• Published 19th Oct 2015
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Equestria's Garden - PinkiePieFox

What happens in Equestria when I buy a new Birdbath for my flower garden?

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Will O Wisps (slightly edited)

Author's Note:

Well, here is a chapter two, is it as cute and adorable as the last? NO IDEA! Please tell me how much you love or hate it!

Thanks to everyone who liked this short story so much I decided to try my hand at making another chapter, I hope you enjoy it just as much as the first chapter.

Edit: I have found a program that has also helped me edit some, SOME of the problems with this chapter. Please tell me if it's any good in a comment!

I find ponies… strange. I say strange because I lack the proper way to describe it. Buy a birdbath and Pegasi and Alicorns show up and take a swim in it. I did not really know what to think of this development; at the time, but it did not bother me; I did want flying creatures to have a reason to come around my flower garden after all… And they did, and still do but that is not entirely the end of it.

Work happened to be slow one day and I asked to go home early; which was granted. when I got home I did the normal, wash up, change, and brew my coffee. “Ah, sweet nectar of life,” I said as I looked out my back window at all the beautiful flowers, the mix of colors, the one that looks kinda like a pony's butt, that other one that…. Wait a moment… backtracking over to my roses I saw a pony, an earth pony pawing? Sure I'll go with that, she appeared to be pawing at the dirt and walking around, checking the flowers and just bending over looking at the flowers… I just stood there a little baffled and not entirely knowing what to think, so I just took a sip of my coffee.

“Just roll with it.” I said to myself watching as two other earth pony’s came into the picture, they spoke to one another, one had a lime green mane and tail I could see from where I was inside the house. The ponies seemed to spread out through the garden one sticking near the roses as the other two went off to paw at the ground around the other flowers. One of them would at times stick their head down below the flowers with their but up in the air. “This is just weird.”

The three ponies left before the time for when I was supposed to arrive back home for the day, I kinda wonder how long this has been happening for honestly.

“Plant a garden they said; maybe put a birdbath in they said. I have a feeling I’m being used.” I mumble to myself as I drain the last bit of coffee from my cup and place the mug within the sink.

After that day I had my hours at work changed around a bit, I now get home two hours before when I used to arrive home; I could now watch as, not just the same three ponies but, at one point Apple Bloom came over and would wonder around the flowers and after a while I would see her sticking her head below the flowers and shaking her rump in the air just like the ponies the other day, and then paw at the dirt with her hooves. “strange.” I said but what’s not strange anymore?

Apple Bloom left about thirty minutes later, heading home I presumed, the flower ponies I first saw did not show up today, but the Pegasi did, Rainbow and a Grey pegasus along with two light lavender ponies, I went out and sit with them for a while, they just had a chat and did general pegasus stuff. Flitter and Cloud Chaser I think two of them were named, they were adorable paddling around in the bath like swans on a lake while the grey pegasus seemingly stood guard over them. He seemed to fluff out his chest and spread his wings when I came out back on the porch with my coffee.
“What are you doing?” I ask in puzzlement.

I stood there and watched them all. Rainbow rolled her eyes and shoved the grey male pegasus with a hoof making him give a near girlish squeal as he scrambled to stay on the edge of the bath causing me to smile slightly. Rainbow then whispered in the gray ones ear causing him to look back and forth between Rainbow and me before coughing into his hoof. “Oh um, sorry about that I was.” clears throat. “Protecting my mares; you know?” he chuckles.

“No problem,” I spoke to them as I sit and drank my coffee. The pegasi seemed to all relax more after my acceptance of them and knowing I would not randomly attack them or something.

I let out a yawn as I went downstairs to get some water, it was well after midnight; the insects were singing in the night and I could see little lights floating around outside in the garden; I seen a figure swimming around within the bath and decided to get some fresh air.

As I went outside the figure turn to me as I leaned up agent a post on the porch just looking at her. “Sup?” The figure blinked before speaking in a rather strange voice.

“hello?” she said.

“Nice night huh?”

“Yes, it is.” The figure turned its slitted eyes towards me blinking her emerald orbs as she stared. “What are you?”

“Human,” I stated simply taking a drink of water.

There was a long silence; the insects even seemed to stop singing their songs into the night. “Are you not afraid of me?”

“Nah,” I say nonchalantly. “This is not the first time I've seen something different in my garden, most likely won’t be the last either,” I said with a shrug. “Stay around as long as you like.” I inclined.

“Hmm, very well, I believe we will, this seems like a nice place to settle down, everything feels so… lovely.” Some of the insects come back, the sound is quite nice in the dark night air.

“Please, be my guests, make yourself at home.” I let out another yawn smacking my lips as little blue lights appear throughout the gardens flowers.

“Thank you, I believe we will.” The insect songs become louder but more in tune as I turn around.

“Well, I’m off to bed… Good night.” I go back inside the door closing behind me.

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