• Published 2nd Jul 2018
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Discord's mother comes to town - Foal Star

Discord's mom comes to Ponyville for a week. It's up to Discord to keep her in check and make sure things go smoothly.Although the number of incidents with chaos magic starts to increase...

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Chapter 6: Wedding Preperations

Mystique watched the three talking pastries bouncing around her and chuckled, “oh my goodness what happened here?”

Mr. Cake sighed, “we screwed up the wedding cake I’m sorry.”

Mystique shook her head. “No, it’s my fault I shouldn’t have mortals make things from my dimension. Anyways I guess then we’ll need a replacement.” She scratched her chin and snapped a claw, “I have a perfect idea. But I’m going to need your help.”

The drac pointed a claw at Derpy. “If I turn you back into a pony would you deliver some invitations for me?”

Derpy blushed and chirped “sure I wouldn’t mind.”

Mystique flicked a claw and transformed Derpy back into a long bird-like body. His body grew plumages of grey feathers down her entire body. She also became a long yellow beak. A mailbag full of letters was magically draped over her body. The mare blinked and asked, “uh...so who am I delivering these invitations too?”

Mystique cooed, “oh you’ll know, the bag will guide you to many ponies throughout Equestria that I want at this wedding.”

The drac then took out two boxes wrapped in pink wrapping paper and white bows and stuffed them in the mailbag. “When you’re done delivering all the invitations send these boxes to Princess Celestia and Luna as well. “

Derpy blushed and gave a salute with her right wing. “You can count on me!” She then flew off into the sky.

Mystique looked around Sugarcube corner and cooed, “Alright let’s spruce this place up.”

She flicked a claw, and the drab floor turned into a pristine white tile and the walls were painted white. The cashier’s counter turned into a lavish bar with a long marble table with the seats carved out of marble with satin pillows fixed atop of each seat. The center of the shop had benches now lining up down a long aisle with a stand where the bride and groom will make their vows. A dance floor was poofed into existence near the back of the shop with a LED lighted tiles blinked multi colors and a disco globe hanging overhead. Near the back, Angel sat on a stool playing her harp without a care in the world. Mystique turned to Pinkie Pie and flicked a claw as the barrel of her cannon turned into a pure white color with pink roses painted all over it as Mystique asked, “Okay shoot out your wedding cannon!”

The sentient cannon squealed, “wedding cannon!?” Pinkie then burst out bouquets of roses from her barrel and laughed, “this is awesome! When I become a pony again, I’m making my own wedding cannon!”

Mystique smirked, “good now that we have this place spruced up.” She turned to Carrot Cake, and Mrs. Cupcake asked, ”So if I turn you two back to normal can you do me a favor?”

The two pastries looked up blinking with wide, confused eyes. Mystique blushed “I need you two to help with the refreshments during the wedding. Now seeing that you two both had an unfortunate run-in with chaos food. I trust that what I’ll have you make is normal.

Both of the pastries blinked, and Carrot Cake shrugged, “I guess…we do owe you since we ruined the wedding cake.”

Mystique smiled, “Good now let’s start with food.” The draconequus flicked a claw and Mrs. Cake was morphed into a giant silver fancy serving dish with her pink eyes on the silver dome overhead. She blinked in confusion as Mystique cooed, “Now think of something to bake anything.”

Mrs. Cake stood there unsure of what to do she closed her eyes and squealed upon feeling something pop into existence within her. Mystique removed the lid and saw a dozen white frosted cupcakes with red rose decorations on them. Mrs.Cupcake blushed and squealed, “oh wow that’s amazing!”

Carrot Cake blinked with astonishment and whispered, “oh my gosh!”

Mystique flicked a claw as Carrot Cake morphed into a crisp white punch bowl with little carrots decorating the outside of it as she chuckled, ”there now, can fill yourself with any drink.”

He blushed as he thought about punch and Mystique watched the bowl fill with the red liquid. She nodded in approval as she placed both of them near the snack table and exclaimed, “You, two just make sure as the guests come in to give them what they desire and I promise you will be rewarded beyond your wildest imaginations.”

They both shrugged and nod. Then Mystique turned to see pinkie has decorated the walls with beautiful ropes of rose chains and have sprinkled bouquets of flowers all over the place Mystique sighed, ”this is so perfect now I need a few more things before the wedding begins.”

Rarity was busy sewing up a new sparkling dress for a client in her workshop when all of a sudden she hears odd banging noises come from downstairs. Rarity slowly went down to see that an old mare was walking through her boutique grumbling angrily. The horse asked, ”uh hello may I help you?”

“Yeah, you can shut your trap and make me some lunch.” The old mare snapped back.

Rarity gasped in surprise at how rude the mare was and scoffed “excuse me!?”

The old mare spat back, “ya need to pee!? Then go pee! Geez!”

The strange old mare walked off grumbling as she opened the fridge and started to make a sandwich. Rarity watched and noticed that this mare had a faded pink and purple mane tied in a bun as her tail was tied in the same conservative way. Rarity scratched her head. “Odd she reminds me of my sister… she even has some features like my sister…”

Then the bell rang again as another mare entered the boutique. She was red-coated mare with a cute wicker basket hanging from her teeth with a doll inside that oddly looked like Apple Bloom. She placed the wicker basket down as she blushed and asked, “Hello Rarity I need to ask you a favor?”

