked at herself in a mirror and blushed, “oh wow! I look so mature!” she fixed her glasses and struck a pose. “Wow I look great and my new cutie mark is sharp!”

Despite Sweetie Belle liking her new look Rarity was not impressed as she stomped a hoof on the ground and growled, “Hey she was a lot younger than that, and she was never a wedding planner!”

Sweetie Belle turned around with a smirk and snickered, ”I am now, and I’m the big sister now Rarity!”

Mystique ignored Rarity and explained, ”now Sweetie Belle you can use chaos magic to make this wedding the best. Now I need to see how Derpy is doing.” She flicked a claw and disappeared in a puff of smoke. Sweetie Belle rubbed her head.”I have chaos magic now?”

She turned to see Big Mac blushing as she held up the doll. “Well, I need my other sister to turn back to normal first please.”

Sweetie Belle picked up the doll and lit her horn and as the doll glowed with magic.

Apple Bloom looked around blushing to see that she was wearing a pink frilly dress with white frills outlining the fabric and asked, ”what in the hay am I wearing?”

She then looked in the same mirror-like Sweetie Belle and saw she had a bunch of roses in her mane where her bow was supposed to be. Confused she asked, “Why is my mane full of flowers.” The filly then looked around at her rump and saw her cutie mark was now a bouquet of various flowers. “Why in the hay does my rump have flowers on it?”

Sweetie belle bopped her on the head. “Well, you’re the flower girl sweetheart.”

Apple Bloom looked up with a snicker, ”again? I was already a flower girl for Shining and Cadence’s wedding.”

Big Mac stomped a hoof in anger and shouted, “hey! I said to turn her back to normal!”

Sweetie Belle blushed as she explained, ”I tried to really! The chaos magic did its own thing.”

Big Mac sighed and rubbed a hoof down her face and mumbled, “fine guess it’s close enough, can you at least turn me back into a stallion?”

She lit her horn and shot a beam of magic at big mac he was turned into a big white coated stallion and cut perfect cut golden mane and tail. He looked around his rump and blushed to see a golden chariot printed where his green apple cutie mark was supposed to be. The stallion gave a long look at himself in the mirror and looked down his oddly handsome physic and with an unamused look grumbled, ”well…at least I’m a stallion again.”

Sweet Belle stepped back and squeaked, “I’m sorry! That wasn’t what I was trying to do!”

Big Mac shrugged and asked, “it’s alright, can you at least turn Applejack back into a pony?”

Sweetie Belle blushed and ground a hoof into the floor as she explained, ”I would..but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. This chaos magic seems to have a mind of its own.”

Rarity sighed, “Well we can give it a shot, it’s not like it can get any worse.”

Sweetie Belle looked around and lit her horn and shot a beam of magic at Applejack. But instead, the farm mare was turned into a statue of a pegasus wearing a toga shooting an arrow with a heart for the head of the arrow and spitting water out water from her mouth. Sweetie Belle stepped back with a sheepish look. “Uh…well, at least she isn’t a piece of cardboard and looks quite amazing.”

Big Mac sighed, as he came up to his sister. “Sorry sis, guess I’ll have to take you to Sugarcube Corner. Hopefully, that Mystique can turn everything back to normal after the wedding is done.”

Rarity scoffed, ”as if! I’m going to find Twilight and have her put a stop to this Mystique!”

But Sweetie Belle instantly turned to Rarity as she adjusted her glasses. “Sorry I can’t have you do that Rarity...we need a wedding dress for the bride.”

Rarity stomped a hoof. “There is no way I’m making a wedding dress!”

Sweetie Belle gulped asked in a nervous tone. “What if Fluttershy and Discord are getting married? Besides we’re going to need a wedding dress. I don’t know why but I can’t let you leave until we have one.”

Rarity tried to reason with her sister and slowly explained, “ Sweetie Belle, if Fluttershy was going to get married she would have told us way in advance. Something really wrong is going on here and we need to stop it.” Rarity was about to leave, but Sweetie Belle stepped in front of her sister and explained. “Rarity, something is compelling me to have you make a wedding dress...if you don’t I...I have turn you into one.”

Rarity gave her sister a gasp of surprise and shouted, ”you wouldn’t dare!”

But Sweetie Belle’s horn lit up as the filly squeaked in surprise , and everything was absorbed into a white flash of light.

Chapter 7: The Calm before the Wedding

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Sweetie Belle was deep in thought tapping a hoof admiring her handiwork. She held out before in her magic was a beautiful wedding dress with diamonds sewn in the fabric and purple frills outlying the white structure. Sweetie belle rotated it around admiring how it poofed out with diamond dust encrusted the bottom of the dress making it sparkle in the sunlight. She fixed her glasses and chirped. “Perfect, now we need a few more things…” She turned her attention to Big Mac who was making his golden tail whisked around him. Sweetie Belle cooed, “Big Mac won't do your name is now Golden Chariot, and I need you to pick up the bride and groom as soon as possible.”

He shrugged and explained, “alright that’s fine. But I don’t own a chariot.”

Sweetie Belle tapped her chin as she looked outside and spotted the wagon the apple family uses to store barrels of apples. She ran out and with a flick of her horn and shot the cart with a beam of light transforming the old beat up wagon into a magnificent sparkling white chariot with glistening silver spoked wheels, and two harnesses for two horses to be hitched too. Sweetie Belle fixed her glasses and proclaimed. “There it’s perfect! An excellent chariot for the bride and groom.”

Granny Smith came out with wide eyes and shouted, “what the hay did you do to my wagon!?”

Sweetie Belle turned around and chirped, “oh splendid! I found our second steed!”

She shot her with magic, and she was transformed into a white steed like Big Mac, but she had a sparkling silver mane and tail. She blinked and looked around at her rump spotting the silver chariot printed on her seat and asked, “uh...what the hay happened to me?”

