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Discord's mother comes to town - Foal Star

Discord's mom comes to Ponyville for a week. It's up to Discord to keep her in check and make sure things go smoothly.Although the number of incidents with chaos magic starts to increase...

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Chapter 1: Twilight the Tea Head

Discord woke one morning in his house in his strange dimension. When he heard a loud bang. The draquenious burst up as he rubbed his head grumbling. “what the buck was that!?”

He went outside to see his mailbox stuffed with a giant package. He took it and saw the front in a fancy cursive style written in an elegant cursive font. To for cord, He looked down and gasped in horror. “Oh no! Th-the-this can’t be from her!?”

He ripped open the package and out poofed a giant letter written in a fancy font as a soft feminine voice spoke

dear dizzy

It's your mom Mystique, and I heard about you getting hitched with a mortal named Fluttershy! What a catch she looks so cute! Why didn't you tell me? Anyways to celebrate I'm coming down to see you tomorrow! I already know where to go, and I would love to look at your mare friend’s place.

Love and Kisses from your mommy

P.S can you make that first chaos black brew tea I like? I'm sure you kept the recipe

Discord groaned as he dragged a claw down his face and shouted, “this can’t happen to me!”

He tipped the letter to shreds shouting “how did she find me! Heck, how does she know Fluttershy and where she lives!”

He threw the pieces of paper into the depths of his dimensional crossed his claws and tapped his cloven hoof. "It looks like I don't have a choice. I need to endure her for a few hours. If I make her tea maybe she'll leave me alone.”

He went to his house and threw things from a cupboard and found a long scroll. It was a recipe for Chaos Black brew tea, and as he looked over the ingredients he scoffed, “You'll have to be an egghead to understand this!”

He then flicked a claw smirking “I know the most eggiest egg head in the known universe.” He then snapped a claw and poofed in a cloud of smoke

It was a late evening in Ponyville. Twilight was in her study reading a book peacefully when out of nowhere Discord burst into the room sending Twilight falling on her rump as he shouted, "oh Twilight thank Celestia your here!”

Twilight was stunned at the sudden outburst as she rubbed her and muttered, “what is it Discord?”

Discord sighed “my mother she’s coming to visit.”

Twilight blinked in surprise and giggled,”seriously your mother?”

Discord rolled his eyes “ I ’m not going to explain everything about my family. I need you to know that she’s very picky about her tea and I need you to make it and serve it.”

Twilight eyed him “tea huh? Why can’t Fluttershy do it?

Discord sighed“ look, my mother is like you when it comes to tea she wants it brewed to perfection. I know you have that super smart brain of yours to get the recipe right.” He then poofed a scroll into Twilight hooves.

Twilight blinked at it as she unfurled it “chaos black brew huh?”

Discord nodded, ”yeah its an old family recipe I never bothered making it, chocolate milk is more my thing.” He then poured some chaos magic into a vial and placed a cork on top and handed it over to Twilight and explained, “this is the main ingredient, please be careful. I don’t have to explain that chaos magic isn’t something that should be taken lightly.”

Twilight shrugged as she took the vial and sighed, “okay I'll see what I can do but um... your mother isn’t going to try to take over Equestria or anything right?”

Discord rolls his eyes. "Of course not, she already has her perfect little dimension.”

Twilight giggled, ”okay well sure I can help when is she coming.”

Discord sighed ”tomorrow.”

Twilight rolled her eyes. " your not giving me a lot of time to prepare"

She looked it over and sighed”wow this one complicated recipe. I ’m probably going to need Zecora’s help with this.”

She then rolled it up as she explained, “I'll have it ready by tomorrow. So I'm assuming the date will be at Fluttershy’s cottage?”

Discord nodded “yes it will be and be there. My mother is very punctual.”

Twilight shrugged, “alright Discord don't worry about a thing.”

Discord hugged the purple alicorn and ruffled her mane. ”Thanks, Twilight I owe you big time for this.”

He then disappears in a poof of smoke as Twilight reopened the scroll and shouted, “Spike! Get down here I need your help!”

Later that evening Twilight’s desk was now covered with flasks of bubbling potions, and dozens of cups of teas with a big teapot in the middle. As Twilight was going through the list of ingredients and trying to make sure she had the formula down. The mare then continued to write this down as she whispered, “so this tea consist of a cup of zap apple seeds, leaves from an ancient oak, tail hair of a unicorn which I had to borrow from Rarity, the smashed flowers of poison joke and water gurgled from a sea serpent. What a weird and dangerous tea.”

She looks at the vials bubbling all at a perfect 80-degree Fahrenheit and the mare and started pouring each bottle into the teapot and stirred the mixtures together. The mare then took out the vial of pure chaos magic and gulped “ok the recipe said to pour slowly.”

