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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty. (Patreon!)

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I half want a sequal about the child

So, I liked half this story. The second half because it had dialogue in it. Given my toss and turn opinion on it, I favorited it and downvoted it. You know, that way I can do both.

Also, the ending of the story be like:

DumbDog #3 · Jan 18th, 2018 · · 3 ·

Stop pls :c i want my quality writer back :'cccc'cccc'cccc

We don't always share opinions on dialogue implementation, but I respect your opinion like hell. Then again, I wrote this after being awake for almost two straight days. I just had to check to see what day it is because I'm so out of it.

You've always got a picture for the situation, man. Good shit.

It makes it awkward for me now to read it cause that’s my real name

I know what you mean. Getting real tired of stories featuring a self insert named Sxrinthrix.

So thanks for that.

Very erotic and well-written, but I can't help feel that a story that sells itself on the promise of impregnation might benefit from more reference to it than a single use of the word "fertile."

You know, for all that this image is a cropped Rarijack image, you could have at least named the guy Jack :ajsmug:

Impregnation is always good.

What the bloody hell are you on about?

Two ponies and a human are sitting on a train, bored out of their minds. By the end of this story, one of them will end up being impregnated.

My money's on the human.

I strongly considered doing that, no lie.

There's a character in this story named Bell End.

Can you guess what his special talent is?

I'd love to read what you could do with Discord, for some reason
Any plan on using him someday?



Inside jokes mate :moustache:

Ah, well that's alright then. Carry on. :trollestia:

Does it happen to do with the type of stories he is doing? If so then that makes sense. I'm completely fine with what AID (His name abbreviated) is doing, but I would like to see what he can do with a story long-term, like 6 or 7 chapters at least.

Now that I think about it, I do have some sort of an issue with stories 3,000 words or less. Depending on the topic of the clopfic, I have trouble getting to it if I put it in my "Read Later" list. I just have trouble wanting to read it when there are more interesting stories that I've invested in, like some 10,000 word stories or others stories with multiple chapters.:twilightsmile:

Oh damn, I've gone and started rambling again. I should stop before I go too far. Sorry I took your time like this.


Bored Ponies Fuck Human on Train

This is the most Pornhub chapter title I've ever seen.


The point of these stories by Disguise, I thought, was to set the scene and then get to the clop. Not an involved plot line with several chapters of building up to the point where the characters might be romantically overcome to the point they must begin carnal coitus. That's a different kind of story, written for different reasons, serving a different clientele that just happens to overlap because the scene-setting is still good story itself before you even get to the well-written clop.

I specifically wandered the comments before reading to make certain this joke was made. If it wasn't I'd be all over it. kudos

Haven't read it yet, but my money's on Fluttershy. At least first, Rarity would probably go for the creampie next, as it would be less of a mess.:yay::duck:
Then again, she could just swallow!:raritywink:

Money's still on Flutter's for cream!

That tittle description though. 👌

Is it weird if I get a boner while reading this?

Damn, u right :derpyderp2: *grabs lotion*

He felt him enter her,

A little typo that I found.

Anyway, I don't normally comment on clopfics, but since I already did, I just wanna say how hot this fic was. :moustache:

A decent sex scene supported by good prose. I skimmed most of this for it wasn't within my interest, but is a job well-done while under sleep deprivation.

Again that was a damn good bet and a hot sex scene. Good job!:yay::raritywink:

Fluttershy would be a better mom, so I hope it's her.

Time to reeeeeaaad!

My money is on rarity! Why? Cause I ship it!

Prediction: Fluttershy. Because it's what I would do.

Betting.... Fluttershy

You wrote this while sleep deprived? Your kidding right? Because honestly that was as good as everything else of yours I have read.


'Cause that's what I would do... :twilightblush:

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