She squealed hearing her voice sounding light and sweet. “I sound like some prissy princess!”

Big Mac came out bursting into fits of laughter. “Oh wow, granny you do look like a princess! You better be careful and not chip a hoof.”

“Who ya callin’ princess ya big pampered foal!”

Big Mac came over and scoffed, “I was just joking now calm down before your mane gets frizzy.”

Granny Smith scoffed, “my mane!? You think I’m worried about my mane ya big pampered prince!”

Big Mac smirked, “yeah! I bet you spend hours on it like a silly little rich mare.”

Granny reared up neighing and kicking the air. “Say that again!”

Sweetie Belle had enough stomped a hoof and growled “ enough you two!”

Both horses turned towards Sweetie Belle who ordered in a stern tone. “It’s urgent you two stop bickering and understand your role. Not only will you be bringing in the bride and groom to the wedding but other guests throughout Ponyville.”

Granny Smith rubbed her head and asked, “what in the what now?”

Big Mac turned around and slowly explained to his granny. “We need to take Fluttershy and Discord to Sugarcube corner where they’ll be married.”

The mare horse scratched her head blushing. "Oh wow I didn't know that Discord and Fluttershy were engaged."

During the conversation Sweetie Belle took the opportunity to hitchBig Macintosh and Granny Smith with harnesses to the chariot and ordered. “Now you two need to work together or so help me I’m gonna turn you into little princesses. Now, this chariot is enchanted and will help guide you to guests who can’t walk to Sugarcube Corner. So just let it do its thing.”

Without another word both Big Mac and Granny Smith quickly galloped off not wanting to be hit with Sweetie Belle’s chaos magic. The wedding planner gave a big sigh and grumbled, “time to fix the rest of the wedding.”

Celestia and Luna were both at the time of Derpy’s arrival sitting in the palace garden having cups of tea. Celestia saw that her sister Luna was groggy and cooed, “hey Luna you seem exhausted? Why don’t you go get some sleep?

The Luna princess gave a deep sigh, “it sounds like a good idea, but to be honest, I’ve been having these odd nightmares lately...I feel as if I need to be awake for something. ”

Celestia gave a deep sigh and asked, “come on tell me if something is bothering you? Were sisters aren’t we?”

Luna blushed and whispered, “yeah but... I’m still not sure if it’s something we really need to worry about.”

Her sister continued to press the issue. “Luna come on! Just spit it out. I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think it is.”

Luna sighed as she placed her teacup down and explained, “I felt a strange presence for a while, and I feel it getting stronger. I know it’s weird if something bad were happening we would know by now.”

Celestia looked around the garden seeing nothing but birds chirping and the wind blowing gently through the trees and whispered, “I don’t feel anything, maybe it’s just your nerves…” Then she spotted some odd looking grey bird flying through the trees. The bird was covered in grey feathers with a long break without a doubt it was a stork. The stork seemed not to notice the trees as it flew through the leaves and branches coughing and flapping its wings frantically as it fell to the ground. Derpy got up and groaned rubbing her head and gasped, “I finally found you two.”

She dug her beak into the bag dragging out two pink presents wrapped in white bows and placed them on the ground then chirped. “I have invitations to Fluttershy and Discord’s wedding at Sugarcube Corner with two presents.”

The princesses both blinked as the stork stumbled about on her stilt legs as Celestia looked down at the white spots on the bird's feathers. The princess blinked in astonishment, and Celestia asked: “ Derpy are you a stork?”

Derpy took a wing and scratched the back of her head as she explained, “yeah...uh long story short I got turned into a stork by Discord’s mother to deliver invitations.”

Luna blushed and asked, “wait...Discord has a mother?”

Celestia was a bit more shocked then Luna shouted, “Discord has a mother!?”

Derpy blushed and explained, “yeah uh...she’s been fixing up the wedding for Fluttershy and Discord.”

Luna got up and asked, “wait...when did Fluttershy and Discord decide to get married?”

Derpy shrugged, “I have no idea, but I was told to give you these presents and invitations.”

Both princesses starred down at the presents, and they both eyed them with a sense of uneasiness knowing that something was off. But before either princess could do anything, the presents exploded, and a bright light enveloped both princesses.

Sweetie Belle was busy getting things ready in Sugarcube Corner. Apple Bloom was talking to Pinkie about shooting fewer flowers seeing that dozens of bouquets covered the ground. Many ponies were there talking and enjoying the snacks and drinks. Applejack who was now a statue of cupid, with pegasus wings and wearing a toga shooting a bow with a heart tipped arrow was in the middle of the room spitting out water from her mouth. All the while Angel played her harp nearby she was even more elegant and graceful than before. It was perfect, and Sweetie Belle was looking around with scrutiny and sighed, “alright now we need a wedding cake…”

Then out of nowhere a giant wedding cake poofed in the middle of the snack bar. It was a three layer white frosted cake decorated with candied suns and pink, pink frosting lining each layer. On top of the pristine cake was cute suns made of icing pasted on the top was a small figurine of Discord and Fluttershy holding a hoof to a claw. Sweetie Belle came up to the cake and looked it over. “This is perfect and extraordinary, who would've made such a marvelous cake?”

The cake turned around with two big purple eyes and squeaked, ”please don’t eat me!”

Sweetie Belle squeaked and fell back. “Oh my goodness who are you?”

The cake exclaimed, “I’m Princess Celestia! Where am I?”

Sweetie Belle sighed and explained, “your uh...at Sugarcube Corner where we're getting ready for the wedding of Discord and Fluttershy…”

Celestia groaned and asked, “should've known, but uh…” She looked the strange mare over and asked, ”you look familiar do I know you?”

Sweetie belle fixed her glasses as she explained, “I’m Sweetie Belle I was uh transformed into a wedding planner.”

Celestia growled, “Discord has gone way too far you need him to stop this nonsense!”

