• Published 2nd Jul 2018
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Discord's mother comes to town - Foal Star

Discord's mom comes to Ponyville for a week. It's up to Discord to keep her in check and make sure things go smoothly.Although the number of incidents with chaos magic starts to increase...

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Chapter 3: A magic eight ball

A few minutes later as Mystique came out of Sugarcube corner with her son and Fluttershy. Pinkie Pie the party cannon kept on exploding confetti all over the place squealing “thanks Mystique! This so awesome!”

Mystique waved a claw “alright sweetie well you enjoy yourself I’ll be back later to turn you back to normal.”

Pinkie laughed as she wheeled around and exploded a burst of confetti into Mystique’s face. “Don’t worry I don’t want to ever turn back to normal boring Pinkie Pie!”

Discord scoffed, “you're crazier than me if you want to stay like that.”

She laughed, “well I guess I am then dissy! Woohoo!” She wheeled off exploding out more confetti.

Fluttershy laughed hugging Discord “oh your such a worry wart! Come on! We have been around your mother for hours, and nothing has bad happened!”

Discord blushed “okay I’ll admit maybe I’m overreacting, but still we haven’t seen Mr. and Mrs. Cake for some time.”

Fluttershy looked around and shrugged, ”maybe they snuck off for some alone time.”

Discord chuckled as they went back down the street they met up with the cutie mark crusaders running along. The three little fillies gasped in surprise upon seeing Mystique who gave the three fillies a sly smile.

Scootaloo was the most surprised and exclaimed with excitement in her tone. “Yo-your a dracoquness like Discord!?”
She nodded slowly eyeing the three fillies. ”Yes, I am indeed I came to visit my son and see how things were in this dimension.”

Sweetie Belle looked her over. “Well, you clearly look like a strange and odd. Are you Discords’ mom then?”

She nods “yes and you three must be the cutie mark crusaders. I heard you help ponies find their destinies.”

Apple Bloom blushed to brush her hoof into the dirt. ”Well, we just help ponies find their cutie marks. We help some ponies even learn what their cutie marks mean. Not exactly finding destinies.”

Mystique cooed, “oh well I do have a little toy that can do just that.” She took out a magic eight ball with a little triangle in the depths of water in the ball. All three fillies gazed at it, and she cooed, “this magic eight ball will show you your true self just look into it and it will come true.” The cutie mark crusaders looked down with awe as Mystique flew off as she cooed “so Fluttershy is there a place we can eat?”

She giggled “oh yeah there is, it’s a nice restaurant down the way.” As they walked off Discord eyed the magic eight ball and thought to himself, I think my mom made me play with that thing a long time ago..problem is I don’t remember what happened?

All the while as the three walked off to a restaurant for lunch and the cutie mark crusaders looked down at the small black magic eight ball in their hooves.
Scootaloo eyed the ball and took it first and shouted, “I’ll go first!” She took it and shook it about as the little triangle floated to the small pane with the words. “sorry but your just a chicken.” The filly scoffed with disgust and shouted at the eight ball. ”chicken! I am not a chicken!”

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom both burst into laughter as Scootlaoo scoffed, ”not funny this thing is stupid!”

She threw the ball, and Sweetie Belle caught it and sighed “uh am I mature like my sister?” She shook it about, and the triangle appeared on the pane. “nagging old mare.” Sweetie Belle whined, “ugh your right Scootaloo this is stupid.”

She threw the ball, and Apple Bloom caught it giggling as she shook it about “uh am I gonna be stronger than my sister?” She watched the triangle appear on the front, and it said: “sorry you're as soft as a doll.” Apple Bloom scoffed “what an odd toy.”

She threw the ball into the dirt. Scootaloo scoffed, ”come on, let’s just go to the treehouse we need to discuss how to help with our new blank flanks.” They then scampered off down the road.