Rarity came over and asked. “sure but uh who are you?”

The mare blushed and looked down and whispered under her breath, “I’m Big Mac…”

Rarity blinked in surprise looking over the mare with a red coat the long blonde mane and tail she seemed quite adorable but the big green cutie mark still on her rump proved without a doubt what this mare said was true. She then squealed, “Oh my…are you!? What happened!?”

Big Mac sighed as he dragged a hoof on the ground, ”it’s a long story, but I need your help. Applejack was transformed into a piece of cardboard, and I need you to cut her out.”

Rarity placed her hooves and squeaked. ”wait for what!? Applejack is a piece of cardboard!?”

She then slowly turned to the doll and asked, ”wait…is…is that Apple Bloom!?”

She then turned around and looked at the old mare sitting at her table and munching on a sandwich and shouted. ”is that Sweetie Belle!”

Sweetie belle perked up. “Huh? Who rang a bell?”

Rarity dragged her hooves down her face. “What is going on!?”

Big Mac giggled and shrugged, “I’m not sure, but we should all go to Applejack now! Celestia knows that cardboard can be easily ruined.”

Rarity growled and dragged a hoof down her face. “Ugh! fine! “ She looked around and shouted, “Sweetie Belle! We're leaving!”

The old mare looked around and asked, ”huh? I am eating?”

Rarity got closer to her sister and shouted again, “I said we're leaving!”

“Singing?! I hate singing! Why does everypony say I like singing?” The old mare shouted back.

Rarity got close to her sister’s ear and screamed, “I said we're leaving!”

The mare got up and grumbled, “Leaving? Why didn't you say so?”

Big Mac couldn’t help burst into a fit of adorable sounding laughter, ”Oh my gosh she reminds me of Granny Smith!

Rarity just growled, “come on! We need to get Applejack then find Twilight before I lose my mind.”

They all left the boutique with Big Mac skipping along humming a soft tune while Sweetie Belle grumbled and nagged her sister about another sandwich.

Rarity was now walking down the road with Sweetie Belle growling and slowly trotting along as Big Mac skipped by waving at the ponies on the way. With many stallions blushing seeing how cute the mare looked. Sweetie Belle was grumbling and trotting along behind them spitting and muttering under her breath. Rarity was walking with her down completely embarrassed by the situation. She walked on with a faster and eventually, they came upon the Apple family’s old farmhouse. Rarity gave a sigh of relief, “thank Celestia were here.”

Sweetie Belle rubbed a hoof in her ear. “Eh? What’s wrong with my ear?”

Big Mac gave a cute giggle behind her hoof as Rarity screamed and ran into the house and burst through the front door. Rarity gasped upon seeing Applejack in the cardboard cutout with her surprised expression and her hat flying overhead and sighed, ”Oh dear, hopefully, I can get her out of there.”

Big Mac skipped into the house and clapped her hooves with delight. “Oh, I bet you will! Your the best with scissors!”

Rarity got down taking out a pair of scissors from Big Mac’s wicker basket and gulped, “I hope your right but I need everypony to be quiet I don’t want to mess this up.”

Sweetie Belle was the last to enter the house. “What do you need a cup for?” She then went straight for the fridge to fix herself another sandwich. Rarity rolled her eyes and began to slowly cut her friend from the cardboard being extra careful to cut on the dotted line that outlined Applejack’s flat body. Bg Mac watched with intensity biting her hoof as Sweetie Belle seeming unaware of what’s going on just sitting down at the table munching on a sandwich. But Rarity did it cutting out her friend and the hat and adjusting it on the earth pony’s head. She gave a smile of triumph. “Finished! Now we need to find Twilight and get her back to normal!

But before any pony could do anything Mystique suddenly flew through the door and saw everypony giving her surprised looks. The draconequus blushed and asked, ”oh hello is this bad time?”

Rarity turned to see the drac and asked in an angry tone. “Who the buck are you!?”

Mystique blushed, ”my name is Mystique I’m Discord’s mother, and I came to see if you can make the best wedding dress ever!”

Rarity rubbed her eyes and looked around at all the transformed ponies making her face glow red with anger as she shouted at the top of her lungs, “You did this! I won’t make you a bucking thing until you turn my friends back to normal!”

Mystique blushed to look for the place and cooed, “oh my, looks like things got out of hoof as you would say…but it was all by accident, and honestly, I had nothing to do with this. Now, I will help turn all your friends back to normal, but I also need help with a wedding.”

Rarity eyed her suspiciously and asked, “wedding?”

Big Mac looked up with eyes full of wonder and chirped ”A Wedding!”

Mystique nodded, ”that’s right a wedding for Discord and Fluttershy, I need a few things from you to help make sure it’s a success.”

Big Mac looked up with wide innocent eyes and asked, ”what do you need?”