Sweetie Belle shook her head. “I can’t the wedding is in full motion, and I...I’m being compelled to see it through...now I can’t change you back but,” she placed a glass container over the cake and placed a note that said, “do not eat.” “There, That’ll keep you safe I even put a magic lock so nopony can sneak a piece.”

Celestia shouted and hopped about but couldn't do anything in her glass prison. Then another poof exploded through Sugarcube Corner and standing before everypony was an elegant dark blue coated earth pony maid with a cute black frilly dress and a white apron draped over her. She fixed a little white bow on her head and asked, “Uh...what...where am I?" She looked down at her maid's outfit and squeaked in embarrassment. "What...what am I wearing?”

Sweetie Belle trotted over and instructed, “Oh thank goodness a maid, your at Sugarcube Corner where the wedding of Discord and Fluttershy is about to begin. I need you to serve the guests as they arrive keep everypony happy.

Luna instinctively performed a curtesy and whispered, “yes, uh...um...but...”

Sweetie Belle smirked as she fixed her glasses and chirped, “call me Wedding Belle and I promise after this is over I’ll reward you.”

Luna blushed and performed another curtsey as she squeaked, “okay Mrs.Wedding Belle but I'm princess Luna. Im not a maid.”

Sweetie Belle blushed and asked,"oh dear, uh Luna look would it be alright if you just worked as a maid for a little bit. I really need your help to make this wedding a success."

Luna looked around seeing the ponies happily eating snacks or admiring the lovely music flooding the place. "Well alright it doesn't seem like things are too bad. I assumed with Discord's mother involved this place would be a lot worse." She turned around and exclaimed, "However, don't call me Luna I don't want anypony to know I'm a maid."

Sweetie Belle smirked and cooed, "okay Starry Night its a deal nopony will know of your true identity."

Luna blushed ruffling her frilly back dress and smoothing out her apron. "Alright, well I better get going many ponies to serve." The princess of the night trotted off as she whispered under her breath. "I know stranger things are going on here. Ill just stay under cover until its the right time to strike."

Luna trotted off and went delivering a platter of small sandwiches to some ponies who arrived. Sweetie Belle tapped a hoof on her chin and asked, “Now we need a Pipe Organ and some music for the dance floor.”

Just then both Octavia and Vinyl walked throughl the front doors. Sweetie Belle clapped her hooves together and squealed, “perfect their perfect for what I have planned!” She came over and asked “hello I'm Wedding Belle and I need assistance from both of you two. I need a D.J and a pony who can play the organ. I assure you will both be compensated after the wedding.”

Both of the mares blinked, and Vinyl shrugged, “uh...okay? I don’t mind doing a gig as long were paid.”

Octavia gave a sheepish smile and explained, “ I don’t mind either, but unfortunately I’m great at the piano, but I don’t know how to play the Pipe organ.”

Wedding Belle smirked and explained, “oh don't worry I have a solution to that.” She hit Octavia with a spell transforming the pony with long golden pipes growing out her back. The mare's body were now made of rich slick wood interlocked together making her look like a puppet. She looked around and was confused by the strange magic organ music that piped from her back. The mare was furious as the music sounded out a scary, ominous tone and shouted in anger, “What the hay did you do to me!?”

Sweetie Belle just scoffed and explained, “you're a pipe organ pony and can play any song you like, all I ask is you play "here comes the bride" when Fluttershy arrives.”

Octavia paused and thought about the tune, and soon it started to blast from her body as she squealed cluttering back with her wooden hooves striking the ground and gasped. “This is so weird how are you doing this!?”

Sweetie Belle cooed, “chaos magic sweetheart now the transformation will only last for a little while so just go and practice while I fix up the dance music.”

At the sound of that Vinyl stepped back and whispered, “You know what I’m going to change my mind."

Sweetie Belle looked around and smirked, “not so fast you already agreed!!” She hit Vinyl with magic turning her into a flat black record with “best wedding hits” written in the middle of her. She shouted, ”hey what gives! This isn’t how I do things!”

Sweetie Belle giggled into her hoof and cooed, “oh don’t worry, as she placed her on the turntable and started to play fun sounding dance music. “Now you can play and think up any music within this record and as long as you keep the guests happy you’ll be paid handsomely.” Vinyl’s eyes glare at the wedding planner and she shouted, “fine! But that doesn’t mean I might sue you later!”

Sweetie Belle smirked, ”oh trust me, I bet before today’s over your going to be famous!” The mare turned around and watched as more guests poured in with Luna serving them with Carrot Cake as a platter giving them anything they desire. She turned to see mares and stallions alike swooning to Angel’s harp, foals laughing as they played with the wedding cannon, Octavia blasting her pipes from her back, Even ponies began to go on the dance floor as Vinyl the record blasted music and shouting, “you know what this is kind of awesome!”

Sweetie Belle clapped her hooves. ”Yes, everything is almost ready except the bride and groom!”

She skipped outside to see Dr. Whooves in a snazzy tuxedo checking invitations and letting ponies inside. Sweetie Belle looked up at her pink banner hovering over the front doors that spelled, “Happy New Weds Fluttershy and Discord!”

She smirked, ”this is going on better than I hoped Mystique is going to be so pleased.”

Big Macintosh and Granny Smith were coming back with a bunch of ponies stumbling out of the chariot and heading into Sugarcube corner cooing and whispering how it was about time the two were finally getting married. Sweetie Belle clapped her hooves and cooed, “splendid job this wedding is really coming together! Now we must go out to find Fluttershy and Discord!” Granny Smith rolled her eyes. “Alright! Alright! We’ll go get the two lovebirds!” The wedding planner then entered into the chariot, and the two steeds reared up and rode off at full speed towards Fluttershy’s cottage.

Mystique was flying through the air and could feel Sweetie Belle’s energy. “Oh I just know Sweetie Belle...or I should say Wedding Belle has done her job. Now I need to see how things are doing in Canterlot.”

