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Hi, name's XenoPony. I'm an avid pony writer and fan fiction author with a wide range of stories.

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this needs another chapter

You put down gender transformation twice.

Very well detailed. It was nice to read a genuine take on dragon mating possibilities over what, in normal circumstances, may just come off as a porn. Very well done.

I could only imagine if Spike would have had the honor to sire. He'd be such a proud dad. :)

Seriously!!!! I kind of want a sequel just to know what happens next. All 10 :yay:s here!

mmmmmm need another chapter with ember turn into pony to breed twilight.....
and the two of them see each other....

The dragoness tensed hard, her muscles clamping down on Twilight's length as he slid out, before going slack as he entered and repeated the process, feeling so utterly full as Spike’s members went so deep.

Ooooh, Ember better not shout out the name of her fantasy, when she climaxes! :raritywink:

there's far better pussy out there than a merger little pony's now

a merger little pony? ...kinky :duck:

Enver soon found herself feeling warm

you really should type with both hands.

Of course, it's not like she

Let's see what Spike and Rarity are up to.

Sorry, I am more a writer than a reader, but I am totally voting this up for the title alone.

It really cracked me up.

Yes. Yes you are.

This story needs a T rated sequel telling the story about the eggs hatching and growing up

For a clop-fic or fetish fic, it's not too bad. That said, there are numerous typos, and I question some of the science in this. Primarily, the idea of the first egg somehow being fertilized despite being laid prior to Drake Twilight reaching orgasm.


And Spike wondering where those eggs came from, when to his noledge was no other dragon involved. xD

This story really needs a sequel!!!

Nice work to both authors!!


True One: Well, the author talked about "a unique take on dragon genitals and mating habits", maybe he used amphibian and fish like reproduction into the mixture? I didn't read, so I am talking out of ass here.

wonderful story. (I learned alot:pinkiegasp:)

Well it should be Twilight trying to hide the fact that it was her who helped create the eggs but telling Spike later in the story because some set of circumstances that whoever is authoring this story creates leaves her with no other choice but to tell him

It is already explained in the story... yes the first egg came out unfertilized but when twilight had her first orgasm she cum mostly inside of ember but then pulled out spreading it a lot around the room... including the infertile egg fertilizing it since the egg absorbed some of the cum to become fertile... other wise how do you think the other grown eggs get fertilized? They are already in the same state just lightly bigger than the first, only difference they are still inside. Plus before that, when the eggs started forming ember explained how to get fertile eggs and that it has 4 days before it is permanent infertile, magical bond between a drake cock and dragoness pussy.

This doesn't need another chapter it needs a sequel and it would be hilarious between having to tell her family that she sired a clutch of dragon eggs and helping Ember out raising them her family's reaction her friends reaction and plus helping raise them would make one hell of a story unless you're putting more sex in it it could be a t rated story comedy and Slice of Life

 one of the laid eggs’ colors changed from solid cyan to include stripes of the same lavender color as Twilight’s scales, then another gained dots of that color. 

No stars? Awww...would've been perfect, considering the 'father'...

Ember decided she'd keep two of the eggs cool to become dragonesses, and two warm to become drakes.

Yeah, I'm not a veterinarian or zoologist, so I have no idea how temperature can decide sex, but...eh, whateve -- wait, who kept Spike's egg warm? As far as I know, his egg was left un-incubated, as he was supposed to be a test to see how Twilight (and possibly others) dealt with failure; Spike was never intended to hatch.

@223223 really needs a sequel

Well, I read anyway. More in it for the TF than the sex (so I skimmed the actual sex scene a little), but I did notice you swapping back and forth between male/female pronouns on Twilight. It can be a tough one, to write TGed characters and keep track of sex.

Sentence structure gets a little sloppy at times, but it is still readable.

The only thing I found a little bit of a letdown, was the ending. Basically, the moment the sex ended you dropped to exposition to explain what happened. There was definitely another chapter of cuddling (maybe sex), and cute Twilight getting all excited and nerdy over becoming a parent.

Yeah, I'm not sure what reptile the author based the egg thing off of but I know that in sea turtles at least it's the other way around. Warm for female and cooler for males.
Good story though I enjoyed it.

This needs a sequel, where we see the effects that come from such a strange relationship, as well as how those two handle said relationship.


As said by Fire Leaf, if you paid close attention, we mentioned that when Twi pulled out, she squirted cum on the laid egg as well as those within Ember. Hence fertilizing them all.