Twilight then slowly lifted the vial with her magic drifting it over the teapot with caution. But squeaked as she lost her balance and the bottle of chaos fell into the teapot. The collision created a massive explosion of color, and Twilight was enveloped in white light.

Spike ran down the steps upon hearing the explosion and found twilight on the floor. But what shocked him watch the fact that Twilight’s head was shaped weirdly. He came up to her and poked it with a claw and heard a clink as if he was hitting porcelain. The dragon was stunned seeing for what it was as a teapot. Twilight's eyes blinked as she rubbed a hoof on her head getting up she didn't notice what was going on asked, “hey Spike can you get me something for this headache.”

Spike was blinking in confusion. “Uh ...I don't know if there’s a cure for that!” He pointed a claw to Twilight's head, and she grabbed it and squeaked feeling porcelain and shouted, “What in the hay!”

She then heads the nose of her teapot steam and whistle. Spike burst into laughter, “oh wow you look steamed.”

Twilight growled as boiling tea gushed from her nose as she stomped out of her study with boiling tea spurting from her nostril shouting. “I’m going to kill Discord!”

Spike ran after her giggling. “Twilight your spilling tea on the stairs.”

She shouted with tea now gushing out like a geyser, “I could care less! Discord is going to reverse this stupid spell, or he’s dead!”

Spike couldn’t help but laugh some more but squeaked seeing the tea was rising over him like a flood and stepped back onto the stairs, “Twilight as much as I agree you need to calm down or you’ll flood the place.

Twilight looked down at her hooves in the pool of tea as she slowly calmed down and she sighed “your right Spike as crazy as this is I rather not flood Ponyville with tea.” She started walking back and forth as she explained with a crazed look in her eyes, I’m going to calmly go to Discord and tell him to fix this and leave as nothing happened.”

Spike smirked, “don’t forget to ask for a cup of sugar while you're at it.”

She growled as she started to steam a little. “Better stop with tea jokes Spike.”

The young drake giggled, “why not? Are you strained.”

Twilight scoffed, “whatever anyways I need to get going and give discord a piece of my mind!”

Spike shrugged, “more like a spot of tea.” He giggled at his stupid joke as he went to get a mop to clean up the mess.

As Twilight was running down the road towards Fluttershy's cottage Discord was fixing it up straightening out the place as Fluttershy blushed she never saw Discord so nervous before and asked, “hey Discord...um you doing alright?

He sighed, ”I’m fine Fluttershy just making sure everything is perfect as she would like it.”

Fluttershy rolled her eyes “discord as nice as it is to clean my cottage you’ve been up all night. I feel like your worrying way too much over this.”

Discord scoffed. “No way! I’m not for just uh…” he groaned and fell on the couch “who am I kidding my mom is crazy! She wants everything to be perfect and she loves messing with me.”

Fluttershy eyed him unsure of what to make of all of it and whispered. “like Perfect chaos?”

Discord nodded as he explained, ”she has this idea of making things better with chaos magic. Trust me I don’t even understand it.”

Fluttershy blinked still confused, and Discord explained, “I’ll put it this way, imagine if Twilight’s obsession in making everything perfect with magic and Rarity’s want of everything to be divine and fancy fused together that's my mom.”

Fluttershy squeaked “oh my! She sounds... um, difficult?”

He groaned as he dragged a claw down his face. ”She’s worse! She nags all the time when I was living in her dimension.”

He then flicked a claw poofing a sock puppet that looked like a dark green snake and started making it talk. “Dissy why don't you have a clean house? Dissy why is the garden full of muscle-bound bunnies? Dissy why is the teapot spitting tea in my face.”

He then threw the puppet away and sighed, “luckily I got out of there when I could. But hopefully Twilight made that chaos tea that would keep her calm.”

Fluttershy smiled, “oh I bet she and Zecora won’t fail you. Besides I'm quite curious, I never heard of chaos tea before.”

Discord madded a blah sound and grumbled, “my mom was addicted to the stuff I never liked it.”

Then they both turned as Twilight burst through the front door with her face a dark red and her spout bursting tea and steam shouting. “Discord! What in the hay did your tea do to me!”

Discord and Fluttershy turned to her, and they both burst into laughter seeing the porcelain teapot that was once Twilight's face flushed with anger.

Discord flew over and giggled, “what did you do drink the potion?”

Twilight growled with her nose steaming once again. “Of course not! So reverse this now!”

As she said that Discord took a teacup and caught some of the boiling tea and sipped the cup and made a gagging sound, “yep that's Chaos Black Brew Tea alright it’s perfect.”

