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Trying something completely different.


Reading so far it seems to be a very nice story, though in my opinion it seems to be rushed with the huge time skips. Other than that keep up the good work.

I like the first chapter; I'll be watching this story, my friend

There is a warning about the next chapter: There is a bit of toilet humor.

Well, he last line was 'Where is the bathroom?'.:derpytongue2:

4506112 Well, you're doing very well.

Im working on a similar story. Check mine out for guidelines on how to execute some topics, if you feel unsure. Or maybe we could colaborate, if it pleases you. :pinkiehappy:

Tp saves, are best saves. Gotta look out for one another.

You sir, are evil.
Evil! :twilightangry2:
I mean, that cliffhanger man!

Hmmm, this story's concept may be a typical, bland "human in Equestria", but I liked its execution so far :twilightsmile:
I will be eagerly waiting for more :yay:

Three minute party? Pssh, try five, kinfolk. :moustache:

This is so ridiculously vanilla, I don't see how it could have gotten featured at all. The human is the usual unoriginal teen/young twentier, first contact is the unoriginal "waking up to ponies" scenario, and his conundrums... I'm not even gonna talk about how commonplace they are, and that's from the description alone.

I'll be waiting for something less formulaic and with a bit more invested creativity from you, author. You've already given us at least two of those.

4509839 Well, any criticism is good criticism. I'm just glad you commented. I'm actually surprised that this was even featured. In fact, I've got stories with well over 2000 views that haven't made it into the feature box once. So this is a bit of a surprise.

This is practically the first story I'm doing that introduces this kind of genre, so I should expect it to be vanilla to some. I'm not a writer, nor is it my strength, I just do this because it's fun to do. I'm learning as I go along (as you can tell from my earlier works). So once again, any criticism is welcome. :twilightsmile:

4509698 It's Pinkie, she could make it a 30 second party if she wanted to, which she has full capability of doing. :pinkiecrazy:

Again, this is my first time doing a story like this from the ground up. So constructive criticism is appreciated. :twilightblush:

Thanks, I appreciate it.:twilightsmile:

Cliff??? WHERE!?! :derpytongue2:

lol Nice so far, if a bit random. I like how his hands have such an effect on the ponies. XD I can think of a ways to make it interesting with that.

For one, if Rainbow is talking to Pinkie and says it can't feel as good as she's saying.... only for her to insist her to try, and once she does.... it feels so good that she, at the time, doesn't mind the fact that her wings are showing her appreciation... though the moment he's stopped, she'd blush red faced and flee, only to end up starting to spend more and more time with him due to it. XD

For another, well, he'll need bits to pay for necessities and stuff while there. He could easily do so by joining the Ponyville Spa... At first, it'd seem like things are going great... but as he leaves, he ends up finding himself being followed by lots of mares that have suddenly become interested in him after having finished experiencing his massages. He could then thank them for the affections after being cornered, but state that he can't bring himself to even consider it for those that aren't human..... and afterwards, some of the mares remember rumors that Twilight knows a species change spell(reference to the Breezies ep).... and need I state the chaos that results from that?^^

Though, these are just ideas. Your fic.^^


Ya know, I never really thought of it like that but yeah, no wonder Pinkie's so popular in Ponyville. They're all a bunch of bums and moochers. It explains how she keeps everyone so happy all the time.

4510218 You understood that it wasn't a flaming comment! :yay:



This name is just as silly as your username. Just an opinion.

Believe it or not, it's an actual name. There are a few people in the US named Nondis actually. So it's not all that bizarre.

This guy is a pussy and I really dislike him.

This story looks like it's gonna be a wild ride :yay: so let the reading begin! :pinkiehappy: this is gonna be fun :pinkiesmile:


Like that one time Twilight got drunk at a party.

There, right there!
Wait...there's a third chapter?!
How did I miss THAT?

About that third chapter...

I just sent it in. :twilightsmile:

I was so enraptured by the fact that I was the furthest thing from home that I had forgotten the basic things needed for survival, with the exception of sleep and using the bathroom.

He forgot about the basic need of eating as well. Hard to go to the bathroom if you never eat.

