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“I’ve been in the land of Equestria for a few months now, and I have seen some of the most mind-boggling things one can ever imagine seeing. When I’d managed to finish that birdbath a few days ago, I have never, not even in my wildest dreams—not in a million lifetimes—would I ever seen an alicorn floating around inside of it.”

(Because of popular demand this story has been placed on the incomplete list, also Chapter titles and name has been edited to better represent the story. Thanks to Jakomi of the Rose for the name suggestion.)

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Actias of the Snow. A Changeling lost in the wastes after the failed Canterlot attack finds himself starving, freezing and alone. He leaves the caves he found for safety from the snow driven by hunger. On his way through the wastes he hears the howls of the changelings mortal enemies. The Windigo.

He keeps moving thought he wastes to find a dome, a large dome covering a city; The Crystal Empire!

He makes his way there only to be hunted by the Windigo and in the final moments…

A tail of the cursed Changeling within the Empire's borders. Will he survive? Will he be accepted? And what troubles will the curse he now wields cause him?

(This story will most likely not be completed but I will however post it here because I wrote around two chapters of it and did not want them to go to waste.... If it gets good reviews I mite make more to the story at a later date. Picture added because I thought looked cool; short description modified.)

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A Timberwolf cub shows up at Fluttershys home, she askes Twilight to help but she ends up misfiring and distorying the cub. What will happen after the Timberwolves come seeking revenge for their own?

(I'm going to make this T for Teen for now just because I'm not sure how far I'm going to go with it or how its going to change in the coming chapters.)

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To everypony, the night sky is a beautiful sight to behold. On one night however, Star Shadow saw only sorrow in the sky. On a lonely night such as this will the stars move deeper towards sorrow or will something change its direction ?

(I plan on this only being a few chapters long. This is my frist story i've wrote in a very long time. And my first Fan Fiction ever. So please do enjoy it! Also, I love feedback. As I am new at this and very rusty anything positive will help greatly. Thank You!)

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