Rarity turned to Big Mac with a glare. “Were not helping her with anything until she fixes her mess.”

Mystique rolled her eyes she turned to Sweetie Belle grumbling and munching on a sandwich and flicked a claw. The mare was enveloped in a bright light and was regressed a bit as she became younger to a mare in her late fifties. Sweetie Belle’s mane and tail were still tied in buns, but now she was wearing a sharp purple dress with black heels and sharp purple glasses over her eyes. Her cutie mark poofed into a clipboard with a heart over it. Sweetie Belle fixed her glasses and mumbled, “Uh what’s going on?”

Mystique cooed, “Oh I need your help with something you need to plan the wedding for Fluttershy and Discord they’ll have a rehearsal done soon.”

Sweetie Belle looked up with a confused look, “huh? A wedding planner? But…” She looked at herself in a mirror and blushed, “oh wow! I look so mature!” she fixed her glasses and struck a pose. “Wow I look great and my new cutie mark is sharp!”

Despite Sweetie Belle liking her new look Rarity was not impressed as she stomped a hoof on the ground and growled, “Hey she was a lot younger than that, and she was never a wedding planner!”

Sweetie Belle turned around with a smirk and snickered, ”I am now, and I’m the big sister now Rarity!”

Mystique ignored Rarity and explained, ”now Sweetie Belle you can use chaos magic to make this wedding the best. Now I need to see how Derpy is doing.” She flicked a claw and disappeared in a puff of smoke. Sweetie Belle rubbed her head.”I have chaos magic now?”

She turned to see Big Mac blushing as she held up the doll. “Well, I need my other sister to turn back to normal first please.”

Sweetie Belle picked up the doll and lit her horn and as the doll glowed with magic.

Apple Bloom looked around blushing to see that she was wearing a pink frilly dress with white frills outlining the fabric and asked, ”what in the hay am I wearing?”

She then looked in the same mirror-like Sweetie Belle and saw she had a bunch of roses in her mane where her bow was supposed to be. Confused she asked, “Why is my mane full of flowers.” The filly then looked around at her rump and saw her cutie mark was now a bouquet of various flowers. “Why in the hay does my rump have flowers on it?”

Sweetie belle bopped her on the head. “Well, you’re the flower girl sweetheart.”

Apple Bloom looked up with a snicker, ”again? I was already a flower girl for Shining and Cadence’s wedding.”

Big Mac stomped a hoof in anger and shouted, “hey! I said to turn her back to normal!”

Sweetie Belle blushed as she explained, ”I tried to really! The chaos magic did its own thing.”

Big Mac sighed and rubbed a hoof down her face and mumbled, “fine guess it’s close enough, can you at least turn me back into a stallion?”

She lit her horn and shot a beam of magic at big mac he was turned into a big white coated stallion and cut perfect cut golden mane and tail. He looked around his rump and blushed to see a golden chariot printed where his green apple cutie mark was supposed to be. The stallion gave a long look at himself in the mirror and looked down his oddly handsome physic and with an unamused look grumbled, ”well…at least I’m a stallion again.”

Sweet Belle stepped back and squeaked, “I’m sorry! That wasn’t what I was trying to do!”

Big Mac shrugged and asked, “it’s alright, can you at least turn Applejack back into a pony?”

Sweetie Belle blushed and ground a hoof into the floor as she explained, ”I would..but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. This chaos magic seems to have a mind of its own.”

Rarity sighed, “Well we can give it a shot, it’s not like it can get any worse.”

Sweetie Belle looked around and lit her horn and shot a beam of magic at Applejack. But instead, the farm mare was turned into a statue of a pegasus wearing a toga shooting an arrow with a heart for the head of the arrow and spitting water out water from her mouth. Sweetie Belle stepped back with a sheepish look. “Uh…well, at least she isn’t a piece of cardboard and looks quite amazing.”

Big Mac sighed, as he came up to his sister. “Sorry sis, guess I’ll have to take you to Sugarcube Corner. Hopefully, that Mystique can turn everything back to normal after the wedding is done.”

Rarity scoffed, ”as if! I’m going to find Twilight and have her put a stop to this Mystique!”

But Sweetie Belle instantly turned to Rarity as she adjusted her glasses. “Sorry I can’t have you do that Rarity...we need a wedding dress for the bride.”

Rarity stomped a hoof. “There is no way I’m making a wedding dress!”

Sweetie Belle gulped asked in a nervous tone. “What if Fluttershy and Discord are getting married? Besides we’re going to need a wedding dress. I don’t know why but I can’t let you leave until we have one.”

Rarity tried to reason with her sister and slowly explained, “ Sweetie Belle, if Fluttershy was going to get married she would have told us way in advance. Something really wrong is going on here and we need to stop it.” Rarity was about to leave, but Sweetie Belle stepped in front of her sister and explained. “Rarity, something is compelling me to have you make a wedding dress...if you don’t I...I have turn you into one.”

Rarity gave her sister a gasp of surprise and shouted, ”you wouldn’t dare!”

But Sweetie Belle’s horn lit up as the filly squeaked in surprise , and everything was absorbed into a white flash of light.

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