Twilight rolled her eyes. “Thanks, but I would have rather not my literal head pouring it out!”

Discord sighed, ”look Twilight I’m sorry I didn't think the potion would cause this! But I need your help my mother is coming any second now!”

Twilight stomped a hoof “ I don't care! You turn me back to normal, or I’ll send a letter to Celestia to make sure you turned back to stone!”

Discord stepped back as Fluttershy came up to her friend. “look Twilight...he didn't mean for this to happen. honest, he's just worried about his mother coming...ca..can’t you serve tea to her?”

Twilight looked at the cowering draquenious and felt a pang of regret for yelling at him and groaned,“fine..but as soon as she leaves your turning me back to normal.”

Discord crossed his heart “of course I promise.”

She groaned as she asked, “so what do I do just serve the tea.”

Discord nods “that’s right she should be here soon.” But first, we need to set things up. “ He flicked a claw setting up a tea set with little purple cups and a sugar bowl. Fluttershy asked, “ could I try the tea?”

Twilight tilted her head pouring a cup as Fluttershy took it in her hooves she sipped at it and eeped it tasted strange like black licorice mixed with the bitter taste of a robust black tea. “It’s strange but good at the same time.”

Discord scoffed, “if you say so.”

Twilight watched with worry and asked, “wait it won't do anything to Fluttershy right?”

Discord shook his head. “I don't think so...”

Then there was a knock on the door, and the ponies froze. Discord got up slowly and flicked a claw dressing in a suit as Fluttershy was spit into a green dress, as Twilight was given a cute little maid's outfit. The purple alicorn growled, and Discord blushed, ”Sorry forget to say it was a formal tea party.”

He fixed his bowtie as he came to the door and opened it to see the strangest creature. It was like discord with a slick head of a horse, curved horns of a Stag with a long slick snake-like body with delicate white cloven hooves on the end of her back legs with two graceful eagle claws for her forearms. She wore a silky green sparkling emerald dress as she squealed, “aww my little dissy darling it's been ages!”

She pinched his cheek as he growled: “okay mom thanks.”

She went in and saw Fluttershy and cooed,”oh is this your mare friend dissy.” Discord squeaked in horror and whined “mom! “

Fluttershy blushed hard as she explained, “no Discord and I are just friends.”

Discord’s mother cooed,”oh that’s too bad I was hoping you would be engaged by now.” Both Discord and Fluttershy blushed, and they both looked away from each other unsure of what to say. Mystique threw a claw. “oh well let me introduce myself I’m Mystique.”

Fluttershy shook her claw still blushing. “Hello, Mystique it’s nice to meet you.”

Discord mother turned to Twilight and laughed, ”oh my did you try to make Chaos black tea?”

Twilight blushed as her cheek grew red with small steam came out and explained, “yeah I did as you can see, I ran into a complication.”

Mystique came over and asked, “may I?”

Twilight nodded as the draquenious titled Twilight's head and poured herself a cup of tea and sipped. “Nope, it’s perfect very well done.”

Twilight asked, “but how did it turn my head into a teapot!?

The draquinous giggled, ”well the recipe wasn't designed for mortals to make; such as yourself.But you must’ve gotten the mixture wrong somehow.” The purple alicorn stepped back remembering how she dropped the chaos magic into the concoction. Discord’s mother sipped the tea some more and whispered. ”my goodness it’s perfect.”

She sat down at the table as Discord sat across from her and Fluttershy stay beside him. The draquinous whispered, “so how are things here in Equestria? It seems you haven't turned it into your little playground.

Discord sighed, ”I’m reformed mom see Fluttershy, and I are best friends now.”

Mystique then with a flick of her claw lifted twilight's head from her body making the mare squeals as she poured the teapot into a cup and asked, “so Fluttershy how did you make my son finally behave?” As she placed Twilight's head back on her body. The mare checked her neck and body confused and bewildered.

Fluttershy giggles and shrugged, ”I just became friends with him that’s all.”

The draquinous giggled, “Friends sure, I'm still hoping it's more than that.”

Discord blushed harder looking down as his mom waved a claw “oh don't be so shy it’s.” She sipped her tea and sighed. “it's a little cold sweetheart.”

Twilight stomped a hoof. ”Hey, I’m the princess of bucking friendship! I shouldn’t be trea-!” Before she could finish her head was talked off, and Mystique poured another cup and stirred it a little she sipped it and giggled, “perfect much better.”

She then settled twilight’s head on the table making her bounced around spurting tea from her spout shouting, I’m not a bucking teapot!”

Mystique scooped her in a claw. “I’m sorry this so much more comfortable than tilting your head. Besides chaos magic will sustain your body.”

