• Published 2nd Jul 2018
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Discord's mother comes to town - Foal Star

Discord's mom comes to Ponyville for a week. It's up to Discord to keep her in check and make sure things go smoothly.Although the number of incidents with chaos magic starts to increase...

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Chapter 5: The War of the Pastries

Dr Whooves who was still a small squirrel wearing his ridiculous french officer outfit, was leading the rest of the squirrels of Ponyville through the streets. He was bounding along towards Sugarcube Corner at breakneck speed all the while Derpy was bouncing on his back entirely mystified by the fact she was still a muffin. He turned to see Sugarcube Corner as a female squirrel came up and explained, “hey you think that the talking muffin will be safe in there? Isn’t that where muffins get eaten!?”

Dr. Whooves chuckled, “well most poniez ztay away from ze kitchen and I’m zure that we can ask Mr. and Mrz. Cake to protect her.”

He then proceeded through the open front door peeking into seeing Pinkie Pie as a sentient Party Cannon showering the guests inside with confetti and having a blast. Dr. Whooves ran through the back of the main counter with Derpy laughing, “Pinkie is a party cannon that’s so cool!”

Dr. Whooves blinked in astonishment at what he was seeing and whispered, “what in the hay iz going on here?”

The female squirrel came up to Dr. Whooves and asked, “monsieur Pawz is that what I think it is?”

The pony turned into a squirrel slowly nodded and as he scurried back through the kitchen door. He then came upon an odd sight a fancy looking carrot cake, and a Blue colored loaf of bread was arguing over a burnt black wedding cake. The loaf of bread shouted, “Dear Celestia! You're such an idiot! Even if I was turned into a loaf of bread doesn't mean to take both me and the wedding cake out. Now it’s ruined, and we became talking pastries for nothing!”

The fancy looking carrot cake shouted back, “I was trying to save you! Why are you getting at me for anyways? I didn't turn you into a loaf of bread!”

Dr. Whooves recognized the voices immediately the blue loaf of bread was Mrs. Cupcake and the fancy decorated carrot cake was Mr. Carrot Cake. Dr Whooves gaped with a look of utter bewilderment at how in the world things like this could happen in real life. He quickly scurried up onto the table and in a fearful tone asked, “what in ze hay happened to you two!”

The two talking pastries turned around at the talking squirrel and blinked with utter bewilderment as well. Mr.Cake then got up and explained, “we're not sure, we were trying to bake a wedding cake for Discord's mother, but the batter turned us into this.”

Mrs.Cake watched as derp bounced around laughing at the whole situation and asked, “Dr. Whooves how did you turn into a squirrel and how did Derpy turn into a muffin?”

Dr whooves replied, “well...Derpy found a wonderful cup of coffee and an odd muffin zhe ate the muffin and I had ze coffee. After that, she turned into a muffin, and I zome Zquirrel from Prance I azzume. But in truth, we came here to ask if Depry can ztay with you two while I find Twilight. Zhe may be the one who can fix thiz.”

Mrs. Cake gave the nod and continued, “yeah my husband, and I thought about that. But we can’t do anything heck all we can do is hop around.”

Mrs. Cake rolled his eyes big blue eyes. “We can do more than that. I pushed the button on the oven and got you out of there.”

Mr. cake’s wife scoffed back, “You also ruined the wedding cake in the process.”

“Not this again! It’s like you want to stay in that oven!” Mr. Cake shouted back.

This time Dr. Whooves rolled his eyes. “Alright I get it, anyways I’m going to leave Derpy here with you two also…” he turned around, and the Cake turned in his direction to see a dozen other squirrels on the ground as he asked, ”do you have any nutz for them? They won’t leave me alone.”

Mrs. Cake cooed, ”oh uh we have a bag of peanuts in the back.” She hopped to the edge of the table and showed them a big sack of peanuts and the squirrels ran over and started gnawing holes and taking the nutz and devouring them. Dr. Whooves shook his head “zorry about thiz.”

Mrs. Cake chuckled “it’s alright reminds me of when Fluttershy came in with a dozen squirrels this isn’t the first time our nut supply was ravaged.”

Mr. Cake rolled his eyes. “Just wonderful, it’s not like we just restocked a few days ago as well.”

Then he heard the sound of what was chariot wheels with the sounds of it was odd and what made it stranger was that there were squeaks that sounded like they came from...bunnies. Dr. Whooves eyes went wide with wonder, and he turned to the kitchen door seeing a dozen rabbits bounding through, and he growled, “Angel is hear!”

