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It's impossible to fully encapsulate the sensation of waking up, only to realize you've turned off your alarm at some point while in a half-slumber, and now the world you're awake in is going to punish you for it. Rarity never sleeps in, but when she misses an important appointment, it's hard not to let herself be consumed by worrying about it. But will fussing over it make things better? Will Rarity set two alarms from now on... WITH SEXY RESULTS?! Read on to find out!

Note: Contains probably some stuff that some ppl won't like. Also not fully edited because too many stories. Sorry.

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Triumphant return of darf. :rainbowkiss:

Will Rarity set two alarms from now on... WITH SEXY RESULTS?!

Clickbait lured me in here. Would Rarity really get sexy results?

And, to be fair, it was indeed sexy. Existentially sexy.

With sexy results, huh? I see what you did there. :duck: Anyway, this was a great story. I seem to be falling in love with how you delve into a character and place their inner thoughts on display, with vivid detail.

Well, darf, welcome back, but you can quit now. You have 69 stories, so... Yup, that should wrap it up right there! :derpytongue2:

Being still in my college years and knowing the feeling of waking up too late and realizing literally everything is fucked and fuck it, if I missed that first class I might as well just stay home all day then feeling worse about that, etc, ad infinitum, it actually hurt in a way to read this and recount all of the horrible mental loops over and over again.

So, it was a true telling of the sort.

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

Despite having graduated from college a number of years ago I still have the occasional nightmare about oversleeping for a final exam or having forgotten about a class and realizing halfway through the semester that I'm screwed. Needless to say, the story resonated with me and captured many feelings that are both familiar yet difficult to put into words and concisely describe. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the story felt very real (in a good way), and did an excellent job at conveying some complex mixtures of emotions.

Oh that's rich!
Can you imagine my "WUT" and relief after reading the story and finding out there is no sex tag!
I'm still smiling.

Holy crap, it's Darf... :rainbowderp:

Wait, holy shit, you're back?

I'm not sure which is better, the story or that. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

That same morning Spike had his demons to deal with. . .img05.deviantart.net/fc3e/i/2015/248/d/c/fin_by_hillbe-d98jwoz.jpg

Being late was never a problem. Staying alive was. . .

The conclusion seemed predictable, but it's the journey to that conclusion that I found myself really enjoying. This happens rarely to me, where I wake up and realize a whole lot of time has passed that I didn't think was possible. So far this is the story I relate to the most. Kind of feels like you had more fun writing this compared to the others.

Eeesh. This was way too familiar.

Rarity’s mind briefly froze as she replayed yes-terday’s train of thought to herself.

That was very clever. With the hyphen, I had to replay to myself the thought of what I had just read.

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