The drac found Derpy in Canterlot busy handing out invitations to everypony she came across. Mystique chuckled as she landed near the Stork and asked, ”hey how’s it going Derpy? I assume you delivered the presents I gave you.”

The stork looked up and proudly proclaimed, “I’m doing great! Yes, Celestia and Luna have the presents as requested."

Mystique chuckled, ”I see that good work! Now that everypony I want at the wedding has an invitation. I need you to do one more thing for me before I turn you back to normal. In fact, it’s going to be your most important delivery.”

Derpy gaped in surprise and bounced up and down on in excitement “what is it!?”

Mystique flicked her claw and Derpy blinked with confusion as her, but mail sack turned into a cute white cloth as Mystique cooed in a sweet but ominous tone, ”I need you to deliver a baby to our newlyweds...

Chapter 8: The Wedding

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Discord and Fluttershy were both in the garden drinking tea together Fluttershy sighed sipping her drink and asked, “So how are you feeling? I know this whole ordeal with your mother has made you nervous.”

Discord shook his head and replied, “No not really…I just hate how she acts as she owns me. She is always doing that to me ever since I was a kid.”

Fluttershy continued with a light blush. “It’s alright, but I’m happy to see you giving her a chance. I mean as far as I can see nothing bad happened.”

Discord shrugged, “I’m not sure…I have had an odd feeling for a while. I can sense chaos magic is being used.”

He looked around and whispered, “Something is going on…something big…”

Then out of nowhere a chariot driven by two white-coated horses burst around the green field neighing and kicking their legs in the air. Suddenly an old mare came broken the carriage door and stepped down as she exclaimed, “hello my bride and groom the wedding is almost ready!”

Both Discord and Fluttershy turned around and shouted, “What did you just say!”

The mare fixed her glasses and continued, “we're having a wedding, and we need you to get ready.”

She then walked over to Fluttershy and looked her over and proclaimed, “My goodness! You need a makeover stat!”

She turned to Discord and scoffed, ”We're going to need a lake to get you cleaned.”

Discord got concerned and shouted, ”wedding! What are you talking about!?”

Fluttershy stepped back nervously and unsettled she asked, ”ye...yeah…Discord and I aren’t getting married?”
The mare fixed her glasses and scoffed, “don’t even darling, I didn’t spend all day getting everything ready for you to become a runaway bride now come on darling we need to get you to the spa right away.”

She leads the mare towards the chariot as Discord flew in front of the horses and growled, “stop right there! We’re not going anywhere!”

“Oh come now, sweetie? Don’t let Wedding Belle’s preparations go to waste.” Discord was surprised by his mother’s voice and turned around at the big female draconequus who stood over him with her claws crossed over her chest.

Discord reared up and pointed a claw to her as he protested, “no way! We’re not just going to get married because you want us to!”

Fluttershy gave and came up and explained, “Discord has a point. We told you many times were not even dating. This is beyond pretentious, I’m sorry you took a lot of effort setting up a wedding for us. But we're not going to get married.”

Discord crossed his claws and gave the nod. “That’s right now turned these horses back to normal been I can see their ponies you transformed.”

Mystique smirked as she flew over them and laughed, “you think that this is about you two!? No, you’re going to get married, or I’ll leave things as they are.”

Fluttershy gulped and asked, “wait…what you mean by that?”

Mystique tails whisked as she flew closer towards the scared pegasus. While we were out, I was transforming ponies left and right almost all your friends, and even the princesses are now under my power. If you fail to go through with the wedding, then I will just leave them in their states.”

Discord rolled up his claws and scoffed. “As if! I'll just change them back to normal.”

The female draconequus crossed her claws and smirked, ”go ahead try!”

Discord turned to the two white-coated horses and snapped his claw and the two horses were now Pinkie pie clones now with pink frilly manes jumping about shouting ‘fun!” Discord blinked in confusion and stammered, ”what happened?

Mystique simply snapped her claws transforming the Pinkie Pies back into the fancy white horses and with a smug grin explained, ”I spiked your hot cocoa this morning sweetie, now your chaos magic is completely out of control, you try to undo anything you're just going make things worse.”

Discord turned around and shouted, “you reverse this right now!”

Mystique scoffed, ”no, this is what’s going to happen you’re going to get married and sign a contract. You will own my house and will live happily ever after while I rule Equestria.”

Fluttershy came up and growled, ”no way! My friends will stop you!”

She laughed, “most of them were already transformed, Twilight is the last one I need to take care of, she can wait. Now we need you two lovebirds at the spa right now!” She then flicked a claw, and they all teleported in a puff of smoke.

Mystique entered the ponyville spa with Fluttershy and Discord following inside. Fluttershy turned to Discord and asked, ”can’t you do anything to stop this?”

Discord whispered, “I think I do, but I need to wait for my mother to lower her guard. It’s been a while, but I may need to transform my mother and make her reverse everything.”

Fluttershy gave a slight nod as Mystique turned to Aloe and Lotus Blossom. “Alright you two I need a full-on makeover for Fluttershy it’s her wedding day, and I want her perfectly primed up for her special day.”

Both mares were a bit confused ass Aloe came up and explained, “sure we can do…uh, that…but it’s going to be expensive.”

Mystique rolled her eyes and flicked a claw turning one of the spa pools into a pool full of bits and both mares chirped with glee. They both rushed over grabbed Fluttershy by the hoof and dragged the poor horse to a mirror to be attacked by brushes and combs. Discord turned towards his mother and asked sarcastically, “so what? Am I just getting a suit?”

The mare threw him into the mud pool and flicked a claw turning it into a tub filled with pink bubbles and foam which smelled like roses. Mystique flew over her son and cooed, “I’m going to clean you up like a little baby. Knowing you, you haven't taken a proper bath in the last millennia.”

