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A Timberwolf cub shows up at Fluttershys home, she askes Twilight to help but she ends up misfiring and distorying the cub. What will happen after the Timberwolves come seeking revenge for their own?

(I'm going to make this T for Teen for now just because I'm not sure how far I'm going to go with it or how its going to change in the coming chapters.)

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I'd suggest removing the "needs better title" part. It makes your fic look less professional; hurts it.

More please.
my guess is that the timberwolf cub is now twilights pet. And did not actualy die

Interesting fic. Never saw something similar.

:flutterrage: WANT MOAR!

:fluttercry: Please...?

What about naming it Splinters or something to do with wood?

The title is literally saying that you cannot write well.

That's a fucking great sign.

How about the title "Timbercub"? Also, great idea and fic.

4575485 Thanks for the info, I've changed it.

4575524 Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

4575500 We will have to see what happens!

4575614 :pinkiegasp: Thanks, I have not seen anything like it either! And I had the thought so I thought I'd see where it goes. Thank you for the comment I'll be sure to write more on this soon, it has been a long weekend. :pinkiehappy:

4575703 Hmm, thanks for the suggestion; I'll think some names over, its a very intersting idea. :)

4575876 I'll do my best, and then add 20% :rainbowdetermined2:

4576286 DONE! Thank you!

4577432 Um, OKAY! :pinkiehappy:

??????????????? What just happened ???????????????????????

4611977 LOL! I guess I better get to writing chapter two of this... :rainbowlaugh: I'm getting to much good feedback...

“Spike its not even a mile! I’ll be alright, the entire town is out and about and nothing is going to happen. Timberwolves hunt at night anyway and it’s the middle of the day!”

After reading that I knew something bad was going to happen :3 keep up on the writing. If you haven't alreeady try and find some one eho can proof read this :3

4613142 Thanks! I have chapter three waiting, Mite edit some of the story but I'm bad with editing everything else... >.<

I will see if I can get my friend to help proof read it but everyone has been busy lately. :fluttershysad:

I've read it
and it is amazing
You deserve a cookie.

4627887 Thank you. I need to work on chapter three some more. And it will be out, hmm, sometime, not entirely sure when. But I've got a bit to write on it still and then proofreading.

Expect great things to come later in the story :pinkiehappy:

This is good.
But was it the 'gardian' or the potion that drove the normal timber wolves away?

4640311 At this point the Potion kicked into affect and drove the wolves into the Everfree, It just took a bit for the effect to kick in.

Amazing work :yay: You got de magicks! :coolphoto:

4659640 Thanks so much, I need to start working on the next chapter but I've been a little busy... :pinkiehappy: It always makes me happy to see others liking my work though.

Thank you everypony!:rainbowkiss:

I can't say it's bad, but it's not really all that gripping. I mean yes, the concept of Twilight blasting a cub and get hunted down by the parents is interesting, but we haven't gotten any time to establish any connection to the cub to care enough that it got blasted outside of being cute. It's the same effect as blasting a stuffed rabbit a little girl would have. It would make you feel bad, but you hardly know the girl enough to really feel for her.

4700611 Good point... That is only the beginning at the moment though. It was just a starting point... But I understand where you are coming from. I'm going to try my best to make this story a bit more compelling as I go on.

I'll do what I can :pinkiehappy: Thanks for the replay I really do love feedback :twilightsmile:

Keep up the good work. Also take your time and don't be rush for the next chapter

4700666 Thanks... I'll do what I can... I'm not sure when the next chapter will be out I've yet to start it and I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to do it just yet... :pinkiehappy: I'll do my best :twilightsmile:

PS: Whats youre thoughts on Chapter 4?

4700699 Don't worry I have that problem when it can (for that is) to starting a new chapter of my current fanfiction (NOTFim fiction) Personally I believe you are getting better with every chapter :derpyderp1:

4700745 :pinkiegasp: WEEEE!!!! :pinkiehappy: Thats always nice to hear! It takes a long time to get things into order. And my spelling is not always right so I have to have a bit of help with it... I'm more of a "Story" pony I guess... But i'm trying my best on my writing because if I dont then others wont want to read it because of the errors...


I've been learning a lot since i've started writing here on FIM in a lot of diffrent areas.

4700773 Yeah I went though the some thing when i first got serious about writing to not to long ago ( my other fanfiction that doesn't have colorful ponies in it)

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