8436023 Thank you, was a pleasure co-writing this, as always! :twilightsmile:

8437149 I based this reproductive strategy around crocodiles, though I forgot to mention that the eggs hatch as female if they're at at low temperatures, males only at a certain 3 degree temperature range, then go back to female again if above that. Basically, the bottom-most and top-most eggs in a buried pile would be female, while the center ones would be male.

Also, to Xenopony, grats to us on getting featured on Sep. 19th, and thanks to all the readers for helping us get to the front page!

"Hey, I'll have you know I've had sex a few times before! Never like this, but with stallions...but...aargh, I'm not having sex with you like this OK?!" Twilight exclaimed,

:twilightangry2: If Twilight lost her virginity to any version of Flash Sentry, there will be blood.

8437278 Thanks, amazing group effort as always. Could not have done it without your help!:twilightsmile:

So, let me get the reproduction clear: It has a proper estrus cycle, as in periods of fertility, which comes in the form of ovulation in a decidedly more literal sense than usual. The eggs with already-hardened shells are able to be fertilized after leaving the body like amphibians, but are usually fertilized internally, then layed, like with most reptiles.

This is not actually all that unreasonable. As a matter of fact, it's a rather reasonable possibility, given the existence of chickens and the fact that the transition from the amphibian reproductive style to the reptilian one had to happen somewhere with some sort of in-between phase.

You know what would make it unreasonable and pure kink fuel? Early-cycle fertilization leading to ovoviviparous reproduction. Internally, fertilized eggs develop all the way until the point they would hatch, then come out as a live birth. It's the main form of live birth found in non-mammals, including most sharks and a few snakes. With ovoviviparous snakes, some actually form an altered scale structure that acts as an umbilical chord, feeding nutrients to the young that form inside an egg that never is layed.

Edit: I actually haven't read it yet. I've been awake over night and need sleep badly. I just wanted to question the plausibility of the described reproductive method. And point out some facts.

A fetishy clopfic with a sweet ending. Good job

Twilight should warn Spike not to fuck Rarity. He'd utterly destroy her! Like seriously tear her apart! Hold on, Twilight needs to give Rarity the potion so she can become a dragoness. Problem solved.:twilightsmile:

I've never heard of a species that lays eggs with hard shells right from the get-go. They are usually quite maliable until contact with the air, in which they harden up.

8439920 Spike is influenced by pony behavior, and therefore would likely be able to restrain himself more than a 'feral' dragon.

8440004 This is how the author wrote it, so I simply left it in since he clearly wanted it.

8440096 Yes, but that doesn't help the spikes on the cocks issue. That's what would do the damage.

I'd have liked twilight better as a femdrake, but this was still hot as hell. But I do agree with the general feeling that this needs a sequel with the children growing and all the family and possible romance shenanigans. Sexy times optional :twilightsmile:


Felines and many reptiles have barbs on their penises in order to either keep them within the female during mating until their climax is done, or to stimulate ovulation. In this case, it's to keep the dragon within, and stimulates an orgasm to promote ovulation in a different way.

The spines also aren't very big. I usually depict them as no more than 1-3 cm, and generally flexible to an extent.

8440988 Hmm, well I suppose that works, I just think having two penises and ponies not being used to spikes could cause problems. Even if it doesn't it sucks that Spike will have to hold back. Still think Rarity becoming a dragoness is safer.

Good story, really liked it. I particularly liked the first part focusing on Ember's perspective on the situation, if felt emotionally real and I could really empathize with her. Would have been great if this quality wasn't lost later - Twilight was pretty wooden emotionally and kind of OOC since she doesn't normally roll straight into experimenting on people, she's more for having them teach her. By the time the sex starts the emotional connection mostly fades away. And their first conversation is 1.5k words of getting alternatives to what we know will happen out of the way, I don't think using primarily biological reasons for this wasn't the best choice.

This was eggscellent.

This was just wonderful, also, round Ember is always fun.

Sequel please!

Will there be a sequel?

8490740>>8533829 Poissblely, I haven't got anything plans for anytime soon considering sequels are often not received as well. But it's not impossible given this story's popularity.

Awesome! Hope to seen one in the future

8533923 Thanks, no problem:twilightsmile:.

Great story. I enjoyed reading it.

i would like to see part two to this.

Remember, remember, this fic of dear Twember.

I really would love to see a sequel to this maybe a reactionary piece from twilights friends/family or embers subjects?

Well, I give this story a 10/10, would love to see a sequel with Twilights friends reactions and Celestias. Especially Celestias. :trollestia:

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