After an hour of being hammered with makeup, mane spray, and perfume. Fluttershy looked herself in the mirror and blushed seeing how her mane was styled and perfectly groomed flowing down her back like a waterfall. Her eyes were thick with makeup, and her lips were glossy red from the lipstick. Her hooves were sparkling and pristine seeming to be perfectly smooth and sparkling. She turned around to see Discord with an angry pout being dried up in a big white fluffy towel as Mystique looked the bride over and chirped, “You look absolutely divine! Wedding Belle gets the dress out.”

Wedding belle took out the wedding dress and Fluttershy’s eyes filled with horror upon seeing the dress. The diamond dust is sparkling the edge of the skirt, the purple frills, the way it looked she whispered, “Is...Is that Rarity?”

Wedding Bell fixed the dress over her and chirps, “Yep she is! Now come on its time for you to be changed!” She placed the dress over Fluttershy and fluffed her mane. “You look absolutely stunning! I’m so jealous.”

Fluttershy just looked down at the dress and whispered. ”I...I’m so sorry Rarity. I’ll try to be careful and not ruin you.”

She turned to see Discord with his claws crossed over his chest pouting as he was dressed in a fancy tuxedo. Mystique pinched his cheek and cooed, ”there’s my baby boy all ready for his big day.”

Discord glared at her thinking of everything he wanted to transform her into. But Fluttershy gently coming up and giving him that adorable sheepish smile made him blush and pause seeing how pretty she was and whispered,”F..Fluttershy? That’s really you right?”

She blushed and scratched the floor with a hoof. “Yeah it’s still me...you um...look handsome too.” Discord turned away now that his face turned a bright red color.

Mystique clapped her claws together, “enough of that! now come on you two we have a wedding to get to!”

As Mystique led Discord and Fluttershy to the wedding Twilight’s mouth was wide opened with a look of confusion and horror after Rainbow Dash explained what happened to her. The alicorn princess rubbed her eyes and asked, “okay, so you're saying you were just transformed into an ostrich by some cloud of magic?”

Rainbow dash bobbed her head up and down as she continued, “yeah, I think I saw another draconequus she looked weird with a horse head.”

Zecora rubbed her head. “Another draconequus oh dear, just with Discord is enough to fear.”

Twilight just groaned rubbing her head. “I know who you're talking about, her name is Mystique, and she’s Discord’s mother.”

Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but crow and laugh out loud. “Seriously! Discord has a mom!” She continued to squawk until a giant egg popped out from underneath her making Rainbow squawk in surprise. Twilight rolled her eyes and continued. “Yeah and she seems to be a lot like him. Trust me there was a reason I was hiding here all day.”

She blushed to relive the morning when she had her head turned into a teapot. She shivered then continued, “so I guess we need just to find Mystique and have her turn you back to normal.”

Rainbow dash squeaked as she flapped her tiny wings and shouted, “no way! On the way here Zecora had to lie and say I’m a pet if they see me with you it’ll look too obvious that I’m Rainbow Dash!”

Twilight got up and explained, “I’m sorry, but I don’t see how else we can fix this.”

Rainbow whimpered as Zecora gave her head a pat. “Don’t feel ashamed Rainbow Dash, Twilight will get you to Mystique in a flash.”

Rainbow rubbed her face into her feathers and sighed, “fine guess I don’t have a choice.”

Twilight took her by the wing. “Come on then. We don't have any time to time to lose.”

Rainbow Dash, the ostrich, was led into the streets of Ponyville with Twilight leading the way, The mare blushed looking behind her seeing how Rainbow walked with an adorable strut using her tiny wings to help with her balance.

Rainbow Dash didn't notice as she whimpered and continuously ducked her head behind her wings. Hoping nopony will see her. Then as they neared Sugarcube Corner, both mares saw something was off. There a mix of dance music and classical music that flowed from the building with a line of ponies outside with a big brown coated horse was standing near the doors checking the invitations of each pony. Twilight shook her head and growled, “We don’t have an invitation.”

Rainbow Dash looked around nervous hoping no pony would see her and looked down and saw the chariot come up and out came Discord grumbling as Twilight ran over towards him and asked, "Discord what’s going on? Are you getting married!?”

He turned and gulped as he explained, ”well…yeah…um, Fluttershy and I decided to tie the knot as they say.”

Mystique flew down and cooed, “oh Twilight and um…”

Rainbow Dash squeaked as a giant egg popped from her bottom again. Twilight couldn’t help but burst out laughing and snickered. “This is Rainbow Feathers Zecora’s pet ostrich.”

Mystique smirked knowing already that the ostrich was Rainbow dash and cooed, “oh …I see…is she trained? Because I rather have her not laying eggs during the ceremony.”

Rainbow gave Mystique a mean glare and was going to run over and peck the draconequus. Twilight took a leash and snapped it around Rainbow’s neck and explained. “I’ll keep an eye on her and in any case, we came here because you’re the only one who can help with her egg laying problem."

Rainbow Dash turned to Twilight with a glare and squawked as she tried pecking at her. Mystique just snickered, “of course, but after the wedding is over. It’s about to begin and I need to escort my son to the podium.”

Twilight turned to Rainbow Dash with a sheepish smile, and she rolled her eyes giving a nod seeing they really didn’t have a choice in the matter. They then both walked through the front doors and gaped upon the inside seeing a bunch of ponies in suits and fancy dresses laughing talking dancing, many have started taking their seats in the aisle. Twilight lead Rainbow Dash along who was still fuming. They sat on one of the benches as Mystique took Discord to the front of the aisle as she proclaimed, ”now everypony settle down and take your seats.”

Many of the ponies began doing as Mystique said and took their seats. They whispered amongst each other excited about the wedding to actually start. Twilight looked around noticing a maid that looked familiar going about giving ponies snacks from a platter that kept poofing desserts of all kinds into existence. Twilight spotted the mare playing the harp near the bizarre statue with striking features resembling Applejack. She then turned to see the wedding cake and how it jumped about on the table in the middle of the room with a big sticky note on the glass surrounding the pasty that read “DO NOT EAT.”

