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"Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive." >Elbert Hubbard


When Discord is faced with the terrible absence of Fluttershy, Celestia offers him a new life with a spell that changes history.

Here Discord never brought chaos to Equestria, he was never turned to stone, and he was never reformed. Instead he's in school with ponies, zebras, griffons and dragons. He's not the most popular character in the school, but he won't let that get him down when a certain pink maned pony has caught his eye.

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Okay... THIS looks interesting.

I am loving this story so far! And Discord is just too cute!

Keep up the good work, I love the world building you're doing!

This Chapter is greatly confusing

Ironic, the thing that broke the Spirit of Chaos was the force he represented: change.

There's no sorrow like reading the last chapter of an incomplete fic... Now I have to WAIT for more :(

But in all seriousness, I adore this. It's simply too wholesome dormy heart. I love the characters you've created, both OC and Canon. Discord and his friend group are just so great! Ah, and this whole changling thing is interesting! Do they just want Discord out of the way, or do they intend to use him? Disguised as a certain yellow pony, the changlings could get him to do anything.

But yeah. I love this and I'm SO. glad I stumbled upon it

Hmmm... I wonder if Spike's parents are arguing because of Andee's "friendship" with a certain single mother...

I ship it harder than FedEx!

Here's your tracking number...


Yes! I'll be watching out for my package; I always keep an eye out for such things

I'll be watching closely indeed....

Oh, what a great thing to wake up to :D

Interesting. I'm surprised that the Castle of Two Sisters still exists, mainly cause I thought Celestia wasn't reborn. Hm, maybe I'm wrong, and A Celestia was reborn, but not the ORIGINAL Celestia. Or who knows? Maybe Luna has a different sister in this universe.

Also, minor typo

“Thanks, Applejack.” Discord sighed again, in relief this time. “That would be wonderful.” This little revelation came as a great comfort tim him, and he knew it would be to his mother as well.

Is this a Dairy of a Wimpy Kid crossover?

I don't think so, but I HAVE always wondered about the title... Discord only really writes in him diary like twice, and he isn't particularly wimpy.

This fic IS SO FUN!!!!! Incredibly enjoyable and original. Love the growing friendship between the group and where characterization differs from the show.

This is so freaking CUTE!!!! I am dying. Honestly worried about the ominous way you have set up the Rarity/Spike plot thread... which just makes it more exciting, ofc. Love how strictly you keep to Discord perspective, so we only have Spike’s (unreliable) words to go by when it comes to Rarity.

Ohh, the romance is so cute in this fic! Too bad I'm POSITIVE Rarity is bad news. She's either just secretly a bit eliestist and just showing off Spike to her friends, or more likely, she's just straight up a changeling. Either way, I don't trust that girl.

Also title drop! I was wondering about the name of the fic, so that explains it. Also again, Big Mac is an angel for helping Discord. He can't always be around though, I wonder if Discord's capable of defending himself WITHOUT sending the school into total chaos?

High school AU isn't my usual fanfic flavor, but you've crafted an intriguing story here. I enjoyed how the characters are different from their canon selves and yet are still recognizable. (Also can't help but notice that there's one member of the Mane Six who has yet to make an appearance.) Will be following with interest!

Ah! The SS. Ande-Heart has been hit! Someone call an ambulance!!

My wounded ship aside, I am becoming more suspicious of every relationship in this fic. It's reassuring that Spike isn't so obsessed with Rarity that he stops hanging out with his friends, but I don't think I'll fully trust Rare until we actually get to meet her. But Donna? Nope, no faith in her, and no reason to have faith in her. You don't just go from regularly having screaming matches to marriage proposals.

Question, can changeling consume all forms of love in this fic, or just romantic? I wanna know if I need to keep and eye out for friendship-eating changelings.

AH SPIKE BE CAREFUL. The dread is ever so slowly creeping up, isn’t it??? Oh God, something is about to happen soon. :fluttershyouch:

I am enjoying this fic immensely! Thanks for updating it so diligently!!


Ah! The SS. Ande-Heart has been hit! Someone call an ambulance!!

Laughter may be the best medicine, but it doesn't heal puncture wounds...How could you laugh at those injured by your writing?! :fluttershysad:

Equestrian Shipping Services have seized your package under suspicious circumstances and regional restrictions. :trollestia:

A new tracking number has been assigned to your delivery until further notice:

Well, I called something for the first time in my life, and I can't even be happy about it... I guess it's better to have your girlfriends be racist (species-ist?) than a literal love eating monster. Poor Spike though.

This cutesy highschool AU is definitely taking a turn, it's giving me Stranger Things vibes. You can't trust anyone in this story, not girlfriends, not mothers, and definitely not janitors. At this point, all we can be sure of is taxes and the fact that you should always keep a hold of tracking numbers. You don't wanna miss a package.

WHAT A CHAPTER!!!! I feel well fed tonight. Oh, the Rarity thing was a punch in the gut. This chapter was so tense, I am still all emotional over it.

Celestia still lives inside Discord!

Hmmmm. Suspicious.

There's two options (as of our current information) regarding who or what these cops are. From what we know, they're either changlings or some kinda Celestia possessed creature... I think.

The changeling one makes less sense to me, but we know for sure that it's possible. If the cops are changeling though, in what way would helping Discord and Spike benefit them? They could've used the opportunity to attack Discord while he was low on magic and stuck in the rain, but they clearly didn't. The only way this theory would make sense is if Spike is still missing, and the dragon who Discord found is no who we believe... I think that's unlikely though.

