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Rarity helps a homeless stallion, donates blood, and serves as the catalyst for a revolution in sexual education.

Written for The Barcast's "Make Rarity Not Garbage" contest.

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A friend and I were literally just talking about the last topic of the story, AIDS, pretty much within minutes of this story posting. Funny how that happens. :rainbowlaugh:

This gave me several good laughs. Thank you.

Much good. Very give. Many enjoyments.

Giving stars!

“O positive.”

It's O negative (I think)

oops, fixed




2 much give 4 me
Anyways, I think I missed most of jokes, but I'm fine with that? I'm unsure.
Btw, is this delusional allusion thing a pattern in your stories?


Btw, is this delusional allusion thing a pattern in your stories?

Kind of. I make sure stick the random tag on stories like this.

After all, one can’t expect to get a job looking like a bum.

She's not wrong.

homeless pony-

pegasus stallion-

Does he live with a small filly?

Rarity was stunned briefly from the shock of having her throat torn open, but she recovered once she realized that she wouldn’t be able to help Fuhkyoo this week.

My initial response should not be 'I'm now somewhat romantically attracted to your sense of indifference and composure to being gravely wounded.'

“That’s precisely my point, darling. I can’t go to the hospital looking like this!”

She's not wrong.

Once she was finished with that, she grabbed a needle, disinfected a patch on Rarity’s foreleg, and counted to two before sticking it in.

I wonder what silly situation this is going to lead into! She always manages to make me crack up!

Rarity died later that night.



Does he live with a small filly?

Hypothetically, if he were to leave Canterlot after this and settle down somewhere in Ponyville, he might meet a borderline sociopath filly.

Purely hypothetically, of course. :moustache:

So I decided to go through and read some of the Rarity contest entries to help me start on mine, and of course I thought I'd begin with my good friend Merr.

I can safely say I was not disappointed.

I don't know how helpful this has been when it comes to my writing, but I can definitely say this was a very enjoyable read. I don't know what else I expected. Beautiful.

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