Twilight had a tingle and felt like as if the cake was alive…She turned back to the pedestal where she saw Discord nervously shuffling about, and her horn lit up. “Something is wrong, very wrong.”

Rainbow Dash who is ordinarily brave and fearless shuffled her feathers and looked around nervously feeling something was off as well. Then something confirmed their suspicions. Octavia came out looking as if an organ was morphed into her body as she started to play “here comes the bride” at full blast. Apple Bloom came down the aisle first throwing bouquets of flowers at everypony. They all turned to see Fluttershy in a beautiful wedding dress coming down the aisle as well blushing and seeing very timid. Twilight watched closely seeing that the dress looked odd, and she gaped having a sudden thought come through her mind. "Is that Rarity!?”

Fluttershy eventually made her way to the podium facing Discord with a nervous look on her face as Mystique cooed, ”well now today we came to see these two married finally, I mean how long they have been “friends” five years? I think it’s about times these two finally got married don’t you agree?”

Many ponies nodded Roseluck scoffed, ”yeah I mean they Clearly were dating for so long.”

Discord rolled his eyes and Fluttershy hid her face with her wings. Mystique smirked and continued, “Well I sadly don’t know much about Fluttershy but Discord was always a crazy boy, he seemed always to be trying to cause as much chaos as possible. Heck, he still has trouble controlling his magic."

My ponies laughed, and Twilight scoffed. Discord wanted to say something but held his tongue knowing the only way he can reverse what his mother did to his chaos magic was to be patient. Then Discord’s mother produced a scroll. “But I think it’s about time they sign this contract and say their vows. So Fluttershy do you take my crazy son as your husband?”

Fluttershy sighed taking the quill and writing her name then whispered meekly, “I do…”

She turned towards her son and asked, ”discord do you take this adorable little Fluttershy as your wife?”

He rolled his eyes and scribbled his name on the document and grumbled. “I do.”

She took the scroll and held it up for everypony to see and shouted, “now I pronounce you draconequus and wife.”

They both gave each other looks of uneasiness, Discord slowly bent down with his lips puckered up and Fluttershy leaned forward nervously as well. Then their muzzles both connected and the place erupted applause. Discord looked towards his mother seeing she was distracted as she tried to tell the crowd to settle down. He took out a claw and was going to use his chaos magic on his mother. But suddenly out of nowhere, Fluttershy began to transform. She grew taller with her body elongated with a long snake-like body, she had yellow feathers going down her back, as two big eagle-like wings sprouted from behind. She shuffled backward as two deer-like antlers grew from her head, and her pink mane grew out all the way down to the floor. Fluttershy squeaked and tripped on the flowing mane slamming into the wall behind her. The yellow pegasus was still to shocked to help herself up only being able to look down at her hooves which have turned into soft lion paws. The mare could only look at the paws in horror as she stammered. “What’s happening to me!”

Discord came over to help Fluttershy up and saw that she was without a doubt she has turned into a female draconequus. The only thing that came out of his mouth was. “Fluttershy you’re like me.”

Twilight gaped with wide eyes unable to comprehend what was going on, as Rainbow Dash just gulped as she nervously laid another egg. Fluttershy still in shock by the sudden transformation was helped up by Discord. She paused and looked down to see that the wedding dress also grew with her body and gave a sigh of relief, “Oh thank Celestia Rarity is ok.”

She then pulled the starred at one of her paws moving the digits that were her weird looking claws. She whispered: “Can I turn Rarity back to normal?”

She slowly bent down with the paw and with a snap, The dress poofed with a puff of smoke. When the white smoke cleared, the dress was gone and instead there was a little white bunny with a purple diamond on her forehead just giving Fluttershy a blank stare while twitching her nose. Fluttershy blushed and apologized, “oh sorry Rarity. I guess I need to get used with this chaos magic.”

Discord gulped with sweat coming down his face and asked, ”mother..what did you do?”

She just gave her son an evil smile while taking the contract. “Well the only way for the marriage to work is to have Fluttershy become a draconequus and now you two can live happily ever after forever. Isn’t this what you always wanted?”

Discord stared at Fluttershy with tears in his eyes and pulled down his claw as Mystique smirked, but Twilight came out and shouted, “hey Discord don’t listen to her! Mystique is just using you! Both of you need to fight the-“ Before she could finish Mystique flicked a claw and turned Twilight into a purple porcelain teapot with her cutie mark painted on the side of it and scoffed, “I think I liked you better this way.”

Fluttershy eyes narrowed and shouted, “that’s it! Even if you did this to me I won't just leave with Discord! Besides Discord wrote his name wrong, so the marriage is void.”

Mystique shouted in anger, “what! She looked down at the contract and saw that he spelled. “Disscord” on the contract.

She looked up at her son and gave him a sneer. “Well then I didn't want it to come down to this, but you leave me with no choice.” She took out a claw with her fingers ready to snap. Discord did the same raising his claw and growled, “I haven't had a proper chaos battle in ages. Never imagine I would be battling your mother.” The tension was high as they both glared at each other and the crowd of ponies just looked up at the podium with anticipation. Then in a split second both draconequuses snapped their claws at the same time, and a giant white flash flooded the room.

chapter 9: A New Draconequus

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The cloud of mist dissipated and crowds of ponies gasped upon seeing what happened to the two draconequuses. Discord was standing victorious over a baby draconequus, she was pudgy with a foal like body with a thick diaper strapped around her rump. Discord was rubbing his claws together as he snickered, “I was thinking of a way to stop your chaos magic, but I never expected this.”