The second, maybe more probable option is that it's Celestia. We don't know if Cele can create an avatar or possess a creature, but if she can, the behavior of the first cop makes sense. Cele would have every reason to help Discord find Spike. Furthermore, she'd have a reason to be so awkward; she could be concerned that her appearance in reality might scare Discord into distrusting her. I mean, if a voice in my head popped out and possessed someone, I'd be terified of being bodysnatched myself.

But yeah, I'm rambling. My theory leans towards option two; Celestia led Discord to the radio and helped him return home. She somehow created or possessed a body to achieve these things, and her anxiety of being detected made her act awkwardly. The second cops however, were changeling, and they know that something is up.

But hey! That's just a theory, a fanfiction theory! Thanks for reading.

Aye, I would also like to know why this is titled the way it is.

Honestly I feel sorry for Spike, however I have never been a big fan of Spike/Rarity and prefer Spike/Sweetie Belle. Maybe this could be her chance to at least befriend Spike and rip her sister a new one.

The mystery in this story is driving me CRAZY in the best way. The black scuff marks in Discord’s room and Spike’s hideout in the last chapter AND NOW THEY ARE HERE IN THE HOSPITAL TOO??? The strange yellow/pink being that helped them (Celestia?)???

I was IN NO WAY expecting to see Donna being given the boot. If you had asked me before I would have thought seeing her getting dumped would be vindicating. And it was, in a way, mostly I just felt sad for Andee and Spike at how broken their little family has been for far too long.

I am HIGHLY invested in this story and for far more reasons than Discord/Fluttershy cuteness (even though it’s always appreciated).

Oh my gosh they're such good friends and I love them. My heart can't take it!

I am VERY glad they now have a tool to detect Changelings. We can now be sure that nobody's been swapped. I wonder if the devices can sense Changeling magic, or just disrupt their transformation... It'd be useful to know if someone's been affected by a changeling rather than just knowing if they've been swapped.

Ooh, Thorax’s rebellion has a little bit of a better chance of succeeding now.

This story is amazing and it gave me something to smile at as i went through the h*** of ripping up the subfloor in my kitchen to fix and tile it. It is a crime this doesn't have more readers .

The sad Start really served to draw me in and then you write the characters so well its amazing well done
i didn't expect half of what happened ( as of Look At Me Now ) and i eagerly await more i'm rooting for discord and flutters now . you've gone and captured my attention in full .

AND !!! you reintroduced me to ELO a band i forgot i loved this much with those little authors notes songs
AHHH !!! soooooooo good ! thank you ~ .

Its just giving me all of the vibes from that episode of troll hunters with the rusty horse shoe and the changeling hunt and i love it lol.

I wanted to say something else besides just screaming about this adorable Fluttercord, but what can I say? I'm in love and they're adorable. I think this is the first fic to make me ship Fluttercord so hard. They're just such goofy, awkward kids and that makes everything so much sweeter. They're sending love poems to each other for their HOMEWORK. That is adorable. I'm crying a little bit.

Also, I don't know if there's any secret significance to the song choices at the end of these, but they're all jams. 10/10 taste in music

My Goodness. THE FLUFF!!! Discord’s poem!! The kiss!!! Discord worrying about not being able to protect Fluttershy!!! THE ENDING!!!!

I am not sure I can handle much more! Also, Twilight is just the CUTEST in this fic, I find everything about her adorable.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you some really good murderous cannibals.


Called it! Knew that would be thrax who helped them.

Recently discovered this story, and have been loving it. Time to finish it... onward!

“If you want it.” Pathfinder nodded. “There’s an old tape in there, but you can record over it if you want.”

Did he just give Discord the songs we hear at the end of the chapters?

Pathfinder laughed. “Funny, that kind of reminds me of O&O.”

I see that joke. He's named after a D&D style game and plays the MLP D&D parody.
Keep up the good work my friend.

The stallion returned from the depths of the saddlebag and spat out a screwdriver. “No, no. Doctor Hooves. I also respond to just Doctor, or even Doc. That seems to be a popular condensing of the title.”

No, the doctor's real name is Mildred.
Time to run from all 15 or 16 version of him/her now.
Also, is it bigger on the inside?

For some reason, I don't think these guys are changelings.
If they were I think they would know what love feels/tastes like, but Gallop doesn't.
I Think it's just your average, every day, run-of-the-mill cultist(s).
Maybe they like perfect equality.
Perfect. Empty. Equality.

Oh my gosh, I love the Diary of Horace Wimp. Amazing song, if that's what you based the title off of. :pinkiehappy: And all the ELO chapter titles.

Boy howdy, this is a big ol chapter, and an exciting one. I wasn't expecting that sudden angst though. Poor Twilight

The element! I didn't expect to see those in this fic. I wonder if the OG main 6 will take their normal spots, or if our ragtag crew will take the mantles... Mac could easily be honesty, and though laughter may seem more obvious, I can see Discord being generosity.

Speaking of Discord, I wonder if he can even wield an element. He may not be the Spirit of Chaos in this universe (yet?), but he still has chaotic magic.

Also, speaking of the mane 6, one of them is suspiciously missing...I wonder where Pinkie is?

No! Not Flash Sentry!

Wasn't expecting to see an adaptation of Power Ponies, and the insight into Twilight's character was even more unexpected. Looking forward to seeing how the remaining elements find their bearers...

Love this fic! Can't wait until the next chapter.

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