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Coranth #1 · Jun 20th, 2016 · · 1 ·

Oh, dear. Shiny... ditch the bitch.

Where having a teddy bear meant Mr. Kukujub got thrown in the toilet and lit on fire with kerosene and firecrackers and Shining cried in his bed for two hours straight and then the scout master came in and told him to stop being such a sissy and the only cure for whiners was hard work and ... he remembered that memory in his head before his mouth opened.

“Yes,” he said. “I’m okay. With it, I mean.”

Darf why did you ever leave us?

All I can say is holy shit he should have stuck with any number between one and seven. Or just ditched Cadance and tried for number nine.

That is hands down the most unhealthy relationship I've seen on FIMFiction so far. Well played!

7321044 mental illness and poverty, mostly. thanks for the welcome back, Cold. i've been meaning to read your latest but emotional turmoil has hit me hard. hope to see you around as i poke about.

I'm left wondering when, in the intervening time since the wedding, Chrysalis was able to impersonate Cadence again. I'm sure the author is going to respond to say that, no really, that is Cadence, but that is what I would expect to hear from an agent of the changeling queen! The Alicorn of Love would never be so cold-hearted as to continue to tear wounds into the very soul of her promised lover, simply for the thrill of a mere kink.

That said, with this conclusion arrived at, I am ameliorated of my hate for this sort of thing, and was able to, quite honestly, enjoy the erotic parts of this work.




Never use a big word where a diminutive one will do, eh? :trollestia:

Shining is not a stallion, he's a fucking gelding.

So, wait.

Was Chrysalis mare #7?

This clopfic made me (almost) hate Princess Cadence. Like poor Shining Armor man. :applecry:

While the clop was great, I hated how Shining was being treated in this even in a cuckolding fetish role-play. Cadence was acting selfish and just cold-hearted. It honestly ruins it for me on how OOC Cadence was. She could've at least be considerate of how Shining felt about this as well.

Again while the clop is well-written and great as a clopfic, this left a really sour taste in my mouth of how badly demonized Cadence was in this.

I'd like to see you be so antisocial that you spend your thirteenth summer reading the entire World Book Encyclopedia, cover-to-cover-to-cover-to-cover-again, twice over, and not gain an appreciation for certain, underutilized, polysyllabic sentence enhancers. Furthermore, I...

...You got me going, just to see me do that, didn't you? Well played!


As someone who has/had the tendency to do the same, I appreciate the use of depreciated words. :twilightsmile:

So did you deliberately spell Cadance with that e in the title?

All hail the mighty darf!

7321445 i thot it was with an 'e'! google lied to me. is it actually 'Cadance'?


I believe it is, but even if it isn't, her name is spelled with an a in this story's long description.

Shining should cut the bitches throat while she is passed out, and find someone new. Hell even the evil freaking changling is better then her.

I'll echo the one CiG called out, and there were plenty more segments like that besides (notably the emotional goalposts). But I'll add one of my favorite, very simple pieces:

“Are you nervous?” Iron Eagle asked. Shining Armor hated him.

Divorce is a fine and noble thing. Plus, being the commanding officer, Shining can assign the other stallion to a location where the unsafe nature could have him slip and fall on an ice pick seven or eight times.

Ughhh, why are people asking for this kind of stuff.
darf is made to write lovey-dovey stuff, with feels, emotions, desire.
I mean, hey, to each his own, but even for a fetish I don't understand, I felt that this story still lacked the 'darf' part.
I'm really happy that you came back darf, I've read thousands of fics, and there's only a handful of people capable of writing feels stuff like in your stories. But this feels kinda wrong. (Not really kink shaming here.)
Don't really want to guilt-trip you either, really, people are still paying you for this.
Just wanted to say it.

The silence in the air felt thick, like peanut butter. Iron

This is so intense...and hungry. You know what? I'm going to make a PB&J sandwiche.

darf #24 · Jun 20th, 2016 · · 1 ·

7321612 people ask for darkness because it is dark in their souls. my methodology (perversion) is to turn fear into (a kind of) love--i consider myself a comrade of Baudelaire in this respect.

the happy stories will come, when someone who is happy commissions me. but given that happy people don't need to spend $400 to have a satisfactory orgasm, i don't know that i'll run into them any time soon.