He jumped down from the table the same time as the kitchen doors swung open. Angel hopped in with two other bunnies on either side with sticks with carrots on top of them like spears. Dr. Whooves scurried over and with his fluffy tail ruffled he asked with a glare, “Angel what are you doing here?”

The bunny in his stupid toga and circlet of leaves placed on his head smirked, “Hello Monsieur Pawz I heard from my scouts you came in here. On top of that there was also a delicious carrot cake as well.”

Dr whooves scoffed and growled, “well first off, I ztill decline your offer to take what little the zquirrels have to you. Zecond, your not getting the carrot cake, it’z actually Mr.Cake and he iz off limits.”

Angel growled and stomped a big paw on the ground as he shouted, “then I challenge you monsieur Pawz! If you get in my way I’ll have to destroy you, I swear upon my title as emperor of the bunnies!”

The bunnies behind him all burst into cheers, and Dr. Whooves laughed holding his paws to his white underbelly and squeaked, “oh yeah, ze emperor of bunniez iz zo frightening. What are you going to do whack me with that cute fluffy tail?”

Angel grew red in the face as many squirrels and bunnies snickered. The bunny then shouted in rage, “how dare you mock me! If I win the battle not only will I have you as my perosnal slave! But that carrot cake will be devoured in front of you!”

Dr. Whooves crossed his fore paws as his big fluffy tail stood up and scoffed, “Good luck with that becauze I’m not going to go down without a fight.”

Angel scoffed and looked up at Mr. Cake and smacked his lips. “Just wait soon you’ll be in my stomach.” The carrot cake squeaked in horror and bounced back a little quivering with fear. The bunny gave an evil laugh and bounced off. Dr. Whooves then scurried back to the group of squirrels as he asked. “If I may can you all lend me your earz?”

Every squirrel turned around as dr whooves explained the situation. “Look I know all of you don’t know me well. But I need your help. My friend Carrot cake is threatened by Angel the same bunny who has been taking over the place. If we don’t ztop him, he will take what little you have left.”

The female squirrel bounded over and smiled, ”of course not were with you. But...what’s your plan this Angel is pretty smart and has a lot of bunnies following him.”

Dr whooves was scratching his chin when Pinkie burst into the kitchen and chirped, ”there you all are! I saw those weird squirrels come in and what do I find Mr. and Mrs. Cake turned into cakes!”

She shoots more confetti at them as Mr cake shouted, “stop that Pinkie! You're going to bury Sugarcube Corner with all that confetti!”

Dr whooves eyes went wide and shouted, “Pinkie! I need your help!”

While Dr. Whooves was defending Mr. Cake from being devoured by bunnies. Mystique watched as Fluttershy was dotting over the two waterfowls in her garden. She has the orange goose nuzzled in a nest of reeds as she seemed to be busy laying eggs. The blue swan was swimming in the pond ducking his head in every so often to catch fish. Fluttershy just smiled and dawwed at the cute scene and turned to watch the orange chicken strutting around the place pecking at the ground. Fluttershy happy with her birds and still a bit curious asked, “my goodness where are all these odd birds coming from?”

Discord crossed his claws and scoffed. “Probably because of my mother. She has a thing for birds.”

Mystique shook her head and sighed, “I still don’t get why you distrust me so much.”

Discord rolled his eyes and grumbled, “who do you think taught me how to take over worlds?”

Fluttershy shrugged as she responded, “well I haven’t seen anything too out of the blue, and she has been really nice so far.”

Mystique blushed, “oh Fluttershy you're too kind.” She gasped placing a claw on her face. “Oh dear, I almost forgot about the cake!”

Discord groaned as Fluttershy blushed to have a feeling she already knew the answer bust asked anyways, “cake? What do you mean?”

Mystique laughed and waved a claw as she explained, “oh well that’s not something to worry about at the moment. Anyways I better get going to see if it’s finished.” She then flicked a claw and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Angel waited outside with a bunch of bunnies with staffs with carrots placed on top of them. They were in rank and file with ponies looking down at the odd scene with Angel wearing a toga at the front in a golden chariot and playing the harp as many of the bunnies looked up at him with wonder in their eyes. Angel watched as Dr. Whooves lead the few squirrels out of Sugarcube Corner they all had little mini party cannons as they looked down at each other. They both looked down at each other then soon they started the attack. They both roared as they chased at each other squirrels shot peanuts from the little party cannons with small bits of confetti flying out, as the nuts bonked the bunnies on the head. All the while the rabbits whacked the squirrels with their carrot spears, and on both sides, the weapons did nothing more than to irritate each other. It was an adorable little scene as the bunnies and squirrels whacked at each other with nuts and carrots. Then out of nowhere Pinkie Pie burst through the doors and shot confetti down on every creature. Angel eventually broke through the colorful paper a dozen squirrels came from the sides and attacked as they grabbed Angel and he was down. Dr. Whooves came over and looked down at Angel bunny who was cursing and smirked as he proclaimed, “looks like you lost.”

