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Haha anytime, its a pleasure to edit for ya

Quick Cadence! Use the speech, the heat was making you unstable and didn't let you think clearly, if Anon haven't step in, you could have turn dangerous and aggressive, maybe even have attack Twilight, that is why he needed to do it. And after that they all agree to never speak a word of what happen in the caverns.

Je great story by the way, almost make me wish there is a sequel of it. Maybe after the weeding Cadence in a form of thanks/ ensure silence, will play match maker and pair Anon to a nice, kind and beautiful mare that she knows will make Anon happy. Maybe Fleur De Liz, no! Wisteria! yeah those two can be a cute couple.

What do you say? Will that be interesting?

Damn this turned out better than I thought. That ending got a good laugh out of me.

Glad to hear I managed to make it exceed your expectations! Thanks for your continued support!:yay:

man that ending was hilarious, keep up the good work

:rainbowlaugh: Twilight's pissed now!

will there be a follow-up chapter or story I would like to see what happens after.

how Cadence and Anon are going to explain this, is all I want to know

It's Cadance...just saying

I haven't thought it was possible, but after reading a few bits of this story, I think I will really enjoy it. I get the feeling part of the reason is a possible pissed of Twilight, a pissed of Shining Armor, a new relationship human x Cadance instead of Shining armor and a possibly slightly different Cadance.

If it is that good I will probably wish for a sequel and maybe even a real story.

first minus point for Anon being Anon, I would celebrate if he would be named Nobody or something for a change.

I kind of hope she breaks up with Shining after this if there is going to be a sequel. I had only two nice storys in which the human dated Cadance so far that felt alright for me, in one of them Shining was an asshole.

She’s in heat.

Luckily I had a good first impression of the story, otherwise I would have hated to think she only does that because she is in heat.

Her hoof firmly places itself onto your bulge. “So either you will give me what I want, or I will take what I want.”

Not sure how she means it, but I'm also not a fan of her forcing herself upon him if she is serious about not caring for what he wants. I know that this could be said less serious than it appears to me.

Hhhmmm okay I'm not sure if I understood it right, if the main char was really troubled because of this and if Cadance really tried to abuse her power on him there. Not sure what to think about it know, at least it didn't got really bad for me, but my first impression isn't exactly the same right now.
I need to think about it, I'm maybe not supposed to take it seriously, but I like a serious relationship even in clopfics often enough.

Honestly it’s a make a better story if it continued either she has a Secret relationship with him or break it off with shining armor I’d like to see how far this goes

We can't really call this adultery, she's not married yet, cheating, sure.

We need more Princess Cheatdence storys, good job.

I would love to see a bonus chapter of this to explain what happened afterwards you know Twilight's reaction and what happens next and maybe a little Twilight time you know have Cadence talked her into it or something by the way love it so far keep it up


Sorry, I can't read a story that doesn't use the appropriate canon spelling of a name. :rainbowkiss:

Edit: Futher investigation reveals it's been spelled both ways. And her full name is Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, so I'm sticking with Cadence. As it is in the translation.

AFAIK, the only "canon" evidence for it being spelled "Cadence" is in offshoot promo material that's nowhere near the authenticity of the show's script. But hey, if you don't want me to read it... :trollestia:

This is where I'm basing it off of for the time being. Reguardless, it's a name that's been shown to be both. Although Cadence is how it's been pronounced.:twilightsmile:

True, but the franchise chose "Cadance" as the proper spelling of her usual day-to-day name. The instances of "Cadence" are retcon'd to "Cadance".


bottom line, going from SHOW CANON, it's “Cadence”.

No, going from a French-to-English translation, it's "Cadence." We're talking about a fictional language that doesn't technically translate into anything, if the letters used in Equestrian are any indication.

Going from SHOW CANON, the names "Cadence," "Cadance," and "Princess Mi Amore Cadenza" are all fictional since they don't use Equestrian font, and phonetic similarities to English are happenstantial.

... Which makes this entire debate a matter of opinion, but my opinion is right. :rainbowkiss::trollestia:

She a mare, not a saint! Mares got to get theirs!:trollestia:
That end was priceless!:rainbowlaugh:
Great job!:moustache:

I hope there a sequel where he bangs Twilight to and they both end up pregnant but he ends up with just Twilight.

