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“I’ve been in the land of Equestria for a few months now, and I have seen some of the most mind-boggling things one can ever imagine seeing. When I’d managed to finish that birdbath a few days ago, I have never, not even in my wildest dreams—not in a million lifetimes—would I ever seen an alicorn floating around inside of it.”

(Because of popular demand this story has been placed on the incomplete list, also Chapter titles and name has been edited to better represent the story. Thanks to Jakomi of the Rose for the name suggestion.)

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Not the first time I've seen this idea, but it's still amusing. Needs some editing, though.

I want to see art of this.

6543572 I was going to upload a picture I found online for it but it didnt take for some resin, Thanks for the comment. :twilightsmile:

6543454 I enjoyed writing it, i'm glad that you enjoyed it. It has been a long while since i've sit down and wrote anything.

6543395 Yes, I'm horrible at editing; I mainly do the story for the idea, I've not even spoken with my friend that used to edit my stories in so long, I mite get in contact with him and see if he's not busy and see if he can edit it and I'll fix it on here... Thanks for the comments! :pinkiehappy:

On another note I got back on the site and seen sevreal people looked at the story already, I was quite shocked and happy to see so many took intrest in the story! Thank you all!!!!!

Needs editing, but the idea is cute. Hell, why not? It actually might be lore-friendly. Upvoted.

This is silly and made me smile.^^

6544397 Its being edited right now, It should be done by mid day, most likely. Thanks for the comment it means a lot to here you enjoyed the story.

6544516 :twilightsmile: This is what I was going for acculey... I'm glad that you enjoyed! :pinkiehappy:

I bucking loved it!!! Hve a like a fav and a :moustache:

A very much neede laugh xD (though, I now see a certain changeling queen in the Pegasi bath... Or changeling. Just chilling with somepony...)


Terrible, terrible writing. Funny idea though.

Lol, would lol again!
Keep going! ;)

6547084 Thanks, that is what I like to see; ponys smiling! :pinkiehappy:

6546989 Thank you! I am seeing at the moment if I can get my friend to edit the story to get it into a better shape; I'll post that one up if it ever gets fully edited.

6546336 That is a clever idea!

6546199 That sounds intersting... And perhaps I mite make another chapter for this story about something simular to that... I'm not sure at the moment though.

6545911 THANK YOU! :pinkiehappy:

A really fun, cutesy little story.

I noticed that you said something about it might take awhile for it to be edited. I would gladly help with that since I'm a Proofreader and Editor.:twilightsmile: Not so good with the to and too thing though.:twilightblush:

6549683 Its a Pegisus bath, its quite a bit larger then a normal birdbath is... Think little bigger then a kiddy pool. How does it stand you wonder? Magic......

6552103 I mite take you up on your offer... It seams my normal guy is busy lol

I tried building one... made it too big... Rocs have really sharp claws.

6553507 Lifts a hoof into the air opening mouth before slowly lowering hoof to the ground and closing mouth...

Not entirely expected but... Amusing nevertheless :pinkiesmile:

6553568 Roc-birds? Biggest birds in mythology?

6555184 I must admit... This is the first time I belive I've heard of them lol

6555184 Not quite...check this out

6556426 I ran into this while on Superpowers wiki...I figured anything that could block out the sun like this thing would probably be higher tier than a roc.

6556463 But the Roc's pretty damn imressive, still.

this was a refreshing read.

Just putting it out there, is voyeurism and exhibitionism a thing there?

Get a proofreader. Other than that, great.

short but funny, might have been a bit longer humor wise but still nice.

6563045 Thank you

6562972 Thanks, I'm sure if I wanted I could make it longer but I really do like the short oneshots; I've tried doing longer stories but I find that I dont do them as well, or not as many people enjoy reading them.

6562466 I see what you did deer!

6561844 Pegisi are most adorable!

6561195 Hmmm... Maaaybeee? Thats a good question! Our nameless human friend seams to enjoy himself...

6561020 Thank you; I know I enjoyed making this short story I'm glad so many others also find it fun aswell!

6563360 I would very much enjoy a sequel or extension to this.

6561195 I actually like the aspect that it doesn't sexualize the ponies in any way, and I'm named Shameless for a reason! It makes it where this story is just a sweet, innocent yet humorous tale that I love to indulge in now and then :twilightsmile:

you're welcome.
you did something i haven't seen before on this site and took my expectations and ran away with them.

6563447 It is cute. i'd love one.

Imagine an animation of iy.

6563384 I will see about this... I mostly made this story sper of the moment. I had the thought and wrote it; and enjoyed every second of it. So I may or may not write more to this I dont know. We'll have to see where my minds eye takes me.

6563731 That is awesome to hear! I try and do my best with my storys! I also like to try to open up and try to do diffrent types of stories... I mite do a darker one someday but I dont know. Still I do enjoy the lighthearted stories...

More? Don't leave on a cliffhanger!

Now all this guy needs is to install a bookcase. One night he'll find twilight wandering in and saying "i heard there was a new library opening up here!" I can just imagine how well that would go.

"Twilight you live in a f**king library! Go home!"

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