Then Mystique a powerful and majestic draconequus flew down from the sky and shouted, “What is going on here!?”

They all looked up as Pinkie Pie chirped, “oh hey Discord’s mom we were just having a furry fun animal party!”

She scoffed and flicked her claws, and the waves of motley colored paper disappeared as she asked, ”so what happened?”

Dr. Whooves pointed down at Angel. “Thiz one tried to eat Mr. Cake, and waz trying to take over both ze bunniez and ta squirrels!”

Mystique chuckled, ”my, my looks like Angel wasn't being very angelic.” She flicked a claw as Angel was wrapped in long white tendrils of magic. His body elongated as his shaped grew into that of a pony, but the transformation didn't stop there as two white-coated wings sprung from his back. His face became more round as a long and wavy mane and tail of a light yellow color. Then a bright pink toga grew over Angel’s new graceful body as she saw on a bench with a golden harp in her hooves and begun to play a lovely tune.

Angel struggled squirming around but he couldn’t do anything as his body seemed to now have a mind of its own. But he continued to play with his harp as if it was second nature.

Dr whooves couldn’t believe it the angry, and bitter Angel bunny was now an angelic looking pegasus playing the harp humming without a care in the world. Mystique cooed “there, I think that will do.”

All the other bunnies shrugged and bounded off as Angel squeaked. ”wait don’t go!” he squeaked and clutched at his throat, “my voice! why do I sound like Fluttershy!”

Mystique laughed and clapped her claws together as she explained, “I thought it would be a good added touch and now that’s completed now onto my next project.”

Angel tried to protest more but couldn't as he begun to play his harp again. Angel's face turned a deep red seeing how in his new form he became more mellow and shy.

Discord’s mother then turned to Dr. Whooves.” well thanks for making sure things didn’t get out of hoof here. it would have ruined my plans as for that I’m promoting you.” She flicked a claw, and he was wrapped in tendrils of magic as well. Dr. Whooves body grew back into a equestrian like body, but it was bigger and stockier than a pony. His face grew out as his dark black mane into a horse with his uniform still. He blinked looking around to see a big chestnut was printed on his rump. She cooed, ”I thought you would look great as a horse named Chestnut.”

He blushed as he ground a hoof into the dirt. ”I uh...don’t know what to say...Can you just turn me back to normal?”

Mystique couldn't help but daww and patted the doctor on the nuzzle. “Oh don't worry, I just need your help. I need you to play an important role later today. If you do this, I promise to repay you.”

The doctor looked around seeing many ponies gaping at him with awe and wonder. He raised his head high in pride liking the attention and shrugged. “Sure why not? I think I can stay in this form for a bit longer.”

Mystique swatted his rump making him neigh, and Mystique burst into laughter as she cooed,” oh you're so cute, just stay out here sweetie and await my orders.”

Dr whooves whisked his long tail and scoffed, ”fine, but turn my wife back to normal too she’s a talking muffin at the moment.”

Before Mystique could respond, Pinkie Pie rolled over. “Hey what about me! Don’t I have an important role?!”

Mystique cooed, ”oh I have a significant role for you later, as I think I’m going to host a special wedding here at Sugarcube Corner and i’m going to need your help decorating the place.”

Pinkie gasped in surprise, ”really you mean that!”

Mystique nodded as she explained, “that’s right and if you can do mean extra favor keep an eye on Angel and make sure she doesn’t do anything.”

Pinkie burst out a flurry of confetti in response. “You can count on me! We’ll keep Angel in line!”

Angel grumbled, ”ugh! I’m getting fed up with this already I could just scream.” She then pulled in a deep breath and with everypony watching the mare gave out a small eeep! Making everypony in the vicinity burst into laughter. Dr. Whooves himself clopped his hooves onto the ground giving a cheerful neigh. Mystique smirked at her handiwork and cooed,”perfect, now I need to see about this talking muffin and to see how my wedding cake is doing?

Dr whooves winced and turned towards Discord’s mother with a sheepish smile and whispered nervously, ”uh Mystique about that...

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