Fluttershy looked at herself seeing she was still a draw she then looked down to see that Rarity was still a cute bunny pawing at her in desperation. The still shocked Fluttershy looked around and saw that the wedding decorations and everypony that was transformed were back to normal, Applejack was rubbing her head groaning about what happened, Rainbow Dash was shouting in delight seeing she was back to being a pegasus again, Twilight was checking herself over sighing in relief, Celestia and Luna were sitting amongst the crowd completely dazed and confused. Pinkie Pie was grumbling irritably, “aww I miss being a wedding cannon.”

Mystique got up on her pudgy back legs and tried snapping her finger but nothing but little sparks came out. As she shouted “ho..how did I miss! I wanted to turn you into a baby draconequus!”

Discord shrugged, “I have no idea how your spell was blocked.”

Then they both heard a little filly ask, “Uh I don't mean to interrupt but can somepony help me!?”

Everypony turned to see Derpy Whooves was now a chubby foal no older than one with a thick diaper around her rump. Sitting next to her was Princess Cadence who was now a young school filly wearing a toga with a bow and a quarrel of arrows strapped around her back. She looked around confused and asked, “What’s going on here? Where am I?”

Mystique turned around with a angry glare and shouted, ”how the buck did you deflect my magic!”

Derpy shrugged as she explained, “I did as you said I went to find Princess Cadence…”

Two hours earlier

Derpy the stork was flying through the sky over The Crystal Empire. Many of the crystal ponies looked up in awe and were stunned at the Stork and whispered amongst each other. The legends of storms being the ones to deliver babies persisted even in the Crystal Empire. Derpy Whooves blushed to feel the gazes of thousands of awestruck ponies. She eventually fluttered down in front of the front doors of the Crystal Palace and pecked at them with her beak. The door slowly opened as two guards came out blinking with confusion upon seeing the stork. Derpy squawked nervously before asking, “I’m Derpy and I'm here to deliver an invitation for a wedding to Princess Cadence.”

One of the guards eyes her suspiciously and responded in a gruff voice. “Sorry but Derpy Whooves is a pegasus.”

Derpy rolled her eyes and explained, “Yeah but I was turned into a stork and I need to see Princess Cadence. It's very important.”

Then as the guard was going to shut the doors. Princess Cadence came out and asked, “What's going on here?”

She blushed to see the stork. “Oh my, I thought legends about storks delivering foals were just in fairy tales.

Derpy laughed and shook her head. “No, you're not getting another foal.” She then took out an invitation and plucked it into Cadence's mane. “There an invitation to Discord and Fluttershy’s wedding.”

The invitation glowed and Princess Cadence began to shrink before them. She squeaked as her body grew foal fat and her face became pudgy. Her wings grew out and her mane grew shorter until it was a little curly crop of pink and yellow. The princess whimpered with a scared and confused look. She gazed up at Derpy and asked, “wh..what's happening to me?”

Derpy dawwed seeing how much the baby Princess Cadence resembled Flurry Heart. The stork picked the foal princess by the seam of her diaper and tied her up into the white bundle as she explained with a apologetic look. “Im so sorry but you're the new baby Discord and Fluttershy ordered.”

She then flapped her wings flew off with the guards standing at the entrance dumbfounded at what just occurred.

one hour later….

Derpy was hovering over Ponyville now where it seemed mostly empty with very few ponies milling about. The stork lazily flew through the air clam and peacefully. Princess Cadence whoever was not calm and was fussing and shaking the bundle about making throwing Derpy off balance. The little foal shouted through the bundle, “You let me go this instant! turn me back to a big pony!”

Derpy swayed about grunting trying to stay her course as she explained, “I will, but I can't at the moment. I promised Mystique I'll finish delivering you to Discord and Fluttershy!”

Cadence still shaking the bundle shouted back, “First of all there's no way i'm going to be raised by Discord! Second, why can't Fluttershy and Discord make babies the old-fashioned way? Is one of them sterile?”

Derpy shrugged and responded, “I don't know! but maybe this is just for fun?”

Cadence threw another tantrum shaking about and shouted “I don't care if this just for laughs! Turn around and take me back to the Crystal Empire!”

Derpy seeing Sugarcube Corner replied back “But we're here now come on stop fussing.” She then was now hovering over the building gaging how to enter. But somehow Cadence threw herself from the bundle. The little foal squealed in delight at first and tried flapping her wings. However, sadly she realized too late that In her foalish state she didn't know how to fly. The little foal screamed in horror as she fell towards the roof of Sugarcube Corner. Depry quickly bent down and did a nose dive snapping her beak around the seam of Cadence’s diaper. But she was falling too fast and plunged straight through the roof. Just as a big blast of magical energy hit her.

“...That's how I ended up here.” Derpy patted her cute diaper as she finished her story.

Everypony was silent unsure of what to say. But Fluttershy broke the silence and burst into laughter. She took Derpy into her paws snuggling her. “Oh, you adorable little filly you just saved all of us!” She threw Derpy into the air making her squeal.“Yay, I a hero!”

Everypony rose up clapped and cheered. Discord laughed and poofed a little red cape around the filly's neck. Cadence blushed as she got up hearing the crinkling of a diaper luckilly the toga was hiding her diaper. The embarrassed princess stammered. “Well...I’m glad things are getting resolved here. But can somepony help me turn back to normal? I need to get going Shining’s probably worried sick.”

Fluttershy turned around and cooed, “Uh, yeah I'll do that…” As Fluttershy was going to snap a paw.

Mystique stomped her paws on the ground like a toddler shouting. “No! No! No! I was supposed to win, you were supposed to be a baby!”

Discord picked her up by the seam of the diaper making her dangle about kicking her chubby little legs frantically. The draconequus scoffed, “I don’t think so, now I'm going to propose a new deal. You will leave Equestria forever or I leave you like this forever.”

She crossed her claws and scoffed, ”as if, I rather stay like this and wait a few years for my chaos magic to mature.”

Fluttershy went over to the baby draconequus and bumped her nose. “Well there is one other option, we change you back to normal and we even let you come to visit Equestria, but you will never be allowed to use chaos magic in Equestria ever again.”