There is a follow up chapter coming soon! But I don't know if that will happen, stay tuned! (Or check my Discord for some sneak peak if you'd like):twilightsmile:

can you send me a link on my pm?

That is the most satisfying clopfic iv'e ever read. I read plenty clopfics when I first came to this website, became a member because of it, along with other reasons that is, but that beyond the point...well done and I do hope that you continue this pleasureful compassion. *applause you*

Thanks for the kind words! I have a follow up already well in the works, as well as many other projects!:twilightsmile:

Fucking GG Candy, lol :rainbowlaugh: this was a good read, nicely done, haha

Not bad at all. Thanks -Syn-
Edit: Cadence's comment just before they start does make me wonder if this is entirely estrus driven. I do like romance stories after all.

This made me laugh so hard thank you so much XD
(Good writing btw. Everything flows really nicely... no pun intended)

" the names "Cadence," "Cadance," and "Princess Mi Amore Cadenza" are all fictional since they don't use Equestrian font"

Nope. They're not fictional. Because they are the same, whether written in Equestrian or English font.

"and phonetic similarities to English are happenstantial."

Obviously not. Because this show was made by ostly US people, so they were bound to somehow draw inspiration from their own mother tongue.

So it is not happenstantial.

So, your opinion is misled. Can't beat logic. :-3

Why? O_o Is there anything happy with cuckolding Shining Armor?

"I kind of hope she breaks up with Shining after this if there is going to be a sequel"

But... why? What has he done to deserve that? :'-(

"I'm also not a fan of her forcing herself upon him if she is serious about not caring for what he wants."

More like rape. :-S

I can't tell you that anymore but from my comment or at least the look on the front page, I would say it was because "anon" probably had some fun with her and I prefer it if they would get together instead of Cadance probably only having a fling.

I bet it was something like that but I can't tell you what I thought last year.

I think now I remember something and yes that wasn't solved that nicely there I guess, in that chase I could have thought it would maybe save the story in my eyes somehow if they actually get together after that.

I see. It would make more sense like that, indeed.

How much time had past (passed)? A day? Maybe two? Hell, it could have been a week for all you know. Your legs burned, wandering aimlessly for however long has taken its toll on your body. But you can’t stop, leaving your position next to the Princess would be breaking the one task you had. Protect and serve the Princess at all costs. Footsteps and hoofsteps echo loudly in the crystal cavern you found yourselves in.

Though it was quite dark, as most of the sparkling crystals had been mined and the place forgotten to the ages. A simple magic light from the tip of the mares (apostrophe) horn ensured you both could at least see. There were a few old and quite honestly, rickety minecarts and rails still litter the cavern. But none seemed to lead to a way out. “Come on Anon… It has to be this way…” The pink pony ahead pants in exhaustion slightly, scraping her golden shoes against the rocky floor.

But regardless, Princess Cadence was set to marry Shining Armor. Captain of the Royal Guard, and in (to) all intent (intents) and purposes, your boss. Apparently she used to be his little sisters (apostrophe) foalsitter, so they’ve known each other for a long time. Deep in the back of your mind you’re a bit jealous, but you’d never tell a soul. They were happy together and as long as she was happy, you were doing your job correctly.

I'm sorry, but all I could think of was

> her clitorus throbs as it winks at you
> her clitorus throbs
> clitorus

... and that's it. I'm in stitches.

Shall we continue?

If that were me? At that point they'd need a whole regiment of guards to pull me off, and the one to pull me out would be crowned as king. If that's supposed to be the last fuck of my (very short, as projections go, at that point) life, I'd make the absolute most of it.

Totally called that ending. :ajsmug:

I don't know if it is too late, but I want to mention that that isn't how the hymen works.

Sometimes realism isn't as good as making it enjoyable. :eeyup:

What about do a sequel to this that the others found out about what both Anon & Cadence did.

Hahaha, awesome

That ending was hilarious and made me picture cadance leaking from her pussy fresh man milk and some splashing on twilight's face :rainbowlaugh:
Still think cadance would smell like chocolate, but who knows?

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