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This is fucking amazing

Fix the god Damned button so I can up vote this into the featured box

ah, it reminded me of that one fanfic, but instead of ponyville, it was the princesses but otherwise the story was pretty great eh?

“The bigger you are, the better you fuck,” she continues. “Just ask your brother. Maybe you can join us next year.” She turns back to you. “Alright, Anon, I’m gonna fuck this tree right here. The apples will fall into these buckets, and you and Bloom will gather up the stragglers, got it? Get ready.”

You misspelled fuckets, in the second to last line.

This is beautiful 😢

Now the only way to fix this is time travel fucking shenanigans.I'll be waiting.

Wow! I though AJ and Fluttershy were gonna rip you to pieces after hearing kids swear!

"Don't censor yourself, say the "fuck" word" ~Sp00nerism

Your autism is at war with your sense of humor.

Honestly, you could have given away my full name, home address, date of birth, place of employment, parents' names, phone number, credit card information, and social security number, and I still would have given this an upvote just because of this line.

“All the other fucks are relegated to labor roles, and the king fuck gets to choose his queen.”

And it gets fucking better!

Im so proud of you

thanks, dad :eeyup:

Up vote! I hope the read more from you.

There were consequences to your actions that you didn't want to see, yet here they are, the demons have come to claim you as one of their own.

Wondering why this is rated mature instead of teen, but hilarious anyways.

It’s a good thing they don’t use American slang for cash in Equestria. Borrowing a couple of bucks from a friend would never be the same.

You sadly can’t use “fuck” in the title or description of a T-rated fic

You see AJ, boy AJ, and small AJ standing next to a tree

I fucking LOVE this

This was some good fun to read, genuinely had me laughing by the end of it.
I'm talkin full laughs, not just chuckles. For a good solid minute after the story ended.

Personally, I bucking love it.

“Woo! Fuck them apples, Big Mac!”

Congratulations, you genuinely almost killed me. I had a drink in my mouth and fucking choked on it when I read that. Your story almost claimed a life. I'm not sure if that's an achievement or not.

In the words of the inexplicable Tzeentch, "Not as planned!"

Worst. Story title. Ever!

Holiest of all shits. I choked on my food when I got to "Alright, Anon, I’m gonna fuck this tree right here."
Thank you, fuck you, and well done.

The apples will fall into these buckets, and you and Bloom will gather up the stragglers, got it?

What about fuckets?

Yes to all of this

There's something sooo satisfying about hearing the word 'fuck' used so gratuitously, and so well.

Brings a tear to my eye, it does.

wait so buck becomes fuck so the real fuck word fades into nonexistence?
or did fuck gets replaced with buck
“honey,i wanna buck this tree.”
“no, you shall only fuck it, or you will be cheating on me.”

buck is kill, there is only fuck

applejack kills trees?

I only have one thing to say... this was hilarious thank you.


What have you wrought.

*Giggling like a loon*:rainbowlaugh:

oh god oh buck applejack would never kill a tree im shaking and crying :fluttercry:

The apples will fall into these buckets

Dude. You had one job.

yea she will rather buck herself than fuck a tree

This is the most deserving story for the top of the featured box.

Is this the same anon?

anon is just a blank slate character

I mean that this author has written another story about an anon, and I wonder if this is the same one

I have a bunch of Anon stories. They’re all independent of one another except for You’re Not Fine and You’re Getting Better

Oh ok thanks for the clarification

Oh, spirits, I just started losing it...

As soon as I saw who wrote this, I was like, "Makes sense."

The hook was just EXCELLENT! I couldn't resist reading and enjoying this thing through and through! Absolutely amazing jokes, scenarios, and a brilliant idea! There's no way I couldn't make an audio adaptation on this story! So, I eventually did! No regrets and full enjoyment! I hope ya didn't mind that I made this!

Audio Link: https://youtu.be/O8PqBYftXj8

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

sheer epicness!:trollestia:

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