Scootaloo was first to notice something was odd as she came down the road her body felt weird as her body began to grow out some odd orange feathers. She stopped seeing them popping all over her body. She stopped in the middle of the road with her heart thumping in her chest. She started to try pulling them out, but they started to run down her entire body with a plumage down her neck and upper chest she squealed feeling herself shrink and could feel herself sink to the ground. Her friends were still running down the road unaware that their friend was missing. She tried to call out for the two, but she could only give a strange bawk. She paused in confusion and threw a wing up to her voice and bawked again completely amazed that she couldn’t even speak anymore.

Scootaloo tried to move her hooves, but she found that her forehooves were gone she bent down and saw two bony feet now attached to a big plump feathery body. She blinked in surprise as she had a feeling that she knew that strange magic eight ball has turned her into a chicken!”

She bawked and ran down the road seeing ponies eyeing her others laughing, and she just continued bawking trying to tell them to help. But of course, none of the ponies could hear what she was saying. Scootaloo paused as she whispered to herself, “okay what do I do, I’m a chicken and nopony can understand me…” She then had a thought “Fluttershy! she can understand me and help me!”

Scootaloo looked towards the restaurant where Mystique, Discord, and Fluttershy were all sitting down with plates of salad drinking glasses of wine. Scootaloo started to waddle down the road but squeaked as she was picked up by two purple claws and a voice cooed, “hey little guy what are you doing out here.”

The chicken bawked and flapped her wings at Spike who stood there with his claws outstretched trying to keep the withering chicken from falling. Then out of nowhere Scootaloo squeaked feeling something come out of her bottom and plopped onto the ground with a splat. Spike laughed. ”Excuse you! alright come on let's get you back to your pen.”

Scootlaoo squeaked and pecked at Spike’s as he growled irritated. ”Hey stop that! No bad chicken.”

Fluttershy looked over at the commotion seeing a strange orange chicken fighting Spike and cooed “hey Spike what’s going on?”

Spike growled as he tried to keep the orange chicken under control. “I’m sorry for bothering you Fluttershy, but one of your chickens must have escaped.”

Fluttershy eyed the chicken. “I know all my chickens, and I have never seen this one before...is it one of Applejack’s?”

Spike shrugged as he continued to fight with Scootaloo. ”I have no clue but she’s a feisty one, I've been pecked a dozen times already.”

Fluttershy came over and took the chicken into her hooves as Mystique watched with a sly smile. Scootaloo seeing her chance tried to shout, “Fluttershy I'm…” For some reason, she forgot her name. Her mind started to draw a blank on why she was fighting Spike in the first place. All the while Fluttershy gently stroked her feathers making her clam as she nuzzled into the warm fur. The calm yellow coated pegasus held the chicken close snuggled deep in the cradle of her hooves and cooed, “that’s it hush now.”

Scootaloo lowered her head into her fat feathery body and fell into a deep sleep. Fluttershy placed to orange chicken into Spike’s claws, “how about you put her into my coop when I get back I’ll see where she came from.”

Spike nodded, “sure can do Fluttershy…” He blushed a little and asked, “also is it okay if I take some eggs, I mainly came out to get some groceries.”

The pegasus laughed “of course you can.” He giggled and continued on his way smirking. Fluttershy went back to her lunch and whispered, “I apologize for the intrusion Mystique.”

She threw a claw, “it’s quite alright, anyways I was just saying if you two do get married why not have the wedding in Canterlot?”

Discord groaned and growled, “like I said before, were not royals and I would never wear a suit. besides, we're not getting married.”

Fluttershy blushed as she sipped her wine. “well...I wouldn’t mind just being married in my yard with my bunnies and birds... I’m not fond of big crowds.”

Mystique laughed, “oh you two are just perfect for each other just wait. Before I leave were going to have a wedding.”

While Scootaloo was being laced into a chicken coop, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle noticing their friend’s absence were now looking all over Ponyville. Sweetie Belle shouted “Scootaloo! Where are you!”

Apple Bloom came over and asked, “Hey Sweetie Belle I’m going to see if she came over to my farm. Maybe she thought we left her and she’s looking for us.”