All I can say is if there is not a sequel with something happening preferably something good let him getting rid of her or at least explain to her what she did to him then this story we'll officially suck

darf is made to throw knives and vomit acid blood onto your boner.
Good things must be prevented from happening with due prejudice and malice aforesight.

Well, maybe it'll be my job to break the streak then. :twilightsmile:

...Ok, I'm all for experimentation...and all that, but based on how Cadence was from the first few paragraphs, then her going into this...sorry, but I just plain don't like her. Yeah the clop was good but...it's the characters doing this, and the emotions and feelings in it that just kinda...well truthfully it was a boner-killer. And that's saying something coming from me. Good work, mind you, but if the feeling of conflict and such and feeling it on behalf of Shiny was the intent, that DAMN did you succeed. Take care.

Yup, definitely Darf.

I think this was a fair (if extreme) representation of the alicorn of love, in the best and worst sense. She's possessive, smothering, finicky, insane. She probably does, honestly, love and care about Shining. But love can be really fucking crazy, and I think that's what Cadence is here. A roiling chaotic sea of love.

To my understanding, cuckolding is where all parties involved are on the same page and okay with what's going on, including and especially the cuckold.

This is infidelity. This is cheating. This is not love.

I get that it might have been in the stipulation of your commission, but 'cuckolding' I feel is the wrong label here.

I hope the commissioner is happy,

Ara #32 · Jun 21st, 2016 · · 3 ·

Your understanding is incorrect. Cuckolding is infidelity. Being a cuckold actually implies that you do not know your wife is cheating on you. The female equivalent (with a cheating husband) is a cuckquean.
It was said that a cuckold had horns because he was the only one who didn't know his wife was sleeping around (In a time where mirrors were not common, you would rarely see your own reflection), so sleeping with someone's wife was referred to as "giving them horns."
Read the Canterbury Tales to learn more about cuckolding.


Why do you spell "thought" wrong literally every time?

I feel involved in here


Fair enough.

In my defence, the term has evolved since it's inception to describe more of a kink than a cheater.

I guess darf's commissioner was going for the original definition.

That being said, it doesn't make it any less disgusting.


I think you're confusing love with lust. They connected, but different things entirely.


Kickstarter to get this person to write something happy?

darf #38 · Jun 21st, 2016 · · 2 ·

7324676 i wasn't aware there was a correct way to spell it. i spell it the way i do because it is a mark of love to one of my favorite poets, bpNichol, and also it looks better than 'thought' in my opinion, which is full of that unnecessary 'gh'. prescriptivism can die in a fire. woo!

That's not a bad idea, but what I meant was, I'm already in the queue for a commission, and I am a fan of happy sex.

I can't 100% promise how it turns out, because I'm also looking for sex-as-character-development and a lot of times that implies conflict, but I will definitely be angling for positive porn.



The world would be better with more happy stories.

Stories with actual love in them.

I like how believable this sour relationship is. A mare who is too absorbed in herself and a stallion who gives too much of himself to her. It's something that happens, neither being ludicrously abusive but wallowing in toxicity all the same. Well potrayed in my opinion.

I think i'd have snapped... Shining has more self control than I do. :/

You know... I honestly can't even be mad at Iron Eagle in this... its not his fault that Shining's wife is a bitch. I love Cadance, don't get me wrong, I love the character. But this story, wow... the clop was pretty good, but Cadance's actiosn leave much to be desire. She has virutally no thoughts about Shining, the poor guy, and just... pretty much sluts out on Iron Eagle.

I mean, if you were in Iron's position, and asked to freaking bang a princess or prince, would you honestly say no? I'm talking a relatively sexy person to... who would?

So... yeah, Cadance is at fault here :pinkiecrazy: and I bet she lied about the protection spell business :pinkiecrazy: that'll make for a delicious sequel.

Okay... so... good job Darf, good clop, good job, and keep up the good work.

Now someone needs to write a story where Shining gets with Vinyl. HINT FUCKING HINT, I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE
What in the actual... hell is your avatar?

Very impressive. That Cadance of yours was really twisted yet still very believable.
I don't quite get why you quit. You were one of the best clop writers out there.

So just read the beginning and... Cadence raises so many flags for an abusive and toxic relationship.

I'm all for positive and consensual kinks but this feels less like it and more like Cadence not giving an qctual flipp about her husband and manipulating him to get what she wants.

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