The draconequus looked up and pondered the deal for a few seconds and Discord turned around and shook his head. “There’s no way I'll agree to that, after everything she did to your friends? She can't be trusted even without her chaos magic.”

Fluttershy turned around towards Discord and gav him a stern look as she explained, “when everyone abandoned you and thought you would never change. I believed in you and look how much better you are now. We need to do the same for your mother and give her a second chance.”

Discord paused and looked down in shame knowing she was right but didn't want to admit it. All the draconequus could do was a growl, “fine, you have a point.” He took the contract snapping his claw adjusting the writing. Fluttershy took the baby Mystique and lead her claw over the paper and helped her spell her name cooing. “Good job what a big foal.”

Mystique growled under her breath. "Do that again and see what happens." As she finished scrawling her name then Discord took the contract and cooed, ”it’s settled.” He snapped a claw and in a puff of smoke turned Mystique back into an adult. She instantly got up and tried snapping her claw but nothing but little sparks shot from her claws. Discord smirked, ”the contract is signed and sealed you can't perform any chaos magic here.”

Mystique scoffed, ”well I still have one thing over you, Fluttershy is never going to be turned back to normal.”

Fluttershy turned around and shouted, “what do you mean! The wedding contract was void!”

Discord reluctantly tried snapping his claw trying to turn Fluttershy into her pegasus form but nothing worked she just stayed the same.

Mystique turned around with a smug grin. “Maybe for Discord but you signed it sweetie and now even if I failed to capture Equestria at least you two can live happily ever after.” She flew over to Discord and cooed, “I really did want to see you happy.”

Discord narrowed his gaze and snapped his claw which opened a portal to his original dimension. He pointed towards it and shouted angrily, “go! Before I change the contract!”

Mystique left with a humpf as she strolled through the portal and Discord snapped a claw again making sure the portal closed. Fluttershy who was sadden and distraught by the news looked into empty space for a few moments pondering her new life as a draconequus. Seeing how distraught her friend looked Rarity hopped over and nuzzled Fluttershy's feet. All the draconequus could do was give a sadden but sweet smile at the little bunny and hugged Rarity close to her chest. Fluttershy then burst into tears.

As Fluttershy cried her heart out everypony began to leave soon all that was left was Celestia, Luna and Fluttershy’s friends all watching her unsure of how to console her. Discord flew over and moved the pink mane back and whispered, ”come on, I’m sure I’ll find a way to turn you back to normal. But we should help these other ponies first.”

Fluttershy looked down at Angel trying to give flowers to Rarity. The fashionetta scoffed as she took the flowers and chomped on them. Fluttershy gave a nod and sighed, “yeah but let me try again first…”

She aimed her paw at Rarity as Discord coached,“concentrate think about what you want then let go. Don’t think about anything else but an adult mare who loves fashion.”

Everypony cringed as Fluttershy snapped her claw and the bunny poofed into a puff of smoke. The smoke cleared and revealed a big sheep with a thick coat of wool. She gave the inexperienced draconequus a angry look and shouted, “What the buck Fluttershy!” She bawwed again breaking the tension. With everypony laughing as Rarity bawwed and shuffled about with her big poofy coat bouncing up and down. Fluttershy blushed and squeaked, ”I'm sorry let me try again.”

Discord shook his head and came over. ”Look your new at chaos magic. Let me fix this before you turn Rarity into a sweater.”

The fashionista's face went blanche with horror and bawwed, “you better not! Being a dress was bad enough!”

Fluttershy pondered for a few seconds. She was nervous about screwing up but she wanted to get better with her chaos magic. She shook her head and with determination responded, “No I'll try again! I need to do this.”

Fluttershy slowly raised her paw and snapped the claw a second time. The sheep poofed into a cloud of smoke and Rarity stood before them but she was a little school filly with a stubby little body and horn. Rarity sighed looking around at her blank flank and grumbled, ”well it’s closer.”

She squeaked hearing herself. “Dear Celestia I sound like Sweetie Belle!?”

Fluttershy snickered but raised her paw one more time and gave a deep breath concentrate think about Rarity the fancy mare who love dresses and fashion come on Fluttershy! The draconequus closed her eyes and snapped her paw one more time. White mist surrounded where Rarity stood and all the ponies watched with anticipation as the young white coated mare stepped forward in her original pony form. She looked herself over and squealed, “my goodness darling you did it!”

She rushed over to Fluttershy and hugged her close The draconequus looked down and hugged Rarity back. Celestia sighed in relief but looked at Fluttershy's new form with concern and asked, “look Discord, is there really no way we can turn Fluttershy back to normal?”

Discord pondered for a few seconds and responded. “I’ll read through the contract Fluttershy signed and see if there’s a loophole.”

Fluttershy looked up overhearing the conversation looked over and asked, “well Discord can you help me at least learn how to control my chaos magic? I mean I could be like this for awhile.”

Discord gave Fluttershy a longing gaze seeing her long slim body. How her long mane wrapped around her shoulders, the two cute antler poking above her head, the scruff of yellow fur near her chest and the cute lion paws that seemed a little to furry. The surprised male draconequus admired how stunning Fluttershy looked and whispered, ” yeah...why not?”

Fluttershy flew over and nuzzled him making Discord blush a little before he took his claws and hugged her. All of Fluttershy's friends began to exit Sugarcube Corner giving the two draconequuses their space.

But a tug on Fluttershy’s tail broke the draconequus turned around with a smile and cooed, ” oh hello Derpy?”

She blushed sweetly and asked, “uh Fluttershy I don't mean to interrupt again. But could you turn me and Cadence back into a big ponies please?”

Fluttershy looked over at Princess Cadence hugging her toga trying to hide her noticeable diaper bulge underneath. The lovely female draconequus cooed, “of course, now hold still sweetheart.” Discord winced as Fluttershy took out her paw and snapped a claw.