Anyway, that whole bathroom scene in the eatery.
Hell, I'll spend all day at that so:

lol Nice chapter.^_^

Very awesome! Looks very promising! Can't wait till update! Yay!

I feel like this guy is Ted from How I Met Your Mother except he got stuff to the pony world

How many parties can a Pinkie Pie plan if a Pinkie Pie could Plan a Party?

Can you say THAT 5 times really fast?!



Came here to check it again out of curiosity, and look what I get: denied FlashLight!
See, this is what happens when you go baiting drunkenly on someone just because your teenager mind thinks you love his different-life counterpart.

My only complaint is that I have Aspergers and I'm pretty sure Kristen Stewert doesn't. She's just an idiot. Great story so far though! Can't wait to see what's next!

The first chapter had my curiosity. :twilightsmile:
The second chapter had my attention. :pinkiegasp:
This chapter..... :rainbowlaugh:

This chapter earned the favorite. :pinkiehappy:

4514822 Actually Kristen's a pretty decent actress, just like Robert Pattinson. She's got a few rather good movies under her belt, ones where she actually puts emotion into acting. Just one example is Zathura, when the revelation about the astronaut happens. Solid freaking gold.

The core of the matter is that she hates acting in Twilight. She's only in it because of the fat, FAT paycheck.

Ah another good chapter from you, I enjoyed this

I feel sorry for Nondis, Rarity can be really aggressive when it comes to dirtying her clothes. Who knows what she may have in store for the poor guy.

Welp, RIP Nondis :raritywink: At least Twilight won't have the chance to feel embarrassed were she ever to meet him again :twilightblush:

thanks for the update!! :pinkiehappy:

God, if you exist, if this is the exact retribution you had for me since I denounced my beliefs in a higher power, if this is the punishment for the blasphemous sin of my unbelief in you, then I have a few questions to ask. Does this please you? Does this hell I suffer give you a laugh? Are you content with the pain that I now endure? Are you not entertained by my suffering? Or is this just the beginning? I can only assume you're just laughing it up right about now.

Oh God, why? I can taste the smell.

While I find myself on the verge of vomiting, I hear yet another stallion walk into the restroom. As he entered, I heard him speak. "Yesh! What died in here!?"

I'm close to it, if that counts.

As his hooves clop to the nearest available stall, I can still hear the lava spewing out like a running faucet next door. Meanwhile, the fat guy is sitting here, making fun of him. "Hey boy, this is how a real stallion smells like!"

"I didn't think I'd need to wear my armor for this." He mumbled out. I suppressed a chuckle out of fear of me tasting and smelling the putrid air of this guy's exorcism. At this rate, we'd need a priest to cast out whatever demons this guy had because it smelled like the devil's unwashed testicles. I could only assume that our recently acquired party member was only going number one.


Loved it!

This Is one of those stories where you get hooked from the beginning. Have A Fav! You earned it!:twilightsmile:

This is a great fic so far, looking foward to future chapters!

I was going to stop reading this if Twilight went any further with flash but I like where its going now!!! Lol

That's the problem with alternate dimension counterparts, they aren't always the same as the one that you meet in your own universe. That aside, I can see the girls are definitely going to be putting this guy in a lot of akward situations... ¡Mi gusta!

Well done, you've got me hooked.

I'm sure Rarity will be understanding once Nondis tells her the his clothes got like that because he was comforting Twilight after Flash reject her (Thank God!). Unfortunately, he will have to get the words out first. I'm just wondering how long before he actually kisses one of these ponies? And who will be the next pony that Nondis comforts?

This is a great story.:pinkiehappy: He's a good friend.:yay:

What...even? :rainbowhuh:

Something tells me that Flash just volunteered to count penguins at the north pole. Minimum count needed to return is 500. (Yes, I know that's the point)

Twilight never disappoints when drunk.

That dance with Pinkie pie was intense.


Phew! Hope to see more of that. Pinkie was always my fav. :heart:

4508921 Someone's completely full of themselves, eh?

4524630 I'm with you, I love that bouncey pink mare. *Squee*:pinkiehappy:

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