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10/10 would narrate

Fucking beautiful, Jesus Christ :rainbowlaugh:

what the f*** I just read?:rainbowhuh:

Loved every second of it, and I hope it gets narrated

You're a horrible person, have a fave and a like.

Oh wow that officer is sick in the head

I know, right? He sleeps on the job. Who does that? :twilightangry2:

10/10 would read as a bedtime story for my children.

Shocks #10 · Sep 14th, 2017 · · 2 ·

this story makes me want to touch children

My job here is done. :eeyup:

Gross. You're gross.
A sick, gross person.

No wonder we get along.
OH, also, congrats on getting this fucking featured.

Right when you commented, this hit the box of shame. Coincidence? I think so, probably. :eeyup:

That just means that it was my upvote that did it. I am not ashamed.

you really should be

This story made me smile and laugh and I am disgusted with myself for laughing and smiling. This story is bad and you should feel bad.

Short? Yes. Too much so. Sweet? Also yes. Not too much so. Salty? Eh... :twilightsheepish: Might be a little bit of that in this story, if you catch my drift.

No comment. None at all.

That officer sure put a lot of thought into the act of filly fooling :rainbowlaugh:

Congrats that's the most hillarious thing i've seen all week

8426181 honestly? Thatd be fucking awesome.

Wait a minute, I recognize this copypasta.

I initially adapted it from a YouTube comment (I changed all the human parts to filly parts and added more lines) to use as a 'question' to ask the recent guest on The Barcast. Then Anonpencil said to write a full thing about it, so I did.

Well it did say he wad a hardened officer in the description but now it seems he is a hardening officer...
yeah I know , it's horrible but I could not get it out of my head , so deal with it :P

I've only met Anonpencil once but I can totally see her being behind this!

Good work, 2Merr!

*<>* so I'm left idling , which filly did he foolery around with

It was pre-cutie mark Snails in a dress

*<>* so that explains the weird mark

Why did I choose to read THIS fic while brushing my teeth? WHY? My poor monitor.
Also, poor Anon did NOT need that mental imagery.

we are all going to jail now aren't we


Oh dear my favorite clip artist is going to narrate this gold.

Go to churchhhhh

Better hope it's not a Catholic church: that might do the opposite of what your expect.

It's like he's yelling at the reader :rainbowlaugh:

A commentary of how we're all sick fucks

This story touched me in all the right places.:rainbowkiss:

What is Anonpencil telling you...

long-long innocence.

did you mean lost?

how did I miss that :facehoof:


Bad things :applecry:

You should know better than to hang out with those naughty barcast folks. See what you've done?

I have gained many chromosomes.

I am ascend.

I AM BECOME CANCER! :flutterrage:

Is it just me, or the cop is clearly expressing his own closet desires?

2Merr #45 · Sep 15th, 2017 · · 1 ·

How could you say such a thing about an honorable police pony? :fluttercry:

Officer Sea Pea made it very clear that those acts disgust him. His erection was simply a justice-boner. He's very passionate about his job whenever he gets around to actually doing it.

What in god's name is this travesty of nature?! How dare you write something so inhumanely depraved and sick, using your metaphorical pencil to spell out metaphorical horse words in a guise not dissimilar to that of a selection of words gathered together in groups of four to eight sentences a piece! I am deeply offended by your content you so languidly decided to include in this unfathomably unorthodox story, painting such vivid details in all of your shameful writings that you force us to picture the actions depicted within so unbelievably accurately! For shame, you degenerate equine abuser!

You write more of this you four-legged file-chaser and suffer the depravity of being revered as a "good writer" on this "fiction site", under the sick justification that you "write fantastic".

Ten filly-foolers out of five foals story.

It was okay but I'm giving you a favorite anyway

What are you gonna do? Put me in the description?

Absolutely wonderfully executed.

Yeah, this is why there needs to be consensus on what terms mean what.

See, in my mind, "Filly-Foolers/Colt-Confusers" are ponies who like alike, while "Filly-Fiddlers/Colt-Cuddlers" are the ones who would be punished with either the Moon Oubliette or Eternal Waking if the Diarchy ever found out about them acting on their predilections for young pony-flesh.

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