Sweetie Belle nodded and replied, “okay you go to the farm I’ll go to the boutique.” They both nodded, and the two fillies split off as Apple Bloom ran to Sweet Apple Acres and then she began to feel odd. Her body began to turn soft and squishy. Apple Bloom shook her head thinking maybe she was just a little tired from running around. The filly soon came upon the trees of the apple orchard, and she felt herself slowly softening as she could feel stuffing growing inside her. It fell soft and cotton like as she slumped down near the tree. Apple Bloom began to turn into a doll and could feel herself slump down unable to yell or scream as her mouth was sown with a smile. She felt her mane spin into a red yarn and her tail as well. She stood there near the tree scared not sure of what to do. Her mind eased unable to think unable to breathe everything went silent.

Big Macintosh on the other hoof was coming through the trees after bucking for hours. He was panting coming upon the strange doll on the ground. It was bright yellow in color with big red eyes and a stitched smile. She had a cute little red bow fixed to her mane which was made of red yarn. He eyed it seeing that the doll resembled his little sister Apple Bloom. He looked around the orchard seeing nopony...and feeling his heartstring pull. He took the doll into his mouth and trotted off with a gleeful smile.

Big Mac strode through the door of their home where he squeaked upon finding Applejack holding an odd looking magic eight ball. She chuckled looking up at Big Mac “oh hey Big Mac!”

The stallion quickly strode the doll into his mane and stammered, “H-hey Applejack how are ya doing?”

She shrugged, ”doing alright, just was in town when I spotted this odd toy.” Applejack threw it to Big Mac who caught it as she snickered, “it told me I’m as flat as cardboard.”

Big Mac took the orb in a hoof and shook it about and looked down at the message he got. “You're as kind as a sweet filly.” Big Macintosh scoffed “it is an odd toy.”

He placed it on the table and turned to see Applejack going to the kitchen getting out a bowl of apples. She set them on the table and then she felt her boy slim out things felt coarse and strange she then suddenly felt her entire body thin out as her body was placed into a white piece of cardboard with her hat high over her head. Applejack was utterly stunned and instantly fell to the ground with a thump; now nothing more than a piece of cardboard she was unable to shout or do anything. She watched Big Macintosh enter the kitchen and not noticing her placed a small doll on the table.

It looked a lot like Apple Bloom and Big Mac was humming as he got out a simple tea set from above the stove. He then began boiling some water in a tea kettle. Then as the water began to steam the big stallion sighed stretching his muscles from the hard days work that was when he felt something odd his body becoming a bit slimmer. He looked down at his hooves were now thinner he felt his body lean, and face grew pudgy and soft. His mane grew out and flowed over his shoulders, and the tail softened and swirled around his legs.

Big Mac squealed flailing backward and crawling away from the mirror seeing that somehow his hitch has turned into a beautiful gold necklace and a frilly pink dress with white satin wrapped around it appeared on his body. He blushed to cross his legs feeling nothing between them knowing now he was now a mare. Big Mac got up as he or I guess she now brushed her dress and looked back at the mirror seeing herself as a slim and lovely looking mare with a soft, beautiful mane and tail her soft and lovely pink dress rippled around her. Big Mac blushed feeling so giddy and giggled hearing the tea boil and skipped over pouring the tea into the porcelain teapot. She took the tea tray and plopped it down on the small wooden table and hugged the doll, “oh your just so cute little dolly, I can’t wait for you to meet my best friend Smartypants.”

She quickly skipped upstairs feeling giddy and happy she found Smartypants in her bed. Big Mac giggled with joy hugging her favorite doll then skipped back downstairs. The stallion turned mare gasped as she came to see Applejack now as just a cardboard cutout with her surprised expression and hat printed just above her head. Big Mac burst out laughing and cooed, “oh sister what happened to you!”

The mare took hold of the cardboard with Applejack gaping in a surprised expression, and she cooed looking her over. “Oh dear, I’m not sure if I can cut you out.” She gasped, ”but Rarity could she can be really precise.”

Big Mac quickly scooped the dolls into a wicker basket and cooed, “you just stay here Applejack I’ll go get Rarity she can cut you out! I’ll be back!” She then skipped off out of the door humming a silly tune.

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