Twilight turned to her body seeing it surrounded by the magic shield and then looked up at Discord with a pleading look. She conceded to pour some tea into Mystique’s cup who smirked and placed her back down. She then spotted Angel hopping and cooed “oh a bunny!”

She lifted him up in her magic despite the little guy fighting and snapping at her. The draquenious asked,”oh my he's a feisty one.”

Fluttershy sighed ”Angel’s not fond of being picked up.”

Mystique smirked as she flicked a claw and placed a small halo on his head and
Angel squeaked and rolled around trying to remove the circle of light with no avail. Then a tiny toga and a harp poofed on him, and the bunny began strumming it making a lovely tune. Mystique clapped her claws. “Aww so nice to have some music with my tea.”

She then turned to Fluttershy and asked,”I know Discord isn’t fond of my special tea but why don’t you have some? I assure you once brewed it’s perfectly safe for mortals.”

Fluttershy giggled, and Discord rolled his eyes. Fluttershy then picked up Twilight who glared at her friend. The yellow pegasus gave her an apologetic look as she poured some warm into a cup and sipped it. “Thanks, Twilight.”

Mystique turned an giggled, “I told you so, in truth this tea can grow on you.”

She grumbled and hissed out some more steam as Discord asked, “so mom you plan on staying here or is this just a quick visit?”

Mystique shrugged “it seems that this Equestria is very lovely I might stay around for a few days.”

Discord squealed, “a-a-few days!?”

Mystique nodded as she slipped her cup and then lifted to the top of Twilight’s pot and dipped a tea bag inside. “Yes a few days I don’t see why I should leave? There really isn’t much going on in my dimension.”

Fluttershy asked, “so um you see you can’t use chaos magic whenever you want.”

Mystique then took the tea and poured some into Discord’s cup. “Well, I’ll abide by the rules here, besides I’m sure I can find ways to improve things here if ponies need me to.”

Discord eyed the cup and asked, “what's this?”

Mystique smirked, “it's a special tea chocolate milk flavored. Made it myself.”

He took the cup looking down at the dark brown liquid and sipped it and blushed as it tasted more like hot chocolate but it was creamy and creamy, and it was delightful. He looked up “uh thanks, mom.”

Mystique got up and explained, “now I must be off, I need to gather some things if I’m to stay here.”

Discord squealed, ”wait hold up! Fluttershy isn’t prepared for a guest you can't stay here! She has animals all over the place and trust me they're not very clean!”

Mystique waved a claw and cooed, ”it’s not a big deal. I love cute adorable animals.”

Fluttershy whispered, ”it’s alright she can stay here if she wants.”

Mystique kissed her on the cheek. “Thank you."

She then looked down at Twilight and cooed, “ thank you Twilight for the tea.” Twilight rolled her eyes then The draquenious got up and smiled, “well thanks again Fluttershy I’m sure I will enjoy this little visit.”

She then snaps her claws taking the alicorn's head onto the body and asked, "Oh um twilight darling let me fix you up.”

She flicked a claw and Twilight was poofed into a cloud of white smoke. She coughed and gasped as her body was adjusted and her head was back to normal. The mare touched her head feeling her fur and skin sighing in relief.“ oh thank Celestia!”

Mystique giggled “thanks again Twilight I think I’ll just have to make my special tea myself."

Twilight gave a sheepish smile and shrugged “yeah I rather not have that repeated...ever.”

Mystique giggled “at least you didn't mess up too much you could've turned yourself into a full porcelain tea set.”

Twilight gaped not even wanting to know what that would be like. Then in spectacular fashion Mystique flicked a claw and disappeared. Discord groaned and threw up his claws. “a few days! Just kill me now!”

Fluttershy turned to the angel who was now showing off his toga to some other bunnies making her giggle. "Oh she's not to bad I think I like this perfect chaos a little.”

Discord scoffed “you say that now.”

Twilight, however, got up and clopped her hooves together as she chirped, “well I had enough of chaos magic for a lifetime. I'll stay in my castle with a forcefield surrounding it.”

She then ran off as Discord scoffed, “oh what? Come on you can't be so black and white. Be a little earl grey?”

Fluttershy giggled “yeah, I didn't expect you to be so fragile. Do you need bubble wrap?"

Twilight growled, “enough with the stupid tea puns!” She then stomped out of the cottage.

Fluttershy came to Discord and snuggled him and asked, “so you think we handle your mom?”

Discord gave Fluttershy’s mane a ruffle. “If you can handle me I think we can manage her.”

Author's Note:

I couldn't think up a lot of good tea puns. :twilightsheepish:

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