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fucking epic i cant wait for the next

Glad you enjoyed it! Hoping to put out 1 or 2 chapters on this a week until it's finished! ^^

Where was Spike once they returned to Ponyville? I would like to know what his take on all this.

You know where he is, and you know how he's taking it.:rainbowlaugh:

Spike fled with great haste, I'm sure! XD

Spike is so needing to get plowed too. Dragon butt needs love too!

Since Twilight has her harem, Spike wants to have one of his own.

God, don't give me ideas :trollestia:

Was this before or after Starlight?

Not too long after she became an alicorn.

Any chance of Sunset being involved? Even as a bonus chapter?

We'll have to see but, as of now, I was only planning on involving the mane six with this fic.

great work as usual leech

i'm slighty upset that I know their won't be a follow up to creating life

Yes, the teacup is happy ;) lol

I wish it was rape on them

Ah, well, that’s understandable. Still, I’ll hold out hope for a bonus threeway with Sunset and Starlight.

nice work

Fantastic, interested to see where this goes.
Also, what's the source on the cover age?

Good chapter but I noticed a spelling error

“our child with possess tremendous strength, rivalling that of the heroes of legend.”

should be

“our child will possess tremendous strength, rivaling that of the heroes of legend.”

at least I think so.

Good story and I hope to see more of this soon.

This gon b gud

Definitely need longer chapters though ;)

loss for words.Wrapping her

Space after period

her own netheres to rub


our child with possess

will possess

LMFAO a minute before me

Dimwitdog, you can find her stuff on Derpi!

Each chapter is probably gonna be around 2k or so. Enough to cover everything but I ain't lookin to write a book either. There's a ton of other shit on THE LIST which needs to get written!

Between working a 40hr a week job, living forever alone as an "adult", and looking after my dog I can only spend so much time on these to stick with my "ONE STORY A WEEK" rule/curse which I imposed upon myself back in December.

Why did this story make me laugh so damn hard? Lol

Not pictured: Twilight spending 2% of Equestria's GDP on diapers in 11 months. :rainbowlaugh:

Well it's not like this sort of concept has a definitive end point that wraps up the story. You could easily come back to this when your schedule clears up after a few weeks/months and add more mares to the harem with new chapters then.

Thank you very much


Derpibooru, #1574540

Great fic so far, looking forward to the rest.

Probably hiding with his mother (Celestia) and/or crying he lost his chance with Rarity.

But honestly, after Twilight saying she would love to have a harem with all of them this would be my exact line of thought:

I would love to read a harem fic where at least one of them had that reaction (and they currently didn't have a significant other at the time).:rainbowlaugh:

A hushed silence fell over the room, all of the ponies looking at the now profusely sweating alicorn princess in their midst. Nopony noticed as Spike beat a hasty retreat, unwilling or unable to deal with the situation as it unfolded.

I didn't notice this the first time I read this. Was that there before?

damn it first of all i still don't get why everybody gives fluttershy massive breast

second of all which of them would have the best ass

It was there the whole time, I assure you! X3

Pinkie Pie has the best rump, IMO :trollestia:

I dunno, it's just kinda cute. Gave her the "girl next door" look except with a big rack.

You are the best! When's the next one coming out
cough cough cough NOW cough cough cough cough

I'm gonna try to get a chapter done every other day or so. Kinda got inspired and cranked out chapter 3 today after work!

First time i get to ask this. But why is this fandom fused to the, was never even remotely possible, idea that alicorns are hermaphrodites?

And yes I'm using the correct terminology for this.

Harmony/completion in all things? Both genders and all 3 acknowledged primary pony breeds? Not really that huge a jump.

Dang, you got me excited for FlutterDom early into the chapter. I'm definitely ready for the next chapter though.


allow her perky bosoms to breath.


But friday


just making sure your ovulating



According to my years in the fandom, observing:

Because she's the doting 'motherly' type, and physically 'motherliness' (and in general feminine bounty) is often visually quantified by larger breasts, which is enhanced by her demure nature.

Dash has small breasts because she's usually viewed as a short, rubber-bodied speedster full-time athlete. (Also where larger breasts enhance the idea of generous feminity, Dash is always a tomboy and can be very selfish. So smaller breasts help enforce that idea when compared to her foil/opposite Fluttershy. ((Not a critique of small-chested real women, no pitchforks please.)))

Pinkie is usually just plush enough to be THICC without being fat roll-y and blobby, tends to have breasts and rump due to said plushness. Her jiggly antics are often pushed for the reader to enjoy her figurative and literal bounciness as attractive.

AJ is usually muscular, hard-bodied with powerful and thick thighs and a big muscular rump, often viewed as having breasts just slightly bigger than Dash's or being well-stacked depending on if the author/artist is basing AJ on her hard work and competitiveness alone or on her whole family-centric orientation, I've noticed.

Rarity is supposed to be the picture-perfect model of society's beauty standard mixed with a bit of almost Grecian-like beauteous charm. Her breasts are generally the size of motherly-Applejack's so normally bigger than work-fiend Applejack. But nothing too big or too small (except her waist in the latter).

Twilight varies wildly in the fandom. She might be the frumpy, mousey booknerd who isn't sexy enough to be considered attractive without fixing her up first, or the sort of 'hidden sexiness' where she's only attractive when she's out of the practical clothing and is actually rather worked up herself (a natural). Or due to her noble upbringing or alicorn physique she can either be an amazon or a fertility goddess. Or a mix of both, where she's lean and slim and powerfully-built but has an amazing plush set of thighs and backside with very large breasts.

I hope the rumors about Fluttershy aren't true, that would be so cliche. It would be cool if it was half true though.

Steamy seed and mare nectar dribbled and dripped down to the earth below,

Spoiled and Filthy Rich were on their way to the Sweet Apple Acres to speak to Applejack about a new business deal.
"Oh dear, Spoiled darling, a think a bird may have left a deposit in your hair."

Regarding Fluttershy, I certainly hope there isn't any subversion of expectations with the forthcoming chapters! :trollestia:

Also, love the comment about Spoiled and Filthy XD

A hushed silence fell over the room, all of the ponies looking at the now profusely sweating alicorn princess in their midst. Nopony noticed as Spike beat a hasty retreat, unwilling or unable to deal with the situation as it unfolded.


I'm sure you could hear Celestia bellowing that off in the distance. :trollestia:

Dimwitdog, you can find her stuff on derpi!

A hushed silence fell over the room, all of the ponies looking at the now profusely sweating alicorn princess in their midst. Nopony noticed as Spike beat a hasty retreat, unwilling or unable to deal with the situation as it unfolded.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FjWe31S_0g fuck this shit I'm out

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